The Final Blogiversary Giveaway :: An eBook & eCourse Bundle for Busy Parents

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Enter to Win a Bundle of Parenting eBooks and eCourses -- Perfect for busy parents

I have amazing blogging friends. Smart, funny, organized, and full of parenting wisdom. I asked some of them if they'd be willing to share their wisdom with you, in the form of their eBooks and eCourses… They said yes! 

So here's the final giveaway of my 6 year blog anniversary giveaway series: A seriously awesome bundle of eBooks, eCourses, and printables to help one lucky winner in the parenting journey!

Project Organize Your Entire Life

From Stephanie Morgan of Modern Parents Messy Kids comes the following eBook and printable pack to help us get our life in order:

Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life: The Quick Start Guide eBook by Stephanie Morgan

Inside this easy 50 page read you’ll find a new approach to starting down the road to a simplified and more organized life.  Rather than instructions on how to fold your T-shirts or organize your pantry, you’ll take a look at your daily habits and weekly routines to start thinking differently about how to efficiently spend your time. Along the way you’ll conquer some of the biggest obstacles to living the simplified life: decluttering, cleaning, organizing, meal planning and more.

Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life: 38-Page Planner Printable Pack

Inside the printables pack, you’ll find everything you need to manage every aspect of your day-to-day life from cleaning and meal-planning, to scheduling and that never ending to-do list.

Positive Parenting eBook and eCourse

From Amanda Morgan of Not Just Cute comes an eBook and eCourse to help us improve our parenting skills:

Positive Parenting – The Basics: Simple Principles That Promote Better Behavior and Stronger Relationships eBook

A concise, high-impact guide to positive parenting.  This 39 page ebook contains an overview of four basic principles of positive parenting as well as a variety of real-world examples of how they may be put into practice. With these principles you can build strong, healthy family relationships, enhance your own patience, effectively guide positive behavior, and increase your child’s self-control.

Parenting with Positive Guidance eCourse

This four-week eCourse will help you build stronger relationships within your family while also building more internal discipline in your child.  You’ll learn about philosophy, practices, and tools that you can implement in your home immediately.

Abundant Mama and The Playful Family

From Shawn Fink of Abundant Mama comes her eCourse and eBook to help us be more peaceful and playful:

Become an Abundant Mama eCourse

Four-week eCourse to help mothers make the transformation into the mothers they want to be (starts this week; also offered 3 times a year). Weekly assignments, a community of mothers, and gentle nudges to help you pay attention to the little details of your life and focus on what matters so you can be a peaceful, playful and present mama.

The Playful Family: Simple and Fun Ways to Connect and Engage as a Family eBook

This short and easy-to-read book offers simple and fun ways to connect and engage as a family. It challenges parents to think differently about everyday life with children. With nearly 100 activities to do together as a family you will soon be playing, celebrating and laughing together daily.

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  1. Keri Morrill says

    Keeping a calm mind when all the kids get crazy. And definitely could always use help organizing better.

  2. Jen says

    Organization, organization, organization! From time management to household things! I’m constantly looking, searching for things. I have twin boys under the age of two that keep me on the go. If I could just learn how to organize things in advance I think life would be so much easier. At this point, I’m overwhelmed….HELP!

  3. Carolyn Joslin says

    Patience!! I constantly have to remind myself to take a deep breath and WAIT for my kids to do their thing.

  4. Lydia says

    Keeping calm when the kids are fighting, or getting wild in an inappropriate place, especially in front of other people.

  5. Bethany says

    I feel I need the most guidance where his education is involved. I turn to the blogs and Pinterest for ideas on activities that I can do with him that are fun and beneficial to his learning. He is nearly one so still very young.

  6. Jennifer Ilardi says

    It’s hard balancing work life and home life. Wife life and mom life. BALANCE! BALANCE! BALANCE!

  7. Kate says

    I oftentimes need help in being able to stop what I am doing (laundry, dinner prep, cleaning up etc.) in order to take advantage of a moment of playfulness with my son. Most of the time, just 10 minutes engaged with him in whatever game he has going makes all the difference. Right now, my mom is going through some surgeries and I am carrying more than usual, and my “busyness” is amplified…. but I do not want this current paradigm to become engrained in us as the normal. I would love to have access to the wisdom and support of all of these wonderful mamas in order to restore, renew and rejoice in parenting and life again!

