New Tempera Paint Sticks for Kids

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Tempera Paint Sticks - An Awesome New Kids Art Product!

We’ve had the great fun of testing a new kids’ art product these last couple of weeks—tempera paint sticks. Kate, from Stubby Pencil Studio, sent us the paint sticks to try out and asked me what I thought of them.

In a word, AWESOME!

In a few more, plus pictures and comparisons:

Tempera Paint Sticks - A New Kids Art Product01

These Playcolor tempera paint sticks, made by Instant in Spain, are, as the name implies, tempera paint in stick form. The idea is mess-free painting. The color goes on the paper dry (so no wrinkling, no mess, no dripping) and the coverage is such that it does have the appearance of being painted on.

Tempera Paint Sticks - A New Kids Art Product03

No-mess painting has a lot of appeal.

Tempera Paint Sticks - A New Kids Art Product02

But I actually consider these a drawing tool rather than a painting tool. There is no paintbrush or other intermediary tool used to apply the color/art material. The paint stick is held in the hand, like a crayon, and used to apply color and lines directly to the paper.

If I were to compare these tempera paint sticks to another art product, I’d say they are most similar to oil pastels. The color is vibrant, they glide on smoothly and easily over the paper, and they can be used for watercolor resists (they are not water soluble).

Tempera Paint Sticks - A New Kids Art Product07

All in all, they are a joy to use and produce beautiful artwork.

Testing Tempera Paint Sticks

The only drawback I can see is that they are not suited for detail work—the paint sticks are quite chunky and better for large surfaces, color spreading, abstract art, etc. If you want detail, though, you can go in with an oil pastel or fine paint brush. These paint sticks play well with other art materials.

Tempera Paint Stick Art with Other Art Materials

Also, they are not completely washable out of fabric (we tested this aspect), but, because of the format, I think it is much less likely that kids would get it on their clothes than regular paint.

Tempera Paint Sticks - A New Kids Art Product37

All in all, I think the tempera paint sticks are:

  • Perfect for young children
  • Great for large artworks, even murals
  • Portable and mess free (take them to Grandma’s house)
  • Easy to use on paper, canvas, wood, and cardboard (we tested them on each)

They come in different colors & styles:

Tempera Paint Sticks

These paint sticks are a new and unique kids’ art material and I think they would make a great holiday gift—either as a (large) stocking stuffer or paired with a pad of paper under the tree.

Note: Stubby Pencil Studio sent me the tempera paint sticks for free to test and try out; all opinions expressed are my own.

Stubby Pencil Studio sells all kinds of seriously great art materials, besides these fun new paint sticks and we’ve used and loved many of them over the years. Here are a few of our favorites, in case you’re looking for gift ideas:

Stubby Pencil Studio Stocking Stuffer Ideas

My stocking stuffer recommendations:

Creative Gifts for Creative Kids

My gift recommendations:

More Creative Gifts for Creative Kids

Stubby Pencil Studio Kids’ Art Supply Giveaway

Stubby Pencil Studio, one of my long-time blog sponsors, is giving away a Watercolor Art Case (a $59.99 value), filled with the following items, to one lucky reader:

  • Watercolor-art-set-for-kidsWatercolor crayons
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Set of 24 watercolor paints
  • A jumbo quad-color pencil
  • A 6×6 block of watercolor paper
  • Watercolor cards and envelopes
  • Paint brushes
  • And more!
  • All stored in a retro style suitcase and ready for giving

To enter the giveaway for Stubby Pencil Studio’s Watercolor Art Case, leave a comment to this post by Wednesday, December 11th at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here on Thursday (I will also e-mail the winner). Giveaway open to US readers.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed.

The random number generator gave me #211, so Kelly wins the watercolor art case. Congrats, Kelly! I’ll e-mail you…

Kelly said…

Love this!!! My kiddo would be thrilled!

