A quicker and easier way to make a photo book

A Quicker and Easier Way to Make a Photo Book

I’ve been creating photo books for years. First of trips my husband and I took before we married and then of our family afterward. Admittedly, the time and effort I’ve been able to put into photo books has dropped (dramatically) over the years as I’ve gotten busier with family responsibilities and my work. There are…

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Musical Gifts for Kids - A Music Teachers Guide

Musical Gifts for Kids

This post is written by Kari Richmond, a music teacher, friend, and mother. Have you thought about giving your child a musical gift this holiday season?  As a musician, mother of two, and Music Together teacher, I’m happy to offer some thoughts to help you choose a musical gift that your little one can truly enjoy….

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Winter Art for Kids - Glue Resist Snowman

Winter Art for Kids :: Glue Resist Snowman Paintings

We made glue resist paintings a couple of months ago—spiderwebs for Halloween—and loved the process and the product. So now that winter is here, I thought we could give the glue resist art idea another try, this time with snow as the theme. Here’s how we did it…

Awesome quality toys and tools for kids

The Toys and Tools We Want Our Kids to Have (+ A Giveaway!)

Some of our favorite toys and tools come from Imagine Childhood. I think it’s the combination of real and quality that makes us love them so much. They are the kinds of quality toys and non-toys we really want our children to have. Heck, they are the kinds of things we wish we had had as…

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Taking an Online Digital Photography Class

An Online Digital Photography Class

You all know how excited I was when I finally figured out how to use my DSLR camera and take it off auto. Well, after I took the photography class that made that happen, I was so pumped about learning photography that I bought another Craftsy class on digital photography. This one is called Basics of…

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Flowers and awesome wooden toys for kids by Mama May I

The Surprising Gift that all the Kids Loved

Do you know how sometimes you’re sure that a toy will be a hit but sadly it barely gets used before it’s broken or ignored? But then sometimes there’s a toy that you might not expect to be a favorite but that the kids absolutely love and gravitate toward and use in all different kinds of ways?…

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11 Simple Kids Activities for Mixed Ages

11 Simple Kids Activities for Mixed Ages

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! I hope you are having a lovely day filled with whatever you like to do on Thanksgiving. We are baking pies and other yummy foods in preparation for our Thanksgiving meal, watching snow fall outside, and looking forward to seeing family who are driving in today. Maia and Daphne are super…

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Handmade Wrapping Paper with Foam Stickers

Make Handmade Wrapping Paper with Foam Stickers

Have you tried making handmade wrapping paper with your kids? We’ve done it quite a bit, with different techniques each time, and it’s always satisfying! Plus I love that we get to be creative in the gift wrap too, whether the gift inside the package is handmade or store bought.

6 DIY Kids Art Kits to make as gifts

Kids Art Kits :: 6 DIY Gifts to Inspire Creativity

Want to encourage your children’s creativity? Give the gift of art. Bundle a few related art supplies together with an inspiring book or two and give to a young artist in your life. I’ve put together some ideas for themed kids art kits here to get you started. Or create your own based on the…

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Why we still send holiday cards in the age of facebook

Why We Still Send Holiday Cards in the Age of Facebook

Sometimes we get our holiday cards out, sometimes not. The few times we’ve had photo cards printed, I’ve been so happy and proud of myself and our family. For months! I’m not kidding. And I’m not sure why that would be the case, but it is. Partly the simple act of staging and taking a family…

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