6 Kids’ Art Gift Ideas (Plus a $100 gift certificate GIVEAWAY to The Art Pantry!)

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The Art PantryThe Art Pantry is an online shop for children's art supplies, co-founded by Megan Schiller, mom and early childhood educator, and Stacey Silver, mom and museum professional. 

Megan started out teaching art to toddlers and blogging at the Littlest Birds Studio (which I had on my blogroll way back when I used to have one). I remember her blog well and was always impressed both by how real her kids' art classes were—the activities were age-appropriate, process-oriented, messy, and fun.

What I didn't know until she contacted me was that it was my toddler art group that inspired her to start her own children's art classes!

As you can guess, Megan and Stacey know how to pick out art supplies for kids.

The Art Pantry is full of products they have tested with their own kids and in children's art classes. Whether you want to fill stockings with little art supplies or give a box of art supplies as a holiday gift, you'll easily find plenty of ideas here. Plus they are offering free shipping for the holidays!

A Few Kids' Art Gift Ideas ::

(I had way too much fun putting these together!!)

6 Kids' Art Gift Ideas, including this portable art box... Great gifts for encouraging children's creativity!

Kids' Art Gift Idea # 1 :: A portable art box for the young artist

Fill a wooden art caddy with markers, colored pencils, a fish pencil sharpener, fancy zig-zag scissors, glue, and pair with a packet of paper then wrap!

6 Kids' Art Gift Ideas, including this one for inventions and sculptures... Great gifts for encouraging children's creativity!

Kids' Art Gift Idea #2 :: To encourage inventions & sculptures

Bundle together colored popsicle sticks with a hot glue gun, a packet of replacement glue sticks, some twisteez wire or pipe cleaners, and foil papers and see what they create!

6 Kids' Art Gift Ideas, including this one for kids who love to draw... Great gifts for encouraging children's creativity!

Kids' Art Gift Idea #3 :: For the sketcher and doodler

Wrap a colorful sketchbook (such as this robot sketchbook or this bird sketchbook) together with a set of power markers.

You could also just purchase one of the kits The Art Pantry has already put together ::

  • Watercolor resist supply kit with oil pastels
  • Fingerpainting supply kit
  • Create with clay supply kit


The Art Pantry, one of my blog sponsors, is offering a $100 gift certificate to one lucky reader! 

To enter the giveaway, please browse The Art Pantry, then come back here and leave a comment naming one or more of the products you'd choose if you won. What art materials or creative gifts would you like to present to the young people in your life? The winner will be chosen randomly from all comments left on this post by Thursday, December 5th at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be announced here on Friday, and, as always, I will also e-mail the winner.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed.

The random number generator gave me #152, so Kristin wins the gift certificate. Congrats, Kristin! I'll e-mail you…

Kristin said…

I know my girls would just love the Make Your Own Indie Bangles kit. I would definitely have a hard time deciding, it's all so fabulous!

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  1. Suzanna says

    I would LOVE to introduce the pottery tools and the different clays to my 3 1/2 year-old and let my 1-year-old get his chubby fists on the triangular jumbo crayons! Thanks for all of your ideas – our trees are FILLED with your suncatcher projects!

  2. Darine says

    Love the spillmat and apron. Great idea! I presently use old t shirt and a waterproof outside mat. But would be nice to have these instead!!! Really love them. Didn’t even think they could exist. Thank you for sharing the website.

  3. Leah says

    Oh, the Collage Printmaking Kit for my five-year old daughter- she would LOVE it! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.

  4. Nadine says

    the wonderful watercolor resist! supply kit is something my 3 kids would love. thanks for the chance to win!

  5. [email protected] says

    I love the wooden caddy.

  6. says

    This shop is so neat! A lot of these things (a mini glue gun!)I’ve never seen sold before. I would choose a few of these if I won:
    *mini glue gun & glue sticks
    *Seedling doll-making kit
    *air-dry clay
    *natural markers
    Sarah M

  7. says

    Wow I got lost for over half an hour looking through their site! So many wonderful supplies, it is hard to choose. I think for starters the Wonderful Watercolor resist with Beeswax Crayons kit looks like tons of fun and just what my little ones would love to explore! My bigger kids love drawing with oil pastels, and making their own comics and graphic novels, so maybe something along those lines for them…Or maybe something they’ve never tried before to stretch their creativity a bit more! Thanks for introducing this store to us!

