Giveaway #3 :: Win a Table-Top Paper Holder & More from Imagine Childhood

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Win a Paper Roll Holder and Other Art Supplies from Imagine Childhood

Imagine Childhood, one of my blog sponsors, sells innovative products to encourage children's exploration and creativity. They are giving away a tabletop paper roll holder along with other art supplies as a giveaway to one lucky reader!

What's included:

Enter to Win the table-top paper holder and other art supplies

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  1. Cassandra R. says

    I would love for my kids to be able to unleash their creativity and foster independence and self confidence.

  2. Jenn says

    I hope my children have fun, adventurous childhoods – using their imagination and the world around them to learn, create and explore.

  3. Diane Slone says

    I want my child to have the time to be able to explore, create and develop her own interests

  4. Stephanie R says

    I hope my children have a loving, creative, grace-filled childhood. (among many other things)

  5. Sarah says

    Above everything I want my children to have security and love. I had neither and I find that nothing I do is as important as insuring that they do.

  6. kate says

    i wish for my girls to have a childhood full of peace, creativity, free thinking, love, big dreams, being brave.

  7. Amanda Martin says

    One that teaches her to grow up with self courage, self confidence, and most importantly uninhibited self expression!

  8. Carolyn Joslin says

    I want my children to be happy, to explore their world, and to be confident. I want them to know they are loved and safe, and to not have them worry about life.

  9. Amanda says

    I wish for my children to have a happy healthy childhood. One that they can look back on with a smile.

  10. says

    A childhood that he can look back on and remember fondly. One that will help shape him as an adult. A time when he could express himself, find himself, and be happy and confident in his own skin.

  11. says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love your blog and have been visiting it almost daily since I found it about a month ago. It’s full of helpful info and inspiration — in fact, I’m working on a much needed art studio for my boys right now, and have taken a lot of cues from you. Thanks again!

  12. Amy says

    I want my children to have an open and creative childhood, where they remember what we did together and not what we couldn’t or didn’t do. Trips near and far, art and nature, and always learning with me (because they teach me so much).

  13. Kathy says

    I want my kids to have a childhood where they are free to figure out what they love to do, and then be able to do those things. I want them to learn to be creative in everything they do and to learn to think outside the box.

  14. Lisa says

    A childhood without worry and full of old fashioned happiness. We try to keep some of the innocence in our children by playing board games, turning off electronics, going to the drive in movies, cooking over the flames of a fire, etc. The giveways get us away from the TV and at the table spending time as a family. That’s exactly how we want our children’s childhoods spent.

  15. Sarah P. says

    I can only imagine what kind of artistic thing my girls could do with picking their own paper size :-)

  16. Amy Ordonez says

    Creative, loving, full of exploration and adventure!!! I love your blog and I am so sad that I have to return your book to the library…I think that I am just going to have to buy it!

  17. says

    I raised my oldest son in a typical “Tiger Mom” way, and I have to say the results are dismal. I’ve learned my lesson now and working really hard to change. Less academics, more hands on experiences. He is really so talented in art and LOVES to draw, so I’m working on his art studio now! I wish for him to grow up loving his childhood and remembering all his fun hands on and artsy experiences with mom/dad and little brother. Happiness and joy is what I wish his childhood :)

  18. Nina Valeo Cooke says

    My dad wrote for a newspaper when I was a kid. He would bring home the ends of the newsprint rolls. We would draw and trace for hours and hours. This is the closest that I could bring home for my kids. BIG art is the best.

  19. Samantha K says

    One where they know they are loved, one where it’s okay to get messy and have fun, and one that I hope they can look back on and remember as one if the happiest times of their life.
    Thank you!

  20. Nancy says

    What kind of childhood do I want for my children? One full of happiness and security. And love, tons of love! Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Marina A. says

    I wish them a happy, full of good memories kind of childhood! If they’re happy, everything else will fall into place!

  22. Carolyn Maszczak says

    I guess this would be for the kids- but I have a feeling I’D be using this all the time! Hogging the crayons…

  23. sybrina says

    I wish my children to be generous and good listeners. I believe that doing these things will bring them happiness.

