Whats in Our Kids Wooden Art Supply Caddy

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Kids Art Supply Holders and More from Rustics RebornWhat do a kids’ wooden art supply caddy and a wall mounted iPad holder have in common?

Not much, you say?

Well, I have been coveting both of these useful items for years now and finally asked my woodworker friend Doug to make them for me.

And both handy-dandy organization devices are now fully integrated into our household.

We’ve set up the wooden art caddy to be our portable art box—to take our art outside (to the teepee, for example, or the patio), to the porch, and even around the house.

Since the art supply caddy has four compartments, it’s a great way to keep a selection of kids art materials handy in one place. And the carry handle means it can be grabbed and taken to the bedroom floor or to the backyard at a moment’s notice.

What’s in Our Kids Art Supply Caddy

Kids Wooden Art Supply Caddy

Although I plan to change out some of the art materials periodically… Next time maybe it’ll have markers, stickers, and mini sketchbooks. And after that, maybe it’ll be a letter writing station with stationery, pens, stamps, and envelopes. Another time paint sticks, colored paper, and glitter. And another time popsicle sticks, playdough, googly eyes, and ?

There are so many possibilities for selectively grouping and offering creativity-inspiring art supplies in an art caddy!

Kids art caddy in the teepee

I am so excited about this art caddy!! It’s big enough to hold a decent amount of art supplies yet small enough to be easily manageable by either child.

It all started with the search for the perfect wall mounted iPad holder for the kitchen. I wanted a simple one to hold the iPad on the wall out of the fray of flour and whipped cream and such. I use my iPad when cooking many recipes (specifically all my fave recipes in The Artful Year  eBooks) but wanted it out of the way of the food and cooking action. First, I searched for the perfect holder in stores and online. No luck. Then I asked Harry to make one. But when that particular item on his honey-do list never got made, I finally turned to my friend Doug, of Rustics Reborn, and commissioned exactly what I wanted.

Wall Mounted iPad Holder

The perfect, wall mounted iPad holder.

When he brought it over, I knew it was just right. Simple in design, sturdy, low profile, yet made of classy vintage barnwood.

Wall Mounted iPad Holder

I’ve used it daily since. Mostly for cooking with recipes on the iPad, but also as a cookbook stand.

Harry uses it for music while cooking and for checking his sports scores when working in the kitchen. Pretty handy all-around. Ours is mounted near an outlet so it doubles as an iPad charger stand. Frankly, I just store my iPad there now all the time. It’s perfect!

I suggested Doug make a few extra iPad holders and sell them in his etsy shop (he also sells barnwood coatracks) because I was sure others would want them, too. They are perfect, after all. :)

Kids Wooden Art Supply Caddy

And while I was at it, I asked if maybe he could make a wooden art caddy, since he had made them for his boys (yes)…

Crayon Pencil Marker Holder

…and a crayon/pencil stand (yes, again).

(They have since been added to his etsy shop as well.)

The crayon/pencil/marker holder is nice for storing and displaying colored pencils and crayons and such within reach and in a more inspiring way than all clumped together in a jar.

Doug and his family are good friends. I first met his wife, Rachel, at a Music Together class when Maia was a toddler. His four boys, have all, at various times, come to one of the two kids art groups that I used to run in my home (although the littlest one was in an Ergo). Rachel now helps me answer blog emails when she’s not orchestrating a family of 6. Doug is a campus youth minister by day and a woodworker by night, selling his wares in his Rustics Reborn etsy shop. You can find his shop ad in my sidebar under “My Sponsors = Artful Resources” if you’re ever looking for wooden art supply caddies, crayon holders, coat racks, or iPad holders to organize your life. As well as barnwood coat racks and kids’ craft kits (like this one I have posted about in the past).

Want to buy an art supply caddy for your kids or any of his other artful wooden products? Use the discount code ARTFULSUMMER to take 10% off your total order through Thursday, June 26th.

He’s also offered to give away one of his art caddies and a kids craft kit to an Artful Parent reader, so read on to see how to enter…

Whats in my kids wooden art supply caddy

Kids Art Supply Caddy Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To enter for a chance to win a kids’ wooden art supply caddy by Rustics Reborn as well as a kid’s circle craft kit, leave a comment to this post by Monday, June 23rd at 11:59 pm EST and then tell the rafflecopter widget that you’re entering the giveaway. Giveaway open to readers in the United States only.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now over.

