Magnetic Tiles for Kids

Magnetic Tiles for Kids (Comparison and Photos)

I came across all these photos of the oh-so-colorful magnetic tiles in the window and had to share. This is from when the set of 100 Picasso Tiles I ordered had just arrived to supplement our set of 48 Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes from Discount School Supply from Discount School Supply and we were perhaps a bit… 

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3 New Ways to Use Magnetic Tiles for Kids -- Fridge, Sand, Water

3 Unique Ways to Use Magnetic Tiles For Kids

We have had so much fun with the magnetic tiles for kids that joined our family 6 months ago. As construction toys for kids go, they are absolutely wonderful! My kids and their friends have played more (and longer) with the magnetic shapes than with any other toy in the house, hands down. (If we were… 

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Kids Art Space Design

Kids Art Space Design Service by The Art Pantry

Do you have a kids art space? Does it perfectly meet the needs of your children and family? If the answer to either is no, there’s an art space wonder woman at the ready to help you out. Her name? Megan Schiller. Her fame? Owner of The Art Pantry (one of The Artful Parent‘s blog sponsors) and former… 

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6 Awesome Activity Books for Kids and their Parents

6 New Activity Books for Kids and Parents

I am feeling incredibly sentimental and blessed at the moment about The Artful Parent and everything that it is and has become and how it has changed me, my family, and my world. What started as a creative outlet and a way to connect with other parents has become more than I could ever have… 

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Make Learning Fun - 22 Ways to Learn with and About Rocks

Making Learning Fun (with Rocks!)

I’m all about making learning fun. If it’s fun and hands-on, it’s more likely to be remembered. We all know this, right? But as with many things, it’s sometimes more easily said than done. I find that I can grab spontaneity by the horns at times, but other times it’s helpful to have a list of concrete… 

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10 DiY Outdoor Games to Make with Rocks

10 DiY Outdoor Games to Make with Rocks

Are you beginning to make your summer bucket list yet? How about adding some DiY outdoor games to play in the backyard or when camping? Kids love games… Kids love rocks… Combine the two and you have a winning combination! Creative, inexpensive, and fun Games don’t have to come in a box and they definitely don’t… 

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Kids Art with Rocks - 18 Ways to Use Rocks in Kids Art

Art with Rocks :: 18 Ways to Use Rocks in Kids Art

Everybody loves a rock, right? Byrd Baylor would say Everybody Needs a Rock. Maia went through a phase as a toddler and preschooler where she would pick up and collect rocks anywhere we happened to be. Piles of rocks. Now it’s usually just a special rock here or there. And a budding interest in geology. We like… 

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Story Stones Ideas - 5 Ways to Make and Use Story Stones with Kids

5 Story Stones Ideas :: Storytelling with Rocks

We’ve done a lot of rock arts and crafts in our home, but we have yet to make story stones. It’s on our activity list for this afternoon, though, and I can’t wait! In preparation, I’ve collected a few resources and posts with story stones ideas… There are so many ways to make story stones! I’ve… 

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DiY Wishing Stones with Melted Crayon Rocks

DiY Wishing Stones for a Friend

We made wishing stones a while back for a young friend who was sick in the hospital. Her sister Isabella with us for the afternoon and we wanted to make something, anything, helpful. Something that would help this little girl heal and get back home to her family. Something tangible that she could look at and… 

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7 Mothers Day Gifts to Give Yourself This Year - Not Your Traditional List

7 Good Mothers Day Presents to Give Yourself

These are the Mothers Day presents I want for myself and for you. Yes, I love the kid-made art from my daughters and the flowers from my husband. I love spending time together with my family and all the extra hugs and kisses and appreciation on Mother’s Day. But when I sat down and thought about… 

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An Interview with Maia, Age 8.5, on her favorite games, books, movies, and more...

An Interview with Maia, Age 8.5

Yesterday before school I interviewed both of my daughters, asking them questions about their favorite things to do, favorite books, etc, as well as what they wanted to do this summer. You may have seen Daphne’s interview yesterday. Here is Maia’s interview :: JEAN: What do you like to cook? MAIA: My favorite dessert to make is… 

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