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Win a Keepsake Plaque by Memories in ClayMemories in Clay, one of my blog sponsors, sells handcrafted keepsake plaques. They are offering one item up to $100 in price as a giveaway (or the winner can take $100 off of a greater-priced item) to one lucky winner!

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  1. Lisa says

    Family photo taken before we left the hospital when my child was born. We were so excited to take our little baby home!

  2. Dawn Lange says

    I agree with Maggie. As much as I love the handmade gifts from my kids, in the end I love looking at their faces more than anything.

  3. Katie Ring says

    I would love to have artwork/drawings from at least every month of his childhood. I love to see the changes in my son’s drawings over the months and years. : )

  4. Erin says

    I love the idea of a mommy hand print WITH my son’s hand print. we’ve done an annual print of his print alone.. would love to do this together. thank you!

  5. says

    photos! and videos of their sweet little voices, quotes and I save every handprint they make to remind me how small they are!

  6. Lisa says

    photos and a video blog… but, really I love her art work and seeing the evolving nature of her ability and inspiration.

  7. Samantha K says

    Videos from special moments growing up, photo albums, baby handprints, and of course the keepsake locks of baby hair!
    Thank you!

  8. Alisa says

    a plaque like this would be nice! We’re planning to save photos, artwork, etc. and scrapbook them, but I remember doing a hand plaque for my mom when I was five. She LOVED it. Would love to do one of both of our hands for my daughter.

  9. sharon says

    Anything made by them. We have a hedgehog made from homemade play dough and twigs – I just hope it lasts for a good few more years!

  10. Angel M. says

    Writing. I love to save things my children have written. Their ideas are priceless, especially when it is written in their own handwriting.

  11. Danielle says

    My husband and I keep talking about making stepping stones for our garden, with our children’s foot prints. We’re thinking we’d do a new impression every year or so, and then trail the stones through the garden to make a little walking path with their growing feet. We need to get on that though, because our first daughter is 18 months old already!

  12. Melinda says

    Hand and footprints are lovely, perhaps in a frame with a picture and a wee snippet of baby hair!

  13. Elizabeth says

    Photos, but I love the hand prints too. We make them out of salt clay dough, but they don’t last forever! (Crumble over time…)

  14. Michelle Canavan says

    Photos of our play and our family, art work, stories, and anything else that might remind me of their childhood.

  15. lynn says

    20 years from now I will treasure their handmade cards. Especially the ones in which they call me “mama” and the ones in which they draw our family.

  16. Charlene says

    I will treasure the video and audio recordings we have of them singing and making up stories with all their critter toys.

  17. Dena says

    Photos and we have a little book we keep on hand to write down all the funny, cute things she has said since she started talking. Her art is great too!

  18. Rebecca Elliott says

    I love my photobooks and christmas ornament crafts. It is so enjoyable to take them out and treasure them year after year at christmas.

  19. Rebecca says

    Something dealing with their size, were guessing that they will both be at least 6 feet tall!

  20. [email protected] says

    Memories in Art ~ Love it!

  21. Jill Weng says

    I love my daughters voice. So it would be the recording of her talking or singing, or even crying.

  22. Lisa says

    Artwork, photos, foot and handprints. All are so precious and remind me of the progress they have made over the years and how far they have come from those sweet little babies. So many memories! So bittersweet!!!

  23. Jennifer Ilardi says

    Her little brain is so creative! I want to capture her telling me a story in that teeny voice and super expressive face!

  24. Samantha says

    I love artwork by my kids…my favorite is a necklace my son made for mothers day…I am always proud to wear that necklace with “I love mom”….I’ll wear that for the next 20 years.

  25. Jan says

    An actual scrapbook that was put together instead of 27,000 photos on the computer in all seemingly random order.

  26. THlywa says

    As many happy photos as possible, anything they have made, anything with their growing handprints or footprints on them. :)

  27. Heather Murphy says

    Hmmm, can’t see the button for the question. But, I’d love to do more brother/sister art projects (handprints, fingerprints, etc.)

  28. Amy says

    My oldest (now 22) wrote me a poem about how he saw me and drew a picture. I have pictures and hand prints of him, but this poem means more to me, I think, because it was spontaneous and from his heart. I hope my daughter does something similar some day.

