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Win Natural Wooden Toys for color-sorting fun and open-ended play from Mama May iMama May i, one of my blog sponsors, sells handmade learning toys. She is offering some Valentine's themed wooden toys for color sorting fun and open-ended play as a giveaway to one lucky reader!

Here's what's included:

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  1. Nicole says

    Pretend play is big in our house right now-the doctor set is on heavy rotation. We check babies dolls, pets, each other….

  2. Nancy says

    stories and books inspire play around here. we love reading out loud together. thank you for the giveaway!

  3. karen says

    my son is inspired by dinasuar land – a set of material and models we put together to create a make believe land… he loves making up stories and voicing each one!

  4. Rebekka says

    Blocks are the number one creative toy in our house – nice wooden blocks that my boys turn into castles, super hero headquarters, train stations, houses, mountains – the list is endless!

  5. Sam Mandefro says

    My two year old has such a wild imagination that she almost doesn’t need any toy to spark her creativeness!

  6. says

    My 21 month old twins enjoy playing most creatively with those “toys” that mirror their surroundings. Two weeks ago, I set out big bowls and towels for the twins to use to “bathe” their dolls and stuffed animals. They reenacted (with some modeling) their whole bathtime/bedtime routine, from the bath itself to the lavender lotion that we use before bedtime to the diapering process! It was fun to play along with them and watch them play on their own!

  7. Sheli says

    My kids are inspired creatively by almost any toy!! They mKe up stories and use things in creative ways!! But any art medium is our favorite…paper and crayons or pencils some glue or tape and scissors, and the most amazing things happen!!

  8. Amy says

    My 3 year old and 20 month old boys love duplos, their wooden train set, play dough, and paint…not necessarily in that order. It’s amazing how they combine them all, too!

  9. Emily says

    Everything – My daughter can look at recyclables and figure out something to make from them. Her favorite is when I buy a new pack of printer paper since she loves to make her own books. She will exclaim “unlimited paper!!”

  10. Diana Cote says

    she has little miniature animals and dolls and she plays all day with them, they go on adventures, they eat with her, they do everything. :) shes 2 and has a very good imagination. :D

  11. Kim says

    Homemade play clay and a stash of cookie cutters are always on the counter, and my kids’ play kitchen and foods are in the kitchen so they can “cook” while I do. The Melissa and Doug whittle world vehicles and people are also a favorite.

  12. kate says

    dress up, blank receipt books, stuffed animals and carriers , babies and strollers, art supplies to create fairies, so many things!!

  13. Kristine says

    My kiddos seemed most inspired by the driftwood, rocks, and other found objects when we visit our lake beach.

  14. renee says

    He loves the set of knitted produce his aunt made him and the little wicker basket i keep them in. Also his set of nesting/stacking lightweight stainless steel bowls.

  15. Solducky says

    Their dollhouse people, and little accessories. They can make all kinds of adventures for them!

  16. Lauren Bartlett says

    Brandy new for bday play kitchen right now is the hit but colored blocks usually are our go-tos

  17. says

    Art supplies. My 4-year old can sit and do art for hours each day. That and any kind of pretend play – playing doctor, mama, making forts, playing store, and on and on. :)

  18. Anna says

    I keep all of the art supplies handy – the markers, crayons, scissors, tape, glue sticks – and magic happens all the time! It is amazing what comes with just having the basics!

  19. Lisa says

    My kids are inspired by every day items. I am amazed at what games they can make out of simple things like laundry baskets or Popsicle sticks. I love seeing our twin 2 year olds make racecars with the laundry baskets and our 6 & 10 year olds make houses out of popsicle sticks.

  20. Maria says

    Right now my 3 year old is into baking with me…so we read together and pick out a recipe, let him pick out different ingredients to add plus i get to use the assembly part as lessons in counting and following the directions…he gets the joys of serving the rest of the family his creations which is his favorite part

  21. Peggy says

    Anything really! Legos, stuffed animals, trucks, dinosaurs and craft items are the top ones though.

  22. tammy cordery says

    I have so may thing to spark creativity in my children doll houses paint pencils markers blocks

  23. says

    I love open-ended toys like blocks and I also set up an art station where my son can easily get to any materials he might need for creativity.

  24. Sarah says

    The clipboard is in use a lot with my oldest right now. For drawing in the car or outside, or playing vet in her room.

  25. Lara says

    creating own prompts to retell favourite books and stories mainly out of cardboard boxes, fabric and duct tape

  26. Rebecca says

    Anything and everything! My daughter has such an active imagination that she can make anything an adventure!

  27. Sarah says

    These toys are beautiful.
    My kids are inspired by just about anything. It sounds silly, but both of my girls love to take their hair barrettes, bows and hair ties and pretend they are anything. I find them everywhere. They same thing happens with games. Much to my frustration, game pieces or blocks become other things. I love that they’re pretending, but I have a feeling we will be a house with incomplete toy sets and games! I guess that’s okay…

  28. says

    My almost-2-year-old son is motivated by anything in abundance. A pile of pom-pom’s, a bag of colored glass “stones,” a basket of blocks. So long as they’re manipulable, open-ended, and MULTITUDINOUS, he is a happy camper. After I played a game nearby that involved colors, he’s been “talking” (signing, more correctly) about color and sorting colors and loving color all around.

