Easter Gifts for Kids (+ Spring Arts & Crafts Products)

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Easter Gifts for Kids and Spring Arts and Crafts ProductsWith Easter around the corner and all the Easter and spring crafting going on around us, I decided to focus on Easter gifts for kids in this month’s sponsor welcome post.

And spring arts and crafts products

And, for those planning ahead, some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas

So… Please welcome my blog sponsors for the month of April!

They help make this blog possible and I am very grateful for their support. I hope you will take a moment to visit their sites and see what they have to offer.

These businesses can be great resources for artful families like yours and mine. I’m highlighting one of each of their products and including a link to it beside the business listed below.

Explore and enjoy!

Easter Gifts for Kids

(By Artful Parent Sponsors; Selection curated by Jean Van’t Hul)

Easter Gifts for Kids

Easter Gifts for Kids


For Spring Arts & Crafts

Spring Arts and Crafts for Kids

Spring Arts and Crafts for Kids - Beads and Buttons

More Fun Products for Kids

Pop and Lolli Kids Wall Decals

Fort Magic and BabyCakes

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Personalized Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Gift Ideas - Rustics Reborn Coatrack

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  1. says

    If you are searching unique gift ideas for your kids for this year Easter. Buy interchangeable lace tips for shoes, hoodies, shorts & more on TwistieTips.com. I am sure kids will love it!

  2. maria luisa santos pena says

    …so many great ideas, even my 10 year old daughter love this site…and my 8 year old boy would like to try almost everything he sees on your blog….. thank you so much…..

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