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Imagine Childhood StoreImagine Childhood is the store we wish our parents had shopped at when we were kids. Full of quality, real tools that aid the young scientist /inventor/artist/chef/dramatist in becoming.

These are not adult things dumbed down for play (we’ve all experienced those, right?).

Not at all.

These are real tools for real work. The work of childhood: making, learning, building, imagining, exploring.

Consider this selection from the Imagine Childhood shop:

Imagine Childhood -- Tools for Childhood

Yes, some of these tools and products are scaled down for smaller bodies or made a bit safer and more appropriate. But that doesn’t make them any less real; it just means that both kids and their parents are satisfied.

Sarah Olmsted, Imagine Childhood co-founder, is also the author of the Imagine Childhood book. Her background includes an art degree, some time spent designing interactive science museum exhibits, as well as a stint designing children’s furniture. I think she must remember her own childhood with a clarity that many grown ups seem to have lost and combines those memories with her deepest wishes for today’s children (or maybe I’m just projecting…)

Imagine Childhood -- My wishlist

I drool when I visit her store. Truly. It simultaneously makes me want to be a kid again and also makes me want to provide all that she sells for my own children. Here’s what’s on my Christmas shopping list so far:

For those of you who want to stock your art cupboard or give a gift of quality art supplies this holiday, Imagine Childhood (one of my blog sponsors) is offering a giveaway of several great art staples, including paints, colored pencils, blank notebooks, and blank postcards. Here are the pics (to make you drool) and product links:


A watercolor paint set



Jumbo colored pencils + Blank watercolor postcards

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Quality Tools for Kids from Imagine Childhood


Readers who leave a comment to this post by Wednesday, November 27th at 11:59pm EST will be entered to win the box of art supplies from Imagine Childhood. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here on Thursday (I will also e-mail the winner). Giveaway open to readers everywhere. 

Good luck!

Giveaway now closed.

The random number generator gave me #221, so Carrie wins the box of art supplies. Congrats, Carrie! (I’ll e-mail you…)

carrie said…

Holy moly, what fantastic items. I am drooling now. 
Thank you for generous giveaway.

Update 12/5/2013 :: I was not able to reach carrie, so had to redraw the winner. This time, the random number generator gave me #254, so Cathy wins the box of art supplies. Congrats, Cathy! (I’ll e-mail you…)

Cathy said…

Beautifully preseted photos of some great open ended resources!

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  1. stephanie.yanik_live says

    What a great giveaway. My son is FINALLY getting interested in art! He would love all of this!

  2. [email protected] says

    Love this giveaway! LOVE ❤❤❤your site! HUGE fan! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. says

    I love their stuff! I wish there had been a store like this when I was a kid! My mom would not have been happy with the size of my ‘wish list’!

  4. tobi says

    I’m working on building my kids’ art supply library. I’m convinced that quality supplies are the way to go!

  5. Eryn says

    I love this store! What a lovely giveaway. I’d love to win this for my oldest son who’s birthday is also Christmas!

  6. Dorothea Owens says

    My daughter is 5 and we’re just becoming more and more fascinated with these different art crafts, we’re having lots of fun.

  7. [email protected] says

    Would love to share these with my four children! Thank you for the opportunity! :)

  8. Melanie says

    there is something special about lovely quality art supplies… they really do seem to inspire creativity! (and they get me joining in more with the kids!)

  9. Megan says

    I am already making a wish list for this store! My 3.5 year old would LOVE these supplies. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Denise says

    I’m not the “Art” teacher at our school. But being a Kindergarten teacher means making art possible every day! I have students that can’t afford the supplies that parents are suppose to provide. And I can’t stretch my credit card any farther either. I wouldn’t win this for my own child, their grown and one is yes an artist. This would be to help out my little kiddos that just need that extra little support to let them know they are loved and cared for. Looks like an amazing set of supplies! Thanks for considering my post!

  11. says

    My reaction to the sit when I first saw it a couple years ago (or so) was just like yours — I wanted EVERYTHING! We’re getting the microscope for our oldest this Christmas and I’m excited to use it with him.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Those supplies are dreamy!

  12. [email protected] says

    Happy to be introduced to this site! As a former teacher, I love & gravitate towards toys that encourage explorative play for my daughter.

  13. [email protected] says

    This is fabulous!! :)

  14. Tauna W. says

    That store is great and we LOVE art supplies over here. Those look wonderful and I would love to win! Thank you!

