Easter Gift Ideas for Kids (+ A GIVEAWAY by Stubby Pencil Studio)

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Stubby Pencil Studio Easter Case GiveawayWhat do artful parents such as you and me like to see in Easter baskets?

Why art supplies, of course!

The creative experiences they inspire will live on long after the chocolate bunny is gone.

Stubby Pencil Studio, one of my longest standing blog sponsors, is where I often shop for fun and artful holiday gifts, whether I’m looking for stocking stuffers, Valentine’s gifts, or Easter gift ideas for kids.

Here’s what I ordered this year for our resident Easter bunny to put in the baskets (Shhh…):

If you want to order some creative supplies for your own kids’ Easter baskets, or just want to buy some eco art supplies this spring, Stubby Pencil Studio is offering 15% off for Artful Parent readers through April 30th with the discount code APSAVE15.

Eco Art Easter Gifts for Kids from Stubby Pencil Studio

Easter gift ideas for kids from Stubby Pencil Studio

These are each priced under $10 (pictured clockwise from top left):

By the way, if you want an artful Easter basket for your kids or grandkids, but don’t know what to include or don’t have the time to shop, you can select a felt flower basket OR  a cute felt bunny basket that she’ll fill for you according to your child’s age and gender.

Artful Easter Giveaway

Stubby Pencil Studio Easter Case Giveaway

Stubby Pencil Studio is offering a giveaway case of inspiring Easter gifts, including:

Value = $55+

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment to this blog post by Wednesday, March 26th at 11:59pm EST answering this question: What creative supplies would your children be most excited to see in their Easter basket? Giveaway open to US readers.

Good luck!

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  1. Cheryl says

    My daughter is really into everything right now, and loves crafts we can make together!

  2. Elizabeth R says

    My daughters would love to see scissors! They broke their last pair and love cutting paper!

  3. Nancy says

    All art supplies are always welcome by my kids. But new paint is always fun and clay/sculpting stuff is great, too. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Easter!

  4. Kimberly says

    My daughter loves any and all paints. Those animal hands look pretty darn fun too!!!

  5. beth says

    My boys would love anything messy – paint, shaving cream, scissors, stickers and/or stamps.

  6. Andrea says

    My son would love to see stickers, paint, glitter glue, window markers, and anything artistic! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Teddie pesch says

    My son would love to see drawing or painting supplies and my daughter would love fun washi tape or glitter crayons or glue! Some of which will be ending up in their baskets!

  8. Jessa says

    My daughter would love ANY kind of creative supply..crayons, paint, glitter…we go through it ALL! :)

  9. Christy says

    Woops, forgot to pick a favorite. My daughter would LOVE the Lollipops and hand tattoos! :)

  10. says

    My kids would be happy to see ANY art supply in their easter basket, but I think first on their list would be little do-dads like: feathers, buttons, googly-eyes, and the like!
    Sarah M

  11. Andrea says

    I think the smencils would be a huge hit at our house. Sidewalk chalk is always appreciated around Easter time too, or any art supplies that are good for outside. It has been a long winter, and we’re ready to spend more time out doors.

  12. Heather says

    My son loves all things crafts, art, and nature. He would most be excited to get paints ;)

  13. Jennifer Davis-Lamm says

    My little one would love any of these colorful art supplies in her Easter basket! Great ideas, thanks.

  14. Brooke g says

    My kids would love different stuff… One would love the paint stuff, one crayons, one cards and one anything gadget-y.

  15. says

    The hand tattoos would probably be the biggest hit at our house although I know they would be excited about any art supplies!

  16. Mary Beth Galloway says

    My boys love stickers and all tapes. I think they would get a kick out of smencils!

  17. Kristin Zueger says

    I’m digging the animal hand tattoos! I can just imagine the fun that a pack of those tattoos could bring!

  18. says

    We are big craft-folk, so anything would get them psyched. But we love sticker books *always,* rock crayons, watercolors…Thank you for the chance to win!

  19. --anu says

    Tombow dual brush pens. She ran out of green markers (favorite color) so we bought a couple brush tip ones from open stock in the local art store. Now she is hoping for a set. Of course these come in sets of 10 only and cost significantly more than kids markers but quality is superb. So I guess I have to direct Easter bunny to our local art store :)

  20. Adriene Petmecky says

    My daughters love anything to do with creating. Coloring , cutting and gluing! They would love the pencil sharpener the best from this. It’s so fun being independent with their pencil needs.

  21. Sarah says

    I’ve been hoping to order the watercolor crayons, as well as liquid watercolors–we do lots of art, and seem to go through the basics of paint, crayons, glue, and paper like water!

  22. Shaivite says

    Stickers, stencils, glitter, maybe some plastic eggs filled with play clay; these things would all inspire my creative little one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Samantha says

    I love everything. Could use the freebie this year. 1/2 way thru Lent and I want that purple acrylic paint!

  24. grace says

    My son would love to get the Mini Blank Book and some markers .. he loves to doodle and write/ draw something. Thanks for the chance.