  29. Megan says

    Frankly, cardboard boxes have been the most consistent source of creative play. Everytime we relocate, the moving boxes come to life!

  30. Jk says

    Play doh and paper, glue, scissors and random supplies from around the house that they can paste and use. These have been a big hit lately in our house!

  31. Jessica says

    The more open ended the better! Could be natural objects or Legos, as long as there is no set prescribed plan or instructions!

  32. Geri says

    I am always surprised at what they choose to play with–often the simplest are the best. Right now making forts or tents from material and furniture is a favorite.

  33. Laura says

    Colored cloths (cut upcycled T-shirts), blocks, stuffed animals, boxes, plastic jar with lid, and animal figures are her favorites for playing pretend.

  34. says

    My daughter loves things like playdough, art supplies, and open ended small parts. She loves to make her own play time, combining parts of different toys for her own unique experience.

  35. Lynn says

    My son loves trying to figure out how everday objects work. This week we are playing with a tray of water and medicine syringes/dispensers.

  36. Laura says

    Gorgeous toys! My daughter is inspired by anything. Paper and a matchbox car becomes a chocolate chip cookie in the wrapping. A metal steamer from our kitchen becomes a flower. Anything is ripe for the taking!

  37. Molly says

    My kids love blocks and figurines of any type. So many different worlds can be created with just those items!

  38. says

    Every item my daughter encounters holds great interest–whether it’s a “toy” or a toilet paper roll. I hope she always has such wonderful imagination.

  39. Nele Scheers says

    At the moment, the sofa pillows are a huge favourite. They build all kinds of things using those pillows. But it could be anything, really, they’ve got plenty of imagination. My daughter is 4,5 and my son is 2,5 and we have a third on the way, so they love to pretend they are pregnant, too. They also play midwife, or they pretend that they are being born again, themselves, building a womb out of the sofa cushions ;-).

  40. Carolyn Joslin says

    My kids love…. Blocks, cars, lacing beads / cards, Legos, Mr. Potato Head, and wooden trains! Of, and of course their art supplies!

  41. Devon Corbet says

    Sticks and rocks, of course, but also pieces of fabric, big blocks…anything that can be reshaped into something else.

  42. leann says

    The latest at our house are pipe cleaners. My 2 yr old loves to shape them and then pretend with her creations.

  43. Ellen Walsh-Rosmann says

    My little one is too young for pretend play yet, but hey loves pushing his cars around making noises with them!

  44. Kathleen says

    My daughter is loving beans and noodles right now.I give her a pan of different colored beans and a variety of shaped noodles. I give her a cupcake pan and she loves sorting them into each little cup.

  45. Julia C K says

    My son is creative with most toys. We have a set of various shapes of blocks that he loves to make things out of.

  46. says

    For my older children craft materials and kits inspire creative play. A sewing machine, some fabric, dress up, legos, or even music! The key for my children is for mom to give them a basic introduction to items if needed and then get out of their way. ;)

  47. Jane says

    Dress up clothes, paper and other art materials, and recently a new thing out (or new to us) called Kinetic Sand!

  48. says

    What inspires them is anything that just SHOWS UP…and usually not a toy! I moved some large rolls of fabric into the dining room that were headed to the attic, and they played on them all day long. And of course, cardboard boxes, anything in the recycling bin, sticks, empty buckets…nuts and leaves!

  49. says

    Right now my boys are having fun being creative with magnets of all types! They love getting creative with fridge magnets, Magformers, metal shavings and magnets, etc. :-)

  50. Luciana Kuamoto says

    This is so lovely. So cute! I would play with them myself… glad my son is good at sharing ;)

  51. Kara says

    I have almost 4 year old identical twin boys and to tell you the truth, they are each others best toys… always coming up with stuff to imagine together. Right now they are into pretending to drive to their work and show the other one around and what they do. It is amazing to just sit back and watch them go.

  52. Carola says

    Leaves, sticks, rocks, bikes, books, boxes and hiding places once known as nooks, swings and paints, beads and buttons, blocks and space, paper and pens and plenty of time.

  53. says

    This is probably going to reflect poorly on me but my 2 year old loves to play with shot glasses. She can sit and sort things into them for hours. Something to do with that old collection, eh?

  54. Kelli WOod says

    my son loves dress up clothes, large boxes to create different things out of and art supplies to create pictures for me!

  55. Beth says

    These are so fun and beautiful! I’ve been slowly eliminating any toys that require batteries in our house, because the kids play so much better and keep their attention longer on toys that require them to use their imaginations. Lately it’s been dinosaur figures and trains.

  56. Noel says

    It is always a non-traditional toy medium: sticks, string, scraps of fabric, pieces of torn paper, empty jars, boxes etc… It is so inspiring to watch their imaginations take them to fun places with these mediums!