  29. Andrea D. says

    I would love anything that would reflect them as a child and show me their personality. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  30. Danielle K says

    I have been trying o take lots of pictures of my children and pics of their artwork to put in a photobook. I also love making handprints gifts for family

  31. meghan skewis says

    Great memories I do something with clay almost every year around the same time. My son loves it and its a great keepsake for when he gets older.

  32. Nicole says

    Photos and videos, especially if we are in them as well. Too many times we leave ourselves out!

  33. Geri says

    Photos and videos are top of the list, but it is nice if there is something tangible that they have made (that can survive time).

  34. Abbey C. says

    I have hand and foot prints art and also love videos of them dancing and/or singing, or just being kids and playing around.

  35. Nicole says

    Things that will remind me of them as babies/toddlers. Videos/recordings of their voices, foot/handprints, first outfit, favorite lovie….

  36. Pria says

    Their first poetry and their funny stories and ofcourse the priceless memories associated with it!

  37. Becky M says

    I would love to have a book that incorporates photos, hand and foot prints, and also be recordable so that you could hear their sweet little voices to remember how they sounded when they were small.

  38. Lisa says

    I scan their art work and put it together to make a book every few years. I also keep the best stuff. But we can’t keep everything!

  39. Katie says

    Photos of course are a favorite but really what I would love to capture is my son’s laughter.

  40. Christina says

    Video of them…also I have a book that I write down fun stuff that they say. I know I will treasure that in 20 years!

  41. says

    So hard to answer! I would like all kinds of keepsakes, but definitely something that hangs on a wall, something that goes in a book, someting I use or wear, and something to listen to or watch.

  42. [email protected] says

    We make Family Yearbooks on Shutterfly each year

  43. says

    That’s really hard. I think some sort of written word (letters?) back and forth or reflections on stages in their life….their artwork, also :)
    Sarah M

  44. Christina B. says

    I will treasure their drawings of our family. Videos of them singing and dancing showing their sweet innocence and freedom to express themselves.

  45. Maggie Williams says

    I have a journal in which I write down milestones and funny moments for my son. I also have a box for his craft projects for him to enjoy when he’s older.

  46. MommyT says

    The one thing I want 20 years from now as a momento is to still be able to get the occasional hug from my kids. Priceless.

  47. Melissa Ferguson says

    Just having them live close enough to come visit and talk about the “good old days”.

  48. [email protected] says

    Pictures, artwork, outfits, dictated stories…

  49. Laura says

    I wish there was some way to capture the scenes and tiny imaginary environments she sets up — they’re amazing!

  50. Cheryl says

    sounds of the little voice talking, randomly, saying whatever is on his mind. I wish I could bottle that

  51. says

    Something that represents a special time that we shared together, like when we made clay Christmas ornaments for the tree. I will never forget that.

  52. Melanie Browning says

    We make handprint ornaments every Christmas, I treasure those ornaments more than any I have ever purchased.

  53. [email protected] says

    I hope 20 years from now I can boast of a wide variety of keepsakes, including pictures, art, and special childhood items.

  54. Melody says

    I love to write down the funny things my son says. I don’t want to forget how silly and sweet he is.

  55. jessica miller says

    I would love to have their smiles and voices trapped in a bottle! I love looking back at my stories I wrote as a cchild and try to keep special art projects that each of my kids create!

  56. lois says

    Ohhhh. Just thinking about my babies not being babies anymore makes my throat tighten up. Something to remember the little things. Perhaps a journal with things they’ve said or done…yikes I better get started (says the mum of a 5, 3, and 1 year old).

  57. Chien says

    my husband and I have been toying with the idea of opening a email account for our children and send them occasional messages/ photos/ articles and give them the account when they turn 18

  58. Brandy says

    Photos and videos, a recording of his sweet giggles, anything that will remind me of how small and precious he is. :)

  59. Lydia says

    I take lots of pictures with my phone, and I keep just about every piece of art my daughter has ever made!

  60. Naomi Piehl says

    A coffee mug, with designs from my little girl. I drink a lot of herbal tea, and would love to see her art work every time.