  24. Kiri N says

    My kiddos would love this prize! My 21 month old just started getting into crayons and markers and my 4 yr old loves art, too. :) thanks for a really cool giveaway!

  25. sara says

    I would like my children to have a childhood full of love, giving, exploring, creating, learning, gentleness, joy, and grace.

  26. Ross Olson says

    I really would like for my children to simply have a loving, happy, well-rounded childhood to inspire their creativity and a positive sense of who they are.

  27. Lea S says

    A childhood of kindness and joyous, creative exploration and learning, without shame or fear of belittlement.

  28. Tina Powell says

    This would be the perfect addition to our art sessions with my granddaughters every weekend.

  29. Julia C K says

    Funny, I was just thinking about your question the other day. The answer I came up with was “magical”.

  30. Kiri N says

    I would like for my kids to feel that their childhood let them be creative and imaginative when they grow up and look back at it. My hope is that they’ll also feel their abilities and interests were nurtured and they’ll be confident to be what they want to be as adults.

  31. R Morgan says

    I wish for my kiddos to have space and time to explore things that interest them- to let their questions and interests drive their learning. I wish for them to have love and peace.

  32. Jen says

    The kind of childhood that I wish for my children in addition to love is creativity. This would help! Thanks!

  33. MamaV says

    i wish for one free of standardized/high-stakes testing, with a balance between reading, math, and plenty of room for art and music and pe! ;)

  34. Christle Lambert says

    I want my children to know how to express their feelings through art and make memories that will last forever!

  35. marianne says

    Kids have such imaginations, and my kids have huge ones….I want them to know that their imaginations don’t have to leave when they grow up. Big imaginations make the world more fun, help you see things from different points of views, and helps you find other, different ways to solve difficult things that come up in your life. My kids see that I am an adult, I still love to draw pictures of make believe lands and things, I still go to the beach with them to look for mermaids, and still have no shame in acting goofy with them. I hope they never loose that pure joy and wonder about the world and what “could be”….

  36. Kristi says

    I hope she can play in mud, explore the creeks and find her own little treasures just like I did!

  37. Erin says

    A carefree, adventurous, exploring, joyous childhood filled with nurturing and wonderful happy memories.

  38. Nicki says

    A childhood filled with curiosity, adventure, creativity, and lots of imagination — sprinkled with lots and lots of fun!

  39. says

    I hope my children have a childhood of feeling safe, loved, and that they remember traditions that were meaningful to them.
    Sarah M

  40. Lucia says

    I love this paper dispenser. I would be able to use this with my son, but also share it with all my children that come to storytime at the library. For all children, the ones I am related to and the ones I share books with each day, I want them to be carefree and playful as long as their world will allow it.

  41. says

    I wish for my children to have time to BE children. To learn, explore the world around them, and marvel at simple things. I want less media and more creativity. More time in nature and less time doing seatwork.

  42. Anna says

    I hope for a childhood that has happy memories, feelings much love and care, creative thinking and problem solving, perhaps enough problems to help them know how to deal in the current world, but enough sheltering not to be destroyed by it. One that will help them become happy, well adjusted adults – become self sufficient, ready to bless others and the ability to find joy in all things in life.

  43. Christina G says

    a happy, stress-free, worry-free, innocent, creative, playful childhood. not taking it to seriously or worrying about growing up to fast.. I hope.

  44. Kim says

    One filled with free time and the free reign (and encouragement) to pursue their interests and passions.

  45. [email protected] says

    A creative, happy one.

  46. Melissa says

    A FULL childhood….full of fun, full of experiences, full of love, full of learning. It’s so easy to just fritter the time away, I’m trying to be intentional with being present in each moment and filling it up, even if we’re just filling it up with snuggle time on the couch! :)

  47. Nicole says

    One that is free from judgement. Where they are free to explore, create, grow and love with no limitations-all free from judgement. They matter, and so do their thoughts.

  48. Stephanie says

    I want them to always feel listened to and respected. I want them to have plenty of healthy food and fresh air to play in.

  49. Jill W says

    I hope my children will reflect back on their childhoods and know they were encouraged, listened to, played with, challenged to be the best people they could be, and most of all, loved every minute of every day.

