Giveaway #5 :: Win Art Supplies from Stubby Pencil Studio

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Win a Box of Kids Art Supplies from Stubby Pencil Studio

Stubby Pencil Studio, one of my blog sponsors, sells fun and eco-friendly art and school supplies. She is offering a box of my favorite art supplies from her shop as a giveaway to one lucky reader!

Kids Art Supplies Giveaway by Stubby Pencil Studio

This box of art supplies from Stubby Pencil Studio includes:

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  1. Cassandra R. says

    My little man loves painting and drawing self portraits. I love seeing how he sees himself.

  2. Aimee says

    That is hard to say, but probably painting or drawing. She also loves to do collage work, and use modeling clay.

  3. Luciana Kuamoto says

    These are an awesome collection of art supplies! We have a hedgehog pet and haven’t seen anything so cute as those (hedgehog fun erasers?!).

  4. Laura says

    My kids love to draw. They just started drawing together on the same pictures. I love to see them work together.

  5. [email protected] says

    My Kiddo’s are really enjoying painting with different textures, things we find in nature, different materials from our recycling box etc.

  6. says

    My daughter is an artist just like her mother, and since I am a mixed media painter, she loves using all my supplies to paint as well. It would be great to have some more kid-friendly materials for her to express herself.

  7. Amy says

    My daughter loves to paint and is just getting started with scissors. I’m not sure if painting or sidewalk chalk is her favorite, but either way I love to watch her explore.

  8. Carolyn Joslin says

    Finger painting!!! All three kids will play together around the table, especially if I mix in shaving cream!

  9. Tommie Sue Schindler says

    My little granddaughters love doing “projects” of any kind. These supplies would make wonderful additions to our stash.

  10. Lisa says

    All 4 of my children LOVE to paint. We mostly paint on canvas but they love painting rocks, popsicle sticks, frames, shirts, etc. I paint on canvas and love that all of my children enjoy it too!

  11. [email protected] says

    I love your colored pencils! And the crayon rocks :)

  12. says

    Our children love several art activities… Print & Stamping, Going out in the city for all day Sketch Crawls & Watercolor Painting. The Stubby Pencil has the best supplies for any of our spontaneous or planned art activities!!

  13. Annette says

    Anything with paint. I particularly love using liquid water colors, but they are happy with that or tempera.

  14. Nicole says

    Anything hands on where they can get their hands dirty-painting and shaving cream art are at the top of the list

  15. Sarah says

    Right now my guy is into crayons and markers – anything that makes squiggles, swirls and lines. Loves coloring on cardboard, the texture and sensation are great!

  16. Aimee says

    My daughter says painting… “It feels like my passion.” I would agree! She has to do it every day.

  17. Siouxzy says

    My daughter loves painting and my son loves to help his Daddy draw dragons. This is such a fun giveaway!

  18. [email protected] says

    What is your child’s favorite art activity? Our kids are obsessed with modeling clay, they will get lost creating their little imaginary world in clay for hours. Our kids would absolutely love love to get some art supplies :)

  19. Christina B. says

    My daughter loves to use glitter glue to decorate a page with colorful feathers, sequins, and beads.

  20. marissa says

    My oldest is really into drawing right now. But I think my youngest would love those push up crayons!

  21. Michelle Canavan says

    My twins love painting on the easels. They do love colored pencils, crayons and markers too.

  22. Kathleen Guidry says

    My daughter loves drawing with colored pencils by far! She’s very creative and draws dragons and reptiles!

  23. Catherine says

    Drawing with markers and making ornaments out of tape, pipe cleaners and scraps of paper. Also a big fan of drawing with chalk outside.

  24. karen m says

    cool supplies!
    my preschooler loves making puppets or masks and of course coloring/painting. My 1 year old is just starting to pick up (and sometimes eat) crayons, markers, stamps.

  25. marianne says

    My girls love taking everyday objects: rocks, buttons, scraps of fabric, paints, string….and seeing what they can make with them. My 8 year old just made a guitar out of kleenex boxes, paper towel tubes and rubber bands….and it works!

  26. Dawn Lange says

    It’s kind of art and science combined, but Asher loves mixing food coloring into baking soda and vinegar!!

  27. Kristal says

    Coloring is always popular but lately my 4 yr old daughter has been transforming my sewing fabric scraps into some amazing collages!

