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Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft with Flower Petals

Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft for Kids with Spring FlowersIf you follow me on facebook or via Instagram, you may have seen a sneak preview of this Easter egg suncatcher craft yesterday.

These suncatchers seemed like the perfect way to celebrate the floral explosion going on around us.

Daphne’s already picking flowers for us several times a day and delivering them to us at desks, tables, or in our pockets. I usually transfer these sweet gifts to water, but decided it was time we made suncatchers with flowers.

This Easter egg suncatcher craft combines two of our favorite spring suncatchers…

Flower mandala suncatchers &
Easter egg suncatchers (with ribbon, lace, & tissue paper)… 

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Body Tracing Activity for Kids

Body Tracing Activity for KidsWe’ve had a lot of fun with a body tracing activity over the past week or so.

What started as a simple invitation to work big turned into a week-long exploration of self portraits, working large, and even quilting (on paper).

I taped large sheets of butcher paper to the floor in the living room, added a tray of art supplies, and then went to pick up Daphne and her friend Julianna from preschool.

They opted for body tracing self portraits and I decided to do the same and work beside them (they collaborated to trace my body).

Here are some photos, instructions, and the finished (totally awesome!) artworks decorating our walls:

Body Tracing Activity for Kids… 

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Welcome Spring with a Stained Glass Spring Art Project for Kids

Welcome Spring with a DiY Stained Glass Spring Art Project for KidsHappy first day of spring!!

Daphne and I made a spring stained glass window to welcome spring in style (and to offer all kinds of good, warm spring ju-ju so that it starts to feel a bit more like spring!). It’s light green, pink, and yellow and especially gorgeous with the morning light streaming through the front of the house!

A Stained Glass Spring Art Project for Kids


  • Easel paper
  • Oil pastels, light colors if possible (crayons would work okay as well)
  • Liquid watercolor paint in spring colors
  • A multi-paned window to put the stained glass on (or any window)
  • A piece of scrap paper
  • Pencil
  • Vegetable oil


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Forget Crayons :: 11 Best Art Materials for Toddlers

Forget Crayons - The 11 Best Art Materials for Todders

Crayons are the ubiquitous art material for young children, right? If there’s one art material every family has on hand, it’s probably crayons. But as widespread as they are, I don’t feel they are one of the best art materials for toddlers.

Why not?

You have to press hard to get bright color, the paper wrapper is a pain, and the skinny crayons just break so quickly.

So, what are the best art materials for toddlers?… 

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Paint with Water :: Easy, Low-Mess, and Fun!

Painting with Water on the Chalkboard

Do your kids like to paint with water? This easiest and least messy of kids’ art activities can be done anywhere (although a chalkboard works especially well) and any time.

Maia and Daphne both like to paint with water on the chalkboard and on the zen board.

Half the fun, it seems, is the ephemeral nature of the art. As the water dries, the art disappears!

And then they can paint something new…

And watch that disappear, too…… 

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Small World Playdough Play for Kids

Small World Playdough Play for Kids -- What a fun way to incorporate playdough into a pretend play for children!

We gave some small world playdough play a whirl recently in between snow play sessions outside. While we often use playdough for modeling, creating, and just as a great sensory experience, the kids also use it for pretend play. This most often means they make food out of the playdough for tea parties, cupcake stores, or living room picnics, but this time they incorporated figurines for some small world play.

Playdough Play for Kids

It started off fairly simply, with a few princess figurines, a few little animals, a couple sets of wooden snowmen and trees (from Mama May i), some snow (polyfill stuffing that came with the snowmen), and some wood craft sticks.

Small World Pretend Play for Kids

The snowmen and trees were placed on the edge of a frozen pond (a a blue art mat) with a fawn looking on.

Small World Playdough Play for Kids with Figurines

The kids used the playdough as bases for the trees and figurines, as hills and other land forms, as houses, and more.

Small World Playdough Play for Kids

I love how the playdough was seamlessly incorporated into their small world play, adding a new level of creative play to the entire experience.

Small World Playdough Play for Kids

The playdough also provided a base for what was first a house built out of the wood craft sticks, then a teepee.

Have your kids incorporated figurines and such into their playdough play? If not, you might want to try setting out some animal and people figurines, matchbox cars, etc out with some playdough and a few open-ended add ins (polyfill “snow,” wood craft sticks, pipe cleaners, toothpicks) and see what they come up with.

We used our favorite homemade playdough recipe, but you could use any playdough, homemade or commercial, of course.

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Sticker Resist Starry Night Cards

Sticker Resist Starry Night Art and Cards -- Easy for kids to make and BEAUTIFUL!

Maia, Daphne, and I have all been creating many, many of these gorgeous starry night cards. Each card is unique and a surprise, which adds an extra element of fun (and lots of oohing and ahing). But the actual process is super quick and easy, which making this a great technique for making multiple cards.

We’ve been using them for Christmas cards, but you could also use them for post-holiday thank you cards, Happy New Year cards, or to make a set of blank greeting cards as a gift.

Or just one-of-a-kind art worthy of framing for the wall.


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11 More Favorite Summer Art Activities for Kids!

11 MORE Favorite Summer Art Activities for Kids -- Fun ideas to get your family through the rest of the summer!

How's your summer going? Do you need any more activity ideas for your family? In a follow up to my recent list of favorite summer art activities for kids, here's another 11 to keep you going through the end of the summer:

1. Make melted bead suncatchers

2. Sandcasting with plaster of paris

3. Flower stained glass

4. Papier mache bowls

5. Create stained glass flower crowns and necklaces

6. Two favorite watercolor activities combined

7. Beautiful stained glass bunting

8. Painted rocks

9. Make a flower petal art box

10. Create land art with kids

11. Make nature prints in sculpey

Plus a bonus… This one isn't really an art project, but baking soda volcano eruptions are an awesome summer kiddo activity! You can make a volcano with playdough or with papier mache.

Decorate Your Own Puppy :: A Fun Art Activity for Kids!

Decorate Your Own Puppy Dog -- A Fun Art Activity for Kids!

Yesterday Daphne, Maia, and their little cousin Sophia decorated fabric puppy dogs. We were celebrating Sophia's very first sleepover (while Aunt and Uncle took their new baby back to a hotel room for the night). And, full disclosure, there was so much giggling and whispering in the bedroom that I finally offered them "something special" in the morning as an incentive to be quiet and go to sleep.

That something special?

Little stuffed puppies to color and decorate!


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13 Favorite Summer Art Activities for Kids

13 Favorite Summer Art Activities for Kids

This list of 13 of our favorite summer art activities is as much a reminder for me (time to set up a fun art project!) as it is an invitation for you. These are some of our all-time favorites that are well suited to summer time. I hope you and your kiddos enjoy these as much as we do! 

P.S. I'm setting up #3 for the kids today and am doing the prep for #9…


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