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  1. --anu says

    Years ago I spied a similar art caddy in the Playful Learning book. By the time I wanted to buy it though, the caddies were not made any more. I am happy to see that someone is making them again!

  2. Rebecca says

    I live that art caddy! So handy. I’m co stanly running back and forth with handfuls and markers and crayons, etc., during art time :).

  3. says

    I love the creativity of your blog. Thank you for a chance at the giveaway! I like having tools to organize our supplies!

  4. Kristen says

    Love these art caddys! We have a similarly stocked caddy on our art table but it doesn’t have a handle. The portability of these is so nice!

  5. Jen says

    I love your website, I just discovered it when I was looking for stuff for “Camp Mommy” this summer, for my four kids ages 4-8. I’ve seen so many great things on your site so far and I am so looking forward to finding time to look through it further!

  6. says

    I love the simplicity of the items in this shop. We would use the art caddy and pencil holder every single day!

  7. Lori Brazell says

    Such a beautiful caddy and great supplies. Love the idea of being able to have portable supplies for the summer for my son.

  8. Jenny L. says

    I love this idea! So much cuter than the plastic dollar store bins I have sitting out with crayons and such. :)

  9. Dena says

    Would love to have these, goes with my aesthetic perfectly! Your backyard is looking beautiful!

  10. Laura says

    Ooh, this looks like a great solution to the question of how to keep supplies within reach of my two year old but easy to put away when her little sister is feeling grabby. :)

  11. Helen says

    So inspiring as always! I am not a naturally creative person but I wish I was and really want my kids to be…your posts give me so many ideas to try out. Thank you for the inspiration Jean :-)

    • Ella Dench says

      Amazing! I’ve been looking for ages for an art caddy for my three.
      Great contents suggestions too. Thanks

  12. Caila says

    It’s great to see these made of natural materials. I have found many organizational ideas for the kids, but there is a tendency to make them out of plastics and bright colors. We like to have simple and textural things around, and it also helps make the colors in the caddy and their artwork stand out!

  13. Jenny says

    What a great idea! The kids spend so much time outside during the summer and we’re always finding random art supplies in the back yard. Maybe a caddy will help keep things together.

  14. Katy says

    Would love to win! I’ve wanted one of those caddies for a while and haven’t gotten one!

  15. grace says

    That’s a very cute caddy .. everything in 1 place for doing art — what a great ideas. Thanks for the chance.

  16. katie says

    never cease to amaze me with your giveaways! we are relocating from PA to IL in less than a week and all of our stuff will be in storage for two months…trying to decide what art supplies to stash in our luggage to keep the kids entertained… I have a note to myself to take the crayon bins or we will def. have a crayon brick when we retrieve our stuff!!!

  17. Pam says

    Oh if I don’t win I will have to buy or make one. I like your ipad holder too, great ideas.

  18. Christina Arnault says

    I’ve only recently discovered your lovely blog. I have four young daughters and have sadly slowly morphed into a parent who tries to avoid most messes. I’m inspired by you and your blog and hope to shake that bad habit and give my girls the gift of more art. Thank you so much.

  19. Brooke says

    Love that the art caddy is a piece of art itself! Great idea to motivate kids to do art and doesn’t look cluttered either. Thanks for the tip!

  20. Karla says

    I love the wall recipe/ipad stand. Very versatile! And the trug. I love trugs…yet don’t have one.

  21. karen b. says

    i love it! i also love the idea of keeping a little (recycled!) jar of water ready to go in the supplies — will have to steal that idea for my watercolor-loving kid! :)

  22. Ami Van Dine says

    We would love to win an art caddy, to help us take our art projects on the move!
    It’s lovely!

  23. Kameron says

    The items in the a Rustic Reborn shop are so neat! Thank you for making all of us aware of his beautiful, rustic handiwork.

  24. says

    hi jean! those are both soooo lovely! i use a wooden iPad stand in my kitchen that goes on the countertop, but i love the mounted idea even more! (here’s mine: https://www.etsy.com/listing/98555930/ipad-stand-in-curly-maple-use-in?ref=shop_home_active_5 )
    our wooden art caddy is from palumba, but i don’t think they sell it any longer and it hasn’t gotten a lot of use the way i have things currently organized. you’ve inspired me to pack it up for some tee-pee art time this afternoon! so glad someone is making these now – they’re so great! thank you!

