Giveaway #8 :: 3 Art Activity Kits from The Art Pantry

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Giveaway of Three Kids Art Activity Kits by The Art Pantry

The Art Pantry, one of my blog sponsors, sells hand-picked children's art products. They have offered three kids' art activity kits, including their fingerpainting, monoprinting, and watercolor resist kits, as a giveaway to one lucky winner! 

Fingerpainting Kit by The Art Pantry

Fingerpainting Fun! Supply Kit

Kit includes: 1 pad of finger paint paper (30 sheets), 1 roll of masking tape, 3 jars of washable finger paint (16 oz. each in red, blue, and yellow), 2 paint scrapers, one toy vehicle, 2 jars of glitter, instructions.

Monoprinting Kit by The Art Pantry

Magnificent Monoprint! Supply Kit

Kit includes: 12 sheets of scratch foam board, 1 foam paint roller, 2 bottles of tempera paint (8 oz each in red and blue), 2 bottles of water based block ink (1.3 oz each in black and white), 1 ballpoint pen, 80 sheets of paper (variety of colors and types), instructions.

Watercolor Resist Kit by The Art Pantry

Wonderful Watercolor Resist! Supply Kit with Oil Pastels

Kit includes: 1 paint pad (20 sheets), 3 bottles of liquid watercolor (8 oz. each in red, blue, and yellow), 6 paint cups in a base, 3 watercolor brushes, 2 droppers, 1 pack of oil pastels, instructions.

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  1. Maggie Williams says

    Honestly, I loved just about anything that allowed me to create. As a little girl, I loved to paint though =)

  2. Maggie says

    Probably coloring. That was about all the art that happened at our house. I’m trying to make up for it, lol.

  3. Catherine says

    As an older child, sewing and embroidery. I liked making Christmas ornaments, and other gifts.

  4. Danielle says

    I loved to make fashion sketches, as a child. I wasn’t a very good artist, but I’d spend all kinds of time drawing my models, and their futuristic outfits. I also really loved writing poetry, which is its own form of art.

  5. says

    My favorite art activities that I can remember were drawing/designing ladies clothing, and then coloring it in, and also making collages out of magazine, paper, glue, and ‘bits and bobs’ like old buttons, little toys, beads, etc. !
    Sarah M

  6. Anne says

    I loved to make collage. I’m trying now to develop my drawing and painting skills past the middle school level.

  7. Lisa says

    I was not very successful but I tried origami over & over again over the years. I thought maturity would be on my side by now but I’ve tried several times with my daughter and I still can’t do most of the origami we try. lol One of these days I’ll master the art of origami! lol

  8. Amy Frye says

    I always found the simplicity of coloring in a coloring book calming. I always loved seeing what creations I could make with play-doh. There is some kind of magic in painting as well. It’s very hard to pick a favorite.

  9. Liz says

    I love all sorts of art. Play doh was a favorite and is probably why I still love scupting and pottery as an adult.

  10. says

    I loved torn paper “mosaics”! I also loved where you took a square of tissue paper and wrapped it on the eraser end of a pencil, then dipped it in glue and made a 3d image.

  11. Cheryl says

    I adore your blog and we have tried lots of your ideas. We LOVE painting and messy mushy things :)

  12. Maureen Waitt says

    Art as a child was very limited…crayons were really the only material..although I can remember being fascinated with cray pas! Maybe that’s why I love it so much as an adult and a mom!

  13. Megan says

    I loved donning an old shirt of my father’s and painting. For weeks I called myself “Megan Monet”

  14. Rachel L says

    Didnt grow up a whole lot doing art at home, but I enjoyed doing pottery & making nature collages.

  15. Cheryl says

    Uh-oh. I answered incorrectly. As a child i loved painting and making messes with my art work. So does my son now. Isn’t that convenient? :)

  16. Rachel says

    I think coloring. To be honest I don’t remember doing a lot of other things, maybe some water colors or crafts, but mostly coloring.

  17. Suzanna says

    My mom had HUGE buckets of tempera paint from teaching – we used to paint enormous “masterpieces” on rolls and rolls of butcher paper in our backyard!