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  1. Miranda says

    I love those paint sticks! what a great idea. And thanks for the giveaway. Your blog is one of my very faves. :)

  2. Claire says

    My daughter, 4, would love the watercolor basket for Christmas! And the paint sticks look like great fun!

  3. Alicia says

    I would like to enter your giveaway. I am a homeschooling mom and we love to explore new ways to create. Our current unit is covering the use of watercolor on fresco. We have discovered that only water color works on plaster, if you add oil or egg yolk it will flake and come apart like the “last supper”. Thank you for giving other the opportunity to discover their love of art.

  4. Shannon Baxter says

    I love the idea of putting paints in stick form. The only drawback is that sometime kids just want to PAINT! That said, I think I’ll be checking these out anyway.

  5. Gina says

    The paint sticks look interesting. They look perhaps a little bit like Crayola’s slick sticks? Always fun to try out a new art material; thanks for sharing about these :)

  6. Erin says

    What!? Super cool idea, cannot wait to give these a try! I think they’d make a great stocking stuffer. What a fantastic post. My 5 yo is interested in paper airplanes, and I’m not the awesomest at it, so think that book would be perfect. Thanks!!!!

  7. Christine says

    The watercolor art case is lovely! It is definitely the kind of thing my boys would spend hours with. Thank you for posting this give away! The tempera paint sticks look like such fun, they are definitely going on my wish list :)

  8. Maggie says

    I love your giveaways! I just liked Stubby Pencil Studio on FB and will order some items from them for stockings if I can find a little room in the Christmas budget. Thanks!

  9. Denise says

    That would make art so much easier with my 26 Kindergarteners. We hardly have time to get it out for everyone, but what we have to put it away and clean up again! Sounds REALLY cool!

  10. says

    Such a great giveaway! We’ve loved everything we’ve tried from Stubby Pencil. The art supplies are really top quality, and they’re fun. Those tempera sticks look coooool.

  11. Jill W says

    Definitely want to try the tempura paint sticks – and thank you for the gift ideas! We have a birthday party to go to next week, and I plan to use some of your ideas for the twins’ gifts! My twin boys would LOVE to win the paint giveaway, too!

  12. Lisa says

    LOVE those paint sticks. A nice even color over a big area! So fun! My kiddos would absolutely LOVE those.

  13. monica says

    These look awesome! I agree, they look similar to oil pastels. I’m sure my older kids would love the water color kit (painting is magic for my kids!).

  14. Jen says

    Love, love, love! Art Projects with twins boys can be very messy (but always fun). This will help limit the mess and increase the fun!!!!!

  15. Paige Cunningham says

    These sound perfect for my little kids classes and summer camp!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. Heather says

    Ooh! That watercolor kit would be fun to play with! (And I think my 3 yr old is going to get the paint sticks!)

  17. Laura says

    The paint sticks look amazing – love the colors. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great variety of supplies.

  18. Deanne York says

    I loved your review of the tempra paint sticks. How do they compare to crayola slick stick? Thank you for the opportunity to try a giveaway again :).

  19. Erin says

    TO win! We’d love to give paint sticks a try. I know my son would love them. I know I would love them too!

  20. [email protected] says

    OOOh kiddies and I would be soo blessed to win ♥

  21. [email protected] says

    Love this! What a great gift for grandkids too!

  22. Stacey says

    We would love to win this!! It would be great in our Mommy and me art class! We love new things :)

  23. Nicole O. says

    These are so exciting! I, erhm, cough, cough, I mean, my kid, would LOVE to play with these.
    Seriously, these look fantastic and I’d love to win these for her to play with.

  24. Kiley says

    We love watercolors! The clean up is easy and they’re so versatile (used with oil pastels for water resist pictures or with sharpies for a mixed media feel are favorites in our house!). This giveaway looks great. I’d love to win.

  25. Mary Beth Galloway says

    Watercolor activities with my boys are one of my very favorite! Love all the varied results. Beautiful. Thanks for this chance!