  50. Alison says

    Answering question… I hope for a very CREATIVE childhood for my kiddo! I really like the companies website and I like that there are a lot of creative indoor and outdoor experiences to be had. I love the shadow puppet fabric. Really neat company. I hope I win but regardless, I’ll explore their website more :)

  51. Aimee says

    simple and happy, If my children look back and remember feeling loved and treasured, I will consider my life a success.

  52. Kristine says

    I wish for my children to have a carefree childhood filled with paint, nature, blue skies, and smiles!!

  53. Luciana Kuamoto says

    I wish a childhood full of wonder, love, passion and creativity. My son is very imaginative and it’s amazing to see the World through his eyes.

  54. Rebecca Feucht says

    I hope they have a childhood that leads them to a lifelong brotherly bond. I hope they have a peaceful, creative, nature-filled childhood. I hope they grow up knowing mistakes are how you learn and grow . I hope they never stop singing and dancing.
    I hope they will love to read. I hope they will always find something beautiful, wherever they are.

  55. Kara Miller says

    Fun and free to explore, but within boundaries to keep them safe. One where their father and I teach them to give, love, respect and always be honest, by setting that example for them.

  56. Amy Griffeth says

    I hope for and wish they would have a childhood where the adult worries and problems don’t affect them. I hope and wish they are free to explore and play outside and inside. I hope they are able to have rich experiences that will build their abilities, and confidence… I know it’s not much… ha.

  57. Melissa Ferguson says

    I wish for time and space to play and be children and to know they are surrounded by love.

  58. says

    I wish, and try to create, a childhood for my boys that is safe, one filled with fun memories, creative play and learning, the wonders of nature, and the delights of discovery.

  59. Katie says

    A childhood filled with art, music and irish dance, mixed with lots of love, faith, understanding and good health.

  60. Kaidi says

    One filled with imaginative play, adventures, and laughter. One where they feel supported in exploring their curiosities.

  61. Sarah says

    I want my daughters to grow up believing that they can do anything that they set their mind to and know that it’s okay not to be the “best” at something, but rather that it’s more important to enjoy learning. I want them to love who the person they are and still be happy for others who may have or be different from them.

  62. Crystal B says

    This would be great! I was actually at Ikea yesterday (I know its not the same brand, but same holder) and forgot to pick one up. Winning would save me a 45minute drive :)

  63. Geri says

    A childhood that allows for their natural curiosity, giving space to explore nature and art, while developing lifelong learners.

  64. says

    I wish for their childhood to be full of “freedom” to dig in the dirt, build and then tear down…to play and make messes…and I also want them to look back and remember how much their parents loved them AND each other.

  65. says

    I wish for my kids a childhood of acceptance–where they know to accept others and that others will accept them. One where it is OK to have dreams and unique thoughts and create what they like as they allow others to do the same. One where they feel secure in themselves enough to embrace the happy times and rise to the challenges of that meet them along the way.

  66. Erica says

    I wish for a creative, relaxed, thought provoking, and challenging childhood for my two sweet kids.

  67. Sarah says

    One where the anxiety is about reaching the top of the slide, not the top of the class. A childhood filled with exciting challenges and experiences, always capped off with hugs and cheers.

  68. Maria says

    My wish for my children is for them to be able to sit around a table as adults laughing and sharing memories of their childhood together. I wish for them to look back on their childhoods with smiles on their faces, carry with them some of the things we do to their own children.

  69. Patricia Hay says

    Happiness, love, creative, and think outside the box as they explore and learn in many ways with art and an open mind!

  70. Kristin says

    I want our children to enjoy being children. I want them to spend their days learning, creating and exploring.

  71. says

    I want them to have a rich, wide, and deep experience of the world. I want them to tackle adversity so they know they can overcome it.

  72. Mandi says

    I hope my son’s childhood is filled with adventure, freedom and discovery. I want him to provide an environment where he can learn from the people and places around him. I hope he is inspired at every turn to be a good influence on the world and to bring joy and happiness from within to those around him.

  73. Mandi says

    I hope my son’s childhood is full of adventure, discovery and freedom. I want him to feel like he can explore and learn from the environment and people around him. I want him to be inspired to be a good influence on the world and share joy and happiness with others.