  8. Suzanne says

    Any if the design your own kits are stellar. I couldn’t decide on one they all look like so much fun. My son who loves to illustrate would like any of the drawing materials and my twin boys would like the paints! Thanks again for another great giveaway’

  9. Petra OS says

    I would definitely start with the wooden caddy. It’s beautiful! From there, well I’d obviously have to fill it, and then get books and paper, and then…well I’d have a hard time stopping!

  10. Mami2jcn says

    I would get Crayola Washable Crayons, a Paint Palette with Lid, and the Watercolor Paint Set 12 ct.

  11. Siouxzy says

    My daughter would love the ink painting kit and the indie bangle kit. What an awesome collection of supplies. We will definitely be back to buy something. Thanks!!

  12. Krissy says

    I didn’t know about The Art Pantry! I am loving it. I really need a wooden art caddy but the Wonderful Watercolor Resist! Supply Kit with Oil Pastels is pretty cool!

  13. Amber says

    I think I’d snag the clay tools and some clay. I love giving kids quality materials they may not otherwise get to work with.

  14. Julianne H. says

    Oh my goodness, there is so much to love! I adore the art caddy and would have so much fun filling it up! I also like the Design Your Own kits, though choosing a favorite is tough.

  15. brandy dominy says

    I love them all :) I think my 4 yr old would love thee layered wax kit. Thank you so much for the great ideas and the chance to win!

  16. Stacy says

    I’d probably get a glue gun and stock up on some basic staples – the things that seem to run out quickly – glue, papers, etc. We love art supplies!

  17. Wahkuna says

    What a fun shop! I’d get the wooden art caddy (might anyway…), the make your own wooden shield, and that adorable fish pencil sharpener.

  18. Melissa L. says

    I would love to have the Triangular Colored Pencils 24 pack, the Create Your Own Designer Doll Kit, and/or Art Dolls Kit. This is such a wonderful store to look at.

  19. Alicia says

    I really like the monkey and plane aprons with matching floor mat. and the foil craft paper. My boys love adding shine and sparkle but glitter is just too girly( and messy for Mom).

  20. [email protected] says

    Maybe some clay, and finger paints. Oh and some poster paints!

  21. Diane says

    I’d get the Sumi-e Ink Painting Kit. I’ve never seen this before and it looks pretty fun. I might even share with the kids. ;)

  22. Heather says

    The Super Hero Cape kit would be fun for my 3 yr old. Would probably stock up on paper, soft clay, paintbrushes, paint, etc too!

  23. Amanda says

    I would get something for each of my kiddos: fingerprinting fun kit, watercolor resist kit, & a wax kit. What beautiful products!!

  24. Betsy says

    I would love the bookmaking kit, fancy papers, beeswax crayons, or the wooden art caddy. So many great products!

  25. says

    So many fabulous items to choose! If I had to pick just a few they would be the doll making kit, Mary’s Softdough and the soft dough tools and cutters. The deluxe watercolor set was nice too!

  26. MamaV says

    love love love everything here! the wooden art caddy is adorable, and my boys would love the Paper Airplanes Folding book.

  27. Dena says

    I used to love the littlest bird studio…….I so wished there was an art studio for toddlers here!! Naomi would love the cape craft kit and pottery stuff!! The printmaking collage set looks really great too!

  28. marissa says

    I love the glue gun! And the foil papers. We’ve had many burnt fingertips when my littles use my gun-that’s a great idea!

  29. Laura C says

    My son would love the book making kit. He’s been making “books” lately that he’s using tape to secure one extra page. This kit would blow his mind!! That’s for an awesome giveaway!!

  30. Mel says

    I would get the Pottery Tool Set. Playdough and clay are always a hit here. So far we’ve only used tools I find in the kitchen! I think (hope) I have a future sculptor in the house.