  57. Samantha K says

    We have a bin full of dress up clothes, and blocks galore. We like to build block towns and roads for my son’s cars.

  58. Kristin says

    We have a baker’s rack housing various totes, boxes and bins of creative project supplies. Our four year old son’s favorites are a drawer full of miscellaneous metal items and a tote of recycled materials. He loves to see what new things we add each week and he has so many creative ideas for creating!

  59. Sara says

    right now both my children love playing with Duplo blocks day and night. Our ride on car also gets used for pretend play a lot.

  60. Shaivite says

    Anything inspires my creative kid, though I’m partial to scarves, blocks, and other simple, natural toys that promote open ended play.

  61. Julie A. says

    Right now my girls are consumed in Lego world. They build the coolest towns & villages. They also love cardboard boxes. They immediately become something.

  62. kat says

    My little munshkin loves sparkles, dolls and stickers, if I leave these items out for her to find, she is sure to engage in super creative play!

  63. says

    What toys or items inspire your children to play creatively? Hmmm. So many! My daughter who is almost four is often (usually maybe) engaged in creative play. Some of her favorites are her big basket of dress up clothes, her doll house, and little figures (animals and people).

  64. Maggie says

    Blocks of any kind. And strings. My son taught himself to tie knots with the strings from his lacing set so that he could tie them from his bed to enhance the things he builds.

  65. Lindsey says

    My 12 mo old daughter loves her stuffed animals and boxes. She pretends to feed them, dances with them, and then makes them beds with receiving blankets and any kind of box.

  66. says

    My 2 yr old son love cardboard boxes, cars that make noises, blocks, and firetrucks. He also tries to take things apart to see how they work.

  67. Emily says

    I don’t buy many electric toys and my daughter never seems to mind. She loves all her “old fashioned” toys as my friends call them. Plus the promote brain development more!

  68. Sarah says

    Still working on this. We have built a fort and they just got a kitchen. I think most of our creative play has happened outside but we’re stuck inside now.

  69. Nanette says

    I hate to say it but with having 3 boys LEGO is the most played with and in many creative ways that even surprise me! My eldest is best at designing & creating lots of different things from it, my middle son creates the play ideas & adventures and the toddler takes it all apart! Lol

  70. says

    anything colorful… they love to play with the bean box to pour and sort. They love playing house with little people or their kitchen set. My son loves trains and planes so he’s always pretending to either drive one or be one. lol

  71. Jan says

    My kids love to build with all kinds of blocks, legos, castle blocks, dominoes, magneatos. My little man almost always draws a picture of his creation when he’s finished.

  72. says

    My 16 month old has been into the kitchen toys recently, but also focused on lids and containers. Open ended materials seem to hold his attention the longest. :-)

  73. Kiri N says

    My son likes to play pretend more with his pirate ship and dollhouse, but my daughter is more into dress up when she’s feeling imaginative.

  74. Angel Maszy says

    We love toys that are not fixed, for example Lincoln logs or legos, even playmobils that have been taken apart and rebuilt in their own special way.

  75. [email protected] says

    The kiddo’s in our circle of friends have really be enjoying our dramatic play area. We have it set up as a hot cocoa stand right now.

  76. Dena says

    Cardboard boxes that are turned into homes for her stuffed animals, blocks, her vintage little people house, and pretending to be just about anything and everything that comes to her mind.

  77. Lindsay says

    Pretend kitchen play, baby dolls/stuffed animals, painting or drawing with pens, water play in the sink or the bath with cups, spoons, etc.

  78. says

    Our children play with everything but their toys on most days. Right now they are playing behind a chair in the living room, reading books together and pretending to have a picnic. Love their simple minds :)

  79. karen m says

    We try to fill our house with simple toys, that don’t make noise or have flashy characters on them. That is when I am happiest listening to my kids play with their toys.

  80. Alison says

    We have a Happyland tree house with little fairies and she loves to use those little figures everywhere. They can go down the slide in the treehouse, take a bath in the sink and lots of other things besides!

  81. SJP says

    Our son (15 mos) loves to take household items all over the house and use them in different ways, and to add new elements to his toys.

  82. wendy says

    Mostly the ones that don’t move or make noises – dolls and stuffed animals are in favor right now.

  83. Kelly says

    Everything! Boxes and sticks and random toys that are something else completely. He is so creative and imaginative.

  84. Paige Cunningham says

    Lots of misc parts, blocks, sticks, rocks, fabric, wire, keys, cartons and buttons….. It’s amazing to see what they come up with!

  85. says

    My girls love wooden figures and animals, stacking shapes like waves and flowers and suns. My middle girl really likes unicorns at the moment. My oldest tells stories as she makes dolls or builds castles with blocks or Legos. These would be great for the baby in a few months – she’s 7 months so not sure yet what she will like. :)

  86. Kris M says

    Dress up clothes, magic wands from the dollar store, fake jewelry, funny hats, old ballet tutus….

  87. Emily says

    My daughter is big into pretend play at the moment, so her “babies”, doctor’s kit, dress up clothes etc are what inspire her creative play.