  74. Antoinette says

    I wish for a childhood for my daughters that has both wonder and understanding. I want them not just to have a positive outlook, but a realistic one.

  75. Danielle says

    I wish for a childhood where my children are supported in their journey to grow into happy, healthy and capable adults.

  76. Noel says

    …one where they were allowed to build, explore, make a mess…try it out, create, re-work and recycle, while using simple objects and materials they have within their reach.
    My parents started a non-materialistic legacy way back when and some of my fondest memories are of making little fairy mud villages with sticks and miners lettuce canopies.
    I am grateful we still have sticks, mud & miners’ lettuce so that my daughters can play like that too!

  77. Lisa says

    I had one of these growing up, and I completely forgot about it. I think my kids should have one, too!

  78. Heather Kennedy says

    I want to be alive to play and create with my children. I have had a serious form of cancer twice and everyday I ask God to let me live to see them grow up. My major in college was Art Education so one of our favorite things to do together is art.

  79. Lindsey says

    I want my daughter to feel loved unconditionally, to feel free to ask questions and be creative, and to have adventures!

  80. Genevieve Brisson says

    Going outside, having time to play on their own, playing with other kids, being with family, reading good books!

  81. Andrea says

    I hope for so many things for my daughters…perhaps that is the key word, hope, with lots of love and imagination.

  82. Michelle Canavan says

    One filled with Love, laughter,hope,art, music, and connectedness to the larger world. One with an inherent love of the outdoors, books and other wayward adventures.

  83. Terri F. says

    A loving fun filled childhood of play, full of expressive creativity, discovery, exploration and imagination acceptance and Love!

  84. Sarah says

    I want them to grow up exploring nature, experiencing culture, pursuing creative interests and getting lost in books.

  85. [email protected] says

    I wish for all children including my own, to have a childhood that is filled with happiness, love, kindness, and fun!

  86. Michelle says

    One like mine….filled with summer days playing outside and creativity in the dining room table. :-)

  87. Lindsay says

    A creative, thoughtful, loving childhood with practical learning and hands-on experiences… and a little bit of fairy dust!

  88. Stacy Aceto says

    I wish for my girls a childhood full of laughter, happiness, love,and to follow their hearts desires!

  89. Christina B. says

    A childhood that is happy, full of love, laughter, free time to play, create, and explore life’s mysteries.

  90. Rachel says

    I wish for a childhood they can look back on with lots of fun times and lots of laughs. Nothing they’ll need therapy for later on, hah!

  91. SJP says

    In short, I’d love him to have the kind of childhood that helps him learn who he is and what his gifts are.

  92. Emily says

    One filled with love, laughter, art,music dance sports. Outside play. Very we round. A any things possible kinda childhood

  93. Kelly says

    I want him to have a childhood full of whatever it is he wants in it. He struggles with school and speech. He is so creative but I’m not and I know there is something out there that is just amazing at and I want to find it.

  94. Paige Cunningham says

    I would love for all children to have memories that fill their spirits as they get older. When I look back at my outdoor adventures and art play fun with my family, it makes me smile and gives me that fuzzy feeling. I wish this for all.

  95. Elizabeth Vowell says

    I wish for them to have freedom with their imaginations. You are only a kiddo once! I also think that ideas are the new commodity so I hope it provides fun when they are kiddos and helps them with their livelihood as adults. Double whammy!

  96. Paige Cunningham says

    I wish for all children to have memories of a childhood filled with creative fun experiences, indoors and out, that fill their spirits with smiles and warm fuzzy feelings when they get older.

  97. THlywa says

    I wish for a childhood that my kids can look back on and treasure. One full of love and learning.

  98. Jessica says

    I wish for my children to have childhood filled with curiosity, exploring, love and following their dreams!

  99. [email protected] says

    Paper is a gateway to children’s imagination!

  100. Renee says

    I hope that they’ll look back and be able to say that they had a lot of fun and tried new things.

  101. Angela French says

    One of happiness. One that they remember that I took the time to spend with them and not focusing on everything else

  102. Margaux says

    I could go on forever with this question but to keep it simple:
    I wish for her a childhood filled with…

  103. Leigh says

    A happy and healthy childhood in a love-filled environment. I hope for joy and color, critical thinking and practice with decision making to set my kids up for the adult life they want.

