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Jean Van’t Hul, Writer and Children’s Art Enabler

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by. I live with my husband and two daughters in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. I am passionate about children’s art and creativity. I want you to be passionate about them, too.

On THE ARTFUL PARENT BLOG, I share ideas, information, and inspiration to encourage you to enjoy and share art with the kids in your life (whether in your home or your classroom). I post several times a week on children’s art, seasonal crafts, and family fun. You can expect:

  • EASY and FUN kid-friendly arts and crafts
  • Unique Ideas as well as Tried-and-True Favorites
  • A Useful Resource with hundreds of art activities to keep your family happily creating and learning day after day

Kids Arts and Crafts Books by Jean Vant Hul

This post contains affiliate links.MY BOOKS include The Artful Parent, 320 pages full of tips on getting children started in art, and helping your family live more creatively. The Artful Year follows the four seasons with 175+ activities for seasonal and holiday arts and crafts.

TO CONNECT :: E-mail me at [email protected], leave a comment on a blog post, or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram. I would love to hear from you! You can also subscribe to my weekly ARTletter, follow me on Pinterest , and subscribe to my YouTube channel (I’ve recently started making kids art videos!).

A bit about my art background, our children’s art group, and why I started blogging

After my first daughter was born, my interest in art was revitalized and I realized that I wanted to raise her in an art-rich environment and to encourage her creativity and imagination as much as possible. I read Young at Art by Susan Striker and First Art by MaryAnn F. Kohl, and thus guided by their ideas, I started the Toddler Art Group with several other moms and their toddlers. We met weekly and did everything from body painting and papier maché bowls to printing with flowers and making our own puffy paint. We also returned to the basics (painting, drawing, and collaging) again and again. For more about the Toddler Art Group, see FamilyFun‘s profile or the Mothering magazine article, “Small Hands, Big Art” (Jul/Aug 2007). And if you are interested in starting your own group, here are some tips.

Why Blog? I started The Artful Parent partly to chronicle and share the experiences with the children’s art group, and also as a way for me to focus more on what it means to me to be an artful parent. I want to parent in a way that encourages creative expression, imagination, joyfulness, and a love of learning, not just in my daughters but in our entire family. I wanted to welcome others to join me as I attempted to be an artful parent.

My Art Background :: I drew and painted my way through childhood, then went on to study art history and studio art at Wellesley College. My first jobs after graduating were at an art museum and an art magazine, although I later left the art world to work in nonprofit development.

Where to begin

If you’re new here (welcome!) you might like to start with my Arts and Crafts Directory, the Parent’s Corner, or some of my more popular posts.

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