10+ Light Table Activities for Kids (Free and Low-Cost)

10+ Free and Inexpensive Light Table Activities for KidsWe have continued to use our DIY light table regularly over the past several months and believe it’s about the best thing I’ve done this year. Really. I wish I had put one of these together years ago!

I highly recommend you set up a simple light table for your kids!

If you’ve read my light table posts, you’ll know that our very serviceable light table is simply a clear plastic storage box (ours is from Target) with a string of white Christmas lights inside. The cord is skinny enough to slip out under the lid. And when we’re ready to take a break from exploring light and color on the light table, the box goes back into use for storage and the lights go back with the holiday decorations.

We still use the magnetic shapes all the time on and off the light table as well as some of the other toys and tools I wrote about in my light table post. Actually mostly just the magnetic shapes.

In addition, we have tried painting on the light table, playing with the cardboard dollhouse on the light table, checking out water balloons on the light table, and, of course, using water beads on the light table.

Light table play is both magical and educational.

While that first light table post was all about products we bought specifically for the light table, this post is all about light table activities that cost little or nothing. Many of them use materials you already have around the house!

10+ low-cost light table activities for kids

These ideas include art, play, science, and more!… 

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Light Table Toys and Tools

Tools and Toys for Light Exploration -- And for  Inspiring Creativity on the Light TableAt the end of my post yesterday about the heart suncatchers, I promised to share what else we’ve done so far with the light table.

Thank you first though for your ideas for light table play, both in the blog comments and on facebook! I can’t wait to give those a try with my kids!

As I mentioned yesterday, our light table is a super easy DIY version (a clear plastic storage box with white Christmas lights!), and we’ve only had it for about a month.

That said, here’s what we’ve tried so far:

Note: When I finally decided to make the light table, I placed an order with Discount School Supply for some things I thought would be fun to try on the light table, so these items are all from there, although some you might be able to find elsewhere.

Light Table Toys and Tools


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