Drawing Faces for Kids (plus a FREE printable guide)

Drawing Faces with Kids - plus a free printable guide to drawing the human face

We’ve been drawing a lot of faces around here. Self portraits in the traditional style as well as body tracing self portraits and collage self portraits. Drawing faces remains one of our family’s favorite ways to express our creativity. And not just our family. The human face is one of the subjects that many children draw repeatedly over the years, beginning with the most basic circle and eyes around 3.

Drawing faces for kids


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The Best Kids Science Experiments to Try at Home

The Best Kids Science Experiments to Try at HomeI started writing this yesterday with the idea of sharing the best kids science experiments to do at home. For you, of course. But also partly as a reminder for myself since Maia has a birthday coming up and has requested a Mad Scientist party with lots of fun science experiments. Basically these are our favorites out of all the science experiments we’ve tried so far. The ones we absolutely loved and the ones we’ve repeated (and repeated and repeated).

Most of these are pretty dang simple. The few that are a tad more involved or require materials you need to track down are included because they are well worth it.

At the end of this post, I’ll share a few more that were suggested by readers on Facebook yesterday.

The Best Kids Science Experiments to Try at Home

Here are more than 14 awesome science experiments for children!

Explosions, Eruptions & Immediate Reactions


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My Favorite Stubby Pencil Studio Kids Art Supplies (+ GIVEAWAY!)

Our Favorite Kids Art Supplies from Stubby Pencil Studio

As you know, I buy our art supplies from a variety of places, both locally and online. One place I return to again and again is Stubby Pencil Studio, for the quality of the art supplies offered and because of the eco-friendly focus. I’ve also worked with Kate, Stubby Pencil’s owner, as a blog sponsor for years in the past and I consider her a friend (although we haven’t met in person yet!).

I’ve been wanting to write a post of my favorites from Stubby Pencil for a while now, and as I just received my most recent order of art and school supplies in the mail, I decided now would be a good time!

Some things I buy from Stubby Pencil Studio, year after year


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On the While She Naps Podcast

While She Naps Podcast Episode 28 on Kids Arts and CraftsAs I mentioned briefly in my blog post about our Folly Beach trip, I participated in my first podcast during our vacation. There was some drama about how it would work when the internet went out island-wide, but luckily it was back up just in time!

The podcast is While She Naps with Abby Glassenberg and the episode is number 28.

I listened to the podcast today (I had to listen to it before sharing it with you to make sure I didn’t make too big of a fool of myself!) and while I wish I could erase all the “umms” I suppose I will share the link with you. :)

Lucky me, I was paired with Amie Plumley, author of Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids will Love to Make! I had heard great things about her book on sewing with kids and was excited to hear more from the author herself… (And I’ve since bought her book!)

Abby talks with both of us about:

  • children’s arts and crafts
  • favorite materials and tools
  • encouraging creativity
  • getting over perfectionism
  • and more!


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A Flower Suncatcher Craft for Kids

One of our favorite suncatchers to create is the flower suncatcher with contact paper and flower petals and leaves. And this is coming from someone who has a well-documented obsession with suncatchers and stained glass art projects!

Recently, we made our favorite flower suncatchers again, using paper plates as the frames (it just works so well!) and strung them into a garland to hang across the window.


Butterfly flower suncatcher craftBut the best part was what we did differently this time. We used the flowers and leaves to create faces, birds, butterflies, and more.

After Maia made a flower fairy on one of the Easter egg suncatchers this past spring, it was only natural that we’d want to revisit the idea.

We all thoroughly enjoyed using the colors, patterns, and shapes of the flower petals and leaves to make fun images to hang in the window. And I’m thinking we’ll have to try our hand at these again soon with Autumn leaves and flowers.

I wrote up a whole tutorial for you on how to make this flower suncatcher craft and garland (with lots of photos!) over on Let’s Lasso the Moon, my friend Zina’s site.

Click here to check it out.