  88. Nichole says

    My 4 year old loves “play silks” by Sarah’s Silks. We have a blue and pink one. She loves pretending and creating with them!

  89. Shannon says

    We’re still in baby stage, so EVERYTHING inspires us right now! These would be a great addition!

  90. Elizabeth Vowell says

    To be honest, they seem THE MOST creative with paper. Plain, white paper. It allows them a raw surface on which to create. Painting and coloring for the little one and as my older one grows she enjoys writing and illustrating. We have a TON of paper everywhere ALL the time, but it is worth it.

  91. Renee says

    My son loves building things: he’ll use blocks, Lego, snow, paper and scotch tape and whatever else he finds handy. He’ll often pile up different toys and say it’s a house and then he’ll go on to play with his little characters in the “house” that he built.

  92. Stephanie Morency says

    My daughter loves to pretend- plays school, has tea parties, puppet shows and shopping. She loves to include her stuffed animals too

  93. Lindsey C says

    My son loves ever day kitchen and grocery items. We make coffee , grill, go grocery shopping almost every day.

  94. [email protected] says

    Wooden blocks cut from tree branches! Complimented with wooden animals and there is so much creative play going on! Dressups is always a favorite as well!

  95. Alisa says

    My just-turned-four year old seems to be inspired by everything, as long as it doesn’t have a cord or a battery. She particularly loves cooking with me, making things (she calls them her “projects”), and building with toobers & zots.

  96. THlywa says

    My youngest loves her play kitchen. She’ll play for hours. My oldest is into dress up. She can act out some pretty intense play with her princess dresses and capes!!

  97. Jessica says

    My kids love when I draw a few lines or shapes on a piece of paper then have them create something from what I started.

  98. Hope says

    Bean bags are great fun and can be imagined into all sorts of things… dirt, boxes to deliver, bricks to build with…

  99. [email protected] says

    My grandchildren enjoy art of every kind!

  100. Margaux says

    Anything art related of course! We made our first sun catchers together recently and she really loved that process. She also gets very creative when playing with any kind of doll.

  101. Alya says

    Blocks, dolls, and play kitchen accessories, as well as old yogurt containers, boxes, and reusable shopping bags provide lots of ideas for creative play.

  102. Julie says

    The most simple and natural items inspire my children to play most creatively…cardboard paper towel rolls and boxes become space ships or pirate boats with cannons and sticks are collected to make flag poles, tents, fishing poles and more.

  103. brandee green says

    Definitely recycled goods. We are always on the lookout for new ways to use items that would normally end up in the garbage.

  104. says

    I think unstructured time spend unplugged is what stimulates creativity most in my children. I think so many are afraid of the “I’m bored” that they over-program children. There has to be open space/ open time for creativity to emerge.

  105. Jill W says

    Almost anything. Last night my 4yo twin boys decided to have a birthday party for their stuffed animals. They made a birthday cake by making a bed of blocks topped with these round foam thingies (from a home made busy bag) as frosting with crayons as candles! Love to watch them create!

  106. Nuala says

    My daughter’s ikea kitchen is played with a lot, but the favourite at the moment is dressing all of her dolls and soft toys in small baby clothes, bathing them, making slings for them out of fabric etc (we have a new baby inn the family!)

  107. Katy stager says

    My 14-month-old daughter continues to amaze me every day with her creative play. She is very big into “mommy playing,” – pushing her doll in a stroller, carrying her purse around, and talking on the cell phone. She is a sponge right now – taking it all in…and her creative play reminds me just how influential she is right now at this stage.

  108. Charlene says

    Our favorite creative toys are large cardboard boxes, markers, and stickers. The boxes in our house have been cars, rockets, houses, cages (for stuffed animals) and so-on.

  109. Corrie says

    If I tell her a story and then she just acts it out or adds her own twists and turns. I love how she makes it her own!

  110. says

    My girl loves to play with her dress up clothes and her stuffed animals. We spend a lot of time playing doctor and vet in our house.

  111. Rhonda says

    we use any and everything always finding lots of fun projects to make i dont know who is having more fun me or the kids

  112. Andrea D. says

    My son loves paper to cut up and uses it as trash for his dump truck right now. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  113. Danielle K says

    My 3 year loves to play with play dough and his cars. He has started to be more creative with the play dough, making roads for the cars to go on.

  114. Heather Murphy says

    Definitely, anything pulled out of the recycling! boxes, raisin tins, etc. They love to color/decorate with stickers and then use with their animal figurines especially!

  115. Danielle says

    My son (5), loves to draw and tell stories – he is an amazing creative thinker! My daughter (3), hosts the best tea parties! :)

  116. Maria says

    My girls have been playing with magnatiles like crazy lately. It’s -30 outside so we’re doing lots of indoor stuff. I’m amazed at what they come up with! They’re also really loving stickers and paint right now.

  117. says

    My daughter loves pom-poms of all sizes and colors. She uses them in so many ways it’s amazing to me. We often are eating pom-pom soup, making pom-pom rainbows, and creating letters or feeding animals with pom-poms.

