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Holiday crafts and activities for kids and families, including art activities and craft projects to celebrate the holiday, holiday decorations, and holiday recipes.

14 Great DIY Fall Garlands

Easy Fall Garlands to Make with KidsYou know how much we love our seasonal arts and crafts around here, right?

Despite a few years there at the beginning when I thought that children’s art needed to be pure and sacred and completely untainted by holiday crafts and decorations, I’ve long since dived wholeheartedly into the fun of seasonal and fall crafting.

And autumn leaf arts and crafts? My goodness. I love, love, love my Autumn leaf crafting!

I’ve started pressing a few of the first fall leaves and looking through a few of my autumn craft posts over the last few days, getting in the mood for fall.

As I’ve done so, I’ve noticed quite a few fall garlands in the mix and decided to pull them together into a round up post of leaf garlands, Halloween buntings, and Thanksgiving banners. Some of these are from The Artful Parent, some from other blogs.

I hope you find some inspiration here as you and your family start your own fall crafting and decorating.

Easy Fall Garlands To Make

Fall Leaf Garlands :: 7 Ideas


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11 Fun Patriotic Art Projects for Kids

11 Fun Patriotic Art Projects for KidsJuly 4th is almost here and since we like to celebrate any and all holidays with creative projects as much as anything else (yummy food! fireworks!), I thought I’d share some ideas for kid-friendly patriotic art projects. Some of these we’ve done ourselves, many of these brilliant ideas are from other blogs.

First, of all, you know you can turn any favorite art activity into a patriotic one by using red, white, and blue paint (or collage materials, drawing materials, etc), right? Some favorites that would work especially well are:

But here some especially good art projects for the 4th of July (or any other time you might want something extra Patriotic)!

11 Fun Patriotic Art Projects for Kids


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7 Good Mothers Day Presents to Give Yourself

7 Mothers Day Gifts to Give Yourself This YearThese are the Mothers Day presents I want for myself and for you. Yes, I love the kid-made art from my daughters and the flowers from my husband. I love spending time together with my family and all the extra hugs and kisses and appreciation on Mother’s Day. But when I sat down and thought about it, I wanted to gift myself (and by extension, my family) with a few things as well this Mother’s Day.

Some of these cost money, many are free or can be free.

Oh, and in case you need a reminder, if you’re a mother, every day is Mother’s Day.

7 Good Mothers Day Presents to Give Yourself

Hands Free Mama1. The gift of time and attention

Buy, beg, or borrow a copy of Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford. It’s that good. I promise. The subtitle is :: A Guide to Putting Down the Phone, Burning the To-Do List, and Letting Go of Perfection to Grasp What Really Matters. We all need this, right? Right?! I’m still working my way through it, slowly, deliberately…

2. The gift of kindness

Check out 100 Ways to Be Kind to Your Child  from Alissa at Creative with Kids. … 

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Two Great Easter Art Activities for Kids

2 Easter Art Activities for Kids - Easy and Beautiful!We’ve been doing lots of Easter arts and crafts these past couple of weeks!

Here are two more Easter art activities that we’ve been working on this week:

styrofoam printed Easter eggs

& painted wooden eggs

They are both easy and quick, so you still have time to do them with your kiddos!

Two Easter Art Activities for Kids

1. Painted Wooden Eggs

These painted wooden eggs will long outlast the hard-boiled kind and are so much nicer than plastic eggs. They can be brought out Easter after Easter, given as gifts, and join the play kitchen for some pretend play.

Thanks to Asia from Fun at Home with Kids for inspiring us with her tutorial on DIY watercolor wooden eggs over at Modern Parents Messy Kids! She also has a fun post on games to play with painted eggs…. 

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25 Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

25 Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas for Kids - Lots of creative ideas!It’s only a week until Easter!

Do you know what’s going into your children’s Easter baskets?

If you need a little help, here are 25 creative Easter basket ideas…

No candy in the bunch!

(But if you wanted to add a chocolate bunny or a few chocolate eggs, I’m sure your kiddos won’t object.)

This selection will promote creativity, imagination, and active play long after the Easter candy is gone.

Last minute Easter basket ideas for kids

Note: These items are all sold through If you have Prime membership, as we do (love it!), you’re receive your Easter goodies super quickly. If you don’t have Prime, you can likely pay a little extra to get them in time for Easter. Or sign up for a free trial membership…. 

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How to Make Peanut Butter Cups in Silicone Molds

How to Make Peanut Butter Cups in Silicone MoldsGiven our love of peanut butter playdough, peanut butter nest snacks, and peanut butter cups, I thought we ought to try to make an Easter version of the divine combination of chocolate and peanut butter.

Maia and I first planned to make peanut butter cups in egg shapes.

I saw a few posts on Pinterest, and because I get inspired by pictures, but am not great about reading instructions, I assumed they used an egg-shaped mold to make them.*

After searching in vain for such a mold, and wondering if I could rig up some plastic Easter eggs to work as a mold, I came across a silicone mold that I liked even better at World Market. This one has butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, and bees—lovely and much more versatile than an egg-shaped mold!