  26. Kathryn Fox says

    Very interested in the gift ideas! All of my kids love any type of art activity but I have a super creative one who could use something a bit different :-)

  27. Kate says

    Thank you SO much for the gift suggestions — super helpful for lame shoppers like me! And THANKS for the giveaways! This is exactly what my daughter would LOVE for Christmas. :-)

  28. Jana Murphy says

    Fabulous! I really like the metallic paint sticks and push-up crayons. Art supplies really are my favorite stocking stuffers!

  29. Jen says

    Wow this would be so great! I can just imagine all of the creativity that could come from this. I am keeping my kids active with art. Thanks!

  30. Alma Sandoval says

    Hi, i will probably not be noticed for the giveaway. But if possible, I would love it if i won this for my little cousin in Mexico. She’s a great artist with a great mind. She loves to paint but never has good materials to do so with. Every time I go down there to visit her, I try to take her new color pencils, but I know for sure that she would be so grateful and her mind would totally blown off. Please, and thank you.

  31. Charlene says

    Paint sticks = no mess? I am all for no mess solutions! My daughter is an artist in training and would love these!

  32. Jennifer Lennon says

    The paint sticks are awesome! I will have to get these whether or not I get picked. I’m going to share this with my schools art teacher as well. Thanks for sharing!

  33. nancyG says

    Watercolors, paper, and a place to put them. Count us in! Nice that you have sponsors with good quality supples.

  34. christine m. says

    I just want to reach out and scoop up all these awesome products! my students would LOVE them.

  35. Diane slone says

    My aug hater would totally love these paint sticks! Your gift recs are fab as well….thank you so much!

  36. erin says

    How lush are those?! I’ll be adding those to our long wish list <3 Thanks for the opportunity to win some. Cheers

  37. Christina says

    My girls would love the jumbo felt markers and the metallic crayons. Such wonderful art supplies- so much fun to be had!

  38. says

    I DO like the idea of a potential mess to help the children self-correct and become more precise; however, these would be handy for that day when patience for mess is nil!

  39. Ashley L says

    Thank you for having this giveaway! I’d love to win this for my little sister who loves to draw. :)

  40. Tommie Sue Schindler says

    I was not familiar with this supplier, but their products look great. Who ever heard of tempera paints that weren’t liquid?!

  41. kait says

    My little Lucy would ADORE these supplies! I can’t think of anything more enriching than encouraging an artistic mind!

  42. Lisa says

    Stubby Pencil Studio rocks! My daughter would LOVE to have these art supplies under the tree this Christmas…

  43. Whitney M says

    The tempera sticks are a great product idea! We would love the watercolor set. Watercolors are my daughters’ favorite medium.

  44. Andrea says

    Those paint sticks look like lots of fun! We’d have so many great art hours with that suitcase!

  45. Jennifer says

    My girls would LOVE this! They’re always asking to paint, but I’m not always ready for all the setup…

  46. Laura says

    The paint sticks look great! Nice and chubby for tiny hands. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  47. Janna says

    I would love to try these out with my afterschool art buddies. Oh, the wonderful things we could make!

  48. Nancy says

    watercoloring is my favorite. that would be a very fun package to receive. thank you for the giveaway.

  49. Vanda says

    I’ve never heard about tempera paint sticks, but they look like a ton of fun! We like all kind of art supplies in our house.

  50. Leigh Baker says

    I would LOVE to win so I can try those out with my little girls! We are always looking for new fun craft ideas to do and I have LOVED The Artful Parent website which directed me to you guys!

  51. Janine Ryan says

    The paint sticks would be perfect for my daughters party in January. No mess and lots of colour. Thanks for recommending.

  52. Amber says

    I bet my daughter would love this. She loves to draw and paint. The rock crayons look awesome too.

  53. Amy says

    My daughter would love these! Thanks for putting them in the spotlight, I had no idea they were out there.

  54. Alisa Sutherland says

    Those look amazing! I’m always excited for new products that “play well” with other art supplies!