  118. Emma says

    Scarves are amazing- they can be a landscape, a cloak for a queen, a red riding hood, a fairies dress, endless choices!

  119. says

    My two boys we build creative stories based stories and films using blocks, lego and small world models
    And are also big fans of role play still (at 7 and 5!) and will dress up as superheroes, cowboys, wizards and teachers.!my little girl plays creatively with her dolls, and tea sets, she is 1. She will act out her experiences of the world :)

  120. Jennifer Shaw says

    Blocks and dolls at the time. A cardboard box brings much delight and anything to do with art! Books, she LOVES books!

  121. Jessamyn says

    Usually, anything we have a lot of. There has been lots of creative fun happening with a bucket of acorn caps we collected this fall.

  122. Pria says

    Kids can play with almost anything for hours!
    Cardboard boxes and scissors keep my kids occupied

  123. says

    They always seem to like to dump our math manipulatives (blocks, rods, discs…) out on the rugs and play with them. That and Legos!

  124. Christine says

    Time, space (no interfering) and open-ended items that are not labeled or limited- clothes that could fit any numbers of characters, and treasures pulled from our recycling bin become key components of new inventions.

  125. Kari says

    I am currently enjoying watching my children’s imaginations blossom while we have very little in our living space. We recently refinished our floors and had to move EVERYTHING out. Not even a third of their toys have made it back into their rooms, but they find ways to play with the little they have and have such a great time! And it’s so much easier to clean up. :)

  126. Cathleen says

    My girls used their paintbrushes as characters for half an hour the other day…they can make fun out of almost anything

  127. Lauren says

    My 3 year old son loves to create! He loves to draw and use his art to tell stories. He loves to put on shows with his finger puppets. He loves to make “shape collections” out of different objects from around the house!

  128. Katie says

    Those wooden hearts are awesome. Pretend play is huge in our house. Dress-up clothes are great but even just a stick and a piece of wood can lead to all sorts of possibilities.

  129. Susan S says

    My child loves pretend-playing with almost any and every toy we own, even objects that aren’t toys. She’ll have 2 or 3 spatulas/spoons talking to each other as family members or friends.

  130. Eileen says

    Definitely open ended toys, like lots of other parents have said, the favorite toy around here is a box! Add some markers and my daughter will play with it until it falls apart!

  131. Laurie says

    Hotwheels…everything involves cars and planes. I try to expand his world by getting those 4 wheeled toys into paint, clay, mud and everywhere else!

  132. Mindy Sharp says

    My son tells us great stories about everything he sees. He loves walking and telling us what he can see, but his favorite thing is rocks. :)

  133. Maggie Williams says

    My 17 month old has just started to learn how to create with his blocks and legos. He also has a funny affinity for containers with tops–I wonder what he pretends they are for… =)

  134. Janell says

    Little boy loves raiding my pots and pans cabinet to make pretend noodles and sauce. Right now he is also big on lacing, or, more accurately, “sticking one object in another.” Latest is threading straws onto pipe cleaners.

  135. Amanda mckenzie says

    Her Eco friendly plates and bowls are allowing for a lot of creative play these days!

  136. C.V. says

    We have been painting and storytelling with things we find in nature: shells, pinecones, sticks and leaves!

  137. says

    My girls get really engaged in their creative play with little animals and blocks or cardboard boxes- anything that can become a house for their animals. Thanks for the giveaways! What a fun way to celebrate your anniversary!

  138. kasdira says

    These look so wonderful. We are transitioning into a Waldorf home so something like this would be so welcomed.

  139. chandra says

    Much to my chagrin, swords and nun-chucks inspire the longest bouts of creative play. I’d rather it was the playsilks or wooden kitchen, but at least they play together!

  140. Julie says

    Anything open-ended like rope-like items, boxes, little things. Lot’s of little things to move around. Ropes are for connecting things. Little things get moved around and are assigned roles somehow.

  141. Carrie Roberson says

    My kids will make stuff up with just about anything. They like blocks and dolls. Blankets and hidy holes.

  142. Wendy Butera says

    My girls love wooden, open ended, waldorf-inspired toys. Starting a couple of years ago, we began to get rid of all the plastic toys we had. Their play is so much deeper with the wooden toys we have now. Love Mama May i too!!

  143. Elizabeth says

    My 2 and 3 yr old boys love to play with loose objects such as Mancala rocks, lacing beads, colored craft sticks and candy striped paper straws. We generally do activities with them but they are inspired to make their own play out of it as well.

  144. Chris says

    Older kids: Textiles laying around the house – baby blankets, scarves, playsilks, a long, yarn “rope” made from finger knitting.
    Youngest kids: play food

  145. [email protected] says

    For us Legos have been inspiring a lot of open ended play lately.

  146. Kyle schmidt says

    A good old cardboard box always makes my kids get creative. I’ve been blown away by the things they do with them

  147. Karen says

    My wicker picnic basket inspired my son’s first pretend play — indoor picnics, beach parties, etc.