  28. Emily says

    My daughter simply likes to draw her monsters with a biro on a piece of white paper! Simple pleasures…

  29. stephanie.yanik_live says

    My son likes to build/create with found items in the yard a lot of the time- then he likes to paint them and stick wiggly eyes and felt on them lol

  30. Petra says

    His favorite is never the same! It changes from one day to the next and with whatever whim and fancy strikes him.

  31. Karissa says

    Currently, my big girl loves taping art to every wall and door in the house, and my little guy loves water colors.

  32. Cassie says

    My 2.5 year old LOVES to paint! She loves to paint with brushes, q-tips, and of course her fingers :)

  33. Renee says

    We love to draw and colour… and that often leads us to use scissors, glue, glitter and more paper!

  34. says

    I’ll highlight my 2 year old for this answer (I’ve got 8 kids). He loves to make hand prints. We trace around his hand with anything – crayon, pencil, pen, glue. He can’t do it himself yet but he loves it.

  35. Anna says

    We love stubby pencil studio and would love to score art supplies any day as we go through them in this house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. says

    My oldest loves to makes things – give her a bunch of supplies – a stick, beeswax, string, wool – and she’ll make dolls. She’s also really into drawing and her new Rainbow Loom. My middle girl is just really starting to love coloring and drawing. The baby is still a mystery. :)

  37. says

    drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing! we are drowning in paper over here. thanks for the chance — always drool over their art supplies!

  38. Elizabeth Vowell says

    Anytime we can incorporate art and nature, they are having a ball. Collecting natures fallen treasures and painting, wrapping, hanging, anything-ing to them makes my kiddos the most happy. This includes sun catchers because the sun shines through them and brings it to life!

  39. Emily says

    Anything to make a mess and get dirty. She loves using anything to make art. To her everything is an art project or sensory experience.

  40. says

    All the children are so different, but their latest favorite seems to be making collages and decorating them with everything they can find!

  41. Tina Powell says

    I have two granddaughters. They both love whatever art project we engage in, but especially painting.

  42. [email protected] says

    My 8 year old son loves to draw…. with any materials he can find!

  43. [email protected] says

    My grandchildren love to color…
    and so does Grandma! ;)

  44. THlywa says

    Painting and drawing with ink or markers. Crayons and pencil crayons will do in a pinch, but they will drop everything for ink!

  45. Alana says

    I have three unique kids. My youngest loves working with clay. My middle just loves creating, he likes to glue, staple & tape items together to make sculptures. He’s always on the look out and filling his pocket with random sticks, rocks and random screws and bolts he finds laying around. My oldest loves painting.

  46. Jessica says

    My daughter loves anything related to art. You can give her any sort of art supply and she will be busy for hours.

  47. says

    my 3 year old really enjoys making collages with assorted materials like tissue paper, glitter, sequins basically anything that she can glue ( loves gluing :) ) and she LOVES to draw & color – it never gets old

  48. [email protected] says

    My kids love to draw☺

  49. Margaux says

    My daughter is a big fan of ALL art activities but if we had to choose her favorite, she would probably say painting.

  50. Maureen says

    Painting together or doing a full on craft activity (i.e., where there a many medium involved and an end product)

  51. says

    Drawing from his imagination. Dinos, Rockets or Robots are usually involved :)

  52. Karoline says

    My older daughter loves working with clay or small objects that she can attach to paper to make her projects more three-dimensional. My younger daughter just loves to draw and put colors on paper!

  53. Danielle says

    Right now, her favorite activity is scribbling with crayons. But she also enjoys tearing up pieces of paper, and then placing them on another piece of paper (with glue on it) to make a sort of mosaic.

  54. Jennifer says

    My boys really like any and everything. Painting, anything involving pasting, love dough & clay….

  55. says

    My children love using watercolor paints. They love to paint with watercolors on coffee filters. I love displaying their work when it is all said and done.

  56. Samantha K says

    I cover the table with paper and let him go to town – paint, crayons, stamps, whatever he chooses!

  57. Leigh says

    Painting with liquid water colors and a dropper. He also loves doing the salt and watercolor paintings.

  58. Lisa says

    Kaitlyn loves ‘crafting’ for her little pet shop figures and now her plan toy doll house … she watched Youtube blog and started snipping a gluing and paiting… paper, straw, felt, foam all stuck together , and use a bit of imagination!
    and other days it’s painting, or coloring.

  59. Laura F says

    My oldest loves to draw anytime, any place. It is a toss up between painting and play dough/clay when it comes to my second child.

