Fun Crayon Shapes & an Earth Grown Crayons GIVEAWAY!

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Shaped Crayons by Earth Grown Crayons -- Eco-friendly, handmade, soy crayons in all kinds of fun shapes!

Have your kids had a chance to draw and play with shaped crayons yet?

While crayon fish and crayon bunnies are not going to replace the sticks we're all familiar with, they are certainly a fun alternative. My daughters love theirs and I've written here about our experience with them.

The shaped crayons are coveted, traded, negotiated over, and, for four-year-old Daphne, add an element of pretend play to the act of drawing.

Fun Shaped Crayons by Earth Grown Crayons

Earth Grown Crayons, one of my long-time sponsors, makes and sells eco-friendly, soy-based crayons in all kinds of unique shapes from rainbow people and sea turtles to a big blue whale and a set of siberian tigers

Farm Animal Crayons and Rainforest Crayons by Earth Grown CrayonsThe fish and bunny crayons that my kids received in their stockings last year were such hits that I just ordered a couple of new sets to give this year: a set of rainforest crayons and the farm animals set.

Which crayon shapes would your kids like best?

Earth Grown Crayons GIVEAWAY

Readers who leave a comment to this post by Friday, December 6th at 11:59pm EST will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to Earth Grown Crayons. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here on Saturday (I will also e-mail the winner). Giveaway open to readers everywhere. 

Good luck!

Giveaway now closed.

The random number generator gave me #60, so Kelly A. wins the Earth Grown Crayons gift certificate. Congrats, Kelly! I'll e-mail you…

Kelly A said…


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  1. Christel says

    I think we are ready to try a crayola alternative here. My daughter would love to color with that piggy crayon above!

  2. Paige Cunningham says

    How fun!!!! Love all the shapes. The kids at summer art camp would love them! THanks for sharing.

  3. laura says

    The rainbow people for sure. Or maybe the leaves and acorns. Or the tigers. Or the doves. Or…

  4. says

    The tiger shaped ones are SO pretty!! I’m not sure if we would color with them, or use them as a display piece! I love these!

  5. Laura says

    My toddler would love the fun shapes and bright.colors.i love thst there isnt any paper and that they alsi look easy to grasp.

  6. Bridget Turner says

    My kids would love any of these crayons! They love doing artwork :-) I personally think the farm ones look fun.

  7. Chrissy Rene says

    My son would love any of these, but he’d be especially excited about the dinosaurs or tigers. Thanks so much for featuring them!

  8. [email protected] says

    My grandson would love the Dino’s.

  9. Diana Cote says

    Oh my Goodness! My daughter would love these. She loves animals, dinosaurs, shapes and being artistic. Everyday she paints and colors, so this would be an ultimate present for her. :D

  10. Ray Chavez says

    Oh my gosh these look like fun, my preschoolers would like them but I’m thinking I’ll have a little more fun coloring with them

  11. says

    These are so cute! My kids would have a blast with these! I love all the ones in the first set of pictures as well as the little people ones in the second set of pictures.

  12. Heather says

    These are fantastic!! My kiddos would flip over them! And I think they wound encourage my busy 3 yr old who loves figurines/animals of all kinds to draw more. :)

  13. katie says

    My 6 year old thinks the whale is favours and my 4 year old likes the jungle ones. Another giveaway. ;)

  14. Carolyn says

    I work with children of all ages, and presently am working with a 5 year-old girl who would love the shape crayons, always looking for new ideas to keep her interested, as she enjoys coloring. Love the stars. :-)

  15. michelle says

    So neat! My daughter would love the set of Woodland Animals and Siberian Tigers for sure. Thank you for this super fun giveaway.

  16. melinda says

    Yay, we would really love these nice crayons! thanks for the possibility to have it… hope this comment brings us chance!

  17. Laurence says

    I am always grateful for eco-friendly art supplies. Wonderful selection! Will add to the stocking list. Thanks!

  18. Lisa says

    Such cute crayons! I’ve heard that you can make those, but I never get around to it. I love the fact that you can buy them, too!

  19. Sandra says

    Ooooo! I know two little boys who would love those dinossaurs! And probably all the others too!! We have crayon rocks which are a big hit with the kids (and not necessarily for drawing!). I’m sure adding the pretend play element would just take it to another level :) these are gorgeous!!!

  20. Jenn A says

    Gorgeous crayons – thanks for sharing! My daughter would absolutely adore the big blue whale and the stars set.

  21. Jen S says

    Love the shapes! I got a cookie pan mold last Christmas with the intention of making these on my own with all the broken crayons… but that hasn’t happened yet. This would be so much easier! :)

  22. Sarah says

    These look so fun! My kids love recycled crayons. I bet they would have such a fun time with these.

  23. Amber Boggs says

    We live out in the country and my girls are already clamoring for the farm animals. The sea turtles are also a favorite. These are so cute!

  24. Jess says

    I was JUST thinking of making some fancy crayons for our girls for the Holidays. These shapes would be a joy to gift!

  25. Irene says

    These are so much more fun than simple crayons!!! Twice more exciting of an experience, to say the least!

  26. Katrina R says

    Love these crayons, they look good enough to eat! (Maybe that’s not a good thing, haha!). Adore the little fishies.

  27. Agnes says

    My kids would love the farm animals. We have crayon rocks, but these are much more fun to draw and play with. Great gift idea too.

  28. [email protected] says

    They are amazing. My 2 y.o loves breaking crayons. Are they tough??

  29. Christine says

    Siberian tigers for sure! (the next best to my son’s favorite – saber- toothed tigers)

  30. Lisa says

    These would be great for my daughter to use/play with during church on Sunday mornings. Thanks for the idea!!

  31. [email protected] says

    This is a wonderful and fun way for children to explore colour and drawing. Great to hold too as they are big and would encourage whole arm movements when drawing – Thanks for sharing all these treasures with the community.

  32. Emma says

    How fun to have crayons in different shapes! I love the turtles best, but that’s just because I love turtles! :)

  33. Jenny says

    So far my 1 year old enjoys eating crayons but my 4 year old would love the animal themes. We would probably end up playing with them long before we would color. She has a massive imagination and sets up endless scenarios for me to act out as she feeds me the lines. No add libbing allowed.

  34. [email protected] says

    These are gorgeous! The animals are the best.

  35. Michele says

    We love soy crayons here! These would be an amazing addition to our art supplies box. Thanks for sharing. :)

  36. [email protected] says

    Love love love them!

  37. Jen says

    Love these! Eco- friendly, in various shapes, great size — perfect, perfect, perfect addition to our art supplies! I have twin 18 month old boys who love to color using crayons.

  38. mel says

    What gorgeous shapes and colours!! Never mind the kids – I’d be very tempted to keep these for myself

  39. Alisa Sutherland says

    These are great! My daughter likes the forest creatures and acorns. I like the skin-tone shades in the shapes of people. Too clever!