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Win a Box of Painting Supplies from Craft Project Ideas

Craft Project Ideas, one of my blog sponsors, sells arts and crafts supplies for kids. They are offering a box of painting supplies as a giveaway to one lucky winner!

Here's what's included in the box: 

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  1. Gwen Johnson says

    Painting happens everywhere in my home: TV room, family room, dining room, kitchen, kid’s bedroom, bathtub.

  2. Lisa says

    The tile floor… easy to wash up… I am fearless with paints, and had hosted our mommy group craft day once a month while we were together and more active. Now we do random craft/paint days.
    When K was smaller it was a diaper and the floor… now it is her least favorite outfit or panties and painting.
    We are still in the process of renovating and have a few window treatments to go, so I used the paper privacy blinds for a wall size painting. so fun. The last few I might try and out line her and have her color herself in :)

  3. says

    In the spring, summer, and fall, we paint outside! We set up our easels on the deck and enjoy the sunshine and nature. In the winter time, we are set up in the kitchen. Eventually, (in the middle of a remodel) we will have a craft/art studio. :)

  4. Rebecca Feucht says

    On newspaper taped to the kitchen table, in the bathtub (tub paints), outside when it’s nice, or if I get a huge appliance box then anywhere.

  5. Sarah says

    Right now at the kitchen table or outside, we have plans for a kid friendlier space in the basement (hopefully sooner than later). I am anxious to do more standing and painting because it is so good for core strength, coordination and body awareness – in addition to the creative process.

  6. Tristan says

    Painting only happens at the dining room table. The kids spread out around it (it’s a conference table that seats 10 and is round) and each grabs a messy mat/placemat to help contain water. Little ones who are too little to paint without tasting it get a paintbrush with water and construction paper. Why? Because water makes wonderful dark tracks on construction paper so they think they are painting. Hehehe.

  7. Heather Jordan says

    We like to get messy with paint glitter and glue. We paint on our tummies on the floor or spread everything out and use our feet. We love a good day collecting things like leaves and coming home to paint them or use them as prints. We paint anywhere there’s space x

  8. Diana Cote says

    painting takes place downstairs in our home, around the living room area. she will either paint/draw on her easel/chalkboard or paint on paper on the tile or color/draw/stick,mold things on the rug on some kind of surface usually. :) she has a table upstairs we took away for a bit because she was climbing it to get up things so to help her forget this and avoid tantrums it went away for a bit. haha

  9. Katie says

    Right in the middle of our main living area now that Santa brought the kid a big easel and supplies for Christmas.

  10. Kelli WOod says

    My son has an art easel that he can use either in the dining room or outside! He loves when he gets to paint outside!

  11. lois says

    Kitchen table. EVERYTHING happens there! Wish we had a designated arts and craft space but we haven’t gotten there yet.

  12. Alisa says

    dining room table, outside on the patio, outside on the easel, kitchen floor, playroom kids’ table, Living room coffee table, and in the bathtub

  13. marianne says

    Usually kitchen table. But this year my girls each asked for easels. I gladly got them each one….way better gift than another toy ;)

  14. Michelle says

    In the dinning room where vinyl is at… they can use the floor, the table, the clips on the door, or even outside with clothespins on the chainlink fence.

  15. Danielle K says

    We currently live in a small apartment, so painting happens on the dinner table. But when our house is finished, I’m hoping to a designated place for the kiddos to paint so I I ont have to worry about the mess and thy can e as creative as they want!!

  16. says

    We paint just about everywhere. But our favorite is the playroom where it doesn’t matter how messy we are and we can let our imaginations run wild.

  17. Kelly says

    On the art table, on the make-shift easel, or in the kitchen. Followed shortly by a bath… my 4yo and 2yo do love their messes.

  18. Siri says

    Painting happens on the ikea children’s table with my kiddo wearing the art apron. Bought an easel too so waiting for my 27 month old to grow up a bit so that we could expand our painting skills.

  19. [email protected] says

    We use a large paint tray to do most painting in!

  20. Peggy says

    Until very recently, painting happened at a little table in the kitchen, but we’ve recently, put up a large table in the sunroom, so that’s where it’s happening now! Partially inspired by you, too!

  21. Brianna says

    We paint in every room and outside! Chalk paint outside, finger paints at the kitchen table, tempera paints on the easle in the playroom, watercolors in the living room, bath paints in the bathroom. Our family loves to paint!