  55. Jennifer Fraunfelder says

    What fun! My girls would so LOVE the art set. We have been trying to build up a super art kit for our homeschool. And these would be so perfect for that. My girls are so in to art. And have so much fun with crayons, markers and paints. And these look like super fun media to work with. Thanks for hosting such a super fun giveaway.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  56. Nanny to 2 says

    What a great gift I could give the toddler artist in the making to have for her collection. These are so cool!

  57. Alivia says

    I just discovered your blog tonight and I am so inspired to do more creating with my kiddo! Thank you for giving me some ideas of things to do with him.

  58. Joy says

    The occupational therapist at my school uses these with kids. Even kids with major motor difficulties can leave bold bright marks on paper, something they can’t do with other drawing tools. They are great!

  59. Terry L. says

    I’m going to order those tempera stubby pencils. We do a lot of painting, & lately we’ve been working with mixes media.

  60. says

    We love Stubby Pencil Studio and I would love to give this as a Christmas gift to my art-loving babes! Thank you for the opportunity!

  61. Shannon says

    What wonderful gift ideas! Of course, we would put that amazing package of art supplies to immediate use–thank you for the chance!

  62. holly says

    What a great idea! These look like they are super fun to use. My 6 1/2 yr old is an amazing artist, and to my surprise her 4yr old sister has followed in suit…and I am so excited about it! What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

  63. says

    Awesome giveaway…thanks so much! I saw lots of Usborne books in there–I used to be a rep and still LOVE them. We often give them out as gifts, too. Love the tempera sticks. Might have to get some of those for my daughter’s birthday :)
    Sarah M

  64. Bernadette says

    That case is fantastic. I’m obsessed with all of the stuff on Stubby Pencil Studio website, so thanks for this opportunity:-)

  65. melody roye says

    will be getting some of the tempera paint sticks for grandkids, but maybe I’ll win some in the giveaway!

  66. katie says

    Always swooning over your recommendations and giveaways. Selfishly want all these things for myself but would generously share with my three art creating kids

  67. Katherine says

    These are fabulous! I love discovering new mediums for my littles. My mind is spinning with art project ideas.

  68. Anna C. says

    I love these paint sticks! I’m thinking about adding them to our stockings this year. Both my kids love to color and paint. They would love this suitcase.

  69. Heidi says

    I’m loving the vibrant colors and the way they lay down color so well. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  70. Toya H. says

    I would love to make memories with my day care children, daughter, nephew, and Grandson. They can Keep this all their lives. I think this great! love it!!♥

  71. Cathleen says

    I have to admit, that one of my favorite things about being a parent is sharing with my kids all the things I did or would have liked to do as a kid myself. I would have loved these art supplies, and now I can share them with my 3 year old twins!

  72. Anu says

    Oh. My god. Awsome. I wud really like to get this kit. Perfect for my little budding painter( my daughter):)

  73. Jo H says

    These would be great for my sons. They’ve been using crayons and colored pencils to draw and color. Would love these!

  74. Julie B says

    Thanks for the gift ideas – some of those items will head to little cousins soon. And thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Bridget Turner says

    My kids love art and we love reading your blog-those paint sticks are also very cool. My daughter was just coloring with water colors today and we would love to win this giveaway :-)

  76. Dava Donaho says

    What a fun gift! I LOVE watercolor pencils. Children are so always so eager to use them.

  77. Laurence says

    These paint sticks look wonderful and the color selection is great. Love your blog and thank you for introducing me to Stubby Pencil. I just ordered a bunch of things from them. Their customer service is also really excellent.
    Happy Holiday arts and crafts everyone!

  78. [email protected] says

    Those paint sticks are awesome! Perfect for toddler hands! I’m ogling those metallic crayons too!

  79. Shelli says

    My son would love this. It would be perfect for Christmas. What a great giveaway. Hope I win!

  80. Sarah Chapman says

    These would be perfect for my little homeschoolers. My 3 year old really loves to paint, but Mommy doesn’t like all the mess ;)

  81. kaci says

    Those paint sticks are neat. I love how vibrant and solid the colors are. I would love to win. Thank you again for sharing.