  8. Becky D. says

    I need the most help with time management/organization, but also teaching my son to be independent without being too overbearing myself.

  9. Susana says

    I take all advice but mostly search for advice on how to raise a creative, caring and free spirited child

  10. Lindsay says

    I own a business, which can sometimes be worse than a normal job so balancing work and home is a biggie. As my daughter gets older, I worry about making discipline choices and choosing education options that will be right for our family and parenting style.

  11. Amber says

    Just starting out on opmy parenting journey…and I would love to learn more about positive discipline!

  12. Michelle Canavan says

    If I am being completely honest it is managing my own frustration when I am exhausted. I am trying so hard to implement positive parenting strategies but some days sleep deprivation is still getting the best of me.

  13. Alice C says

    Trying to have my own time while spending time taking care of two little one and organizing the house.

  14. Mary says

    Organization, learning when to step in and when to try and let my kiddo self soothe or work out a conflict. This morning, for example, she really wanted me but I was needing to get out to work….I felt just awful.
    Also, how to balance discipline in the upcoming toddler years.

  15. Cristina says

    I would say I need help with everything! I’m not a perfect parent in no way shape or form :)I try

  16. Kristal says

    Balancing being the main disciplinarian and finding room to be a yes mom and have plain fun with my kids the way my husband is able to:/

  17. Bonnie Bailey says

    How to help my strong willed child get thru the things we have to do each day peacefully and without me giving up!

  18. fozya says

    when both of my kids are unwell and i have to do all the work by my self hold taking care keeping them busy and making efforts to make them rest as much as possible

  19. Lauren Jinkerson says

    Remaining calm and being present. OF course, anything to organize and be more productive would be great too!

  20. Juliane says

    Positive disciplining and parenting, staying calm, balancing housework, kids’ education, and time for hubby and me.

  21. Danielle K says

    I need to work on being more patient with my kids, especially the 18 month old who does not listen at all….

  22. Christina says

    Not letting the little things that bug me (messes, etc.) become more important than my relationship with my children.

  23. says

    I feel I need the most help when I’m solo parenting for too long. New tricks or tips to still stay energized and compassionate towards my kids, instead of grouchy and exhausted and taking that on them.
    Sarah M

  24. Gwen Johnson says

    I feel I need the most help in regards to housekeeping: keeping the house clean and incorporating help from the children with the chores.

  25. Rebecca Feucht says

    Organizing photos, calendars, keeping in touch with people, slowing down and letting my children take the lead, on and on and on.

  26. elsie says

    knowing that DD and I are both strong minded and stubborn, and making sure this doesn’t become a problem

  27. Faith says

    hands down, organization. I am horrible at meal planning and organizing everything. With baby #3 on the way I need to get this down in the next three months. (sounds scary just seeing it there.)

  28. Anne says

    Patience and control. We live in a small place in a busy city and I feel like I’m constantly admonishing my toddler. My mind is on safety and order, but I’m very tired of nagging and fear I’m stultifying him.

  29. Milena says

    Balance between work and my great desire to be, play, share every moment of my life with my kids.
    With some ‘me’ time to put in there too, of course. Impossible, uh? :)

  30. Kim says

    Patience! It’s never been my strong point, and having kids has helped a lot, but I still get exasperated easily, even when I try not to.

  31. Heather Murphy says

    I have all sorts of (what I think are) great, creative ideas for play and art and music, etc. to do with my kids but need to somehow organize to make sure that happens!

  32. Laura says

    An overhaul of my organizing methods – they definitely need to change now that I’m a parent!

  33. michelle says

    How to honor the woman me and the mama me, so I can find balance and peace and strength and joy in both.

  34. Heather says

    Organization is big. I’m a (clean, but) untidy and absentminded sort; throw in a kindergartener and a toddler and I’m sure you can imagine. I need help making systems.

  35. Valerie says

    Organization primarily. With a bit of patience in there too. As a working mom to one I find it hard to keep up with regular daily routine at home and work without being at least a little overwhelmed with one or the other.

  36. Carla says

    Organization, also setting up activities for the kids, being patient when there are conflicts with a sibling…a little bit a everything!

  37. Becky Williams says

    hooboy…uhh, patience? But there are some close runner ups fighting for position too!