*They actually rolled out the peanut butter filling, cut it out with egg-shaped cookie cutters, then dipped the eggs in melted chocolate. (I went back and read a couple posts after I struck out on the silicone egg mold hunt.)

This recipe is super easy and fun for kids to help make. We modified our regular peanut butter cup recipe by adding more powdered sugar to the filling and a little coconut oil to the chocolate…. 

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Easter Gifts for Kids (+ Spring Arts & Crafts Products)

Easter Gifts for Kids and Spring Arts and Crafts ProductsWith Easter around the corner and all the Easter and spring crafting going on around us, I decided to focus on Easter gifts for kids in this month’s sponsor welcome post.

And spring arts and crafts products

And, for those planning ahead, some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas

So… Please welcome my blog sponsors for the month of April!

They help make this blog possible and I am very grateful for their support. I hope you will take a moment to visit their sites and see what they have to offer.

These businesses can be great resources for artful families like yours and mine. I’m highlighting one of each of their products and including a link to it beside the business listed below.

Explore and enjoy!

Easter Gifts for Kids

(By Artful Parent Sponsors; Selection curated by Jean Van’t Hul)… 

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Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft with Flower Petals

Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft for Kids with Spring FlowersIf you follow me on facebook or via Instagram, you may have seen a sneak preview of this Easter egg suncatcher craft yesterday.

These suncatchers seemed like the perfect way to celebrate the floral explosion going on around us.

Daphne’s already picking flowers for us several times a day and delivering them to us at desks, tables, or in our pockets. I usually transfer these sweet gifts to water, but decided it was time we made suncatchers with flowers.

This Easter egg suncatcher craft combines two of our favorite spring suncatchers…

Flower mandala suncatchers &
Easter egg suncatchers (with ribbon, lace, & tissue paper)… 

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Easter Gift Ideas for Kids (+ A GIVEAWAY by Stubby Pencil Studio)

Stubby Pencil Studio Easter Case GiveawayWhat do artful parents such as you and me like to see in Easter baskets?

Why art supplies, of course!

The creative experiences they inspire will live on long after the chocolate bunny is gone.

Stubby Pencil Studio, one of my longest standing blog sponsors, is where I often shop for fun and artful holiday gifts, whether I’m looking for stocking stuffers, Valentine’s gifts, or Easter gift ideas for kids.

Here’s what I ordered this year for our resident Easter bunny to put in the baskets (Shhh…):

If you want to order some creative supplies for your own kids’ Easter baskets, or just want to buy some eco art supplies this spring, Stubby Pencil Studio is offering 15% off for Artful Parent readers through April 30th with the discount code APSAVE15.

Eco Art Easter Gifts for Kids from Stubby Pencil Studio

Easter gift ideas for kids from Stubby Pencil Studio

These are each priced under $10 (pictured clockwise from top left):

By the way, if you want an artful Easter basket for your kids or grandkids, but don’t know what to include or don’t have the time to shop, you can select a felt flower basket OR  a cute felt bunny basket that she’ll fill for you according to your child’s age and gender.

Artful Easter Giveaway

Stubby Pencil Studio Easter Case Giveaway

Stubby Pencil Studio is offering a giveaway case of inspiring Easter gifts, including:

Value = $55+

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment to this blog post by Wednesday, March 26th at 11:59pm EST answering this question: What creative supplies would your children be most excited to see in their Easter basket? Giveaway open to US readers.

Good luck!

11 FUN Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

11 Fun Easter Egg Ideas for KidsLooking for fun Easter egg decorating ideas for kids?

Here are 11 that we’ve loved, plus a few extra we’d like to try.

1. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

2. Easter Egg Ideas for Kids :: Drawing in Frames

3.  Marble Easter Eggs with Kool Aid

4. Easter Egg Decorating with Sticker Resist and Sharpies

5. Easter Egg Decorating with Hole Reinforcement Stickers

6. Image Transfers :: An Easter Egg Decorating Idea

7. Collage Easter Eggs

8. Easter Egg Rocks :: A Fun Painting Idea for Kids

9. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

10. An Easter Egg Tree

11. Coloring Easter Eggs with Bleeding Tissue Paper

MORE Easter egg decorating ideas for kids

I’ve seen a lot of watercolor Easter egg ideas lately that I’d like to try this year:

1. GORGEOUS Watercolor Easter Eggs at by Alisa Burke with a watercolor wash and watercolor pencils!

2. Drizzled Watercolor Easter Eggs at Spoon Fork Bacon (although she actually used Pysansky dye)

3. Watercolor Easter Eggs (Crackled, Speckled & Drizzled) at Oh My! Creative

4. Plus lovely speckled Watercolor Sprayed Easter Eggs on For the Love Of (The link doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, but hopefully it will later… It basically looks like they filled spray bottles with liquid watercolor paint and sprayed the eggs.)