  60. Charlene says

    She has said that play dough is her favorite. She also likes to paint and color with markers.

  61. Brynn Kesgard says

    My daughter loves all different kinds of art projects. She currently has been writing and drawing in her secret journal every day. I can’t look at it though. She made a beautiful mix media drawing at the preschool I work at yesterday.

  62. Patricia Hay says

    My son will love painting, drawing, and coloring as well as whatever what I am doing too! I love art!!!

  63. Lauren Trimboli says

    Finger painting! Or body painting as I like to call it because she is usually covered head to toe!

  64. peggi b says

    love this blog and so do my grandchildren. reorganizing my “junk room” and making it into an arts and crafts room. these would be a great addition to my limited supplies, thank you

  65. says

    My older two boys 7 and 5 love painting, drawing, junk modelling and fimo. My little girl,1 loves drawing and painting. Some of her first words in a morning are draw and pen! If
    she sees a pen she will want it!!! :)

  66. Heather Murphy says

    Currently, my 3 yr old likes using stamps (dinosaurs/transportation) and then using his crayons to fill-in the surroundings.

  67. Emma says

    It depends, it changes hourly! But both of my girls (nearly 4 and 18mths) always enjoy playdough!

  68. MamaV says

    drawing, drawing, and more drawing are his favorite activity! this would be right up his alley, so thank you both!

  69. Stacey Pagan says

    Currently my sons favorite art activity is using tracing paper and then coloring his masterpieces :)

  70. DEANNA says

    His favorite art activity involves collecting random recycled materials from what he calls his “doo-dad dump” (a box full of toilet paper tubes, lids, straws, scraps of various materials, etc) and cutting, gluing, and taping them together to create various kinds of sculptures.

  71. Kari says

    Mine love to create signs and props for their imaginative play. Recently they started a band (they’re 3 and 8), and they’ve made signs and tickets with pencils, papers, and scissors. And lots and lots of tape.

  72. Lesa Dierking says

    My daughter LOVES anything crafty and artsy! She loves to draw and color her pictures. She is 9 years old and has drawn very detailed pictures since she was very, very young, almost like cartoons with dialogue. So much fun!

  73. Lauren says

    My 3 year old son loves to draw and write the alphabet! He uses his art to tell stories, celebrate and make others feel better with cards!

  74. Katie says

    My son’s response to the question, which I just posed, was: “Everything! How can I choose just one!”

  75. [email protected] says

    Stamps & Stickers

  76. says

    Our kiddos favorite activities (when left to free choose) are drawing and pretending with one another that they are magical creatures who go on adventures which often involves dressing upo & painting or drawing on one another to make the costume or feeling complete. Sometimes, when they are having a hard time, they ask to work with clay — I think it makes them feel better.

  77. Mindy Sharp says

    My almost 3 year old son adores painting, my 16 month old daughter thinks that coloring is where it’s at!

  78. Eileen says

    My daughter’s favorite activity is anything that lets her create, whether it’s dancing, singing, drawing, painting, etc.

  79. Elise Anschel says

    My 10 y.o. daughter loves shrinky dink jewelry and drawing, and my 6 y.o. son likes drawing comic strips

  80. Katie says

    My daughters’ favorite art activity is doodling in their doodle books. They even made their own doodle pads to give to their little cousins for Christmas.

  81. Britta says

    Oldest: whatever mood strikes – paint, markers, scissors, folding paper…
    Youngest: Whatever her sister is doing

  82. kyle says

    cutting, gluing, cutting, gluing…more cutting!!! All three of my children love collage!! well really who doesn’t?? WE LOVE ART!!

  83. says

    My daughter loves to play with clay and build mountains, little slugs that she calls “snugs” and other little animals, too.

  84. Donna says

    My son likes to draw still life. Took a class at the Art Museum & was hooked. If we would win, I would share the supplies with my 5 yo nephew who loves to draw.

  85. Julie says

    My son loves to use scissors at the moment, but he also loves drawing and painting. Followed by cutting up the art.

  86. chandra says

    my daughter LOVES paint. We just did your starry night cards as thank-you notes. We made waaay more than we need because we all had so much fun

  87. Chris says

    Painting and Playdough … it depends on *my* tolerance level for the potential mess! Love your cooked playdough recipe!