  25. Michelle Canavan says

    My three year olds would love to find markers and/or paint in their baskets. They love crayons too but right now they are really into making art on their own skin:).

  26. Mary says

    The drawing books are a big hit here, similar to the flip and draw- she would love that.

  27. Nupur Johri says

    The metallic paints. My 6 year old is really into art supplies that feature glitter or metallic these days. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. Stephanie says

    My boys are obsessed with mini paper pads right now- I buy bundles of scratch pads at the office supply store and they carry them everywhere to make mini-drawings. They’d be thrilled if the Easter bunny brought them more!

  29. DebbieK says

    How cute! My kiddos would love some gluesticks and paper – so many options from there!

  30. Julie B says

    My kids would love the little blank book. Little books are treasured at our house – at once a pretend toy and an place for art. We love Stubby Pencil!

  31. katie says

    my 6 year old would probably be excited for “how to” type drawing books and pencils- she is currently interested in how things should look, my 4 year old would like collage materials to make puppets- she enjoys role playing and making characters have conversations, my 1 year old would like anything messy he can get his hands on- finger paints perhaps?

  32. Tabitha Myers says

    My kids would love to see paints and other painting supplies in their Easter basket. The cards to color are fun for them too. Pretty sure they’d be thrilled with markers too, since I have slowly been getting rid of really old dried out ones and we don’t have many left.

  33. Deanna C says

    My girls have been wanting to paint quite a bit lately, so new paint colors would make them happy!

  34. Kelly says

    They would love new markers but I, personally, would love to see some Stockmar crayons. :)

  35. Christine Courtney says

    Hmm, let see…it’s hard to narrow it down. I’d have to say the top picks would be anything they can model with, markers, oil pastels, paints, and lots of paper.

  36. Marci G says

    All of these supplies look fun. I think they would love the animal hands!!
    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  37. Stacy says

    I think they would love everything, but to start with they would like the rainbow pencils and a blank book. Maybe to try and do light and shadow drawings!

  38. Heather says

    My boys are really into art and would love all of the supplies in this giveaway, but I think that the lollipops would be the first thing they “tested” out :]

  39. Jessica says

    My daughters would love anything glittery (paints, glitter glue, glitter crayons) and the smencils because they’re pretty and the scents are so much fun!

  40. Melissa B says

    My kids want quill pens – like in Harry Potter – so calligraphy pens would be a treat, but they love all art supplies.

  41. says

    My kids would love it all! They have never seen crayon rocks before so I imagine they’d go nuts over that. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  42. Ann says

    My kids would love paints in their baskets – we are down to just a couple of colors and I have been waiting to do a big order to restock. They just love painting! And my 6-year-old is always excited about stickers.

  43. Kathleen says

    My girls love stickers most of all. My 6 year old also would love some new markers and blank books.

  44. meredith says

    my daughter is really into drawing right now, so she would love to see some colored pencils or markers in her basket. thanks for the chance!

  45. Lisa says

    My 3 yr old son would love the animal hand tattoos!!! He loves to pretend he is a different animal everyday.

  46. Adelle F. says

    Love Stubby Pencil! My kids would love those animals hands and anything that is a “fancy” art material – metallic paints, etc.

  47. Justine says

    Easter stencils and crayon rocks in new colors would be great fun for my youngest, age 7…

  48. Sara Hixson says

    Anything that can be used in a project involving lots of steps. She loves art projects and is always asking “what’s next” if we’re doing one with directions. She would be thrilled with any of it.

  49. Tammi says

    My kids would most likely enjoy markers in their basket. This basket assortment looks fun.

  50. Julie says

    Stickers and sketch pads well quite honestly any of the above shown thanks for the giveaway :)

  51. Megan W says

    My daughter would love to receive chalk. The weather is getting nice and she always wants to be outside drawing on the sidewalk.

  52. Amy says

    My child would be most excited to see crayon rocks in his Easter basket! He likes anything different and fun, and the crayon rocks would make him laugh! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  53. Cassie Hayes says

    My daughter would love to have stickers or bath paints in her Easter basket.

  54. Pam says

    I think my girls would love the crayon rocks, especially in spring colors! They love drawing and these would be a fun new experience!

  55. Cindy McElwee says

    Play is really the work of children ~ serious learning ~ love the drawing & anything with colors ~ paint ~ colored pencils ♥

  56. Cassandra Eastman says

    My 2 & 4 year old would love to see Chalk, Fingerpaint, Bubbles, Play-Doh, and Crayons in their Easter Baskets!

  57. Michelle l says

    My daughter would love the Animal Hands! She also would love paint and crayons in her basket

  58. Marci Wright says

    My son would love any of this stuff, but he really loves paints & clay. Basically, the messier it is, the more he will like it ;-)

  59. Kama says

    She would enjoy all of the goodies especially the markers. Our 20 month old loves art!! Thank you for the amazing ideas.

