Giveaway #11 :: Win Art Supplies from Grasshopper Store

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Win kids' art supplies from Grasshopper Store

Grasshopper Store, one of my blog sponsors, sells cute and imaginative toys, books, and art for children. They are offering a couple of great kids' art materials to one lucky winner!

Here's what they are giving:

Enter to win the art supplies from Grasshopper Store

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  1. says

    No. very curious. we love doing crayon resists with regular crayons and watercolors. I’m assuming THESE crayons would NOT resist watercolor paint… hmmm… hope we get to try them! :-)

  2. [email protected] says

    I’d never even heard of them and I do watercolor painting all the time! Clearly I need to try them!

  3. Danielle says

    We haven’t tried watercolor crayons. I’ve actually never heard of them before! I’d definitely be interested in giving them a try.

  4. Siri says

    WE did not try them but now I am into researching more about them. Entered all of the fab giveaways and congrats for a such beautiful art journey.

  5. jenni says

    What watercolor crayons!!! No but we have used watercolor pencils and they rock. I’m gonna get my boys some of those.

  6. [email protected] says

    I’ve tried something similar to your watercolor crayons! They were very cool!

  7. Becky Williams says

    Yes, I have! I got some back in the early 90s back in high school…when it was color I craved! They were interesting – I would like to learn more about water color technique than I did back then.

  8. Nancy says

    we’ve tried watercolor crayons. it’s hard to get them as schmear-y as we want, if you know what I mean. we would love to try these art supplies. thank you for the giveaway.

  9. [email protected] says


  10. sybrina says

    Not yet! I am always looking for interesting media to introduce to my students. I would love to give watercolor crayons a try!

  11. lisa howell says

    I have not used water colored crayons yet, but would love to win them for my new home daycare, thanks lisa howell

  12. Elizabeth Vowell says

    No, but we have looked at our local craft store for some and couldn’t find any. Time to turn to the internets.

  13. Tristan says

    We have tried them! We usually use watercolor pencils but the crayons are easier for my younger ones (no lead to break).

  14. [email protected] says

    I haven’t,but I’d love to try them!!!

  15. says

    No, but I’d love to! I’m trying craft corners throughout the house where the girls can do various art projects w/o asking for help/permission. These would be great!

  16. Jill W says

    No, but they sound interesting. BTW, LOVE Grasshopper! I’m lucky enough to live about 5 minutes from that toy store and it’s wonderful!

  17. Jeanette says

    No but I am excited to have my 3 year old use them. She recently has shown a huge interest in painting and coloring which I’m thrilled about.

  18. Melissa says

    No but i imagine they would be easier to use with younger kids, not as much mess or mixing everything with black : )

  19. Rachel L says

    Never heard of them before today. Have learned about many new art products today! Will keep them in mind as we search for art activities and supplies!

  20. Noel says

    I haven’t! Didn’t know they existed until The Artful Parent blogged abt. Her favorite art mediums. I have them on my wish list now…love watercolor pencils so these have to be great too!

  21. Melissa S says

    I haven’t heard of watercolor watercolor crayons before. They sound like like something we would really love. Thank you!

  22. says

    We have used and love watercolor pencils, but I’ve never even seen watercolor crayons. Would love to give them a try and see what my preschoolers create!

  23. [email protected] says


  24. Jennifer PM says

    I haven’t used these crayons and am really interested in stepping it up- the kids and I are both ready to try something new!

  25. Carola says

    It’s been years and years, but yes we used them. I liked them for face painting best. I don’t know whether the ones today can be used for that.

  26. Chelsea says

    Not yet. My 2 yr old has been more interested in puzzles and building than art until recently. We are just starting to explore her artistic side.

  27. Shannon says

    Once, long ago. But they weren’t very good quality, and I found them kind of frustrating…I think my kiddos would enjoy trying them out:)

  28. Germana says

    Wehave tried watercolour crayons and they’re such a great science experiment too. We experiment with the differences if we add water before or after drawing

  29. Christine Smith says

    We’ve used watercolor pencils, but not crayons. I’m interested to check them out and see what their consistency is like.

  30. faith says

    I would Love to try watercolor crayons! that sounds like something my toddler (really almost pre-school age) daughter would love.

  31. Jenny says

    No! I didn’t even know they made them. I’m about to try watercolor pencils for the first time with my daughter and now I’m excited to try out some watercolor crayons, too.

  32. says

    I haven’t tried watercolor crayons yet, but I’m excited to hear about them!!! Honestly, I use to think watercolor pencils were supposed to just look like watercolors. It wasn’t until my daughter was about 5 that I realized that you can paint over them with water!! Coooool!

