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The Artful Parent Newsletter - Creativity Delivered Straight to Your InboxIf you signed up for my newsletter in the past year, you might have noticed my new newsletter in your inbox last Monday. It was probably even a complete surprise since I had fallen off the newsletter wagon a while back.

But I'm back on!

And with a new newsletter format that feels both helpful (for you) and maneageable (for me). Plus a special monthly themed issue that I'm very excited about!

So, if you sign up for my newsletter, here's what you'll receive:

Once a Week :: A digest of my blog posts delivered to your inbox so you don't miss anything. Excerpts make it easy to see what I've written about so you can click over to read any that interest you.

Once a Month :: A special themed issue packed full of inspiration and family-friendly activities around a special theme—seasonal, holiday, or even a way of learning (artful science activities for kids, for example). I have so many ideas and can't wait to share them in this way!

Occasionally (once or twice a year?) :: Special offers or news.

I'm working on this month's special themed newsletter right now and will be sending it out within the week! It will be filled with Valentine's Day art ideas, crafts, and children's activities—big surprise, right? So sign up now if you want to receive it!

Yes, I'd like to receive The Artful Parent Weekly Digest and a Monthly Special Themed Issue!




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  1. says

    If you email me your email address ([email protected]), I’ll resend it to you. No problem. But, first, did you check your spam or other folders?

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