  15. Katie Clare says

    My son just started getting into art making, and I know he would put these awesome supplies to good use. I’m thrilled to learn of this source of supplies and would be even more thrilled to be a winner!

  16. says

    Gah!! LOVE Imagine Childhood. My kids are getting two real-like plushies from their for Christmas from their Grammy. They will love them. Would love to also try out some of their art supplies!
    Sarah M

  17. DS says

    Such lovely gifts. I’m working on some creativity-oriented gifts for my boys — making some construction tools, and a workspace as they get into bigger, bolder projects. Imagine Childhood has such lovely tools and materials!

  18. Heather Hall says

    I was looking for this kind of stuff with Christmas coming up and me wanting to give creative, well-made things to my creative kids!

  19. Silvia says

    Thanks for offering this (¡¡¡muchas gracias!!!!), I have two little artists -or better to say one little and one not so little one- at home who would enjoy and make good use of all of these great tools and materials.

  20. grace says

    Oh wow, what an awesome website. The selection from the store are pretty impressive. Would love to win this, my son loves art! Thanks for the chance.

  21. says

    Thank you for such an awesome gift! I would love to use these with my child, and be able to help make his world a little more fantastic.

  22. Jane says

    What a cool giveaway! And this looks like a great shop. I’ll start my Christmas shopping now. Hurray for creative parents.

  23. Julie B says

    Holy cow – the Stick-lets fort building kit is exactly what I’ve been looking for. My kids will find it under the tree at Christmas. And it would be lovely to win this creative giveaway!

  24. Carla says

    I abosolutely love you art activities. My 4years old son with Autism becomes very concentrated during art and baking. Thanksnfor all of your ideas. Art does not discrminate or have any limitations.

  25. Andrea D. says

    I would love to win this for my two little girls who love to use art supplies. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  26. says

    What a great giveaway! This is my favorite time of year to do crafting with our girls. I also LOVE that little porcelain tea set. Our Little is turning four December 19th and we are giving her a new table and chairs. That little tea set would be a beautiful addition! Thanks

  27. kathy in nc says

    auughh soo cool..I `walked’ around w/stars in my eyes. What fun. Called my son over, he is home schooled, we have been looking looking around at microscopes. The wee tablets is an important daily gift to learn write in 5 good things each day-even remembers 5 not so good thinGS that happeneeeeeen. I can’t say enough about the water colors& ALL THE OTHER adorable goodies. An artists dreams..

  28. says

    we would love these! Finally moving to a new home next week and looking forward to setting up art space for both me and my son.

  29. Kerri says

    Glad to discover imagine childhood’s shop. Thanks for entering me in the giveaway. We go through art supplies around here faster than anything. Cheers.

  30. Amy says

    Sometimes you just have to stop looking at their site; there are just too many cool things to get there!

  31. says

    They are certainly one of the best! All of their offerings are well curated and thoughtful. And art supplies–always a perfect gift!

  32. Lizz Puckett says

    Thanks for sharing such a great site with us, and for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway!!!

  33. Jacqui & Sammy says

    Thank you for sharing so many inspiring ideas with us. It’s hard to imagine up new ideas for play some days as a Mum at home with a 3 year old. So your Facebook page and website are invaluable to me. I’m getting your book for Christmas too! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  34. says

    Great giveaway! One can never have too many supplies to keep the little ones creating! I love your site- great posts and resources.

  35. says

    I don’t know IF my previous comment had displayed so I’m writing once again. Amazing shop:-) wish i could be a child again, it would be a pleasure to win.

  36. says

    Thank you for sharing this site! What a wonderful array of childhood past times. Definitely a must for Christmas shopping. My 7 year old and my 11 year old would love the art supplies!

  37. [email protected] says

    Beautiful supplies!

  38. says

    I’m excited to discover this store, it is exactly the kind of items I want to start filling our house with! We are currently making the transition to a waldorf-style home and are n the look out for creative activities. This is fantastic!

  39. Kim says

    I’m setting up our first permanent “art station” and these would be a lovely start for it. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  40. selina says

    What an amazing job the owner did of curating the store. There are so many items I’ve never seen before. So excited to learn about this website. Thanks for hosting a giveaway too!

  41. Darcy says

    Such beautiful materials, I can only begin to imagine what beautiful things we could create. Thank you for the giveaway.

  42. Katherine says

    Such a beautiful collection of whimsical and educational items! I think I might just have to do a little shopping!

