Kids Science Experiments to Encourage Creativity

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Kids Science ExperimentsArt and science join hands in the following fun and educational kids science experiments that families can do at home:

Baking soda volcanoes

Fizzing watercolors

Water tension experiments

Plant Dyeing

Color Mixing

And more!

This is creative learning at its best!

Through science experiments, children engage in hands-on learning about the world around them. They see cause and effect first hand. And they have fun in the process!

Kids Science Experiments 

Painted Daisies Science Experiment  Baking Soda Volcano Science Experiment  Melted Ice Science Experiment Square 2


Milky Fireworks Science Experiment  Color Mixing Experiment  Gak Flubber 2


Balloon Science Experiment  Penny Experiment with Water Drops  Fizzy Color Science Experiment


Patriotic Flowers  Feelie Goop  Learning with Rocks


Some Christmas Making Baking and Experimenting (m and ms) Some Christmas Making Baking and Experimenting (borax snowflakes) Invisible Ink Lemon Juice

Which science experiments would your kids most enjoy?

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