  22. Danielle says

    Our daughter got an easel for Christmas. But we’ve also done “painting” in the living room by sticking paper and paint in a very large ziplock bag, and letting her “paint” mess free through the plastic. The results have been beautiful, and she’s had fun in the process (including sitting on the bag, and spinning on her butt!)

  23. Savannah says

    We paint at our kitchen table which normally turns into painting the table. Our little guy received an easel for Christmas and we have been exploring the world of painting while standing as well:)

  24. Patricia Hay says

    My art table in the other room closet. That’s where I keep my art supplies and other crafts. Or on the easel.

  25. Melissa Haddon says

    If it is nice we will paint outside, we paint in the bathtub with bath paint, windows with window paints, we paint mostly at the table though. Makes it for fun clean ups for meals! We have a big sliding glass door by the table so a lot of wonderful, natural light.

  26. Kim says

    Mostly the dining room table. We bought it used for cheap, figuring we’d rather have something that our kids can make a mess on without us worrying about the table getting ruined. Sometimes we bring an easel outside though, and we have a chalkboard wall in our kitchen, too.

  27. Cassie says

    My daughter got an easel
    For her 2nd birthday and loves it!! We have it in the dining room. We also paint at the kitchen table.

  28. [email protected] says


  29. lisa howell says

    I have a table in my preschool room, that is where we paint, color, glue and other stuff. I love doing art projects with my kids!

  30. Diane Slone says

    it depends on the project…and the day! In the winter, we have a Japanese heated table called a kotatsu, and that’s our home base for every activity. Painting also happens on the dining room table, on the easel in my DD’s room and, in the summer, outside!

  31. Maggie says

    We have a little studio set up in the garage, painting happens there on nice days, or else it’s the kitchen table!

  32. Kristin says

    We paint at our kitchen table….we don’t even bother to cover it. I love to see the constant reminder of our children’s creativity. I also find that it’s nice not to have to constantly worry about wear and tear to our table, it’s expected.

  33. sybrina says

    On the easel, in the kitchen or on/under the kitchen table, outside along the fence, in sketchbooks…just about everywhere!

  34. MamaV says

    well, on the walls and furniture if i’m not being vigilant! but otherwise, big rolls of butcher paper are the favorite place to paint!

  35. Nancy says

    Painting mostly happens at the kitchen table. But sometimes my kids paint at their desks — and sometimes on the back porch or in the yard. Thank you for the giveaway.

  36. Becky Williams says

    We are looking for a better option- outside on the back porch in summer, dining room or kitchen table in the colder months!

  37. kate says

    our dining room has turned into a dining room/craft room- so all the painting happens there and its easy clean up! at the table or the easel in there.

  38. Elizabeth Vowell says

    Kitchen table and/or the patio. When mine were smaller it was a backyard project because it inevitably turned into body painting: )

  39. Jessica says

    My daughter has an easel in her room. Sometimes we lay out a plastic table cover and paint on the livingroom floor or kitchen table.

  40. Elissa says

    On the kitchen island, on our living room wood floors (with newspapers spread underneath), outside on our deck, in the woods, everywhere we can find room! Sometimes you have to go where your heart is calling you, no? :)

  41. Jill W says

    Dining room or kitchen table. And on shirts, pants and several body parts. And not on the walls, if we’re lucky.

  42. Jessica says

    The kitchen table, the living room floor, the playroom table, or the easel. And recently a lot of painting has been going on in the bathtub with shaving cream paint… My kids love it!

  43. Jen S says

    Most common spot for painting is the dining room table – one end is reserved for crafting… until guest come and we need the full table at least.

  44. stephanie.yanik_live says

    Sometimes the kitchen, sometimes our computer/craft/homework/playroom lol, sometimes the garage or porch… just depends on the day!

  45. says

    I am working on a craft area and playroom at the moment, and hopefully they painting can start happening in there. Currently it is in the kitchen, or when weather is nice, we paint on the easel outside.

  46. Rhonda says

    usually at the kitchen table or if its nice enough outside on the picnic table and then there is also the tub paints

  47. Sara McCloud says

    We have a room downstairs dedicated to creative play, we call it our “homeschool” room but really it is just a place to have fun and learn.