  88. Donna Lakin says

    My little girl love to make dot drawings at the moment which is pictures made up of hundreds of tiny dots

  89. Elissa says

    My 7-year-old daughter LOVES to draw and create whole worlds, just with paper. One day it’s paper dolls, another day it’s a mini-computer, complete with mouse. She’d much rather do that, than play with “real” things…
    Thank you for all the ideas, Jean!

  90. Caitlin says

    He favorite activity is doing “a art project we’ve never done before from that book” That means a project from Artful Parent or the ebooks we have :) She loves almost all of them!

  91. [email protected] says

    His favorite art activity is painting. We’ve been exploring watercolors lately.

  92. Karen says

    I just asked him and he said “everything”! Then he excitedly got his preschool backpack to show me some projects he brought home today.

  93. jessica miller says

    painting of any kind for my two year old, drawing/sketching for my 8 year old and ccutting for my 6 year old!

  94. Jen Corbin says

    Disassembling old/recycled necklaces, bracelets, etc. for re-use in gluing beads on cards for special occasions throughout the year!

  95. Jenny says

    She really loves to paint, but anything with lots of pigment (such as markers) is a hit. Everything ends up on her body, because that’s her favorite canvas.

  96. Noel says

    We are really into cutting paper over here…though we have done snowflakes together before, the lightbulbs went on last week in her little 5 to mind and the creating and cutting went on for hours! Seeing the shapes and designs she was creating inspired her like painting did before we found the scissors and paper! :)

  97. Amelia Lawler says

    My kids love experimenting with different painting utensils. From their fingers to a leaf they found out the back they are constantly bringing new things to me and asking if they can paint with them. I might have a few future Picasso’s on my hands

  98. Celena says

    She loves to paint, but she will spend close to an hour every night, if I let her, drawing in her journal books.

  99. says

    This would be a great addition to our art supplies! My 3 year old always wants to play with play dough, and he tends to incorporate his little cars and trucks into his projects, such as a play dough parking lot.

  100. Molly Davis says

    He loves to cut and paste…mostly cutting though! Anything with water or paint is good too!

  101. Naomi says

    When my daughter is in a creative mood, any art project is her favorite. Although if I had to pick one medium, anything to do with painting.

  102. Millie Gagliano says

    My daughter just loves to create different crafty things on her own. She loves to use a lot of recycled material to make anew.

  103. Siri says

    Currently my 27 month old boy loves loves drawing buses with wheels/windows of course whether its on the paper or a doodle or the white board either with a pen or marker or a crayon. Can spend most of the day in this activity.

  104. Amber Boggs says

    Coloring, painting, and baking, well, just about anything. I am afraid both her parents are artists, so she is doomed. LOL

  105. Amethyst says

    My boys love to draw. They will spend hours on one art work and they love to mix their media. Pencils, crayons and collage are usually used together!

  106. sybrina says

    My daughter is still 2 months old, so doesn’t do art activities yet, but my students absolutely love painting with watercolors!

  107. Melissa Haddon says

    My oldest son loves to draw and color, my 7 year old loves to paint 3-D things, My 5 year loves to drawing, and my 3 year old would paint all day long if I let her.

  108. Nancy says

    My daughter’s favorite is regular old sketching. My son’s favorite is sculpting and clay. And by the way, I love Stubby Pencil Studio! Such nice folks! Thank you for the giveaway.

  109. KatieJean says

    My son leans towards sketching (constantly), my daughter loves anything involving sparkles, glitter and paint!

  110. Jenn Beyak says

    Drawing! He is five and not a day goes by that he doesn’t pick up his pencils and colouring pencils.

  111. Jen S says

    Anything! Teacher has always said, if she doesn’t have art that day, my kids will create their own art project! But painting is probably the favorite.

  112. Carola says

    One had so many and one had so few, but my daughter loved painting rocks that she found in the garden.

  113. Andrea says

    I think my girls draw more than anything else…they especially love making cards for their friends, siblings, and mom and dad. :)

  114. kaarina says

    multi-media card making with cray-pas, stickers, paint. then we send them to friends and family members.

  115. Kristin says

    I would have to say paint in general, but anything open ended- we have a stash of materials and supplies that they use to make whatever they want!

  116. cindy says

    Drawing, painting, cutting out, shaping, or otherwise creating hearts. Lots and lots of hearts!

  117. Tara says

    My daughter just loves art!! She loves to color, draw, glue, stickers, and everything in between!

  118. Eleanor says

    My two year old’s favorite activity is making collages with all the bits of ‘treasure’ she finds on walks, along with handfuls of cherrios, pasta and anything else she can get her hands on – all topped off with paint and glitter!