  104. Julie says

    The kind of childhood I wish for my children to have is one in which they know they are safe, they know they are loved, they learn the value of playing, they have time to be creative, and play outside with their friends.

  105. brandee green says

    I hope that my children have a happy, fun filled, and creative childhood with many great memories.

  106. says

    I tell my kids all the time…they will not grow up and wish they had played more video games/ watched more tv. They will wish they had read more/ spent more time outdoors. We have a very unplugged house when compared to many…and I think my kids are starting to appreciate it.

  107. says

    I wish for a childhood that’s filled with creativity, tons of love, compassion, mindfulness, openness, not-a-lot-of-stuff, interesting tastes, adventures, and sounds, critical thinking, and connection.

  108. Cherlyn says

    A childhood spent making fun memories with family & friends. An artfully messy, song and dance, lots of giggles, and yummy food.

  109. Chelsea W says

    one where they know they have their parents heart, and their parents have theirs, lots of nature and outdoor exploring and fun, a real enjoyment of learning new things, and being able to see the Creator’s hand in everything around them.

  110. Emma says

    Joy filled! As my daughter was telling me today she was ready to explode like a volcano because she has so much joy in her heart!

  111. Joy Gates says

    Oooh! I want my kids to be happy- and LOVE life and find their way with wonder! I want them to feel their feelings and express themselves any way they can. I hope they get over the slamming doors thing, though.

  112. Lee says

    One filled with lots of room for creativity and play…. we really focus on this at home, because they get so little of it in school.

  113. Charlene says

    I want my children to feel safe, loved, supported and stimulated. We want our children to grow up in one place and feel secure with who they are as well as their abilities and and responses to adversity.

  114. Jennifer says

    Full of joy and wonder, having wonderful experiences with their freinds and family. Always feeling safe and special.

  115. says

    I want my children to be wild and free. Free to make art, read books, find fairies, and remain children for as long as possible.

  116. Jen says

    A childhood filled with fireflies, ladybugs, innocence and purity.. Just like mine back in 1974, when all i had was my imagination and the streetlights ❤️

  117. Laura F says

    I wish for my kids to have a fun, creative, hands-on childhood and that they always remember these things as they grow up. One of my main challenges as a parent, I feel right now, is to help them see beauty everywhere and that creativity matters.

  118. Samantha says

    I wish for one filled with creativity and full of fun. My daughter loves to draw such amazing things, they don’t all make sense to me but I know they mean a lot to her and she can talk for hours about what they are. I love that.

  119. Andrea D. says

    I wish they have a loving, healthy and learn a lot of self-discipline so they can accomplish what they want.

  120. Danielle says

    I want my children to have the time to be creative, to play and explore, to love to learn – and a Montessori education, too.

  121. Danielle K says

    I want my children to have a childhood where they can be creative and use their minds to come up with new games/actives/crafts without needing too much technology.

  122. says

    a playful childhood… one in which they are free to be whoever they wish, color outside the lines, and create whatever their imaginations can dream up!

  123. Pria says

    I wish for wide open area with lots of Mango and neem trees.Make a swing on them and run,climb and swing all day!

  124. Christine says

    I wish for them to be free to explore, to be as they are. I wish for great adventures and for them to know they are always loved- no matter what.

  125. Cynthia says

    I wish for my child to remember his hold good as full of love and laughter. One where he always felt safe and knew how grateful his parents are for him.

  126. Nicole says

    One where she doesn’t have to grow up too soon, filled with happy memories of family, friends, trips, birthdays and anything else that brings a smile to her face.

  127. Eileen says

    I wish for my daughter to have amazing childhood filled with wonder, curiosity, adventure, magic, creativity, and LOVE!

  128. Rebecca W. says

    I hope my daughter sees that her childhood was filled with love, adventure and learning. Fun will happen during all of that!

  129. Britta says

    Skilled and Creative – meaning they gain confidence in their skills so they can adapt and make/find their way.

  130. Anne says

    I wish for a childhood with a strong sense of joy and security and for an environment that teaches critical thinking and fosters creativity.