  60. Tammy Hayden says

    I would love love love to win this for my daughter!! She loves all kinds of crafts especially painting and markers!! Those Animial hand tattoos look pretty fun too!!

  61. Tammy says

    My kids would love permanent markers, orgami paper, and silly putty! And probably everything in the gift basket! : )

  62. Cindy LaRue says

    I think my daughters would enjoy the crayon rocks, sketch pads, and playdough or clay. The kaleidoscope kit seemed like an interesting project as well! Thanks!

  63. Amanda Burritt says

    What a wonderful alternative to the candy-laden, junk-toy filled, pre-made baskets!

  64. kamini says

    My daughter would love the crayon rocks. Everything for her is art supplies – stones, one-side paper, pencil stubs, sand, mud, clay, pots, pan. She just likes to create things. So everything would be welcome.

  65. Mariah Dietz says

    What an awesome blog, and great Easter basket filled with things kids will love and provide so much entertainment!! My boys would love this!

  66. Jessica says

    All these items are great. Eco friendly and organic. The way Easter should be! : )

  67. Jenna says

    I haven’t introduce my daughter to glitter yet. I’m excited to do so when it gets a little warmer… Outside art is easier to clean up!!

  68. says

    My kiddos would have an absolute blast with this. Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a great giveaway!

  69. Christina B. says

    My daughters would love the cupcake crayons and little notepads for drawing. Sticker books are always a winner too! They are ages 2 and 4.

  70. anita goodwien says

    I love the great ideas.My grandaughter loves anything paints,markers,playdohs,stickers,etc.

  71. Jane says

    Wow – what a great bundle of supplies! Just had an afternoon of “art in the park” here in Philadelphia, and now my wheels are turning with ideas for projects and wanting to get my 4 year old into an art activity every day. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. Heather M. says

    My boys LOVE markers. They use them to make the most wonderfully silly, vibrant pieces that never cease to make me smile!

  73. Julie Baker says

    My 3 year old son has been wanting to sew so we found a horse he can lace together and braid and knot the tail and mane with laces and beads.

  74. Jennifer says

    My daughter would go crazy for the cupcake crayons. She also loves sidewalk chalk, which the bunny brings her each Easter. And she’s actually never played with glitter yet, so I think we’re going to have to try that. Right now, she’s into mixing shaving cream with glue and food coloring, to make a paste that dries with texture.

  75. Leigh Strauss says

    A new box of sharp crayons and fresh glue sticks will keep my boy happy for weeks! :)

  76. Julia Davis says

    My kids love any type of art supplies. They love scratch art paper, any type of new markers, and funky stamps of all kinds.

  77. says

    I think my daughter would squeal with excitement over those adorable mushroom erasers. She has her mother’s genes of squealing at cute things.

  78. Erica says

    My boys love different shaped crayons. They would just love springtime crayon rocks.

  79. says

    A journal or a sketchbook with markers or crayons. Right now she is really into watercolor paints. So I may throw in that as well this Easter.

  80. Gina says

    My youngest is in love with his Mr. Sketch smelly markers, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with how they hold up to his antics!

  81. April says

    The most-used art supply in my house is water color and we are running low do think they would really enjoy new ones. My older children love to use tape so I think they would enjoy finding those in their baskets :)

  82. Timbra says

    My daughter would adore the rock crayons and my son would have a blast with the hand tattoos.

  83. Mary says

    I really love seeing all the different products! My almost 2 year old would love the stickers! She loves peeling them off and sticking them on paper, herself, the floor, etc!

    Thanks for the inspiration !!

  84. Renee Brown says

    My daughter would love the smelly pencils! My son would love the metallic paint.

  85. Amanda Bradley says

    My kids would love to have fresh made playdough, stickers, glitter, chalk, colored pencils, or erasers.

  86. Karen says

    my boys would love tattoos, stickers, and colorful tape… And maybe some oil pastels too!

  87. Rebecca says

    My son loves drawing, coloring, and painting materials (and glitter glue)! And he could really use a good pencil sharpener.

  88. Tara says

    My daughter loves everything art related, especially paint but the organic lollipops would probably be the favorite in her easter basket lol :-)

  89. Rose Koogler says

    We do a lot of arts and crafts here. What a great resource, I’m glad I found you.

  90. Ai says

    I think my boys would love the rock crayons! I might even put them in the little nest and knit a tiny bird to put on top!!

  91. Melissa Venn says

    My 3yo daughter would love everything! I think she would get a real kick out of using her ‘gloopy glue’ with glitter :)

  92. Alisha Vincent says

    Easter!!! Oh my daughter also lives art supply baskets, but especially carrotsticks and ranch dip…. She barely notices the lack of candy which i love. :)

  93. jen says

    My kids would be so excited to get the crayon rocks, markers, and of course the lollipops! There’s nothing in this giveaway that they wouldn’t love.

  94. Jennifer says

    My son is really into anything he can build right now. We’ve been wanting to experiment with clay, something beyond play dough. He’s also exploring writing and letters so some fun new pencils or markers would be great for him. Hope we win!