  148. jessica miller says

    my two year old is obsessed with her kitchen and loves to create different “dinners” for everyone to enjoy! she is also in her mimic phase and loves to do anything I do….from cleaning the windows to sweeping, sorting socks and putting her bbrothers toys where they belong!

  149. Tommie Sue Schindler says

    My 2 granddaughters have wonderful imaginations and can make a block into a cell phone or three of anything into mama, daddy, and baby.

  150. Melody says

    Our play kitchen is definitely a favorite of both my children. It surprised me how quickly my daughter was able to “pretend” that she was eating off the plates and drinking from the teacups.

  151. Jo says

    my boys build lego sets then take them apart and build whatever they want, sometimes things that are more cool than the original sets

  152. Jen Corbin says

    Our butcher paper roll – a never ending idea starter, paper hats, airplanes, painting canvas, window cover, faux slide, road for cars!

  153. lois says

    My kids are very much into role playing right now and pretending they are in a cardboard RV. Go figure. They are such creative souls it doesn’t take much to inspire them. I will say that when their environment is orderly (ie after we’ve done a big cleanup) they seem to get the most creative with playtime…I can relate!

  154. Natalie says

    My daughter and son really love to build with unit blocks. You can build so many things; car tracks, zoos, doll houses, etc. etc. Thanks!

  155. Kristin L. says

    We love pretend Play & art mediums. My 2yr old twins recieved a play kitchen for Christmas and the amount of imagination has grown by leaps and bounds. Colors are a favorite right now from seperating colors of veggies to cupcakes :). I can see these being a new favorite in our home.

  156. Brandy says

    My little guy is big on playing with his Legos and little people. We build him little houses and he spends ages putting the little people in and out, moving them around, putting them ion the little Lego swing (his favorite activity at the park!). He’s really starting to use his imagination more and it’s so fun to see!!

  157. Amber Boggs says

    I have seen my daughter do creative play with expired membership cards and an envelope. I don’t know that I have ever seen a child this versatile and I taught Head Start for 15 years. Her favorites are various sizes to stuffed animals, but really almost anything. She is only 2 1/2. I can’t imagine, but am excited to see how this develops as she grows!

  158. Corrin says

    My some loves kitchen materials, pulls everything out of the cupboard and plays for and hour.

  159. Michelle Morris says

    Random craft supplies and play dough but mostly unexpected things like boxes or packaging, bubble wrap, discarded items like that.

  160. Jessica says

    Dress up, play kitchen & play cleanup are our recent favs, plus wooden puzzles :) these pieces are beautiful!

  161. Colette says

    Cardboard box :-) baby doll/stuffed animal getting a lot of attention at the moment (putting nappy on, blanket over, putting in pram or in a sling etc). Stones are a big favourite – I find them everywhere! Colours (pens, felts, pencils, crayons, chalk) love to make marks and patterns all the time. My dd is very imaginative and loves to play by herself and together. Unfortunately ds isn’t :-( I keep trying to get him interested but, although he might do an activity or project his attention span doesn’t last long and he’d rather do something else.

  162. Celena says

    Anything that deals with Toy Story. Knowing all of her toys become “alive” when she leaves the room, makes her so happy. Everyone has a name, a place to sleep, a book they like to read, etc.

  163. Cheryl says

    Anything arty they love. My son loves legos though. He loves building and creating new things with his legos.

  164. says

    Everything!! My three year old loves pretend play! Her favs this month have been felt food, castle blocks, a doctor’s kit and an empty Amazon box.

  165. Amanda says

    Boxes. Blocks. Playsilks. Legos. Baby doll.
    They have a LOT of other toys. But those are the most oft-used.

  166. Amelia Lawler says

    My children love a good puzzle. I’ve recently introduced them to the ones that don’t have the frame to build it into. These new ones need you to count or do your ABC’s in order to figure out what the puzzle is. They love this extra challenge involved in the puzzle building process

  167. Stephanie Gray says

    My boys are crazy about balloons. We paint with them, play paddle ball with them, use water balloons in the bath, blow them up but don’t tie them up so they can fly around the house. I’m sure they will come up with more uses soon!

  168. Ellie says

    Imaginative play is huge in our house at the moment, lots of time spent in the den under the stairs and lots of time spent in the ‘studio’ on her art :)

  169. thebigmango says

    Any kind of container and a collection of things e.g. conkers, dominos, blocks. He finds so many creative ways to play with them

  170. Kim C says

    My kids love pretend playing outside. The like to create ‘color worlds’ by drawing with outside chalk.

  171. Lydia says

    My kids favorite toys right now are their Sonic action figures. They combine them with blocks, legos, dollhouse, etc., but the figures are the springboard for playing out all sorts of stories and scenarios!

  172. says

    My son can usually play for hours with his cars and tractors. I find this quite amazing. He has all sorts of storylines.

  173. Amethyst says

    The ‘Recycle Box’ filled with clean bottle tops, boxes, rubber bands & clean plastic bottles is always being raided at odd times because my boys had a sudden inspiration/creativity mind-bomb!