  31. says

    My little-arty-pants, Calvin, loves to paint, but he’s never painted at an easel. If I won I’d use the money to purchase some of The Art Pantry’s paint supplies, such as: Spill Proof Paint Cups and Fine/Medium/Large Paint Brushes. Calvin would need some washable paint like The Art Pantry’s Deluxe Poster Paint Set. And he’d need paper like The Art Pantry’s Strathmore Paint Pad. Oh, I can’t forget an easel like The Art Pantry’s Little One’s Easel. I see I’ve spent more than the prize money on my gift, but it’s hard to stop. I can just see the easel and supplies all wrapped in red ribbon with a huge bow. I’m sold! I know I’d be kicking in some extra cash. A gift this nice would be worth every penny. Merry Christmas!

  32. Katie Clare says

    Such great stuff. I’m in love with the art caddy organizer for my son. And so many different paint brushes, and the fish pencil sharpener, and the foil paper, and the washable glitter paint. So much great stuff to choose from. My son would love this stuff.

  33. katie says

    the pottery tool kit was calling my name… we have a 5 pound block of clay and are itching for new ideas to manipulate it other than with our hands… for Hanukkah my 6 year old is getting a rainbow loom that fits perfectly in a clear glitter scrapbook carrier ($5 sale at michaels) along with dollar store tiny containers to store her bands which all fit nicely in the carrier. the 4 year old is getting paper masks, feathers, pom poms and more in the same style carrier and finally our one year old is getting scissors. he wants so badly to use his big sisters’ ones but these ones are those plastic ones that only cut paper and he’s getting some pipsqueak markers… santa comes to our house to but he hasn’t picked out anything crafty yet?!

  34. says

    it’s hard to choose one thing, but i think one thing i would buy is the young artist coloring gift set. my daughter loves sketching with various media the most of any art activity, so i think we would get the most mileage out of a set of crayons, markers, and pencils. thanks for the chance!

  35. natalie says

    I would definitely do a roll (or 2) of easel paper and an apron (green dots! So cute :-)). Also totally loving the creat woth clay! Supply kit.

  36. Annette says

    I would love a brayer for my prek, and we need a few more liquid watercolor colors. Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. Lisa says

    The fish pencil sharpener is so cute! I’ve never seen one like that. I’d also love to have one of those wooden caddy things.

  38. Kim says

    All the paint – the glittery poster paint, the Watercolor Magic, etc. And the spillmats are awesome too. My boys love to paint right now and ask to paint almost every day!

  39. April says

    If I won, I’d pick some supplies for my daughter’s art-themed birthday party coming up soon! But I loved the clay kit as well! Seriously, though, I love it ALL!!!

  40. says

    I love your gift suggestions…especially the wooden crate! If I won I’d get some glitter poster paint, and the wooden caddy, and maybe the layered wax drawing kit. Fun stuff, and really reasonable prices!

  41. The First Pancake says

    My son would love some pottery tools and clay, and I’d get the jungle apron and splat mat for my little girl!

  42. Christine says

    I also love the idea of the wooden caddy filled with supplies. The lower temp. glue gun looks great and we’d sure love the insect stencil kit!

  43. Christine M says

    At a quick glance, I think the art dolls would be my first pick… but the cart would be mighty full if I could have everything I desired!

  44. grace says

    love the “Sumi-e Ink Painting Kit” .. my son loves to do art. He has been working with paint, crayon and marker since he could hold them in his cubby fingers. And I think you should let kids explore with anything in art, the more they are exposed to them, the more they feel comfortable to do art. Thanks for the chance.

  45. --anu says

    I love the sets, especially the oil pastel watercolor resist and the monoprint sets. My daughter is at the age that she loves full on sets that allow her to work independently. We had a printmaking canister and she kept going until all the supplies were gone :)

  46. Jaime says

    Oh, to feed the ever flourishing creativity in my 8 yr old, I’d go with the layered wax drawing kit & book making kit! My 5 yr. old would love the felt bug kit, and my little 2yr. old would love any messy paint fun he could get his hands on! Lol! Wonderful giveaway! -Jaime

  47. tammy cordery says

    my daughter and son would love the markers. they were looking with me and they said hands down markers.