  43. [email protected] says

    These are great! My daughter is so creative and I love watching her do open ended art.

  44. Katrina R says

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! This is the first time I’ve seen “Imagine Childhood” and absolutely LOVE their beautiful products!!

  45. angel funk says

    Oh, me, please! I adore Imagine Childhood, and a box of art supplies from them would be incredible.

  46. Jules Stuart says

    This is a terrific give-a-way! Thank you so much and I know my son and I will have a blast if we win!

  47. Sarah C says

    This is a great giveaway and a great store. Thanks for the chance to win some new materials for my wee one.

  48. says

    Very cool items. I had never heard of this brand before this post. Perhaps I’ll add a few things to the Christmas wishlist for my 3 year old. :)

  49. Sharon says

    First time visiting store! As a former preschool teacher, I appreciate the beauty of your art supplies. Art is now such a big part of my granddaughters lives. Will be visiting this site more often! Thank you!

  50. shalome westberg says

    I want to get some stocking stuffers like the butterfly garden seed tin! Fun stuff. I also think those connectors to use in the woods with sticks look so creative and fun!

  51. Katy says

    Thanks for the giveaway to such a great store! I didn’t even realize there was an Imagine Childhood book! Can’t wait to check it out!

  52. Tiffany says

    Imagine Childhood is full of treasures for children to explore! Thank you for offering the awesome giveaway!

  53. Natasha says

    What an exciting giveaway! Imagine Childhood is such a cool shop- I adore everything they carry. Lucky will be the winner of this one!!! :)

  54. Ev says

    My day care kids could do some amazing art with these quality supplies! Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. says

    This is an art-based homeschoolers dream giveaway! I particularly love the look of the glue bottles for kids, with the spatula on the end. It’s the little things in life :)

  56. Michelle Laird says

    Wow! The crystal garden is beautiful, as is the light up bird. Will be checking out this site! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaway. My two daughters and I have enjoyed many projects from your blog. :). Prepping for the melted crayon banner now! ; )

  57. Spiritmama says

    Exactly what you said, supplies we would love to have but are intended for our children. Imagine Childhood is so great.

  58. Kate says

    What a great giveaway. We’re just starting on our creative journey with our 14th month old so this would be a great starting point. Fingers crossed!

  59. Agnes says

    Wow! What a great giveaway! I think my kids would esp. love the blank postcards to send to their grandparents and friends.

  60. Kelly says

    This is kind of perfect for Christmas! I love the idea of real things and not dumbed down kid toys and so far I am at a loss for my 5 year old. Going to check out the website right now!

  61. Louise says

    Oooohhhh – my sister (and her children) would LOVE this!! So if mine is the super-lucky number pulled, then this is for her. Love you Line!

  62. Sarah says

    Thanks for introducing me to another great website (and book). Love your website, thanks for inspiring me to have an artful family!

  63. gillian says

    So great! I’m an art teacher for early childhood, parent/child classes and these supplies would be greatly loved in our classroom!

  64. Alisa says

    How grand it would be not only to have these supplies at home but also in the preschool where I teach.

  65. natali says

    What a wonderful giveaway! We would love to make some watercolor christmas cards and so much more with all the art supplies!

  66. Jenni S. says

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Love, love, love incorporating art in the daily lives of my children.

  67. Jean says

    As an artist and former art teacher, it thrills me that you recognize the importance of art to your children’s well being and help other parents do the same.

  68. Danielle says

    Thank you for telling us about this amazing store. Going to go drool over the products now too! And thanks, yet again, for a chance to win some amazing supplies!

  69. [email protected] says

    I will have to check out this website! I love that you posted what you are shopping for. Thanks for the giveaways!

  70. Christina says

    What a wonderful way to start the holiday season- more art supplies! to make lovely cards and decorations. My daughters would be so happy!

  71. Aubrey says

    These are amazing products and I’m so glad to have come across them via Pinterest! Thank you so much for sharing, I’ve already won :)

  72. Nancy says

    Nothing better than art supplies! I especially like the look of that glue. Thanks for the giveaway.

  73. [email protected] says

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity. I’m happy to stumble onto this site!

  74. Margo says

    Love to provide my daughter with the tools she needs to let her creativity flow, regardless of the final outcome – the process itself is a beautiful think to watch!

  75. [email protected] says

    Awesome. I have 2 girls that would love, love to get into these art supplies :)

  76. Kirsten says

    You had me at ‘quality art supplies’ – have been following your blog for a long time now and have learned so much about bringing art into our home!