  174. Siri says

    Wooden trains on tracks, rainbow blocks, hot wheel cars. Did u know hot wheel cars go to bed with us? Turn over the car, place them on a pillow and off they are for bed.

  175. Savannah says

    My son is enjoying pretend play which includes making his own grocery list and going shopping just like we do every week. He also has a small world box with a panda theme. He has named one Beckett after one of his favorite book.

  176. sybrina says

    My daughter is still two months old, but she is really attracted to the toys that are wooden, or the soft plushies that I made myself.

  177. Leia says

    My daughter is always surprising me with her imagination. She will even use her gingers in the car as little people who talk to each other. She especially loves playing grocery store and baking! Play food is a favorite!

  178. Becky Williams says

    My daughters got boy dolls from Disney for Christmas this year…Naveen and Eugene (Princess and the Frog and Tangled) were set to work rescuing the barbies pretty quick. Next year- villains!

  179. Krista Jardeen says

    My kids can play creatively with just about anything, they play dr with stickers and address labels and use them as bandaids and pretend they are medicine, play mailman with envelopes, and they love dress up clothes.

  180. Jenifer says

    My kids both have loved blocks (really, any kind of building materials) and figures. They love to bring a variety of other things like fabric, sticks, art materials into their play.

  181. Kathleen says

    My daughter loves to play blocks & make houses, she also loves sorting anything that is colored.

  182. Jessica L. says

    My 3 year old pretends with her stuffed animals a lot. They talk to each other, she feeds them, puts them to bed, etc.

  183. Jill M says

    Our kids get creative with just about anything! A juice bottle turns into a boat,toiletpaper rolls turn into spotting scope! On of my daughters is super into making “potions” right now–everything and anything goes into them!

  184. kaarina says

    i think my little guy plays creatively with duplo legos. he narrates epic dramas while building all sorts of interesting structures! he’s 2.5.

  185. ELizabeth says

    My almost three year old was born premature. She is a little behind in speech and some other activities. She is just starting to do some pretend play and loves to feed her babies and drive her toy cars around.

  186. Barbara K says

    Any “do it myself” projects—with stickers, feathers, puff balls, colored tape–and lots of glue.

  187. Eleanor says

    Our box of found ‘treasures’ we collect while out walking – they get stacked, examined, have pictures drawn of them, are named and given little personalities, take up residence in the doll house, are used like marbles, become pretend food and are served on a plate …

  188. Jacqueline says

    Empty food containers, Ikea food and stuffed animals and dolls. Lots of pretend shopping and going on holidays in our house lately!

  189. Cindy says

    Everything! Blankets used to make a fort, an old necklace as part of a dress up session, baby dolls for nurturing.

  190. Melanie says

    Anything open ended. We have nothing that makes noise or lights up when you press a button. We have lots of wooden toys and toys that can be used in many different ways. They are the most creative when they play without any rules.

  191. Deanne York says

    My daughter got a curvy board for Christmas and we all love it. It’s a slide, a recliner, pirate ship, surf board, tunnel. You name it. It’s perfect for creative open ended play.

  192. Lidia says

    We are into music. It is always fun and surprise to see the way kids use the musical instruments.
    We make music using a lot of kitchen items as well.

  193. Kim says

    My girls are most inspired by open ended toys or objects they can use to pretend with. Also animals and dinosaurs are favorites for outside, inside, block, and bath play. They love to create with blocks as we’ll!

  194. candice s says

    Everything! They love pipe cleaners, but really anything has the potential to become something else. They love legos!

  195. Beth L. says

    Doll house, play kitchen, magna tiles, baby doll and cradle are creative play favorites for my almost 3 year old daughter.

  196. Kristen m says

    Little animals and dolls. They go on adventures all over the house and pay with all sorts of things they find along the way

  197. says

    cars and play kitchen items

  198. Anne Boudewyn says

    My kids like big boxes. Sand.Water. Anything gooey! Natural things like the blocks my hubby made from an oak branch!

  199. says

    Right now, legos are a big hit for inspiring creative play. But, they are also always inspired by the rocks, sticks, sand and wood chips outside in our yard, which I love.

  200. Alicia Williams says

    My 21 month old has begun to show an interest in magna tiles and stacking cups. She is determined and focused on stacking them perfectly, and enjoys building towers too. :)

  201. Lauren T says

    Boxes! Trash (as in recyclables!)… My two year old loves sorting or playing with any bottles, cans, or boxes she can get her hands on!!! She also loves her babies and builds them beds out of anything possible- often empty diaper boxes because she loves the picture of a baby on the side!

  202. rayraycartucci says

    My son is 5 and has autism. Bright colors,things that spin…shapes and he is obsessed with wooden toys.

  203. Crystal Shepherd says

    My toddler would love these, and I would feel bad about him putting them in his mouth!

  204. Eliza says

    LEGOS, items in Mama and Dada’s closet (bandanas, shoes, scarfs), pillows for making forts and jumping pits

  205. Stephanie says

    Dress-up clothes! Both actual costumes, but also my kitchen towels are popular when playing dress-up.

