Make Awesome 3D Pumpkin Faces with Playdough and Poke-Ins

Playdough Pumpkin Faces - A Fun Halloween Decorating Activity for Kids

The kids and I decorated pumpkins with playdough Jack-O’-Lantern faces yesterday, inspired by the awesome Deborah Stewart of Teach Preschool (and that I shared in my post on The Best Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids). Such a fun Halloween activity! EASY PUMPKIN FACES WITH PLAYDOUGH & POKE-INS MATERIALS Pumpkins Playdough (homemade or store bought) Garlic press…

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Small World Playdough Play for Kids

Small World Playdough Play for Kids with Figurines

We gave some small world playdough play a whirl recently in between snow play sessions outside. While we often use playdough for modeling, creating, and just as a great sensory experience, the kids also use it for pretend play. This most often means they make food out of the playdough for tea parties, cupcake stores,…

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Playdough Monsters (And Other Fun Ideas with Poke-Ins)

Playdough Monsters

We made a new batch of glittery playdough the other day, packaged half of it up with a few fun poke-ins (googly eyes, pipe cleaner sections, feathers, etc) to give to a friend who was turning 4, then set to work creating monsters and more with our half.

Playdough follow-up: feathers and googly eyes


First, I want to say that I set the playdough out again for the toddler art group this week without any tools. And as far as I could tell, it was completely ignored except for the brief period when I and another mom poked and squeezed it ourselves and vainly tried to encourage our offspring…

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Playdough – with tools or without?


I made a new batch of playdough (without all the bells and whistles) last week for the toddler art group. I was aiming for lavender, but didn't get it right. I need to fine tune my playdough coloring technique… Each kiddo got a big blob of playdough to poke, pound, and prod. They mostly did…

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Homemade Candy Cane Playdough

Candy Cane Playdough Recipe - A Creative Gift for Kids

Make homemade playdough from this easy recipe and use as gifts for children. Add scents and glitter for extra fun!