  77. [email protected] says

    LOVE this giveaway!! My kids would really enjoy these goodies! Thank you ♥

  78. Betsy says

    We would love these art supplies and surely put them to good use. It’s winter here so I’m always trying to think of new ways to keep my boys busy! :)

  79. Rachel Waxman says

    My annoyance over not being able to purchase everything in this shop is growing – their amazing products could inspire my preschoolers in so many ways

  80. Elizabeth says

    My daughter would love this–thank you for hosting the giveaway! Really hope I can win these for her!

  81. Christie Sclafani says

    My kids are always asking for art supplies. Thanks for sharing Imagine Child. I will visit their site as I too don’t like to buy cheap plastic versions of adult instruments. Thank you.

  82. Valerie says

    These art supplies are just beautiful. Thanks for the amazing opportunity to bring these into our home.

  83. Kim says

    What beautiful art supplies! As an art teacher I would love to win these supplies and share them with my students!

  84. Amber says

    My three children would love these! They are blessed to have TWO art major parents! Thank you for the offer!

  85. beth says

    I Love Art Supplies. As A Mother Of A Five Year Old, A ClAssroom Aid In A Headstart Classroom I An Constantly Looking For Good Deals On Craft And Ar Supplies. What A GreAt Giveaway!

  86. Trish says

    I totally forgot about this store! I have been looking for a telescope and star charts for my daughters. This will be perfect! Thank you!

  87. [email protected] says

    What an awesome store! Thanks for sharing and for the fabulous giveaway!!

  88. Wendi Bushehry says

    This is very fun! Thank you for a great giveaway, I like to have the students write in their journals…

  89. Astrid Baas says

    Love the gift of creativity, thanks for the opportunity to win and a happpy thanksgiving to you and your family!

  90. Karin Abernathy says

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon this in time to enter the contest and pass the opportunity along! The Artful Parent is an amazing resource! All parents and caregivers (such as nannies or preschools) need the inspiration found here!!

  91. Tara Zirnhelt says

    Thank you for posting about Imagine Childhood. Headed there right now to pick up some of these items for Yule gifts. My six year old loves science and art!

  92. Diana Cote says

    aw this would be amazing for my little artista. She has been paiting since 8 months old and is now 2 and a half… she wakes up everyday asking to paint and draw. I go through art supplies like a school. hahaha she doesn’t just paint one a day, she paints several a day! :O Which is great but yea costly! I love that it makes her happy, she gets to express her self and she is very proud of her work and we have walls covered around the house with it. :D It really gives it that cozy cheery vibe as well! :D

  93. Kristen says

    I am so thankful for opportunities to acquire wonderful tools for my kids to enhance their creativity. Thanks so much for the knowledge

  94. Karen Cizmar says

    Thanks for letting me know about this awesome store! Am drooling over everything. My daughters would love the giveaway items!

  95. Khadijah says

    My five children would LOVE these supplies. I am an avid reader, community art teacher, and I LOVE this blog. We are always in need of art supplies with such a big family on a tight budget. I also try my best to buy quality products and advertise them to my friends who have kids. Please enter us. You are a gem! Love your new book too!

  96. Amy says

    Our children can NEVER have too much art and creative play! Then again, we need it as adults too! Thank you for the giveaway and great products.

  97. Jenny says

    Thank you so much for your wonderful website! i love it & send my students & friends to it all the time!

  98. Tina says

    Beautiful tools for inspiring beautiful little ones to think out of the box. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about them! Have a lovely holiday!

  99. Monica says

    How inspiring! Winning this would really help me create a more creative environment at home to facilitate more art making for my kids! They would absolutely love this gift!!!

  100. Lindsey Stratton says

    What a fun site and giveaway! I think that your advocacy for children’s art is awesome! Thanks!

  101. says

    Thank you for sharing! My son, who used to hate getting ‘messy’ and therefor would never ‘do art’ recently started going to art class for 1st grade. He now declares it his favorite class because he can be creative! Gotta love it and would love to give this to him if this comment is chosen!

  102. [email protected] says

    Wow! My 3 would love this!

  103. Anna says

    Wow! These would make such beautiful gifts for my kids, who could then make beautiful gifts with them to give away!

  104. says

    What a wonderful opportunity! These art supplies look AMAZING and my little boy and I would have so much fun using them together! Thank you for the giveaway!