  82. Chelsea says

    I really like how the paint sticks look with the water color over it. That looks like a very fun art kit, yeah for water colors.

  83. says

    We would love these at our house! I think you’ve won me over on the need to have a nearly mess free painting choice for those days when mamma can’t handle any more messes :)

  84. Jennifer Humphrey says

    Thank you for the great review. These would be fun in our cooperative preschool classroom or at home.

  85. Chris says

    Wow and wow again! I’m in for anything mess free! These look great and are going on Santa’s list for Oma’s house :)

  86. Koreena says

    My daycare kids would FLIP! Thank you for the giveaway chance! Oh, and hello from Minnesota :)

  87. Christine says

    I always love introducing new art supplies to my children. Then I sit back and watch them create something wonderful.

  88. Patty B says

    Thanks for the stocking stuffer inspiration! My daughter will enjoy “painting”, and I will enjoy the less mess to clean up! :)

  89. says

    I love the idea of non-messy painting, which would come in useful when travelling.
    Thanks for the other recommendations for art gifts! Very handy for the season.

  90. Adelle F. says

    Oooh, what a lovely giveaway. We’ve loved all the products we’ve previously purchased from Stubby Pencil.

  91. says

    Dear Jean, we have an all purpose room and we are entering summer now in my country (I do have an address in the US, tough). You might already have a post answering my question, but: which would be the essentials you suggest me to get on a budget to start a creative artful environment for my three boys age 11, 8 and 6? Of course, this giveaway will be a good start ;)
    Love and thank you, Fer

  92. Leslie says

    These would be great for the grandkids! My daughter-in-law is an art therapist so am well aware of the value of creativity! Thanks for the review!

  93. Leila says

    I have never tried this products but they sound great! I have two little ones that would love trying these out!

  94. Jessica S. says

    Found your blog via Pinterest. So colorful and inspiring! Painting is my son’s favorite “free choice center” activity at school and I would love to start incorporating it more at home.

  95. Megan N says

    These look like some amazing things to try out! My daughter loves creating and exploring materials in all possible ways! What fun if I could surprise her with these new materials – very neat you are having a giveaway.

  96. Rachel says

    Great article on the paint sticks. They will be on my daughter’s Christmas list! I especially appreciate the pictures comparing them to the pastels and actual paints. Very helpful! :)

  97. Meghan says

    How fun. I want them, I’ll share with the kids. I am going to look into the paint markers. So much that can be done with all those supplies. Thanks for sharing, and all of your other gift ideas.

  98. [email protected] says

    These would be great to use with my toddler. I am always looking for new art projects to explore with her! Thanks so much for sharing!

  99. Jacqui says

    My 6 year old budding artist would absolutely be over the moon with this set!! Fingers crossed. Saying a little prayer. I want to win. :)

  100. Aimee H says

    Both my kiddos would go nuts for this stuff! We need lots to keep us entertained in these cold months.

  101. [email protected] says

    Awesome! Dying to try all of these products with my girls.

  102. catherine g says

    I would love to have these paint sticks for my daughter. A new way for artistic expression is something she really enjoys.

  103. Frances says

    Love this new art stick. We will check it out. Would love to win this giveaway so we can do some art at home. There is very little art in my daughter’s 1st grade class.

  104. [email protected] says

    This is a great post. Really love it!

  105. Katie R says

    How fabulous! I have a young lady that would be delighted to have this kit! Thanks for the opportunity!

  106. Jodi says

    My budding artist would love getting his hands on these for some collage work. Never heard about them before…thanks for sharing!!

  107. Tricia says

    My 6-year-old son would love these, he is really getting into drawing and painting these days! What a great gift!

  108. Liz L says

    Oh, those paint sticks are just awesome! All of the suggestions here are great. My 2yo little artist would love everything here!
    & Thank you for the great giveaway opportunity!