  48. Heather says

    On an old pink plastic birthday table cloth on the kitchen floor. We have a nice set up but this is what my kids prefer!

  49. says

    We have our art station in the center of the family space, between the living room area and the kitchen area. Most painting happens here, occasionally the kitchen table is so honored. These paints all look fantastic!

  50. StephP says

    In the kitchen, either at the table or we bring the easel in. My daughter LOVES to paint (I kind of dread it, so this may be some motivation for me to allow her to paint more).

  51. Anna says

    Kitchen table. My daughter has her “art study” as she calls it – at a kids table, but I try and contain the painting mess in the kitchen.

  52. Michelle says

    We paint at our kitchen table mostly…unless it’s warm outside. Then we’ll paint with our shirts off on the back deck. Well, just the kids…I keep my shirt on. :-P

  53. Tommie Sue Schindler says

    At the island in the kitchen — Mimi, Dadaddy, and two very excited little granddaughters……. or sometimes on the ease in the basement playroom

  54. Christine Smith says

    We paint at the kitchen counter mostly. We have an easel too, but it loses its novelty so we put it away and take it back out after a few weeks.

  55. Kristi says

    Painting typically happens in the basement. Can’t wait until we get it finished with a bathroom (water!) down there.

  56. Eleanor says

    Wherever the toddler can manage to make it happen! We keep an art and craft draw at her level so she can dig in it whenever she wants to – we have tile and hardwood floor so when she is done painting we just run the swiffer mop and take a shower :) (High mess tolerance in this household)

  57. Sonia Bridges says

    The painting happens at the kitchen table, driveway, on almost all of the walls, and in mommy’s studio. I have a toddler who loves art and is gonna be 2 in about a week she would love to win these gifts.

  58. THlywa says

    Mostly at the kitchen table. Sometimes the kitchen floor. If it’s nice outside we like to get things like feathers and leaves and paint with them outside. :)

  59. Jacqueline says

    On the Ikea craft table in our “work” room. Or on an easel. Or outside on the windows or tables… Lots of places!

  60. Cassandra R. says

    We have an art area in our family room as well as an easel setup in my sons room. We’re working on making a gallery wall for all his masterpieces as we speak.

  61. says

    We have an open area between the kitchen and living room where I set up an “art studio.” They also love to paint outside on the back deck (weather permitting).

  62. Beth L. says

    My daughter stands in her learning tower at the end of the kitchen counter. Easily cleanable surfaces for her many dropped paintbrushes!

  63. Holly H says

    I haven’t been brave enough to try paints yet but just acquired an easel and smock so we are headed in that direction!

  64. Antoinette says

    I would like to say on the kitchen table or over many layers of newspaper, but painting happens everywhere in my house.

  65. Chris says

    Kitchen table, but in the summer time, sometimes the painting goes outside on the sidewalk or on the picnic table … it makes for less stress for me!

  66. Amanda says

    I use to be more up tight and painting was done outside in the yard or in the high chair. Now the kitchen table is fine. I have even had kids birthday parties at my house with art happening at the table. Ah whatever it will all wash up later.

  67. Sasha M says

    We paint at the kitchen table in the winter months. In the summer, I set my daughter’s easel outside under the trees.

  68. Samantha K says

    In the kitchen, either at the table or sitting on the floor. Easy cleanup in case of spills, and the sink is right there to wash up when we are done!
    Thanks so much!

  69. Jen says

    Kitchen, dining room table, living room floor, front and back porches and outside. By the way Jean, these are amazing giveaways!

  70. Ashley says

    Typically at the boys’ art table in our living room but sometimes the dining room table and other times the sunroom or outside on the deck when the weather is nice

  71. Elizabeth says

    In our home painting either happens at the kitchen table or at the table in the kid’s play room (75% of the time)!

  72. Lisa says

    Painting always takes place in the dining room for our family. Great natural light comes in through the big window and messes are easily cleaned up.

  73. chandra says

    either at the kitchen table or on the little table in the playroom. Probably most often it’s the kitchen table

  74. Alana says

    I have an art nook set up in the corner of my living room. That is where they paint all winter. In the summer we paint outdoors and break out the non washable paints!

  75. Kerri says

    Either 1) on our M&D easel in the kitchen, or 2) on a little table in our living room/playroom. Both are lots of fun!