  18. [email protected] says

    We did all kind of things as a child, we did a lot of drawing, knitting, knitting with beads, but also painting and I used to help my father paint in the house. Now my children are both very crafty. my oldest loves to build with anything and coloring and paint, my youngest being autistic has odd for drawing. It was so bad he used to draw on the walls if there was nothing else to draw on.

  19. Maureen says

    Drawing with fancy colored pencils or coloring in someone else’s drawings with the same type of pencils.

  20. Paige Cunningham says

    I loved drawing/doodling with permanent markers. I also loved mud puddles and natural made fairy houses!

  21. [email protected] says

    Drawing in my sketchbook all the time.

  22. Katy says

    Ironically, fingerpainting! I loved the feel of the paint and blending colors together to make new colors. My two year old loves it too, and will “fingerpaint” with anything–watercolors, tempura paint, even food. ;)

  23. Jenny says

    I loved painting and making cards and crafts for my grandma. It was a tradition to make her magnets to hang on her fridge. They would be made of all sorts of things. Before she passed away, my kids also painted some for her. She loved them:)

  24. Danielle K says

    My favorite activity when I was child was drawing and coloring. We didn’t have art supplies growing up though, except for color crayons and pencils.

  25. Elizabeth says

    I enjoyed making “impressionist paintings” with oil paints on canvas as a kid – I even did a presentation of French impressionist painters in the third grade.

  26. Julie D says

    My favorite art activity as a child was more of a craft really. I love to crochet with my Grandmother. I also loved anything that involved paste.

  27. Alicia says

    Probably painting. Especially with good paints because we only ever had those watercolor trays.

  28. Julie says

    I wasn’t offered a lot of options, so coloring would have to be it. I’m offering my son more options than I had and he loves it!

  29. Melissa McPhail says

    My mom would trace my body on butcher paper, so it was actual size and then I colored and decorated it. I thought this was awesome!

  30. Kelly says

    I LOVED to draw! I also loved coloring and remember I was so happy to go over a relatives house if I knew they had crayons:) I remember my mom loved to color with me too.

  31. Elizabeth says

    I actually loved coloring in coloring books! I found it very relaxing, especially when I was 1st/2nd grade.

  32. Eileen says

    As a child I loved ALL kinds of art but I think mixed-media collage was (still is!) my favorite because it allowed me to create using all kinds of materials.

  33. DEANNA says

    My grandmother had a box of oil pastels that I remember discovering and subsequently becoming obsessed with. My parents only gave us kids basic crayola crayons so when I experienced oil pastels for the first time I was in love! I now try to give my son real high quality art materials in addition to good old crayons so that he too can experience the amazement of what can be created.

  34. THlywa says

    I loved playing outdoors or pretend games with my dolls. I would spend hours making doll houses out of household items.

  35. Jen says

    My favorite art activity that I can remember was wood burning. I made a plaque for my Dad and he still has it on his wall.

  36. Caitlin says

    My favorite art activity was making scratch paper with crayons, covered in black crayon and then scratched away with a paper clip.

  37. Janet T. says

    I hate to say it, but our family did not value anything like this when I was a child. The only memory I have is of coloring books. Thankfully, art permeates our lives today. My husband is an amazing illustrator, and my daughter will spend all day drawing with him.

  38. Amy says

    I loved natural art…making things from nature (mud sculptures, leaf collages, pressing flowers). We lived out in the country and that is what I had to work with.

  39. Stacey Pagan says

    Not so much a regular activity, but I enjoyed doing dribble sand during the summer and I have shared my love of dribble sand with my boys whenever there is sand and water somewhere!

  40. shawna J says

    Art wasn’t really a home activity for me growing up which is why it’s an everyday activity for my little one!

  41. chandra says

    I loved shrinky dinks and those suncatchets that you put the little pellets in and then melted

  42. Heather Murphy says

    I loved finger painting (even in high school!)and making friendship bracelets- hours upon hours of my life were spent on those!

  43. Lily Hinze says

    I had a plastic gallon ice cream container full of beads, glitter, buttons, embellishments…I loved using pins and sticking them into styrofoam balls…or I’d glue them to colored construction paper.

  44. Nuala says

    I don’t remember doing anything other than drawing or painting – and as painting was messier.. ;)

  45. Dawn Lange says

    I will always remember this project I did in kindergarten where I got to make a sculpture with wood pieces and glue and then paint it. I kept it until I was 20 something and sad that I don’t have it anymore!