  48. Alya says

    Oh wow! My daughter is just getting into arts and crafts and so there’s lots to drool over on the Art Pantry website. I’d pick the wooden art caddy, the low temp glue gun, and the natural clay to add to our art supplies. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  49. Rebecca S. says

    I love that little wooden art caddy! We have lots of supplies but I just haven’t found a good solution to make them easily accessible to the little ones!

  50. Angie F. says

    We’d choose the wooden art caddy! For the young people in our life- we’d choose to present the easel. We have one set up for our son, and it’s like an invitation to create anything he wants!

  51. Tobi says

    Definitely need that art caddy and the palette to use for fingerpainting. Then 5 lbs of clay and paper paper paper!

  52. Heidi says

    My daughter would love the “Wonderful Watercolor Resist! Supply Kit with Beeswax Crayons” Thanks for the awesome gift ideas!

  53. michelle says

    Thank you for introducing us to The Art Pantry and for this amazing giveaway. We would choose The Magnificent Monoprint Supply Kit, Sumi-e Ink Painting Kit, or Layered Wax Drawing Kit — they all look super fun!

  54. Kate says

    The wooden caddy is my very favorite item!! Love art projects, but I LOVE organization even more. :-) THANKS for the giveaway!!! :-)

  55. Lara says

    This is an amazing giveaway! To start I think I would take the the create with clay tool set and the stamps for my 2 year old. From there I would probably start building gift packages for my niece and nephews! Thanks for the chance!

  56. Liz says

    I would spend the gift on some craft packs — I’ve always wanted to try out Seedling and Artterro projects. Thanks!

  57. Aly K says

    Oh my goodness – winning this would be a dream come true! I always love bringing new materials into my writing and art centers, and I’d love some shiny new materials for the classroom for our upcoming shiny new year! Does it count as a Christmas gift if it’s for myself? Hahaha! After browsing the site, I’d definitely get some of those textured stencils, some deluxe watercolors, the foil papers, and I would love some of those adorable aprons! How awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  58. Vanessa Betcher says

    My 3 year old son loves to paint. So if I won the gift certificate I would stock up on painting supplies. The Paint Palette With Lid Paint Palette With Lid would be very useful, as would the Large Paint Brushes (set of 4)add in Watercolor Paint Set 12 Ct then several colours of Tempera Paint 8OZ lastly add Drawing Paper Pad 9X12 and we would be set to paint for a long time!

  59. Amy says

    I don’t think there is just one thing in the shop that catches my eye — it’s everything! All great stuff. I especially like that they carry my favorite watercolor paint set that I can no longer get locally.I’ve been looking at some Arterro kits, too.

  60. Catherine says

    I love your site, and what great gift ideas! I really like the wooden art caddy and an also fascinated by the power markers – do they really not dry out? I have to try those! We go through markers like crazy here!

  61. Kristi says

    Love the supply of markers/crayons/paint and paintbrushes – the excitement and joy of using new art supplies never gets old!

  62. Sandra says

    Everything looks so great! I would love to introduce my sons to clay… We have just stuck to play doughs thus far. What a nice giveaway! Thanks.

  63. Amy says

    Love this post and The Art Pantry website! I would start with an apron for my messy little one, The Kids Apron – Propeller. Then I would love to get him The Design Your Own Super Hero Cape kit because he is really into superheroes and wearing capes nowadays and if only he could be one with his own cape…fabulous! I’d also like to get him The Jumbo Triangular Crayons and some special paper like the Silver Robots Sketchbook. We would have many afternoons of fun with these art supplies! Thank you for a GREAT giveaway!

  64. Suzanne says

    I had no idea about this company – thanks for sharing it! My son would love the design your own wooden shield.

  65. jm says

    Awesome giveaway – the little artist in this house would be so excited by this! Thanks for the chance! I would most definitely include the Textured Insect Stencils, the Wooden Art Caddy, a set of Deluxe Round Brushes and some liquid watercolors! Thanks again!

  66. ericka says

    We would want one of everything. Too many great things to choose from. My daughter would love to make her own bangles and my oldest son would have a blast creating his very own superhero cape! Thanks!!