  131. Becky Davis says

    I hope my son’s childhood is full of magic and wonder. I hope he never loses his creative spirit and sense of ingenuity.

  132. says

    I wish for my children a childhood where they were free to explore, free to be themselves, and gain the tools & skills they need at their own pace in a family & friends where they know they are supported, loved, and respected.

  133. Anita Harvey says

    A fun, happy & safe childhood & I hope to keep the excitement of special days (birthdays, Christmas etc) alive as long as I can!

  134. Denise says

    One filled with lots of love, exploration, happy fun filled memories and so much more. I want them to have so many memories to carry forward with them to share with their own children some day.

  135. Amanda C says

    A childhood that is a childhood… I want for my girls to keep their awe and wonder and feeling of warmth and security for as long as they can. I look forward to being there for them when they learn the pressures, stresses and expectations of life and help them to learn how to move forward through all of that, but for now I want them to be able to just enjoy and learn who they truly are before outside forces try to force them to conform.

  136. Ashley P. says

    A childhood full of being herself, being creative and knowing that she is loved both by her parents and God.

  137. Carrie Roberson says

    I hope my children have a happy childhood. A time when they always felt safe and encouraged.

  138. [email protected] says

    I wish for my children a childhood filled with unhurried play, love, and creativity which leads to their hearts deepest passions.

  139. Amber Boggs says

    I wish my daughter and nice a childhood filled with happy memories, joyful activities, and the ability and allowance to interpret those things how war they choose. Hopefully they will also be granted one without all the meanness, drama and negativity that childhood can bring. :)

  140. Kyle schmidt says

    I want my kids to enjoy being children and to not want to grow up too fast. I want them to be confident in their amazing abilities and know they are unconditionally loved.

  141. jessica miller says

    I wish for my children to have a worry-free childhood filled with creativity, adventure and love!

  142. Alicia says

    A childhood full of life and creativity. I hope to make a lot of fun memories and traditions together.

  143. Melody says

    I want them to feel like they are free to be themselves, whoever that is. I don’t want them to feel like they need to change who they are to be accepted by anyone and that we will always love them.

  144. lois says

    I want my children to have a healthy childhood full of joy and compassion:) Full of mudpies, blanket forts, snowmen and water fights too! I want them to see the beauty in all things and in all beings.

  145. Amber Boggs says

    I wish my daughter a childhood filled with creativity, love good memories and the ability to always feel she can be who she is. I also wish for her to miss the drama, meanness, and need for conformity that seems to come with it, as well.

  146. Michelle Gills says

    A childhood filled with adventure and imagination. To be able to see God and beauty in all that surrounds them.

  147. Jenny says

    Oh my gosh. I don’t know how to condense this for a blog comment. :) I wish for a childhood where my husband and I support our children enough that they grow through their challenges instead of being limited by them. A childhood where they develop utmost confidence in themselves. That’s probably the shortest way of putting it.

  148. Corrin says

    I want my child be to confident , independent, creative, and respectful while remembering that life was meant to be filled with love and laughter.

  149. Amelia Lawler says

    I want childhood for my kids to be a safe environment in that they won’t be afraid to experiment with things around them, and live outside the box so to speak. I feel it’s important that children know how to explore and question their surroundings to learn things in their own terms and ways.

  150. Amanda says

    I wish then a childhood free of baggage that might weigh them down from experiencing adulthood as well to its fullest.

  151. Jenni says

    I want them to know they are loved, to be loving, and to soak in all the creative delights they possibly can!

  152. Tommie Sue Schindler says

    I wish for my granddaughters freedom to be creative in all areas and to be grounded in love.

  153. Colette says

    One filled with love & happiness, where they feel safe and secure, and they know they can always turn to us no matter what.

  154. Celena says

    I would love for them to look back and remember wonderful fun memories with the family and know that they were always loved.

  155. Stephanie Gray says

    One in which they never doubt for a minute that they are loved – even when they are naughty, as my oldest son likes to say.

  156. Rachel says

    I don’t know if there’s a pithy brief way to answer that question. I want my children to have an adventurous and exciting childhood that prepares them to live an adventurous and exciting adulthood. I want them to be and know that they are loved, love others, develop a love of learning (and reading and art and music and science…I could go on and on) and of God and of people. I want them to dare and risk and try and fail and succeed and fall down and get back up and create and imitate. I want my children to LIVE life, and I want to do it all alongside them for as long as I can.