  38. Leia says

    Lots of things, but mostly accepting that’s household chores will not get done in a timely fashion…. I learning how to manage life/work with 2 lo’s and need to learn how/when to enforce rules and guidelines with my almost 3 yr old…

  39. Nanette says

    Ironically I need the most help sticking to my schedule. I have big plans but easily get derailed.

  40. Elizabeth Vowell says

    Learning to let go and do what I can and to be totally content with that. My kiddos can totally sense when I’m stressed and it is just teaching them a terrible habit. I’ve got to kick this one….soon!

  41. Germana Eckert says

    Organising our home so there is more space for living and less time wasted managing the stuff that is around us.

  42. --anu says

    I find that there is a lot of information about little kids and quite a bit about teenagers but not much about the in-betweens. I have an 8-year old, almost 9, and it seems all the books about art or writing or even just positive parenting gloss over this period. And yet it is now that she is starting to talk back and has lost her positive outlook on life. I have not found anything to help her view life as glass half full.

  43. Sam says

    Patience!! Slowing down to be present in the moment and enjoying it for what it is instead of constantly hurrying everyone one to get to the next thing on ‘the list’.

  44. Amber W. says

    I could use more patience while disciplining, as well as the skills to teach them to be independent and resilient little beings.

  45. Lizz Puckett says

    Providing a more structured and organized, but fun day for my 2 boys. My oldest son is 3 and possibly has high functioning autism, and my youngest son is 15 months. As you can imagine it’s hard trying to fit everything that needs to be done into the day (ABA activities, regular activities, etc…) while still making it fun for them. I could also use help staying present and not letting all of the daily activities get in the way of just spending quality time together. Lots of hard work, but definitely worth it :)

  46. Janelle Jay says

    I’m mostly a single Aussie Mum in Japan, with a 3.5 yo toddler. There are lots of new ideas I could be implementing, but time is only 24 hours a day. Organizing HOW that time gets spent more efficiently would be stellar. I’m a patient and creative Mum, but I could use time more constructively I’m sure.

  47. Janelle Jay says

    I’m mostly a single Aussie Mum in Japan, with a 3.5 yo toddler. There are lots of new ideas I could be implementing, but time is only 24 hours a day. Organizing HOW that time gets spent more efficiently would be stellar. I’m a patient and creative Mum, but I could use time more constructively I’m sure.

  48. Brooke says

    Having a hard time giving my kids quality time alone. I have four, 11,8,3,and 2. It’s difficult to bond with them one on one. Definitely need to work on that.

  49. Angela says

    Being patient with the kids and realising that they will not always do everything exactly as i want and when i want. Its a learning process for me and the kids too! :-)

  50. Mary says

    This was on my mind this morning, I need to teach my daughter orginazation- and to be more organized myself.

  51. says

    My biggest parenting challenge is balancing the emotional/love tank needs of many different children. I have eight children age 12 years down to 6 months old. Are you familiar with love languages? Well I managed to get children with a variety of love languages and few of them are the same as my own. That means I have to deliberately think about loving on them in the way they hear it best. :) It’s a good thing my husband balances me out with a different love language tendency. Between us we’re doing pretty well. The other big challenge is just the variety of ages and stages going on here. With pre-teen hormones, toddlers, babies, and everything in between it’s never dull. Add in our seventh child’s serious medical needs and every day takes mindful parenting to get through.
    Thank you again for the giveaways but even more for the blog! I’m enjoying reading back through archives and trying things with my children.

  52. Jennifer says

    I tend to veer back and forth between empathetic parenting and super strict parenting. I wish I could find a balance.

  53. carla says

    I need help with patience, also need to be more organized specially having now 2 children (girl almost 5 and boy almost 1) in a small house.

  54. allison says

    Being consistent with my husband regarding our expectations for the kids. That can be tough sometimes.

  55. Jacqueline says

    Being more present, I think. Though there are lots of other areas that always need improvement, too.

  56. Fe Moynihan says

    I need help keeping a positive attitude when I am tired and especially when the kids are tired too

  57. Melissa B says

    Balancing work with family. I’ve lost the ability to play and be present because I’m too worried about work.

  58. katie says

    Controlling my yelling. I have a short fuse for not listening/ being respectful and end up yelling took much. Ugh.

