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Kids Art Supply Giveaway by Discount School Supply

Discount School Supply, one of my blog sponsors, sells affordable art supplies for families and schools. They are offering a box of some of my favorite children's art supplies as a giveaway to one lucky winner:

The following art materials are included:

Enter to win the box of art materials from Discount School Supply

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  1. Glennen says

    Plain old markers are the very favorite around here. Congrats on 6 years! Your blog is wonderful and inspiring!

  2. Amanda C says

    We love all art supplies but our favorite basic supply has to be colored pencils. We can color, draw, write with them and I don’t worry about them melting if one gets left in the car or windowsill – so I let my girls take them wherever they want.

  3. says

    Congratulations on 3 years! We have certainly had so much fun doing art activities that you recommend, and you have inspired us so much to do art! We love it!

  4. says

    How fun! I’m saving up for some liquid watercolors right now. Hopefully it’ll be in our budget by summer. This would certainly make it come quicker!
    We just bought chalk pastels and oil pastels for Christmas and we’re having a lot of fun experimenting with those right now.

  5. Dawn Lange says

    I think I entered with rafflecopter! Thanks for the fun today, Jean. And congratulations on 6 years! I think I will enter all of the giveaways today since I have so many little ones to entertain here.

  6. Samantha K says

    My son lives just about every art material! Some days he is a painter, other days he’s a glue kind of guy – gluing anything he can find in his art bins, or drawing pictures for me out of glitter glue!
    Thank you for this opportunity – happy blog birthday!

  7. Amy says

    My little one loves to paint and my older ones love to draw/sketch. They aren’t tied to any one product but enjoy using all different items to pain/draw on and with! Paper, cardboard, homemade paint, veggie dyes, etc.

  8. Hannah says

    We love markers and paints and clay! My six year old has recently focused mostly on colored pencils, however. Little sister (4 years old) will do anything that’s messy, particularly if she can cut it out and glue it to random stuff later. Glitter is a bonus! :)

  9. Delores says

    well, by the end of the day I am sure you will be a pro at the rafflecopter thing!
    I just recently discovered your blog, and it is great for me. I am not into arts and crafts with the kids (MESS!), but I know that I need to make more time for it and your work inspires me. Thanks!

  10. Brandy Hoot says

    An all-time favorite around here is paint. The older children are graduating into acrylic paint while the two younger still use watercolors.

  11. [email protected] says

    My grand kids would love to have this to add to our art kit

  12. Tina says

    Right now the favorite thing to do is pick up some paper, and absolutely any type of paint there is and just paint their little hearts away.

  13. Meghan says

    I love your blog! I am a K-6 art teacher, with 550+ students on an annual budget of $250. Your tips help me a lot!!

  14. says

    My son LOVES paint. His creations make for GREAT wrapping paper. He also loves to glue cut-outs from old magazines. I love the flow of his imagination and where each project takes him. It’s truly fascinating to watch. More art= less begging for screen time!

  15. Kathy says

    My daughter’s favorite art supplies right now are gel pens and large sheets of paper (18″x24″ or bigger)…the larger the better!

  16. Lizabeth says

    I teach a free homeschool art class. This would be most helpful. Thanks for offering such a terrific giveaway!

  17. Kathleen says

    We would love love to win this. We always wanted to try out those liquid watercolors…It’s gonna happen this year for sure, regardless :-) So favorite art material huh… I’ve got 3 boys, one definitely clay, the other one likes to draw and the 3rd one he likes it all…hmmm, paint?

  18. Nicole says

    Congratulations on six years! My favorite art supply is paint, but my daughter would likely say “glitter!” Thanks for all the great ideas.

  19. Diane Slone says

    right now, my daughter’s favorites are all sorts of papers for making collages, paints, and oil-based paint pens (she just got into making Gary Hirsch bots). In general, she loves all sorts of art materials, and I just wish that I had the ability to keep her in great supply of all types. Winning this would really make her year!
    This blog has brought so many reminders of projects, and some good new ideas as well. I’m grateful to have access to someone with the creativity that I lack, so that I can grow in my ability to provide good/constant invitations to create to spur on my daughter’s imagination. Thank you!

  20. Geri Green says

    I have been wanting to try liquid watercolor paints. I have seen so many wonderful uses for them. I would love to win!

  21. Heather says

    My boys would love some fresh art supplies! They go through paint supplies like it’s their job… because it is. :)

  22. Kimberley says

    My daughter would love this! We love fresh art supplies…especially with spring time around the corner…we love to paint outside too..