  119. Christine Smith says

    My 3 year old daughter is a painter and my 7 year old son draws. They are constantly crafting and creating, but I’d have to say these are their favorites.

  120. Joy says

    The older one currently loves making snowflakes. The baby just discovered using markers to make lines, wow!

  121. Cindy says

    Every day she draws with crayons or markers on a large sheet of white paper. That’s her bread and butter. She also enjoys doing different things like painting, sculpting with clay, and printmaking.

  122. Melanie says

    My girls love using their art box. It’s an organizer box I bought from a craft store and filled with all sorts of items: crayons, feathers, sequins, gems, pipe cleaners, foam shapes, beads, string, tissue paper, glue sticks, paper, craft sticks, colored pencils….they love to just create! They will stay busy for over an hour with their art box! No cookie cutter crafts either!

  123. Amy says

    Decorating cookies. Although I’m sure this has something to do with how edible the end product is :-)

  124. Tonya says

    my oldest really enjoys drawing people right now. my youngest really loves to color with anything: crayons, markers, pencils, etc.

  125. Holly H says

    Just a young’un now so scribbling which he calls coloring. He likes to “fill in” the objects I draw and claim them as his own!

  126. Dianna says

    At the moment, it’s clay in art class, but at home he loves drawing and creating drawings from pictures he finds in newspapers and magazines…

  127. Karen says

    Lately making 3D creations, especially if I’ll help him make his vision reality by gluing things together with our glue gun.

  128. Christina says

    Painting and Drawing! My son loves to try to draw different cartoon characters and houses/buildings. I think he’d love to be an architect when he’s older!

  129. Mary Jenkins says

  130. Stephanie says

    Making special birthday cards for family and friends. Although this past year, melted bead suncatchers were made at just anout every playdate we hosted!

  131. Elizabeth says

    My daughter’s favorite art activity is to be given a pile of different objects and putting them all together into a sculpture (pom-poms, pipe cleaners, sequins, beads, yarn, popsicle sticks etc.)

  132. Rackley says

    Awesome opportunity! All three of my girls love creating with oil pastels, paint, crayons, or whatever I put in front of them.

  133. Ann says

    Liquid water colors over crayon for my little one.
    Pottery and making projects for my older boys.

  134. Michael says

    She does a lot of collage. Cutting paper, using glue and glitter and washi tape to make her creations. She also loves to paint.

  135. says

    My son loves to draw. He rarely uses anything outside of a pencil and paper. My daughter on the other hand loves to work with paint pastels glitter and all things colorful and sparkly!

  136. Sabrina says

    My oldest (8) enjoys writing and then illustrating stories – so we go through a LOT of pencil crayons. The younger one (6) is more expressive and loves to paint – the bigger the better!

  137. Stephanie says

    Drawing and coloring. My daughter considers herself a little fashion designer and is always drawing different outfits.

  138. katie says

    markers or paint for my 1 year old
    paint for my 4 year old “scissors”
    my 6 year old said, “paintbrush”
    *I swear I already answered this last night but cannot find my post anywhere in the comments. if it is there, this comment can be deleted. thanks.

  139. Julie Ventura says

    My youngest (age 6) loves glitter glue, stickers and cutting paper and then glueing it into animal and creature shapes. My 10 year old loves her rainbow loom, painting, and sewing.

  140. Chelsea says

    Coloring and painting are the favorite at the moment. This year will be old enough to explore more options.

  141. Adelle F. says

    I don’t think I could possibly pick just one! At the moment, my son is very into drawing, especially comics/cartoons and my daughter is very into making friendships bracelets. Both love painting and collage.

  142. says

    He loves to draw draw draw. 7 years old, and draws with sooooo much detail, that he is always the last to copy down all the words from his classroom board if there is drawing involved first! I need to jumpstart my art parenting desperately! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  143. Michaela says

    All my kids love painting with acrylics, and my 3 year old adores anything that involves cutting and gluing.

  144. Kim says

    I asked my daughter this question, and she says she likes to make cards for her daddy to take to work! She said she also likes painting hearts.

  145. Claire Yabraian says

    Painting. And drawing with her “very own” (as opposed to the family’s) colored pencils that St. Nicholas left in her shoe on his feast day.

  146. says

    I love painting, my son loves to draw and make up stories about his drawings. it is so fun to listen to him flex his art and imagination muscles!