  33. Deanne York says

    We have tried water color crayons and love them. The neo pastels from caran d’ache are wonderful for face painting as well.

  34. Cassandra R. says

    We haven’t used watercolor crayons yet. We’re addicted to watercolor pencils over here so it would be great to try something different.

  35. Tonya says

    No i have not tried the water color crayons. I’ve used water color pencils and we love them, so interested in trying them.

  36. Elizabeth says

    I’ve given watercolor colored pencils as birthday gifts (because they sound so cool!), but I haven’t ever tried them or the crayons. I’d love to!

  37. --anu says

    No, but we recently got three watercolor pencils from open stock in the art store to try out and watercolor pencils or crayons are next on the to-buy list!

  38. Shilo says

    Yes in the classroom, but never used them to their full capacity. Would like more information on the different ways you can use them.

  39. Angel says

    I had a set when I was a kid that are… currently melted into a puddle of hard mixed color mess in the bottom of my craft box. Hmm…

  40. Allison S. says

    Never heard of them- that sounds like something we’d LOVE! Will have to try them out sometime! See, this is why I like blogs like yours- I get to hear about fabulous ideas like this! :) Thanks!

  41. Milena says

    Didn’t know there were watercolor crayons! Aren’t crayons supposed to be watercolor resist?..
    Anyways, would love to try them!

  42. Maureen says

    No, not yet. Apprehensive as the watercolor pencils didn’t work as well for me (I think I didn’t know what I was doing)

  43. Ashleigh says

    No I have not, but always willing to try new things. And crayons tend to be larger so better for little hands.

  44. Elizabeth says

    We haven’t had to opportunity to try watercolor crayons yet but would love to (not to mention tempera crayons too!!!)

  45. Lisa says

    Honestly, I tried them first because I thought they wouldn’t work but they are the coolest art craft! My daughters absolutely love using them!!!

  46. Katie says

    I learned to paint in watercolors but have never tried watercolor crayons. Would love to try it with my daughters…

  47. kath says

    Love water colors and I have Never seen Watercolor Crayons? Must try…We live rural have little avail.. thanks for your info old love to win. :0)

  48. Stephanie says

    Nope! We actually just tried liquid watercolors yesterday and they were a big hit. Watercolor crayons sound cool.

  49. Genevieve says

    No! I had never heard of them until 2 minutes ago! I’m sure my daugther and I would enjoy creating art using them!

  50. Agnes says

    No, but we would love to since we enjoy watercolors so much at our house. Definitely easier clean up but get the same effect!

  51. Lydia says

    Yes, I used them when I was in school for my art courses. I haven’t thought about using them lately, but am interested in picking it back up to do with my daughter.

  52. Nicole says

    NO, I didn’t even know there was such a thing! We’ve used water colors, Now that I know they exist, we’ll be trying them sooner than later

  53. says

    Didn’t even know there existed such a thing until I read one of your earlier blogs! I would love to try them though. Thanks for the giveaway! Your blog is awesome. :)

  54. Kiley says

    We love watercolor crayons and I’m always recommending them. They’re fun and straight forward, but special-feeling at the same time.

  55. Heather S. says

    Yes! Super fun, though my two year makes a bigger mess with these, so for now we have stuck to Crayola watercolor trays that have been previously used by big sister (I don’t mind so much when he turns them to ‘preschool brown’ if they got some use beforehand)

  56. Brandy H says

    Watercolor crayons?? I had no idea ~ I’m so far behind the learning curve! Would love to try some and am sure my littles would be hooked after one drawing!

  57. Tonpia says

    No, but they sound like the greatest idea ever (says my puddled floors after the toddler finishes her painting session).

  58. lynn says

    yes! it was one of the first art supplies my son got around age 2 that he loved and he’s been using them ever since!

  59. [email protected] says

    No but am sure they are great and my son Would love them

  60. Christine says

    Yes! My daughter first tried them at school and came home raving about them. She and her younger sister both enjoy them.

  61. Erin says

    We have tried the watercolor pencils, but the crayons would be even better. Especially for my 2 year old who doesn’t really get colored pencils yet.

  62. Laura says

    Yes, I like how watercolor crayons give you a nice controlled and sharp edge to applying watercolor (much like watercolor pencils) – a nice addition while children & adults refine their skills with a brush.

  63. Amber W. says

    No, not with my son. In the classes that I used to take, we would use watercolor pencils, but not crayons. Looking forward to it.

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