  61. Siri says

    Keepsakes that I would love to have: Finger prints/foot prints when they are born and in between growing years, firsts of every milestone, lots of pics of us recollecting the happy memories spent doing things together.

  62. Savannah says

    My son has had many interests so far in his life~trains, airplanes, farm animals, and now pandas. I try to create some hand or foot keepsake with each interest so that I can remember how small he was:)

  63. Deanna says

    I would like to put together a book of all the funny things he said and words he wasn’t able to pronounce that had hilarious consequences.

  64. Melissa Haddon says

    Photographs and memories. In 20 years I want many wonderful memories to look back on. Oh and handmade Christmas ornaments for my tree when they are all grown and gone.

  65. Nancy says

    Artwork from my kids should be wonderful 20 years from now. I have some great pottery from my son that sits next to pottery I made as a kid. Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. Elizabeth Vowell says

    Photos, handmade items and even better: handmade items containing photos! I can’t even imagine 20 years from now since they are so young, but I hope my kids and I are friends and they can remember at least SOME of the love and opportunities to explore/create that we provided them as youngsters.

  67. Becky Williams says

    EASY- I am loving photobooks from Shutterfly…and I want to make 1 combining their art and pictures of them making the art.

  68. Cynthia says

    I adore anything with handprints. Their sweet hands remind me of how little they still are and all the fun still to be had!

  69. Jen S says

    I am having my 5 year old fill in a book that asks a simple question each day and record it for 3 years. Looking forward to seeing how the answers change already and what she’ll think of it in 20 years.

  70. Amber Boggs says

    Since she is only 2 1/2 at the moment, I think hand and foot print art. But I am a hoarder, so I plan to have lots of stuff saved up of hers. More than she will ever want to see, I am sure.

  71. Sara McCloud says

    Their early artwork as their skill was catching up to creativity and a hand print to remember just how small they really are.

  72. says

    We have scrapbooks that are special, and each child has what we call a “special box” to keep whatever trinkets interest them. When one gets full, we get another! Fun to look through from time to time and see how they have grown.

  73. kaarina says

    photos, but i’d love to have them handpicked and neatly arranged in simple, tasteful photo books, perhaps one for each year.

  74. Emily says

    A picture book of her With all the people that have helped us thee hard times. Our friends and family

  75. Elizabeth says

    Photos, although it is really difficult to get my wiggle worm to pose. I’m a single Mom and do not have many photos of my daughter and I together. I need to be more proactive and ask others to take photos of us.

  76. Tara says

    This is a tough one… but I would have to say recordings… Anytime I look at the ones we have I’m brought back to that moment and my heart feels so much happiness (and sadness) but mostly happiness :-)

  77. Barbara K says

    I love the photo Christmas ornaments I have of each child—bring them out every year without fail.

  78. Joy says

    I’d love to use my child’s artwork in some long lasting pieces, though I’m not sure exactly what.

  79. stephanie.yanik_live says

    I don’t know. I do know that I will treasure anything I have from my son, no matter what age or phase :)

  80. Cindy says

    I’d like to have tons of photos, some videos so I can remember their voices, and some of their artwork.

  81. says

    handprints, definitely. I have a plaster cast of my daughter’s hand and been trying to find that same mold I have somewhere so I can get my son’s cast before it’s too big!

  82. Sarah says

    I love the little arts and crafts from preschool. I would like to have handprints and photos reminding me how small she was.

  83. Janine Ryan says

    The sound of their voices and laughter on dvd or video. I still listen to a cassette of myself singing. So innocent and out of tune.

  84. Mnickpdx says

    Photos and videos from the younger years. I’ve always loved baby and toddler handprints. I was recently given my own from 45 years ago :)

  85. Michelle says

    Photos, handprints, footprints, pictures that the children have done, writing ….. The list goes on and on

  86. Elizabeth says

    The keepsakes I would most like to have are photos/videos and a journal full of all the funny and wonderful things they have said over the years :)

  87. says

    I keep a journal of quotes from them. I’d love one of those necklaces that has a drawing of theirs engraved on it. Photos. Not too much “stuff” but a few special items.

  88. says

    Most importantly, photos! I love looking at old photos with my Mom, and hope to do the same with my son some day :) Also, I save anything I want to share with him when he is older…school work, his art, handwriting papers, oh, I save it all!

