Paint with Water :: Easy, Low-Mess, and Fun!

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Painting with Water on the Chalkboard

Do your kids like to paint with water? This easiest and least messy of kids’ art activities can be done anywhere (although a chalkboard works especially well) and any time.

Maia and Daphne both like to paint with water on the chalkboard and on the zen board.

Half the fun, it seems, is the ephemeral nature of the art. As the water dries, the art disappears!

And then they can paint something new…

And watch that disappear, too…

Painting with Water on the Chalkboard

Here are a few photos of Daphne’s most recent paint with water extravaganza on the chalkboard. She wrote her name and practiced writing the letters of the alphabet. Then she painted people and hearts and lots of curlicue designs.

Painting with Water on the Chalkboard

Usually we start with a clean chalkboard, but this time the chalkboard was well chalked up which added an extra artistic dimension to the paint with water activity.

Painting with Water on the Chalkboard

Here’s a photo of the proud artist with her fancy and ephemeral chalkboard artwork. (Psst… Compare it with the photo of her as a one year old when she painted with water a few years ago!)

To paint with water on a chalkboard, all you need is a cup of water and a paint brush. How easy is that?!

You can also paint with water on dark rocks, the sidewalk, or on a zen board. We still love our zen board, btw, but if you don’t want to buy one, I just came across this tutorial for making your own zen board!

Do your kids like to paint with water?

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  1. says

    We often do this after the kids color with sidewalk chalk outside, then they turn it into “water colors”. They have also just painted with water on a hot day outside on the driveway. When they were toddlers they loved that! So easy and fun for them.
    Sarah M

  2. molly says

    We do a lot of sidewalk/fence painting in the summer with water. I need to get some chalk paint and do a wall somewhere in the basement – the kids would love painting off the chalk. :)