  46. Leila says

    There were so many! but lately I’ve been remembering that we used to draw with crayons on sand paper and I really loved that!

  47. [email protected] says

    I enjoyed all art as a child. But I especially enjoyed drawing.

  48. MamaV says

    sadly, i wasn’t exposed to art much as a child, though i did love all the arts and crafts we did in church! anything that let me get my hands dirty!

  49. Jennifer Ilardi says

    I used to like collecting small boxes and scrape carpet and build little replica houses

  50. Kim says

    I went through phases with all kinds of stuff: finger-painting, drawing, making bracelets with beads or embroidery floss. I loved all of it!

  51. Angel M. says

    As a child I was always so excited as Valentine’s Day approached. I loved to cut paper hearts, glitter and glue!

  52. Jenny Clearwater says

    My favorite art activity as a child was sculpting and modeling with playdough and clay.

  53. Denise says

    I love to draw, paint and crochet for the most part but dabbled in everything my mother worked on with us as kids.

  54. Diana Cote says

    Drawing, i loved drawing and i would go into my own world when i drew. I loved it and it made me happy! :)

  55. Jenny says

    Coloring, anything with clay as a young child. I remember making a puppet and really loving it. As an older child, sketching and sewing.

  56. jessica miller says

    perhapsmy favorite was not the art activity but the shaving cream cleanup afterwards!

  57. Allison S. says

    I just loved drawing, mostly with color pencils. I can still remember many of my drawings…loved simply drawing.

  58. Peggy says

    I loved coloring as a child. I really liked all art activities, but I don’t remember be allowed to paint or glue or do anything too messy much at home.

  59. Nicole says

    Me and my sister used to save milk jugs and make houses out of them for our clothespin people we would make-I used to love doing that with her

  60. Erin says

    I love all art.. but i especially enjoyed my polaroid camera and making ceramic figures in my aunt’s art studio.

  61. Lisa says

    Coloring… still is. I think I took over a few of K’s coloring books :) And Painting, but in the early 70’s we didn’t do that much, as the paints usually dyed your skin LOL.
    Now I really love living a 2nd childhood w/ Kaitlyn in discovering different art mediums and projects together.

  62. judi says

    I grew up near the beach, so sand sculptures were my favorite. My wonderful mom even carried buckets of sand home for us so we could keep creating with sand and water.

  63. Rebecca Feucht says

    Collages, paper mâché or anything with glitter. I’m so happy to be getting a second go around with my artsy preschooler .

  64. Jessica G says

    My dad used to be a professional illustrator, so I was lucky to grow up with professional tools (my dad even let me use his light board to trace on). So I always loved drawing and coloring with colored pencils. I also loved playing with Spirograph and fashion plates!

  65. Heather Brady says

    I loved making bead necklaces. I also remember tie dye and making a dream maker were favorites.

  66. Krista Holden says

    I was never much of an artist, but I loved to color and paint. Hoping to inspire my daughter by providing more opportunities to participate in art.

  67. Gwen Johnson says

    Sadly I don’t remember doing much art when I was a child, but I do remember wishing I could learn to paint. I enjoy painting now!

  68. says

    I think I enjoyed painting, although I really don’t remember doing much art work. I had an uncle who was an artist, and he got me a drawing book once – I liked that, too.

  69. Andrea says

    Clay perhaps? Funny, because now I don’t like the feel of drying clay on my hands. I also loved anything with really bold colors and strokes.

  70. Cheryl says

    I don’t remember! I don’t remember doing tons of arts and crafts as a kid. Most likely coloring as that was most readily available.

  71. Amelia Lawler says

    I loved ripping apart newspapers and magazines and sticking them down with my clag glue. So much so when we had long car trips my mother would give me a magazine to destroy and I’d lick the ripped pieces and stick them to my sister and I. It would offer hours of entertainment

  72. Kerry says

    I always enjoyed using crayons, even when older – I took a box of crayons and a coloring book along to college, a great stress reliever! But I do remember enjoying painting in elementary school.

  73. Heather Jordan says

    I loved to paint. I always wanted to be an artist and now all I want to do is teach art. I love it!