  67. angiemama says

    I have four artistic kids who use my dining booth as their art pantry. The kids would love pretty much any of these supplies but I think the older ones would be especially interested in the Comic Illustrations Kit and the Collage Printmaking Kit.

  68. Leia says

    Thank you so much for introducing me to the Art Pantry! It is such a great site! I love the age categories-makes shopping so much easier! I love the pottery supplies, aprons, sketchbooks and the creative kits!!!! I will be retiring to the site as soon as I am done commenting!! Thanks again! :)

  69. says

    So many choices! We are seriously low on paints and oil pastels. I like the idea of the cooler hot glue gun…my boys are always using ours

  70. says

    I think I’d love the Layered Wax Drawing Kit – we just had fun with another Eye Can Art Kit and I’d love to try more. The Art Pantry is fantastic. I think I’d grab some mod podge too – I’ve got some ideas for that! Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. Solducky says

    The art caddy is such a neat gift idea! My daughters would love the design your own super hero cape, and the pastel stencil kit.
    soluckyducky at gmaildtcom

  72. says

    Okay, that store is way too much fun! I would start with the art caddy, spill-proof paint cups, brayer, and the foil paper, and then go from there!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. Amy says

    I’d love the wooden art caddy and my daughter would love the face painting kit – she is so fond of using markers on her face :-) Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Jen S says

    Oooohhh… I’m starting a list!
    Washable Poster Paint
    Natural Clay 5LB BOX
    Rainbow Tub of Softdough
    Play Paper Color & Shape
    Popsicle Sticks
    Mod Podge Washable Kids 8OZ
    Create Your Own Designer Doll

  75. Allison S. says

    I’m thinking one of everything! :) But I’d probably start with fancy scissors, liquid watercolor paints (always wanted to try these!), canvas linen (I’m intrigued…), some stencils which my kids would love…I could keep going! Fun site- thanks for sharing! :)

  76. Nicky says

    I will definitely get the paint palette with a lid on it – my 11 y.o. is constantly having to cover her paints in use with plastic film, so this has been a wonderful discovery! The shop is full of fabulous stocking stuffers too – like the fish pencil sharpener, clay mat, chenille stems… And for bigger gifts, things like the Magnificent Monoprint Kit – we have not done much printing yet, and this kit could be used with both my 11 y.o. and my 5 y.o.

  77. Celeste says

    love the Multi-Use Art Easel! Thanks for the chance! I’d love to win to buy items for my classroom!

  78. says

    for sure a couple of sketchbooks and that wooden art caddy – we are in desperate need of both!
    i love art supply giveaways near the holidays! :)

  79. Kristin says

    I would definitely stock up on essentials as my little one is still pretty young and we are still building up our art supplies. Paint brushes, tempura paint, nice paper, and maybe some finger paints. Thanks so much for all the great giveaways!

  80. Susie says

    Thank you for the intro to a new website! So many fun products I know my girls will love. I would get the Create your own designer doll & book making kit. I know the girls would love those! For me, I’d get the fabric sun photo kit & collage printmaking.

  81. Laurence says

    Thank you so much for sharing this great link. I am ordering the glue gun with extra glue sticks for my 9 year-old daughter who always complains that we don’t let her use the glue gun when she is allowed to use it at camp! This will make her so so so happy!! I am also ordering the doll kit for a friend’s child who is 7. And the markers that don’t dry are a must have for my 4 year-old daughter. Thanks!

  82. Cris says

    I’d choose the wooden caddy (I love it) and a set of blank greeting cards with some crayons and felt pens

  83. Kristin says

    I know my girls would just love the Make Your Own Indie Bangles kit. I would definitely have a hard time deciding, it’s all so fabulous!

  84. Martha says

    I love the Art pantry, definitely the cool glue gun is a good idea to create with the little ones!

  85. Jenn A says

    Terrific selection in the toddler section! I’d love to give the Power Markers with lots of paper and also the handy wooden caddy.

  86. Erin G. says

    I’m curious about the natural markers and I’m pretty sure my kids would love a big block of clay!

  87. Wild Orchid says

    We would love working with clay. This set would be great–http://www.theartpantry.com/p/black-jack-clay-5lb-box
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  88. Tanya says

    so much to choose from! Finger paint kit, glitter poster paints, large brushes and pet stampers all look great.