  76. Agnes says

    Our dining table! Fortunately, it’s a very inexpensive one we got in college from Cost Plus Imports. It’s scratched up but we don’t mind at all!

  77. grace says

    in our basement where i set up a little table and cover it with newspaper, the kids can enjoy themselves not to worry about making so many mess ,, this is supposed to be for art so messy it is :-)

  78. Lydia says

    We paint at our dining room table, the playroom on her craft table, and in the bath tub (shaving cream paint:) ).

  79. Nicole says

    At the easel in the basement, on the floor in the kitchen, and at the island. We’ve painted outside too. If we can put paper on it (or whatever it is lil one is painting on) then we paint there

  80. says

    Right now, NOWHERE! :( So regrettable, and that’s why I’m working on my kids art studio right now based on the ideas and info from your blog. Your blog is such an inspiration! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  81. Rachel says

    On the dining room table! It’s a huge, old farm style table. It was my great, great aunt’s table- passed down to my grandma then to me!

  82. Krista says

    We try to contain it to my daughters art desk, play table or easel, but sometimes it wanders to other locations……

  83. Cris says

    We have a play and art room where my children have many art materials, but they paint anywhere. They have a caddy which they carry to any room in the house… and when I say ANY, I mean ANY ;)

  84. Claire Yabraian says

    In the “eat in kitchen” area we have a child-sized art table se up and an easel, which is either there or moves outside on the back patio.

  85. Heather S. says

    At the kitchen table! Occasionally, when I have taped up the paper on the living room wall I will let them paint there .. :o)

  86. Cindy Leonard says

    On the easel, my husband built for my daughter…and it’s usually placed in our ‘foyer’. That area gets the most light! If not there…at our kitchen table.

  87. Lisa says

    fingerpainting happens in our guest bedroom/art room. it has carpet down, so regular painting with the easel happens in our kitchen on tile floor. not ideal but it works for now!

  88. says

    We have a table in the kids’ playroom. We bought a $60 unfinished pine table for them last from Ikea and they do all their projects there now. After a year of projects, the table itself is a work of art.

  89. Rebecca says

    On an easel in the living room because the wood floor is easy to clean. Both of my kids can paint easily this way.

  90. Brandy H says

    Perfect question for the day…. earlier I had two painting at the kitchen table and one painting at cherry wood easel in our formal living room (yikes!!)) I decided to put the easel in there where the Christmas Tree had been – the space looked so bare. Then before I knew it, canvases were being unwrapped and the acrylics were being squirt out. No spills, beautiful paintings and happy children but I do think I should move the easel. :)

  91. Sharon says

    Painting happens outside our home in spring, summer and fall. My kids love to paint under our big shady maple tree and then I pin their paintings on the tree to dry. Inevitably, the tree gets painted too and ‘washable’ paints are still there many seasons later!

  92. Tauna W. says

    We have an art area in the garage, with a large cabinet that holds are supplies, Contractor’s paper taped to the floor and a kid size art table.

  93. Shelly Ok says

    Painting happens at out kitchen table, especially this time of year. In the summer, it also happens outside in our driveway — that is when we do the messiest painting of all – because then they can jump in the kiddie pool and wash up when they are done.

  94. Kary M. says

    At the easel in the kitchen or at the dining room table. During summer, we do a lot of painting on our backyard deck.

  95. Leah H. says

    Since I don’t have kids of my own, painting usually only happens at the table when nephews and nieces are over for a visit.

  96. Molly HB says

    At the table, the easel, under the table top (upside down), on the wall, on the fence, the sidewalk, wherever the mood strikes us!

  97. Elizabeth says

    Painting in our home happens at the kitchen table! We have a small set of drawers next to the table that have all of the art supplies in it!

  98. Heather says

    I have 3 easels, one for me and the others our 2 children. We also have a craft table that we use for painting and various other crafts.

  99. says

    I really don’t mind mess in the house, especially for crafting. However, I do restrict painting to the kitchen table. This summer I want to take it outside with kids and see how that goes.

  100. Susana says

    All our art activities happen on our “arts and crafts” table which is also our breakfast table in the kitchen :)

  101. Tantely says

    We have a small Atelier in our Laundry room where I store our art supplies but the painting happens everywhere and anywhere in our house, depending on my boys creative feeling at the time.

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