  109. angel funk says

    I just placed an order there! But, somehow none of the supplies in that giveaway were in my basket. I’d love to have that under the tree for my kids, too!

  110. Helen Hunter says

    My Ollie would love these. He’s an 8 year old artist who loves using black pen. These would be fantastic for adding colour to his drawings. What a great give away!

  111. says

    These look so fun! I haven’t ever seen them before! New follower and First time commenting!!! Please be me- please be me!!!:)

  112. lisa howell says

    i would love to win this great give away, i can use new supplies for my home daycare! thanks1

  113. Laurie says

    Would love to see what my son would do with these…right now his top choice of painting tools are Hot Wheels with his paint, makes for some really cool art!

  114. Michelle says

    I just found about your blog from a friend and love it. :) I am getting into the artistic side of my 3 year old now so I love having the input from someone about the products. Thank you. The watercolor set would be a great starter present.

  115. Anna says

    Those paint sticks look like fun! The prize pack looks super fun – and with an artsy 5 year old, it is hard to keep supplies on hand! I love this blog – always getting good ideas here. Thank you much!

  116. Jennifer says

    Those look really cool! My art and craft loving kids would be ecstatic if we won! Thanks for the chance!

  117. says

    I love the idea of paint sticks. My eight-year old daughter loves to do all sorts of crafts but never likes to do the clean up afterwards.

  118. Leslie Connor says

    This give-away would be such a boost for my girls! They were looking over my shoulder at the Stubby Pencil website, and their eyes were as big as saucers– they had several requests to go with their brother’s highlighter pencils.

  119. says

    These are SO neat!!! We always love checking out new art supplies! My eldest daughter is convinced that she is going to be an artist when she grows up!

  120. Heather B says

    Thank you for this opportunity to try and win the Paint Sticks. Both of my girls are inspiring artists. I don’t win draws or contests, yet I always try. It’s okay…I’m really glad you told us all about new product. I am going to look for it to purchase. Thank you. I really enjoy your website and posts.

  121. Angela K says

    Love Stubby Pencil. Already have some stuff for stocking stuffers. Would love more to play with.

  122. Heather says

    What a wonderful site, I have never been here before and will be using this as a resource for my Toddler classroom.

  123. Diana Hilliard says

    These are too cool! They’d be great to add to our homeschooling art days. Thank you for the giveaway and for always sharing such great ideas!

  124. Jennifer says

    My son has incredible artistic talent and would love this! He’s been noticed my teachers and professionals and is always drawing – we log everything with Artkive (app). Here’s praying for a win for my boy!

  125. Jenna Schaefer says

    I LOVE this! How adorable is the little red retro suitcase to house everything too? What a great idea!!

  126. Kelli Brooks says

    What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing the info on the paint sticks too! Can’t wait to add those to the shopping list too!!

  127. Amy F says

    My kids would love this. We love painting and crafting together in my craft room. I absolutely love your site.

  128. sarah moon says

    my daughter India would love this set! She loves creating and is always bringing along supplies everywhere we go!

  129. Angie long says

    My kids and I are constantly crafting something…. This would be amazing to win what a wonderful product!!!!!!

  130. Rebecca says

    I would love to have these to share with my granddaughter. She has developmental delays and I love when we can be creative together!!

  131. Tami says

    Art supplies are the only thing i ever really want to give my kids as gifts! If they have art, what else do they really need? Creating makes them feel good, which keeps us all happy! Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  132. Melissa W. says

    Wow! Paint sticks are amazing! Would love to win :) Thank you for the chance & for being such an inspiration!

  133. Lorie Vance-Castaneda says

    Love the idea of these paint sticks! Could really use them for my homeschooled boys! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  134. Christine Smith says

    My daughter would love the watercolor set! And my interest is definitely peaked about those paint sticks! We’ll have to try them.

  135. [email protected] says

    I would love these supplies for my grandchildren!
    They love art!

  136. [email protected] says

    this would make a wonderful gift for my artsy kidos!