  206. Agnes says

    Boxes and simple wooden blocks. My kids just took the cardboard packing from a Dell computer box and visualized it being a dollhouse. One cardboard piece looks like a bed!

  207. megan says

    little plastic animals, and blue and green bath mats. She loves to pretend the animals are swimming, and then “goes swimming” with them! Also, pretty much anything from the recycling bin is a hit.

  208. Adelle F. says

    Open ended things…..dress up clothes, a “fort kit” with a big sheet, clothespins, etc., art materials that leave room for creativity and imagination…

  209. Lydia Thomas says

    Toys that are simple – blocks, paper, shapes…. mixed old clothes for dress-up, a set of furniture & a blanket = instant fort. Anything that can have multiple purposes. The least creative toys are usually electronic toys that only have 1 function.

  210. Kim says

    My daughter loves to play with small plastic animals. I used them as a play therapist and they really encourage open creative play.

  211. says

    It is exactly these type of open ended materials (not even toys) that spark the most creativity and keeps the momentum alive the longest. Beautiful wood pieces, wooden blocks, and even recycled materials. Thanks for the giveaway and awesome blog! :)

  212. Rachel says

    My 3 year old is really into dancing. My 1 year old is enjoys stacking (anything!) and “yellow” (which is anything relating to coloring/ painting).

  213. Jenna says

    Rocks and leaves mixed with water in a pot are pretty big around here. He loves cooking with anything he can find. A blank sheet of paper and a pencil are always hits too, though.

  214. Cris says

    My daughter loves pretend play and dressing up, not necessarily with a costume, but with pieces of fabric, household utensils, etc.

  215. kelli says

    Yesterday it was a bat and ball — they made up a game called Chaseball. Often it’s paper and pen — they love to write stories, make things like “money” or menus and play creatively.

  216. Claire Yabraian says

    Sticks and rocks! And playmobil toy sets. But they are their most playfully creative with sticks and rocks and water.

  217. Crys says

    I love to sew and create so anything I’m doing anything crafty she wants to play along. She loves to use decorative tape and fabric scraps to fashion outfits for her dolls

  218. Lisa says

    open ended materials, like blocks, playdough, paper & markers! and yes–i totally agree with the comment above…a box!!

  219. says

    Their little animal figures…or sometimes just a couple of sticks and rocks…or junk they find around the house. Okay, really just about anything :)

  220. Kendra Z. says

    My boys love their costumes. There is always some bad guy to catch and a princess(Mommy) to save!

  221. Sarah says

    We are also big on dress up clothes right now, but also, our plain set of wood blocks and our magnatiles are a huge source of creative play.

  222. Maureen says

    almost everything – dress up clothes, their baby dolls and stuffed animals, blocks, sticks…

  223. [email protected] says

    My children love “Montessori” type toys, similar to the beautiful Mama May toys.

  224. Day says

    Vehicles or anything that makes noise. This prize would be more appreciated in my classroom right now :)

  225. Brandy H says

    We’ve been snowed in for a few days now and by far, the most fun has come from a large tub of pipe cleaners in every color. I was in awe just watching the kiddos come up with different creations with all these pipe cleaners – some inventions were more useful & practical than others but each was beautiful!

  226. Stephani says

    Right now it’s a little set of animals she was given for Christmas. Nothing fancy, but when they all get together they have long winded conversations and adventures. She also loves to dress up on her costumes and be a “rocker star”

  227. Kristin says

    My daughter loves all of her dolls and stuffed animals because they are like always having a friend to share and interact with!

  228. Karen says

    All building blocks be they LEGO, wood, or boxes. My kids have built cities in our basement and our youngest terrorizes it a la Godzilla LOL

  229. Mary says

    She really loves her music toys and anything that she can manipulate. She loves examining her toys and looking for the screws that hold everything together. She also has a play picnic basket and loves bringing food over to share and going on picnics!

  230. lynn says

    stones, colored pencils, washi tape-my son could spend an afternoon with washi tape if i let him!, and yarn! oh, the yarn is right there at the top! thanks for all these wonderful giveaway! love your site, your book, and your inspiration!

  231. [email protected] says

    Dress up clothes and anything creative (paint,clay,noodles… You name it)

  232. [email protected] says

    Pretend play, picnics, face painting and ask sorts of colorful things.

  233. Brenda T says

    Toys allow them to use their imaginations and to express themselves. Listening to them play on their own can be very enlightening.

  234. Ingrid P says

    dres up clothes are a big one around here. i sewed the kids dragon tails a couple years ago and they have played with them every day since. they also love playing with their toy kitchen and fabric foods.

  235. AStalvey says

    My son currently likes small-world play. Anything miniature I can find, we like. At my little daycare, they are currently practicing fine motor play and matching- these would be perfect!

  236. Heidi Anderson says

    Wooden animals, dress up clothes and anything they find in the yard (rocks, sticks etc.)

  237. Bethany says

    My 20 month-old will take any item that would appear to be “trash” and turn it into an instrument, car, etc. It really is wonderful to see!