  23. [email protected] says

    Love your blog?

  24. Kelly says

    I’ve never ordered from DSS and have been hoping to soon. Especially interested in the liquid watercolors because you recommend them so highly! Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. jennifer fraunfelder says

    My girls LOVE art ! Their most favorite material or media to use is paint ….. any kind of paint. After that it’s glue …. glitter glue, especially. Give them a few blank sheets of paper and/or construction paper and pull out the art supplies and they are set for hours. We change out their art creations regularly. Our hallway is filled with their drawings and paintings as well as a string of Christmas lights … it’s our mini gallery. lol

  26. Petra OS says

    I don’t know that I could pick a favorite. He loves them all and hasa new favorite from one day to the next!

  27. Diana Cote says

    its a tough one, she loves markers because she can be more detailed with it and the colors are brighter and don’t blend as much but she loves the texture of paint and she loves stamping her hands, feet and any shapes she can.

  28. Jen says

    My daughter loves all art supplies! Her fav right now are paints. Give her a pile of supplies and she will be busy for hours! :)

  29. Jennifer says

    We use their paint up so quickly, and we can always use that, but the kids would love to try the craft tape. I never seem to be able to afford that! Thank you!

  30. Kristin says

    My children, even down to our two year old, love Sharpies. I have had other parents question why I would allow them to use permanent markers, but for me it’s simple. My children prefer the look of a drawing with Sharpies to one with regular markers and I’m ok with messes. I request that they only use them at the kitchen table and that they wear an apron or smock. We have never (yet) had an issue with coloring on anything other than paper or toys (we do allow that!).

  31. Danielle says

    Art is something that I really want to foster in my child. She’s still just a toddler, but I’ve recently started building her art supply collection. So this would be an amazing thing to win!

  32. Mary says

    We had been wanting to try the liquid watercolors, but a chance for a whole box of such useful art supplies – how great! Thanks!

  33. [email protected] says

    Love reading your blog! Great job.

  34. Jennifer says

    My kids love that they are old enough to use the hot glue gun now. There’s a lot to be made with hot glue and popsicle sticks. :)

  35. Tina Powell says

    I would love to win this for my granddaughters. As a Mimmy to two creatives girls, aged 5 and 10 this would be perfect for our weekend art sessions.The craft tape is their current favorite!

  36. Rachel says

    Washi Tape! We can never get too much around here! And the watercolor paper is something I’ve been wanting to try!

  37. [email protected] says

    Yay thanks! We love to paint!

  38. Mary Beth Galloway says

    Colored tapes have been the fave this month. Glues are a close runner up!
    Anything sticky, I guess. My boys love it.

  39. says

    We started with an art hutch from Ikea and that got filled..than we got a rolling art caddy..and than another…it’s obvious we have the BEST kind of problem — an art project addiction! Would love to win.

  40. Sasha M says

    My daughter’s favorite art supply changes by the week! Glitter glue pens, watercolor paint, beeswax crayons, she loves it all.

  41. Chrystian says

    My daughter is almost 8 and just now really starting to find herself as an artist, but she seems to really love painting!

  42. Whitney says

    I guess I should have said, we love to paint right now but can work pretty much anything into our art supplies.

  43. Kristal says

    My kids love paint! And we had to get rid of all of it for our recent move, so I’m in need of replacing it all! So what a timely and awesome giveaway:)

  44. says

    My son’s FAVORITE art material is paint. He loves crayons and markers, but, when he sees his easel set up with globs of bright colored paints waiting for him… his face lights up! A child after my own heart! Thanks for the chance to win Jean!

  45. Jocelyn says

    My daughter loves to make art projects. She’s been know to create projects out of plastic spoons, rubber bands and corks!

  46. Sarah says

    Right now it is crayons and markers. He loves to draw bubbles (circular scribbles) and balloons (straight lines).

  47. Liz says

    My daughter’s favorites vary quite a bit. Right now she’s pretty old school — paper and glue, markers, stickers :)

  48. Alana says

    I was just in hobby lobby last night looking for liquid watercolors. I wasn’t able to find them. Perfect timing!

  49. Nikki says

    My son uses just plain old paper and pencils (or erasable colored pencils) to draw with daily. My daughter likes watercolors.

  50. Theresa says

    I a big lover of Discount School Supply, left over from my days as an educator. We would love to add these to our collection!