  74. marianne says

    Drawing!!! Still to this day it soothes me just to sketch random things. Thank goodness my girls love to also!!

  75. Kiri N says

    Pencil drawing or painting with watercolors. I wanted to be a grown up type artist like on tv ;)

  76. Brianna says

    My favorite activity was going on nature walks with my family and then building or making keepsakes with the items we found. Also loved to paint, and still do!

  77. Betsy says

    Anything crafty…Christmas ornaments, cards, decorations. I especially loved googly eyes but it seems like we never had enough of them when I wanted them!

  78. Siri says

    Loved drawing the early morning scene. Brown mountains with warm early morning sun, blue river, clouds, birds, a house/hut, pond with fish, tree and beanth the grass grass with frsh blooming flowers. I still draw it for my son.

  79. Naomi Piehl says

    Art wasn’t something I got to do much of as a child. But one memory stands out, painting with my nonna.

  80. says

    One of my faves that I can remember…Shrinky Dinks!

  81. Savannah says

    I have vivid memories of painting with water colors and having an art museum in my room where I displayed my art!

  82. Kristal says

    I loved a lot of mediums… I just really loved making things to gift to others:). I had quite a polymer clay phase:)

  83. Steph Wakeem says

    Probably coloring since other activities made a “mess” at home. I’m trying to break that pattern with my son.

  84. Melissa Haddon says

    I always loved more crafty projects. I did love anything that didn’t require me drawing, but filling it (coloring or painting). Later on I found a love for photography.

  85. [email protected] says

    for my grandchildren!

  86. sybrina says

    I loved making friendship bracelets for everyone as a child. A Klutz book really inspired me!

  87. Kristin says

    We really didn’t have art supplies available when I was a child. I remember having markers and paper in my mom’s closet, but we had to ask permission to use them. I’m raising my children the exact opposite… supplies everywhere!

  88. Becky Williams says

    Drawing and painting…I was caught selling my paintings (that got rave reviews at home) door to door with a friend.

  89. Nancy says

    As a kid, I loved to work on the pottery wheel in Saturday morning art classes. Thank you for the giveaway!

  90. Elizabeth Vowell says

    I don’t remember my childhood as well as others…I’ve been told. I do, however, remember winning a coloring contest and getting a free hot lunch in first grade. My picture was a patchwork of color, which probably explains why I still love every color of the rainbow. My oldest (now in 1st grade) recently colored a picture with a patchwork of colors, too!

  91. beth s says

    cutting and making collages from old magazines with my Gramma. she had piles of old books just for me.

  92. Jill W says

    Wow…so long ago…as a child probably coloring. I LOVED getting the annual box of 64 NEW crayons in my stocking every Christmas. I’ll never forget the joy of opening a new box of crayons…

  93. Cynthia says

    Coloring! We weren’t a house that encouraged messiness, so coloring was our best bet! I did it far past the age that most of my friends had given it up!

  94. Jen S says

    Anything that was related to art in any way! I made a lot of stuff out of cardboard and paper for my Barbies that I’d say would be mini pieces of artwork.

  95. Kristy Phillips says

    I have specifically been working on introducing both monoprinting and watercolor resist painting into our home projects. It would be fabulous to have these aids to our home arts education program!

  96. Elisa says

    Crumpled tissue paper. And ash trays out of tile and maybe plaster (funny cause no one I knew smoked!)

  97. says

    My favorite art activity was coloring. I remember in the 70s having a cardboard playhouse that I could color & my big sister helped me. It was wonderful!

  98. Shannon says

    Painting and sketching. And I loved when we got to work with clay at school (and actually have our creations fired in the kiln!)

  99. kaarina says

    i remember loving it when we folded paper in half, painted on one side, and then refolded the paper, and finally opened it up to see what it looked like.

  100. Amber Boggs says

    My favorite activity was painting. Paint was difficult to come by. There were not many craft stores around, so it was always a real treat when we were able. We did do a lot of finger paint, because they sold those kits at the store.

  101. Anna says

    Collage – I loved painting with watercolors and using old pieces of wall paper on my work. So fun.

  102. cindy says

    Making collages with all the of the random objects my mom would stock in our art supply cabinet.

