Testing Metallic Drawing Materials (on Black Valentine’s)

Lace Up and Metallic Valentines 22

We’ve had metallic crayons for the last couple of years and loved them, but for some reason never tried them on black paper. Why not? I have no idea. But it was a big oversight on my part. Metallic art materials look great on a black background!

I recently picked up a few new metallic art materials to try out and decided to test them all side by side and share the results with you.

Feel free to chime in at the end with your own experiences with metallic art materials—I obviously haven’t tried them all!


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How to Make A Beautiful Fall Leaf Garland

Make a Beautiful Fall Leaf GarlandWe made a fall leaf garland today to add to our Thanksgiving decorations! Maia and I worked on it together, writing things we were thankful for on the leaves as well as designs and pictures.

This is something I’ve wanted to do ever since Sarah at Quince and Quire posted about her beautiful hand-painted leaves last fall. And then Cassi posted her list of crafts to instill thankfulness in children this past week which further inspired me. For this garland, I put a couple ideas together, namely Sarah’s leaves and Playful Learning‘s grateful tree with something that we could hang on the wall.

I love it!

And it was even more fun to make than I expected…. 

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