  51. [email protected] says

    Preparing for preK and love to use paint to practice letters and numbers

  52. Andrea says

    Metallic biocolors? A new drop cloth to replace our tattered one? We’d have so much creative fun with these supplies! Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. Alison says

    My little one love the bottle of white glue, not that she can actually squeeze any out, I think she just likes the idea of it!

  54. Jen says

    This is like a dream come true. Ive had all of these items in my shopping cart or on my wish list until I could actually buy them. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  55. kate says

    My 2 girls have so many favorite art supplies- At the moment my 3 yr old is BIG into painting – painting on paper, painting seashells, anything! then adding sequins! My 8 yr old is into cutting pictures out of magazines/newspapers right now and making her own comic strips etc… yesterday she spent the morning cutting people out of felt and then making clothes for them.

  56. Kerri says

    Wait, I did things in the wrong order and didn’t answer the question. My daughter’s favorite art material right now is glitter paint (or really, anything glitter!)

  57. [email protected] says

    We love paint!!!

  58. Amy says

    I’m a relative newcomer here (within the last 3-4 months) and loved hearing about the history and motivations for this blog. I’ve felt the same way about those magazines. All too *perfect* and never open-ended. We are all so blessed by everything you share here! Congratulations on 6 years!!! I don’t know that we have a favorite basic supply… anything messy is pretty much the best! So maybe baby wipes (which I still buy long after)… since they hold the promise of being able to clean up anything! :-)

  59. Jo says

    My 12 year old loves markers. Now she is into the brush markers which are hugely popular. My 5 year old loves crayons on sketch paper.

  60. Carolyn Joslin says

    Out favorite supplies are plain old crayons. We can use them in so many ways, on so many textures, and we have a HUGE supply thanks to a teacher in the family!

  61. Peggy C says

    Oh, I did bit answer the question! PAINT! We’ve actually been dying to try the liquid water colors you recommend!

  62. Dojna Shearer says

    My three-year-old daughter LOVES to paint. But she tends to use up all the blue (her favorite color) in a set quickly, and then doesn’t want to paint with that set because it doesn’t have any blue. :)

  63. Nancy says

    Favorite art material? Probably Prismacolor pencils. But we also LOVE the liquid watercolors for DSS. Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. Elizabeth says

    I love Discount School Supply and have a well-stocked craft closet thanks to them, but I would LOVE to win this! :)

  65. Elizabeth says

    Ooops, forgot to say what our favorite is— I will say that our liquid and tempura watercolors are both well used, and we love the “Make it shimmer” additive too!

  66. Alisa says

    My daughter LOVES her art supplies…all of them. But lately, she’s been asking to use her paints everyday. I’ve noticed that she tends to use vibrant, bold colors in the winter and then leans toward a softer medium, like watercolor or colored pencil, in the summer.

  67. Christina G says

    I don’t think at 3yo, he has a favorite material.. we do a lot of different arts and crafts to open those doors to a favorite.. :)

  68. Janelle says

    After reading some of your art supply reviews, I got the tempera paint sticks and crayon rocks for my son’s 5th birthday. They are both his favorites lately!! I love watching kids be excited about creativity! Thanks so much for your blog- you inspire this mommy.. :)

  69. deanna says

    For the last year my 4 year old is obsessed with ny kind of tape: washi tape, colorful painters tape, double sided tape, you name it. He uses it to make pictures, craft, and fix just about anything he thinks is broken. I didn’t know that Discount School Supply sold such neat looking tpe. He’d love all of this!

  70. Maureen Waitt says

    Hoping to win the Discount School Supply prize. I need to get busy making art with my 2 year old. Biocolor and Liquid watercolor are the best products out there!

  71. [email protected] says

    we can always have use for liquid watercolor, watercolor paper and all the cool crafty stuffs :-)

  72. says

    You would not believe it, but his favorite art material at the moment is plain paper and a pencil. The second favorite is recycled materials. It’s really my fault, I haven’t provided enough materials for him … but it’s on my list of things to do as I’m working on an art studio for him based on your blog! He will be so thrilled with a well-stocked art studio, and this giveaway will really help. Thanks! :)

  73. Melissa says

    The most used supply would have to be paper!! Cut it, glue it, paint it, glitter it, fold it, color it, layer it…….
    But their FAVORITE is probably glitter glue!

  74. Savannah B says

    Would definitely love this for two children. We are art fanatics! Going broke on art supplies over here ;) So some free supplies would be awesome. Love your site and FB posts. Thanks!