  59. Diana Cote says

    Patience is the biggest and to just be free and try not control everything, to be less of a perfectionist sometimes would help.

  60. Nicole says

    Organization. I feel like I have so much I want to do, but it is all flying by and I am not doing what I want with my girls

  61. Katherine says

    Spending as much time with my kids as possible and still getting the housework etc done on time!

  62. tannis says

    Acceptance. After working for years, bringing home my own pay cheque, time to myself to do what I want I am now a SAHM to two young girls and find it a struggle to accept this new role in life. Finding balance from the old me/life and this new life.

  63. Elaine Goh says

    Changing from being a “tiger mom” to a supportive mom. This is an old habit, ingrained from childhood, and difficult to change. I only thank God everyday that there are so many helpful resources like your blog and others out there that provide encouragement and ideas. Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  64. Alison says

    Managing my husband! My son has some additional needs that my husband struggles to deal with and it can be a bit stressful. Using art sometimes helps to bring them together.

  65. Rhiannon says

    Remembering my child isn’t just a vessel to be filled up with stuff/activities/knowledge and allowing them time to just ‘be’.

  66. says

    I need help with knowing good ways to correct bad things that she’s picked up from another child, without saying something like “We don’t copy that girl because she’s rude…” because even though the said child IS rude, I don’t want my daughter to be RUDE and repeat it to the girl or her mom because she heard it from me?! Is that confusing or what? I need help with positive re-directs I suppose…

  67. maya says

    In teaching all the amazing things the world has to offer. Theres so much to show, teach, tell and do and open his little mind to the wonders of the world without biasing it with my own inputs

  68. Sasha says

    Staying organized, to become the best “task juggler” I can be and still remember to be me in amongst the “we” in family.

  69. tracie says

    I need help to be more organised around the house so that I can find more time to be with my kids in FUN rather than busy house keeper.

  70. Tarah Bhave says

    Taking the time to slow down & really listen & be present with them. Especially our 5 & 6 year olds. We have an 18 month old, too, and since he was born it’s been tough to fully be present without a million other things in the back of my mind… These books look great.

  71. Carrie says

    Positive discipline and organization, for sure, so this would be an amazing group of ebooks! Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. christine says

    Currently, it’s being patient and reminding myself “that’s why they’re children.” I can’t expect my 6-year old to think like an adult.

  73. Tanya W says

    Organizing is a big one and also getting the kids on board to work together with me on projects.

  74. Kiri N says

    Patience to teach, put up with messes and juggle 2 kids who are so different developmemtally.

  75. Danielle says

    All areas! But managing the balance of play and work required as a SAHM while keeping things interesting for me (who is finding not working to be a challenging but rewarding lifestyle change)!

  76. Katia says

    It’s a very fantastic bundle which answer to all my needs: help in organization, help to give a real presence to our children, help to be productive. Great!

  77. Judit says

    Patience, patience… with teenager and 3year old as well. NOT loosing my mind and behave from the guts, but keep spirit and being able to use humour in conflicts. The art of balancing all needs,theirs,mine,work, home.

  78. Nancy C says

    I need help with discipline. I have several kids in different ages/stages and I’m finding it to be very challenging.

  79. Joette says

    As a preschool director, I would love to learn more ways to assist my families with their little ones!

  80. Danielle W says

    Juggling between household chores, positive parenting, being there for my kids and a career……. Finding the right balance!

  81. [email protected] says

    Maintaining my energy and connection to my kids.

  82. Ellen says

    New and unique inspiration for art projects. I’ve found so many great ideas on your site. Thank you!

  83. Jennifer says

    Creativity, and ideas and new activities to stimulate my children’s curiosity and imagination.

  84. Claire says

    I need to work on my patience and how I respond to my children. I have a feeling this will be a constant work in progress!

  85. marianne says

    I need help organizing my time better! I spend a lot of time with my kids, but always feel behind in the household duties which stresses me out. I need to get things done more efficiently so I don’t feel guilty spending that precious time with the kids.

  86. Claire says

    Staying consistently calm through my intensely emotional child’s tantrums. I feel like I’ve tried everything, but am not quite sure how to help him develop more successful coping skills. :/

  87. says

    Putting myself in my childrens’ shoes… Sometimes, I just want them to get it, or get over it, or move on… But I constantly need to remind myself they are kids, not adult in training