  103. Christine Smith says

    I drew constantly as a child. When I ran out of drawing paper, I’d use the type writer paper (or computer paper, depending on my age), and when that was gone I’d use the front of envelopes!

  104. stephanie.yanik_live says

    I was happy with white paper and crayons… I could draw and color for hours on end!

  105. Amy Griffeth says

    fingerpainting… I remember in 2nd grade watching a movie – the old fashioned reel to reel movies and we watched one on Finger painting techniques… that movie taught me how to make the page look like an ocean with waves and seashells – I still do those techniques whenever I finger paint

  106. Renee says

    I loved to draw. My mom always said I was born with a pencil in my hand; my grandfather said I ate paper ;)

  107. Jenn M. says

    I loved making things with pieces of felt and pom poms and such. We had these fun craft books that my sister and I would look at endlessly. Fun memories!

  108. says

    We had a fabulous art teacher in my elementary school, but I specifically remember loving when she’d pull out the linoleum for print making.

  109. Margaux says

    Oh this is such a hard question! SO many favorites! I would probably have to say drawing was my ultimate fave, but I also loved making jewelry and painting.

  110. Elizabeth says

    I loved my art teacher! Paper mache was one of my favorites, otherwise painting & drawing.

  111. Gretchen says

    I remember making a keychain in middle school out of many, many colorful sheets of the same shape of construction paper, all glued one on top the other with Elmer’s glue. When it was dry we used rasps and files to make a smooth, sloped edge all the way around the shape. We then dipped them in polyurethane! It was the coolest project.

  112. Jeanette says

    I loved to finger paint! I remember the exact smock I had in kindergarten and how much I used it at home when I would create my masterpieces.

  113. Nette says

    My favorite art activity as a child was collage. I loved, and still do, finding lovely or intriguing things and making them my own.

  114. Katie says

    I have vivid memories of painting the driveway with plain old water and a paintbrush. I loved painting, watching it dry, then painting again.

  115. Melanie says

    I loved playing with the homemade play dough my mom would make on the stove! I loved that it would be warm! I make the same play dough for my girls now.

  116. Cassandra R. says

    I loved to draw. Also I remember loving making scribble art with a pen and coloring in all the empty space with tons of color.

  117. says

    I remember a preschool teacher showing me how to fold a paper in half, paint one side with watercolors, and then paint the other side with plain water. When you fold the two sides back together, the watercolor side transfers to the water side. This was amazing to me when I was 4.

  118. Beth L. says

    Hmmm, coloring in a coloring book was a favorite because I could do it anywhere, but in art class I loved clay. I majored in ceramics in college!

  119. Lidia says

    I did not really like painting but I liked coloring books. And I loved the play dough.
    Hopefully my children will be more interested in painting than me

  120. sara says

    Wow, I liked lots of things, but I remember getting really excited when the art teacher got out the clay at school.

  121. says

    melting crayon shavings in between wax paper and sewing

  122. Alisha says

    I loved to make collages, and cards. Still do to this day! :) hope to pass that trait to my little one <3

  123. Carolyn A. says

    I love all arts & crafts as a child… probably drawing and coloring if I had to pick a favorite. :)

  124. Michelle A says

    I didn’t really get to do much art at all, so honestly coloring was it for me, but I did love it :-)

  125. Alya says

    I loved the feel and smell of Play-doh, and later I loved making necklaces and friendship bracelets!

  126. grace says

    I used to draw a lot and then collect those drawings and made them a calendar. I wish I still have it for a memory and show my son. These are great giveaways, thank you for the chance and being so generous!

  127. Katherine says

    Collage/decoupage or coloring… maybe both? And attempting to draw horses.
    Thanks for all of these great giveaways. I know there will be many happy families among the winners!

  128. Chelsea says

    I loved drawing clothes! I also loved to build and make things. I wish I would have learned more about painting and definitely want to encourage that in my little one.

  129. Julie Ventura says

    I loved to color as a child (and still do!), but I also had one of Ed Emberley’s fingerprint books which was tons of fun.

  130. megan says

    All of it, but probably painting was my favorite. I went to a very cool progressive school for a few years when I was in transition and 1/2 (yep, even the grades were weird. When I transferred to public school they had no idea what grade to put me in, which is how I ended up basically skipping second grade), and at that school we had language and art classes every day, and it was always something cool like batik painting or woodblock printing or ceramics or mural painting, even for 6 year olds. I partially credit my years there to my career as an artist now :)

  131. Jessamyn says

    Drawing I think. I would draw for hours. My mom was a weaver so I did lots of things with yarn too.