  157. Sarah Cannon Williams says

    For her childhood memories to be field with Jesus, love, family, happiness, peace. For her to remain her spunky, outgoing, laughter, fun loving, kind hearted and strong willed, independent child!

  158. Kim C says

    A carefree, happy childhood. I want them to have time to play outside, to write, to draw, and to look back on their childhood adventures with a smile.

  159. Lydia says

    A happy, fun childhood filled with play and lots of love and the freedom to explore and do the things they love to do most!

  160. Deanna says

    I want them to remember being supported and able to explore the world freely. I want them to see creativity as a positive quality to have. That intelligence isn’t something to hide and beauty is everywhere.

  161. Naomi says

    A childhood that moves slowly, and isn’t rushed by society or my own pressure to move and grow to quickly.

  162. Melissa Haddon says

    A childhood where they feel free to make mistakes and learn from them. A childhood filled with unconditional love.

  163. Kendra C says

    I wish my children to have a childhood filled with curiosity, joy, and memories of feeling loved and accepted..

  164. Kristy Phillips says

    I want my kids to be fearless in all their pursuits in life. In the arts specifically, we form hypotheses and then experiment with materials until my kids arrive at the product they want. We try to emphasize process over outcome – because the learning and the experience is in the journey, not the destination.

  165. Jessica says

    One filled with creativity, imagination, exploration, curiosity, wonder, and the experience that they are loved.

  166. Sara McCloud says

    Freedom to explore, learn, and create at will. I want my girls to learn through experiences as often as possible and to have a love of learning they will take into their adult years!

  167. Gretchen says

    A childhood filled with fun and a healthy dose of hard work, so they can take care of themselves when they grow up.

  168. Tara says

    one filled with a lot of happiness, feelings of love and being loved, and many good memories :-)

  169. Christine Smith says

    A happy one, free of constant time commitments, where they can move at their own pace, and learn about what they are interested in.

  170. Joy says

    I want them to have a chance to grow up at their own pace, into their own strong, independent person.

  171. Cindy says

    I want her to have a childhood full of lots of opportunity to play, explore, and experiment. I want her to enjoy nature, to use her imagination, to create art.

  172. Melanie says

    I want my girls to know that they are very well loved and capable of anything they put their minds to. A childhood full of love, happiness and laughter is what I wish for them.

  173. Trudy says

    I wish my son has a childhood that is uninhibited and he is able to lead with his desires & interests.

  174. Deanne York says

    I want my children to have an open ended childhood. We’ve started unschooling in hopes of making our daughters’ childhoods longer and more robust. It’s magical to see how much they enjoy life and each other now that they have the time to spend together.

  175. Tania says

    I wish for my children to be safe and healthy, to have confidence in themselves to respect themselves and the world around them, to enjoy lot’s of laughter, lot’s of art and to know there dad and I are their biggest fan’s always.

  176. says

    I wish my daughter the childhood full of magic and experiments. So that afterwards she could remember it with sweet memories. I welsh her happiness!

  177. says

    a memorable one

  178. Holly H says

    A childhood full of happiness and engagement. One that will provide him with encouragement that makes life beyond childhood fulfilling and satisfying.

  179. Meagan Darrow says

    I wish my children one filled with love and the feeling of comfort and a home they want to go to! :)

  180. Mary says

    I really want my daughter a childhood where she learns o be confident in the amazing, intelligent person she is. She is so full of energy and joy and I hope she continues to build on that happiness she brings to us and others.

  181. Dianna says

    One where they feel supported and loved and can chase their dreams, test their limits, and know that home is where their heart is.

  182. Rossa Sung says

    I wish I had more time to explore my abilities. I wish my child will be able to fearlessly pursue what she wants.

  183. Sharon Parrish says

    I want my children to have a childhood full of memorable moments, a feeling of comfort and love, and memories of being able to explore and create to their hearts desire!

  184. Stephanie says

    A childhood where they experience the wonder of the world outside and see all of the possibilities open to them…

  185. Elizabeth says

    I wish for my kiddos a childhood filled with great joy, simple pleasures, lots of family time and most importantly great health!