  75. Miriam Giardini says

    My daughter is 3 years old and her favorites are the scissors and paint, any kind of paint! If we allowed her, she would paint the walls, the windows, the TV screen… ;)

  76. Jill W says

    I have twins. I’d have to say Gabe loves pens the best because he likes to write his numbers and is starting to spell words. Sam loves colored pens, crayons & paper because he loves drawing trains.

  77. Amy says

    My little boys LOVE play dough and paint! I just ordered some things from discount school supply and I’m so happy with them. The service was excellent, too.

  78. Nicole Graepler says

    I hope to win this for my 2 toddlers they are 3 and 2 and we are on a limited budget so we can’t afford to get art things. They love making things and coloring. I would be so blessed and it would make my babies so happy if we got this. Thank you.

  79. Nancy Palmer says

    My 4 year old loves watercolors! We’d really like to try the liquid ones from Discount Art Supplies! Thanks!

  80. Geri says

    My grandchildren love to do art, and would love all the supplies! Haven’t tried the liquid watercolors yet–would like to try them!

  81. Sarah says

    Technical difficulties …anyway, my kids favorite supply is really water! In the form of snow water, bubbly, ice. We like to color it, pour it, float things in it, etc! We love the liquid water colors to add to it.

  82. says

    Scissors and glitter glue takes the prize! Half the kids in my art program LOVE to cut things and paste them and I see collage artists of the future in them! But a good portion of them love when I let them “draw” with glitter glue.

  83. stephanie.yanik_live says

    It really depends on the day. There are days he only wants to use pencils, other days that he wants nothing but paint, then there are days he just wants to create what he can from Popsicle sticks and glue.. I guess it’s just whatever moves him that day.

  84. Melissa Ferguson says

    Any type of play-doh or clay is popular at our house, along with cutting and pasting and anything sparkly!

  85. katie says

    my one year old son hasn’t been introduced to much yet so id say paint for him…my 6 year old daughter says “a paintbrush because I like to paint…no actually droppers because you get to make new colors that you never made before”… my 4 year old daughter says “I really love everything…scissors help me cut so scissors are the best. its like chopping.”

  86. Maria says

    Right now my 3 year old is into crayons and whatever piece of paper they can find, whether its my cookbooks or his sisters homework, it all gets a little extra decoration.

  87. grace says

    we love to paint and also color using color pencil … lately we don’t use crayons anymore, not sure why :-) thanks for the chance, what a great giveaways!

  88. Karen says

    My daughter (age 8) is really into colored pencils and her sketch pad. My son (age 3) loves homemade playdough right now

  89. Patricia Hay says

    This would be great for me as an artist first time mom who just had a baby about 5 months ago to teach and past on my talents! :)

  90. [email protected] says

    My daughters’ favorite art medium is paint – of any kind but esp our new find – watercolor paint!!

  91. Emily says

    With a 16-month-old, we are just getting started with art supplies. Chalk, pens, and crayons are a hit.
    Can’t wait to explore more!

  92. Lisa says

    This is Beautiful! We love paints, crafting and creating. It may not be marketable but it is always our own!
    Kaitlyn turns 4 next month and she loves making crafts for her dollhouse and pet shop toys… it may not always be usable or identifiable but she is proud!

  93. Sara says

    Favorite art material these days is a set of eight basic markers. We also love to paint and use stamps.
    thanks for the awesome give away.

  94. Kaidi says

    Markers and popsicle sticks have been a favorite recently. Many wands, creatures, stars, etc. are currently scattered across our table. Another favorite in our house is watercolor crayons. They love the vibrant colors and often use them without water.

  95. kristin sherwood says

    we are totally in love with creamy crayons and bits of paper, ribbon and fabric for collage-ing…we’d LOVE to win this to add to our art closet!! :)

  96. [email protected] says

    Love the tape!

  97. [email protected] says

    Nature and paint! The kids love using the things we find on our walks and making them into beautiful works of art.

  98. Angel M. says

    Difficult question :) My kids really love it all. We really enjoy mixed media art projects. One thing I do really enjoy is the flexibility of watercolor pastels – and really nice watercolor paper.

  99. says

    paint (or anything that can be poured or squeezed out). she doesn’t even use it the right way… it’s seriously a sensory thing for her… paint all over her hands. lol

  100. Paige Cunningham says

    The students I teach love everything but they especially like mixing different media; paint and pastels or paint and fabric…. How fun to have a chance to win some great art products!

  101. Jennifer says

    Markers. Especially Sharpie markers. Markers that don’t necessarily wash off. Markers used in places not made for markers. ;) Seriously, drawing, drawing, and more drawing.

  102. [email protected] says

    Our favorite around here is paint!