  89. Amber says

    I would love to have the popsicle sticks, the rose garden spill mat and the large paint brushes. We have tons opt supplies, and tons of mess, too!

  90. Christa says

    Any and all of the sets. The art doll and the oil pastel watercolor resist set would be at the top of the list.

  91. says

    These are fabulous ideas. We go through so many of the basics here – paint, markers, paper…the softdough clay cutters were adorable.

  92. Jennifer Ernst says

    I don’t know how I would pick as everything looks like fun, but the clay and tools are my favorites.

  93. Carrie says

    My daughter would love the create-your-own doll kit, and my son would love the create-your-own shield kit!! So fun! They have so many great supplies, too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. Jessica Fleming Gale says

    Great website. My daughters would like the book making kit and face painting kit.

  95. Katrina R says

    Gahhh, too much to choose from!! I would love to have such beautiful materials available to my children to create with. :)

  96. andrea McGuinness says

    I would love to try the Stabilo Power Markers and see if they really don’t dry out!

  97. Victoria says

    My daughter is always making “inventions” and would love the kit with the glue gun! Thanks for the great ideas!

  98. alexa says

    Its funny your fist gift set was filled with things I wanted to get my girls…glue sticks, kid scissors and drawing goodies.

  99. Skent says

    There is so much cool stuff in the shop but I would really love my girls to try the Sumi-e Ink Painting Kit. Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. Agnes says

    The wooden art caddy is beautiful and multipurpose. The Magnificent Monoprint Supply kit looks fun! My kids would love the design your own shield kit. My son was a knight for Halloween and we just went to a knight-themed birthday party where one of the craft activities was to decorate a shield and they all LOVED doing it!

  101. Jen says

    I would like to get the Create Your Own Designer Doll for my girls to work on together. I also like the Layered Wax Drawing Kit and The Art Pantry’s Little One’s Easel. Everything looks like fun!

  102. Adelle F. says

    Wow, it’s hard to pick! My son loves to draw so I’d love to get him some nice drawing supplies – sketch pads and some nice pencils.

  103. Kerri says

    I would like to try the Twisteez craft wire she used in one on the craft projects and also the low heat glue gun. I also liked some of the kits.

  104. rayraycartucci says

    I would love to get some soft dough and markers,and an apron for my little guy! We homeschool so we are always doing crafts! This would be terrific! Thanks so much…have a great week

  105. Chelsea says

    This year I’m making center totes for my 3 year old daughter. I want to make her an art tote, and would get to put in it some paints, washable markers, washable mod podge (that’s cool), some glue, and some more crayons. Fun!

  106. Rose says

    hmmm, we really need a brayer, the wooden art caddy, the foil papers, some clay, sun print paper, scratchfoam, any of the arterro kits, and pretty much everything else in that store!

  107. Julie fernandez says

    Oh my-the glitter paint, a pack of easel paper and an apron!!! My girl would be having fun for HOURS with that!!!

  108. Crafty says

    I think we’re ready for the glue gun and Popsicle sticks! Aaaand some pom-poms and pipecleaners, of course! What fun!

  109. Sheri says

    What a great site. I would love to get the create your own designer doll and the create a canvas book for my 7 year old daughter. She would LOVE them. Thanks as always for sharing your great ideas and projects.

  110. Kelli says

    Oh, I want the wooden caddy. And the Magnificent Monoprint kit and some beeswax crayons! And lots of drawing paper!

  111. Sarah says

    I’d be tempted by the clay and clay tools, though my little drawer might convince me to buy more markers and drawing utensils.

  112. Marie says

    I would chose for example the creative set “Design Your Own 9 Piece Block set”. Thank you for the giveaway:)

  113. Emma says

    Design your own super hero kit, for sure. Also love the collage printmaking kit and the carrying caddy (that would be more for me!) (Complaint: You didn’t warn me I’d want to buy EVERYTHING! lol!)

  114. Kris says

    The Clementine markers look neat–great to have natural marker option! And the art caddy is lovely!!