  25. Heather says

    Love this caddy and the ipad/cookbook holder- fantastic! I love these little organizational tools that can help the organizationally challenged like myself! ;)

  26. Tamrah T says

    The art caddy is a wonderful way to keep art supplies close by for busy kids. My two create inside and outdoors. This would make for easy cleanup, also.

  27. says

    I love that art caddy! I just got something similar that is meant to hold silverware, but it is too tall for little hands to reach into :(

  28. Julia says

    I’ve been looking for just the right caddy for some art supplies. This is great – what a wonderful giveaway!

  29. Jessica says

    Great art caddy! Ours is too small to securely carry watercolors or pads. Thanks for the tip about these new ones!

  30. Ally Cohen says

    I love how you source things back to the real people who make them. Love these ideas!

  31. Alya says

    I love that these are all wooden. So much more beautiful than plastic. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Robin says

    An art caddy is at the top of our needs list for the boys!!! What a great post, such simple things can be so very handy! Thank you

  33. Chiska says

    How handy is that?! I really need to push the kids outside this summer. We’ve had a cold start, but it’s starting to warm up.

  34. tiffani says

    Great ideas all the way around – from the caddy itself to the suggestion to sell on Etsy!

  35. Nicole Rule says

    I love all of them! I’ve been hanging out with Rachel at a playgroup lately and love her boys and her! I think I would love the cookbook (since I don’t have an ipad) holder the most. Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. says

    I love everything Doug makes! I would be so excited to have a caddy to help us stay organized in the car on some of our travels this summer and beyond. Thanks for the give-away!

  37. Jamie says

    We use mason jars to put our crayons, markers, etc in but I’m waiting for the day my 2 year old drops one on the tile. I love the caddy, I’ve been looking in stores but like you haven’t found a non plastic one. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  38. auschick says

    This is such a great idea. I think I’ll put it on my husband’s to-make list (unless I win it of course!)

  39. Rachel Rich-Shea says

    What a beautiful and practical caddy! I love the wooden pencil holder too!

  40. Becky Williams says

    I think the caddy would be awesome to establish a portable artspace my girls could keep tidy…when you are done – put the papers up and all supplies back in the caddy!

  41. says

    I’m a mama and a Music Together director in upstate NY, who could definitely use a bit (more than a bit) of organizing in the art supply department! (Ok, in all departments, but the sweet caddy would help…) Thanks for all your great ideas, and for this giveaway!

  42. Nancy says

    We could fill that up in a minute! I love the unfinished wood. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. Angie Franckewich says

    These are great! I love the art caddy, it would.be perfect for my little guy!

  44. Mayla M says

    These are great ideas! I’d love to get my boys outside to create more art and this would be perfect. Thank you for the chance to win.

  45. Michelle Wolfersberger says

    Perfect!! Just what we need to organize my son’s art supplies in a tiny apartment!!

  46. Suzanne says

    Love the beautiful simplicity of this art caddy and great ideas on this website. Thank you for the chance to win!

  47. says

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  48. Katie R says

    Love this! Such a sturdy art caddy would be delightful to use and hold. Thank you for the great opportunity to win!

  49. Amanda K says

    Love the art caddy! My daughter would love this ! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  50. Jennifer Vaughn says

    What a great idea! We frequently head outside to the picnic table for especially messy crafts. The art caddy would be so handy for carting our supplies.

  51. Carly says

    What a nice article and awesome giveaway. I really need something to store our supplies in and this is beautiful

  52. Catherine says

    So impressed with the simplicity, beauty and utility of the box that both inspires and yet takes the focus away from the container and to the materials at hand. The perfect art box!

  53. Zeel Ambekar says

    I’ve been looking for a new art caddy for my son. Ours is overflowing all the time.
    This looks perfect!

    • shannan says

      Aaaaaa! For some reason it’s saying it didn’t get my entry in the box above and now I can’t enter the giveaway!

  54. Kelli Wood says

    I doubt I will win since I am so late entering this but I would love to have this to use with my son who we homeschool. Our art supplies area is a mess right now and this would be great help to get it all organized! Thanks for the chance!