Painting Activities for Preschoolers :: 11 Favorites

Great list of the best painting activities for preschoolers!Looking for painting activities for your preschoolers?

Here are 11 of our all-time favorites that are process-oriented and developmentally appropriate yet super fun. Everything from spin painting and puffy paint to watercolor resist and shaving cream marbling.

And, bonus! The results are usually pretty cool, too.

First, a quick note about paints.

We use and love a variety of paints, but our favorites for the preschool age are:

Painting Activities for Preschoolers :: 11 Favorites


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10+ Light Table Activities for Kids (Free and Low-Cost)

10+ Free and Inexpensive Light Table Activities for KidsWe have continued to use our DIY light table regularly over the past several months and believe it’s about the best thing I’ve done this year. Really. I wish I had put one of these together years ago!

I highly recommend you set up a simple light table for your kids!

If you’ve read my light table posts, you’ll know that our very serviceable light table is simply a clear plastic storage box (ours is from Target) with a string of white Christmas lights inside. The cord is skinny enough to slip out under the lid. And when we’re ready to take a break from exploring light and color on the light table, the box goes back into use for storage and the lights go back with the holiday decorations.

We still use the magnetic shapes all the time on and off the light table as well as some of the other toys and tools I wrote about in my light table post. Actually mostly just the magnetic shapes.

In addition, we have tried painting on the light table, playing with the cardboard dollhouse on the light table, checking out water balloons on the light table, and, of course, using water beads on the light table.

Light table play is both magical and educational.

While that first light table post was all about products we bought specifically for the light table, this post is all about light table activities that cost little or nothing. Many of them use materials you already have around the house!

10+ low-cost light table activities for kids

These ideas include art, play, science, and more!… 

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10 Ways to Have a More Creative Beach Trip :: Ocean Crafts for Kids

10 Ocean Crafts for KidsWe went to Folly Beach for the water and sand and sun, of course, but while there, we found ways to make it a creative week for the family as well with some ocean-inspired arts and crafts here and there.

Some I had planned to do—I brought plaster of Paris for sandcasting, crayons for melted crayon sea shells, and watercolors for painting.

And some were unplanned but wonderful—a shell mandala on the beach, a 2-D sandcastle complete with ramparts and moat, love notes in the sand, the shapes some of our sand cast mementos took.

Here are 10 ways to have a more creative beach trip…

If you have a beach trip coming up, maybe you could make this one a little more creative than usual with some of these fun ideas.

If you’ve done your beach trip for the year,  pin this post to save for next time.

Some of these ideas can even be done at home—no beach necessary!

10 Ocean Crafts for Kids


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Our Week on Folly Beach :: Activities and Photos

Dolphin Watching on Folly Beach

As many of you know, our family spent this past week on Folly Beach.

(We’ve been going to Folly almost every year since Maia was two. And usually share a beach house with friends for double the fun.)

It’s been such a wonderful vacation!

A week of soaking up the warm sun, breathing in the salty sea air, splashing in the waves, exploring the island, and lots of ocean-inspired creativity.

Today, I thought I’d share a few of the Folly Beach activities we’ve been enjoying and more than a few photos.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have gotten a sneak peek, but I just downloaded the photos from my camera and have more to share with you.


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Taking Online Art Classes (and a GIVEAWAY)

Taking Online Art Classes with My KidsI posted recently about the figure drawing class we were taking with Craftsy and how surprised I was at the inspiration we found through it.

What I didn’t get to include was my daughters’ continued interest in drawing afterwards. Both kids have been drawing more than usual. And more realistically. Maia worked on a detailed self portrait shortly afterward and drew a very expressive dog. Daphne, at four, alternates between her usual stylistic drawing and the more realistic drawing styles she is picking up.

Since then, we’ve started taking another online art class.

This one is Mixed Media Essentials and has us exploring color, design, and texture as we create a triptych: one black and white artwork, one monochromatic, and one full color.

Note: Craftsy is giving away an entry to this class to two Artful Parent readers. To enter, see the details at the end of the post.… 

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