  89. Stephanie says

    A video. I’m hoping to have my daughter, on video, answer the same few questions about her life/school every year. Then make a compilation at the end of it. I guess this is a long-term project!

  90. megan says

    Hand prints, and yearly photo books of all the things our family did that year. I’m working on that one, and will hopefully get caught up before another baby enters the picture!

  91. grace says

    oh wow, this is a good question! not really sure what the answer, i always like any kind of foot /hand print art. but probably collection of his arts in an album or photo books. my son likes to scribble, write funny things on his art and draw period. that would be great for him to show his kids one day :-)

  92. Lydia Thomas says

    ALL our homemovies on dvds, easy to pull out and watch..
    LOTS of hand prints and footprints, bits of hair from first hair cuts,
    The first pairs of tiny shoes.
    An interview written every year starting at age 4 of their favorite things and just their overall thoughts on life.

  93. Nicole says

    Photos, of course. I also love the idea of a scrapbook of all the art my kiddos have created over the years.

  94. says

    I have some awesome hand and foot prints I made into artwork when he was born. I’d love to have his current handwriting on a necklace or something.

  95. Kim says

    I love having their foot or hand prints. I also hope to make blankets from their onsies worn in the first year.

  96. Rachel says

    Videos of them playing and talking. I would especially love hearing their little voices! So beautiful!

  97. Jenna says

    I want to have his big chunky baby feet immortalized in clay. They’ve been my favorites since he came out of the womb.

  98. Stephanie Hobbs says

    I want lots of handmade items! Ornaments, drawings, things I can hold and treasure and share :)

  99. Kendra Z. says

    Videos of them talking and singing and just do everyday things. Time is going by so fast and they change quickly.

  100. Sarah says

    Photos, of course, but one of my favorite things right now are the voice memos I’ve recorded on my iphone–usually in the car–and usually when my son doesn’t know he’s being recorded. He says the funniest, most creative things, and I think that they will help me remember this special time in his life.

  101. Rebecca says

    I love looking at photos of when they were little, but I really love to see their art develop and grow as they do. Now their drawings are no longer just scribbles, but include circles with eyes and legs and arms. So fun!

  102. Brandy H says

    I think I would love to have little recordings of their voices! A local scrapbook store use dto sell little things that recorded 30 seconds or so but that store has since gone out of business. :(

  103. Kristin says

    Lots of pictures of course, but I’d also love video or audio of her singing songs…one of my favorite things to watch her do!

  104. Tonpia says

    Something with the sound of their voices on it. The way they speak and (mis)pronounce is what i’ll probably want to remember.

  105. lynn says

    many books of photos, many boxes of artwork, some of my most treasured things now are the drawings my son does transferred to needlepoint.

  106. Margaret N says

    Definitely the ornaments they make for the holidays. My parents still put the Christmas ornaments I made in preschool on their tree. It has a picture of me in it. Even my kids love those!

  107. Christine says

    I would love something original- poetry, a song (since that seems to be the leaning around here lately) and sentimental.

  108. Camille says

    Well, these look fantastic – so beautiful and unique from typical handprint keepsakes. A portfolio of their art would also be very cool!

  109. Kim B says

    Anything that is reflective of her personality now and will reminder us both of special moments in our time together at this age.

  110. Ingrid P says

    so far photos are our main keepsakes. Photos and kids art. i have been displaying their art around the house but also have it stored in a plastic filing bin so that we can look at it again in the future. i have heard of some people photographing their kids art and then having photobooks printed and that sounds like a fun idea to make interspersed with photographs of the kids making the art.

  111. Garland says

    Video clips. Those little voices, special to them words and phrases, little mannerisms – constantly changing and evolving and missed. I’d hate to forget them.

  112. AStalvey says

    We love handprint art! We try to make some pretty regularly- but of course none are as polished as this. <3

  113. Laura says

    File/book of her creations, something showing her growth – her little hand thru the years, and audio/video of her explaining what she is doing/playing

  114. Bethany says

    I enjoy looking back on the art work I created for my parents and seeing the small hand prints/fingerprints that I made them. I think this would be precious to me.