My Weekend in Philly and Maia’s New Art Book

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Philadelphia Art Supply Store

I just returned from a brief trip to Philadelphia and the Type A Advanced Conference. This conference was aimed at people who have been blogging for over three years and was full of great take away information. I took lots of notes and can't wait to sit down and review them.

As awesome as the conference was, though, you can see from this photo what grabbed my attention even more.

Philadelphia Art Supply Store with Mondrian Entrance

I had plenty of time to explore on Friday after my flight got in and guess what I came across? A color-blocked Mondrian entryway and a sign reading ART SUPPLIES.

You know I went in.

Blank Puzzles at Philadelphia Art Supply Store

Besides all the art supplies an adult or child artist could desire, there were fun artful kiddo materials such as these blank puzzles. I would have bought some in a heartbeat if I hadn't already ordered a whole kit of seven blank puzzles from Pure Play Kids. 

I did, however, snag some Bare Books with blank covers to take home to Maia and Daphne. And a few stickers and rainbow colored pencils to go with them…

Papier Mache Animals at Philadelphia Art Supply Store

I almost bought some papier mache animals to paint, just for fun, but decided I needed to be careful with my suitcase space.

Maia's Art Book

This is not the first time I've given Maia a blank book, but this is the first time she took to it. She thanked me profusely then secreted herself off to a corner of the house with her colored pencils and stickers to turn it into "Maia's Art Book."

Maia's Art Book Interior

The insects were given a garden home…

Maia's Art Book 2

And a tiger was drawn alongside a pattern of scratch 'n' sniff stickers.

Drawn by Maia

A gift of a few simple art materials transformed with the help of a child's imagination.

Are your kids inspired by blank books?

P.S. In case you're in the Philadelphia area and would like to visit this store, it's called Artist & Craftsman and located at 307 Market Street and their phone number is 267-861-6008.

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  1. says

    The beauty of your parenting makes you more than an artful parent… you are a loving and thoughtful parent. Maia will always remember this day and will have her book as a reminder of how much her mom cares about her individuality.

  2. says

    that looks like a sweet art store. my N makes stories in blank books all the time… either i give her the little hardback ones (like you gave maia – i found a 10 pack of those on amazon at xmas) or she attaches papers together with staples or yarn ties and the stories just flow forth. all of this is so inspiring to me!

  3. Holly says

    What a great idea! I have seen class books, but I never thought of doing an Art book. Then, my daughter could have it FOREVER!

  4. says

    When I went to the link, I recognized it, I think I have ordered from there before (great selection of fabric inks for printmaking). We love Bare Books, and my kids get a new one when they finish with them. I try to make them last, and we put them in our “travelling bag” (for the car, where we live we generally have to drive quite a bit to get to places) along with different art supplies each week, when I change out the bag iwth new stuff, like stickers, colors, etc.
    I love her little bug scene :)
    Sarah M

  5. Amy says

    I love Maia’s book, and I love Philly! Please stick me in your suitcase next time, ok? :) And what an amazing looking store!

  6. Aly K says

    Artist and Craftsman is my favorite art store! I’ve never been to Philadelphia, but it was my favorite place in Cambridge when I went to school in Boston! I lived right across the street from a Dick Blick and still went far out of my way to shop at A&C just because I loved the vibe, the collection of materials (Yeah, yeah, fine art stuff – but GREAT stickers, too, am I right?) and because it didn’t feel pretentious. Plus, turns out I saved a ton in the long run! I always found those blank books and puzzles irresistible. Going there by myself was like a vacation – it felt SPECIAL… though maybe that’s because I always took my time and left with a present for myself! Hehe! I miss it!

  7. Katie says

    We make our own books with coloured cardboard outer, blank paper inners, folded in half and sewn together along the crease. The extra construction effort makes them a little bit rare so they are turned into marvellous things (usually well illustrated stories).