  186. Ann says

    One where they feel safe and secure to explore whatever they want, where messes are signs of productivity.

  187. Agnes says

    We’ve never had this art supply. I think my kids would love it and go through it pretty quickly!

  188. Shelly Ok says

    One full of joy and learning — lots of time playing outdoors in all the seasons, time with family & friends, art, creative play, and lots of adventures.

  189. Chelsea says

    FUN! I want my children to experience everything possible. I want them to see the country. I want them to be in touch with themselves and be able to express themselves to the world. I want them to have wonderful memories of feeling secure, happy and most of all having FUN!

  190. Adelle F. says

    Wow, that’s a complicated question, but I would like them to feel supported at whatever they are interested in and choose in life.

  191. Anna says

    We really enjoy Imagine Childhood and all they have to offer. this would finally help me to stop dropping and unrolling our paper roll all over whenever I dig it out of our closet to use!

  192. Lydia Thomas says

    I want my children to enjoy a childhood filled with more hands-on learning, tons of playtime outside, books books and more books, and overall less use of technology – coming from a family of Homeschoolers, I gained a huge advantage by being raised in an unconventional educational environment. The lessons I learned from my parents about enjoying the simple things in life, gardening & reading were very valuable and I hope to pass these lessons on to my children.

  193. Michaela says

    I wish they have a creative childhood that makes them wish to continue learning and exploring every day of their lives.

  194. Claire Yabraian says

    Joyful. Also full of adventure and exploration and a sense of openness and freedom. With a lot of time in nature.

  195. Rebecca says

    One filled with adventures, love, and family. Rich with literature, the arts, and new experiences so they can build skills, confidence and find their talents.

  196. Lisa says

    I wish for my daughter a childhood filled with joy and happiness, wonder and reality and a stability that allows her to thrive and find her own footing and voice.

  197. Lisa says

    I wish a childhood filled with joy and wonder and reality and lessons that enable her to thrive and grow and have sure footing and voice as her own person.

  198. Sarah says

    A childhood of calm and creativity, peace and love, fun and laughter, curiosity and imagination.

  199. Kerri says

    one that she will remember as both fair and fun, filled with family and activities and learning experiences.

  200. [email protected] says

    I wish for my children to have childhoods that are filled with loving memories, exploration, and lots of creative, happy memories.

  201. DebbieK says

    I want for them to have a simple childhood full of happiness. Public School and technology make these hard!

  202. nancy says

    what a tough question. one in which they believe in their self, have faith and know the wonder that life is.

  203. Amy says

    I want my children to have a happy, playful, productive, and meaningful childhood. I want to give them balanced experiences while growing up that foster their character, creativity, intelligence, imagination, and God-given skill sets.

  204. lynn says

    one filled with love, creativity, adventure, curiosity, and laughter…we’re on our way! thanks for the great giveaway and thoughtful question!

  205. Aly S says

    One filled with a variety of experiences, lots of laughter, and plenty of time to read and explore and create.

  206. Meghan Burch says

    One full of wonder, imagination, play, and discovery. I want my kids to have a chilhood in which they learn compassion for others and generosity through the things we do and the way we serve others with them.

  207. Susana says

    I wish for one filled with wonder, curiosity, creativity, and filled with love for self expression and yes, most importantly filled with love, peace and happiness!

  208. Ingrid P says

    One filled with happiness and opportunities to discover who they are and everything they are capable of.

  209. Lisa says

    a childhood full of reliable friends, trusting his instincts, finding his voice and daring to use it to show the world how awesome he is.

  210. AStalvey says

    A REAL childhood. One where he gets bored and has to create his own fun. One with time to discover, learn at his own pace, and create.

  211. Jill Myrick says

    I want my children to grow up having a childhood that is filled with love, happiness and new adventures. I want them to not be afraid to try new things. And for them to take the time to discover themselves.

  212. chrissie laos says

    A childhood where they feel loved, safe, & inspired to explore and create and we the parents are lucky to be there for it all!

  213. Christa says

    Happy memories and good self esteem and to know I did everything I could to make that happen and to know I love them