  132. Lydia Thomas says

    Paper dolls! My sisters and I would draw our own paper dolls, color them, cut them and set them up everyday. We went really elaborate and even made houses, cards, furniture for our dolls using cardstock, scissors and crayons. That’s it! I miss it.

  133. Kelly says

    I really don’t remember being into arts and crafts as a kid which is why sometimes I am at a total loss with my kiddo.

  134. says

    I loved collage. I *think* I liked drawing and painting too, except I’m a perfectionist so my drawings/paintings never met my own high expectations, so I shied away from them. What a shame. This is something I don’t want my kids to go through. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  135. Annie says

    I loved to cut and paste as a child. I especially loved construction paper and tissue paper crafts.

  136. Rachel says

    I LOVED to take various “scraps” from around the house and use them to create new things! I guess now it would maybe be called recycled sculptures!

  137. Claire Yabraian says

    At school, in first grade, I vividly remember doing some kind of painting with paint in a bubble soap solution and somehow using a straw to blow it onto paper. In my mind, it had an amazing effect. But, I can’t quite figure out exactly how we might have done it.

  138. Heather S. says

    Sand Art!! I loved the textures! :o) peeling the sticker pouring on the sand and seeing the image emerge :o)

  139. says

    I didn’t get many chances to art activities – I think I would have liked it. I remember looking at a book as an older elementary about things that kids can make and day dreaming about making them.

  140. Lisa says

    coloring was all of the art activities i did growing up so i’m trying to be more creative with my daughter now :)

  141. Maureen says

    I LOVED working with oil pastels. I felt like such a grown-up artist using them and they were still easy and fun.

  142. Angela R says

    making colors with food dye and water, it was always a big mess but I adored making every variation of blue-green possible and then painting with it.

  143. [email protected] says

    I had two favorite art activities as a child- 1) a splatter/spin art machine. 2) cake/cookie decorating (I think that counts as art :))

  144. Nanette says

    I hated art! And it makes me sad so I am doing everything I can to make sure my kids love it.

  145. Kristin says

    I loved all sorts of art growing up, but I think painting was probably the best…I guess that means I need to remember to paint more with my daughter!

  146. brandy dominy says

    I really loved making paper mache projects because it included popping a balloon and painting!
    intact I just started this project today with my 4 year old :)

  147. Amanda says

    I loved making hook rugs, I think I was a bit older then though. Maybe in middle school. We were always doing “craps” at our house and I loved it all!

  148. Kary M. says

    I loved cutting out images from catalogs, pasting them onto pieces of paper and assembling them into books.

  149. Amy says

    Anything that involved that powdered paint that you mixed with water. I loved the way that stuff smelled.

  150. mbc says

    that’s a tough question. i really loved anything that required me using my hands. I was even satisfied with using scissors if that was the only things I could do that day in school. I love all of it, still do.

  151. says

    My brother, our friend that shared our beach house and I used to make construction paper purses and wallets, complete with “money”. On rainy days we would make them for hours, and then make items for our stores and go shopping. So fun.

  152. Krissy says

    I use to love anything with plain old crayons (showing my age here!) and would get excited over a brand new box of 64 with the sharpener in the back. I loved to put patches of color all over paper and then take my black crayon and press really hard over it until it was completely covered. I’d take a toothpick and scratch my drawing in the black revealing my colors underneath. I also loved to melt crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper with a warm iron (supervised of course!).

  153. Erin says

    I loved the one we did at school where we did crayons, then black tempera paint on top, and scratched off a line drawing. So colorful and surprising!

  154. Kim B says

    I loved drawing and coloring with crayons. We didn’t have a lot of art supplies around, but we always had crayons. To this day, I love a box of new crayons.

  155. michelle says

    oh my goodness…anything and everything…painting…collage…drawing…making mud pies :) lots of mud pies

  156. Bethany says

    I loved creating with “trash.” I made my mom a Mother’s Day gift of pencil shavings into flowers attached to green toothpicks put into a little jar :)