  115. Sutton says

    A new spillmat and the doll-making kit would be tops on our list! My 5-year-old wants to learn to sew, so we are starting with simple fabric projects.

  116. Lindsay S. says

    My daughter would appreciate My First Scissors. They would open more than just boxes for her.

  117. Kate says

    I think my kids would all enjoy the doll making kit and superhero cape kit! What a lot of wonderful supplies.

  118. Cindy says

    Thanks for inducing me to look on the Art Pantry website. They have some great stuff here. I think the kits look super-cool. Maybe the book making kit or the fabric sun photo kit. I’ve enjoyed the sun photos on paper, but fabric is a new twist for me!

  119. Danielle says

    I am a mom and teacher in love with art and am trying to do something I love while I stay home with the ones I love- I teach art classes in my basement to elementary aged children and stay at home with my kids. My daughter is quite the artist and loves any and all that I try to teach her. I love your site and have followed so many projects etc. and I believe being an artful parent is one of the greatest things you can do! I would love to introduce my own children and my students to clay so I would love your sets and tools!!! Thank you for your hard work :)

  120. Jennifer says

    Where to start? I see so many things my children would love. My older daughter is always stapling paper together to make books, so she would love the bookmaking kit. My younger one loves to paint. I think she would love the fingerpainting kit.

  121. [email protected] says

    I would stock up on paints: liquid watercolors, washable glitter poster paints, and washable poster paints. The wooden art caddy would be on my list, too! The kits are a great idea for introducing parents and kids to new techniques.

  122. D SCHMIDT says

    Visited the site and I really like Washable Glitter Poster Paint Set because both of my sons are going through a very vivid painting phase at the moment.

  123. Rhonda says

    There are never enough art supplies, nor art ideas to keep 5 sets of little hands busy… would love to win!! And FYI we LOVE your book and blog!

  124. Kaci says

    First I would like to say what an awsome sight with the littlest artists in mind. I really like the art caddy since it always seems I am trying to come up with a better solution to organize art supplies. I also like the finger paint kit or even the delux brush set. The clay kit seems to be very organized with everything you need to get started sculpting. Geesh any of these items would be wonderful and inspire any artist.
    Thank You

  125. Erin says

    I love giving art supplies as gifts. I fill up more and more of the space downstairs with art supplies. I wish we had a dedicated art studio. But these are great gifts!

  126. Liana says

    I would love to let my toddler loose with a Fingerpainting supply kit! Love the look of all that colorful mess.

  127. Susan C says

    OH, I love the art caddy and it would be perfect for my little artist who likes to carry her tools from room to room!

  128. Diana Cote says

    I love the Blank Post Cards Set and Natural Markers- 4 color PK so my daughter could send her nanny y personalized postcards with her own drawings. I also love the Finger Painting Fun! Supply Kit, Favorite Pets Stampers, Glitter Washable Poster and the Spillmat- Flora Pink so we don’t get it all over the floor. :)

  129. Stacy Aceto says

    My twin girls love to paint so we would be thrilled to purchase new paints. I love the wooden caddy to put supplies in too.

  130. Susannah says

    We would love the art caddy, our art seems to follow us from room to room!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. Doreen says

    would love the pottery tools — we just made ceramic christmas ornaments last week and it would be fun to see them explore some more with clay.

  132. [email protected] says

    Gorgeous supplies!
    Ink, spill mat, beeswax oh my!!!
    Thanks for putting me in the know

  133. missie says

    It is so hard to choose just one. i have three kids ages 8,5,4 who love anything related to art. I love their selection of materials especially the oil pastels. I think the one item that really stood out to me the Fancy Foil paper . I also love the idea of canvas storybook kit.

  134. [email protected] says

    Bookmaking kit and the lovely foil papers!

  135. Diane Slone says

    So many great things! But, I think that I would have to choose the Sumi-e kit. My Daughter was born in China. She and I spent a month in China and Japan this past spring, and she has remained interested in the visual arts of both countries since. The Sumi-e kit would be a perfect exploration opportunity! After that, I think that I might have to choose to make some donations to http://www.hearts4arts.org/ to help them help children who don’t have access to arts materials or classes. What a great opportunity!