  147. Sarah says

    My son really has really liked any art project that we can do outside–makes for bigger, messier art!

  148. Julie says

    My 4 year old has spent the entire afternoon cutting up pieces of paper and then taping them back together with masking tape…

  149. Brandy H says

    I have 4 kiddos and they each have their own preferences – we have a painter, a sculptor, a paper-art lover and a clay-lover.

  150. DebbieK says

    My son enjoys building things with various materials. The hard part is finding a place for it all!

  151. Sharon says

    My oldest loves sketching. I have stacks of sketchbooks filled with machines mostly of every sort. He takes his sketchbook to bed with him and falls asleep with it. Sheets have been ruined with markers that he fell asleep holding. But I love to look at the drawings in the morning!

  152. Karen says

    My eldest (8) loves to sketch and create, my middle child (4.5) loves to color and my youngest just scribbles/doodles (he’s only 18 months):)

  153. Shelly Ok says

    My daughter loves any and all art related activities. However, I would have to say drawing is her favorite, due to the fact that she draws on everything (TV, stove, furniture, walls, pillows, clothes, etc.) I recently taped blank paper all over the house in random places, and so far I think it is helping, lol.
    My son’s favorite art activity revolves around gluing objects (pom poms, googly eyes, shapes, etc).

  154. Anastasia Bovtunova says

    my daughter Vasilisa is 3,5 y.o and she loves painting with chalks, watercolor paints, crayons, oil pencils and everything except normal pencils!!! She has to push those pencils too hard to make the color bringt enough. That’s why she avoids them )
    Also she loves to work and create appliques for her grandmas amd grandpas. Yet the appliques are very simple – a house, a flower, a butterfly… I draw the geometrical figures for her and watch he cutting them out and making pictures putting them together with glue, discussing what goes where.
    Then i tore the wallpaper off from one of the walls in the flat and now the wall is all colored with paintings i even can not identify. But i guess it is abstract impressionism )
    those are her fave activities.
    sorry for my poor English )
    love your blog!
    best regards from Moscow, Russia

  155. Kary M. says

    Both my boys love to draw. They have recently moved on from using crayons to colored pencils and sharpies.

  156. Mary says

    My kiddo is really getting into coloring with crayons…she’s 19 months and for the longest time, she was more into gravity (ie, dropping the crayons and watching them fall) but she’s now really liking putting anything to paper.
    We tried finger painting, but she wasn’t thrilled with stuff on her hands!

  157. lynn says

    right now it’s drawing with pencils-plain or colored. and, it’s been really cold this winter so colored ice sculptures are up there for a seasonal art project!

  158. Andrea says

    My son really loves glue. We made colored glue using water colors and he loves to squeeze them onto paper.

  159. Aly S says

    My son loves drawing a la Ed Emberley and my daughter currently loves combining tins, plastic bottles, and other recyclables and covering them in duct tape to make containers with secret compartments, usually in the form of an animal.

  160. says

    It changes, but over the weekend it was coloring snowballs with food coloring. Otherwise she loves drawing and coloring- she can keep herself occupied for hours. She loves it when I make different kinds of paints, too. Edible paints were a bit hit, and homemade puffy paints too.

  161. MHB says

    Right now it’s molding and modeling with homemade playdoh! And tempera paint free art at the easel.

  162. Llinda says

    My non-artsy son has a new love of drawing race cars. It is great that we have finally found an avenue for exploring different types of mediums, to fill his desire to draw even more race cars.

  163. Susana says

    My daughters favorite art activity is painting and drawing. She loves to paint rainbows and flowers!

  164. Lindsay says

    Right now, my daughter loves to make princess and fairy dolls using beads, yarn and fuzzy sticks.

  165. Tantely says

    My 3 boys have unique likes when it comes to art activities. My oldest has discovered spiral doodling and loves experimenting and creating different shapes and coloring them in. My 2nd son enjoys the outdoors and often takes his water colors outside for painting landscapes. My little one loves Lego and creates Lego comic strips using pencil colors and markers.

  166. AStalvey says

    It used to be painting, but I think, if it’s possible, I’ve burned him out on painting. ?? In any case, he now likes to draw and cut the most and balks when I ask if he wants to paint.

  167. michelle says

    painting and more painting and drawing and sculpture – she really loves to create sculptures out of anything and everything using lots of glue and/or tape of all kinds :)

  168. Bethany says

    My little one is 20 months old, so currently we are teaching coloring and messing around with glue :)