  103. Alya says

    A regular pen, construction paper, scissors and yarn are my daughter’s favorites! Thank you for the giveaway, I would love to try liquid watercolors at our house!

  104. [email protected] says

    Art makes the world go round!
    My grandchildren love ART!
    So does this Grandma!

  105. Maureen says

    I’d say liquid watercolors – probably cause it means we bring out the canvas and I paint with them (so it is more serious of an event) more than the material itself.

  106. Christina H says

    Shaving cream! For artwork on paper or in the tub, colored or white, applied with hands, brushes and anything they can find!

  107. Molly says

    My son loves to paint! He loves stamping the paints with old wine corks and rolling paint with pint sized roller. We also make a lot of handprint art!

  108. Katherine says

    She said “all of them, or do you need to know a ‘pacific’ one? My ‘pacific’ one would probably be stamps.”

  109. Lisa says

    My 6 year old daughter loves a notebook and a pen. So simple, but the landscapes, figures and animals she dreams up are incredible and inspiring. Love your blog!!! Thanks for the opportunities for creativity!

  110. Kari says

    My kids’ favorites at the moment are any kind of paints and coffee filters. Lots of coffee filter snowflakes around here!

  111. [email protected] says

    Paint, paint, paint! Two four year olds go through quite a lot!

  112. Jenny says

    I LOVE your blog and am so enspired by your love for children and art. We have turned a big part of our school room space into art space after visiting your blog! The kids would thank you! They love to paint on our new easel and cut and glue and create from old things to make their very own new things.

  113. Chris says

    Oddly enough – just the traditional ol’ waterpaint box. One of the kiddos has completely finished off a box – which I thought wasn’t possible! And our children’s librarian had a neat idea for very young ones who don’t get the concept of using a wet, but not too wet, brush … use a squirt water onto the paint box until it’s wet enough to paint … then you have no need to dunk your brush in water before the paintbox!

  114. [email protected] says

    My son loves any kind of paint! Especially watercolors!

  115. [email protected] says

    The big box of crayons and glitter glue and plain glitter! She would love this set! Drawing is her favorite thing to do.

  116. lois says

    My kids love it all! I guess if they had to choose 1 fave at this moment in time, 1 would say glitter paint the other smelly markers.

  117. Melody says

    Probably construction paper. We paint on it, we brush and stamp water onto it, we cut it up, we fold it. There’s so much to do with it.

  118. Celena says

    My daughter would paint all day if she could. Her new love is tracing paper. She loves to put the tracing paper on her books and draw her favorite characters. Just found you on Pinterest. I’m amazed over your site!

  119. Amelia Lawler says

    My kids love to paint. Anything they can find around the place they bring to me and ask if they can see how it paints. Water paints, acrylic paints, poster paints they don’t care!! Marbles, hands, fingers, they will try anything!!!

  120. [email protected] says

    Paper and anything–markers, crayons, paint–to mark it up.

  121. Tara says

    Wow this is amazing! I have shopped on this site before and love it! Congrats on the benchmark and thanks for the opportunity!

  122. Becky Williams says

    PAINT beats all. The mess of it. The sophistication of holding a brush…my daughter got an acrylics set with an easel and said she felt like she was a real artist in France (where she got that I dont entirely know-cartoons?)… I just figure you gotta love paint!

  123. Jessica says

    He loves markers and crayons the most at this point, but I imagine once we add paint to the mix that will be a new love.

  124. [email protected] says

    I was going today paint, but it’s really either tape (any kind) or white glue. Apparently, I love adhesives!!!

  125. Sara says

    My daughter got air dry clay for Christmas with clay tools and has been making all sorts of cups and containers. Lots of fun

  126. Jill M says

    Tape! Scotch Tape is their favourite,right now! So funny…I bought my daughter a big pack of tape from BJ’s for the holidays!

  127. Jacqueline says

    My three year old daughter loves markers, especially Sharpies. I think she enjoys the strongly-coloured lines (more bold than the water-based markers).

  128. Angel says

    My youngest niece, with whom i am most often crafty, loves watercolor paints! I have some of her art framed and hanging in my home. =)

  129. Melanie says

    This is a tough one! My 5 1/2 year loves tape – not she seems to prefer scotch tape over glue even! My 3 year old loves foam stickers!

  130. Jennifer PM says

    Varies day to day – stickers, stamps, tempura paint. But probably crayons get the most use. THANK YOU for all your wonderful work and inspiration.

  131. says

    right now, I would say liquid water colors