  136. Ashley says

    Oh I absolutely LOVE the Elephant Wall Easel! We go through so much paper this would be ideal!

  137. Heather says

    Oooohhh! How fun! My kiddos would love the water color resist kit An the layered wax kit! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  138. kristi says

    definitely the Natural Marker set, Mary’s softdough and softdugh cut outs! so many good things to choose for my little dude!

  139. Lea says

    The easel paper roll! Along with lots of paints and brushes and markers, for my little creative one and his friends!

  140. Annikat says

    My two toddlers would choose the clay kit and Fingerpainting colours. And myself…well I can’t decide it looks all great :)

  141. valerie kyono says

    I really need some craft sticks and a hot glue gun for some christmas projects. The art caddy is what drew me here though!

  142. Bethany says

    The Create with Clay supply kit, blank post cards, and the Young Artist Coloring Gift Set are on my wish list!

  143. Tommie Sue Schindler says

    Oooh! There’s much to like there. Besides the many art materials, I was drawn to the aprons and spill mats. I’m bookmarking this site for more exploration.

  144. says

    What an awesome story, I am so glad you are showcasing it. I hadn’t heard of it before. If I won, I know my daughter and I would love try out the Stabilo Power Markers and the Create with Clay supply kit, she has been wanting to try clay projects for a while. We’ve used crayola air dry clay before but would like to branch out and try real clay.

  145. Chris S. says

    I love that they have supplies for the older kids! I’d select the print making kit for my 7 yo, but, wow there’s a lot of nice stuff!!! Thank you for the chance.

  146. Kim Wolke says

    Oh I would stock up! I also know my 6 year old, daughter would LOVE the Learn to Draw: Star Wars book and the book making kit. I’d get a glue gun and glue, drawing pads for my budding artists, new paint brushes, scissors for my 2 year old….so much fun!

  147. Charlene says

    I would love the liquid watercolors – there are so many interesting things you can do with them! The wool felt bug project is another one that my kids would love to work with.

  148. Alisa Sutherland says

    Wow, That’s awesome! Thanks for the opportunity. We’re particularly excited for the apron and dropcloth and for the make your own cape kit.

  149. Danielle says

    I’d choose the wooden art caddy and the create with clay toolkit. The first because my kids are constantly moving and reorganizing their art supplies (markers, crayons, glue, scissors, etc.) and they’d enjoy having a special box to help them do this! My six year old daughter has also just recently expressed an interest in working with clay. Thanks so much!!

  150. Tiffany ogranaja says

    My baby is 6 months. I would love the finger paints, post cards, and roll of paper to make Christmas wreaths out of her hands for Christmas presents. Also the face painting kit for when she is older!! That would be so much fun!! I can’t wait to do arts and crafts with her:)

  151. Rose says

    How do you choose? :). It all looks great! I would love to get the sketchbooks and power markers into my kids’ hands. Thank you for the opportunity!

  152. Laura C. says

    I love these craft kits =)
    These would be fabulous for my 3 children!
    I would probably get the Bookmaking Kit & Create Your Own Designer Doll Kit, for my girls.
    And the Design Your Own 9 Piece Block Set for my little boy.
    Thank you sooo much for having this giveaway!
    Hue eHugs to All =)

  153. Julie says

    Really liking the my first scissors, linen canvases and the poster paints. I am probably too late to enter the contest, but thank you for sharing this great website.

  154. Christina says

    Love all the eeboo products: the fancy bird sketchbook, fancy foil, and fancy wavy scissors!

  155. Pria says

    My boys would love “Learn to Draw! Star Wars Clone Wars”,”Bookmaking Kit”,”Silver Robots Sketchbook” and defintely the “Design your own sword”.
    Thanks for the giveaway!.

  156. Deepika says

    So tough to choose!! My kids are art junkies and my son loves to write- so maybe the book making kit layered wax drawing kit or art caddy!!!! Love how creative your products (Collection) is!! Look forward to ordering some Xmas gifts this year!!

  157. says

    Thank you all for your comments and for checking out our site, The Art Pantry. Happy Holidays and Congrats to, Kristin, the winner of this giveaway!