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13 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
February 15, 2013

13 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids In

February, as during much of the winter, I am always looking for fun indoor activities for kids to keep them engaged. I seek arts and crafts, educational ideas, simple science activities, and anything with a bit of wow factor. Sure, my kids do plenty of pretend play, building, drawing, and other low-key activities on their own. But sometimes we need projects that are extra interesting and extra FUN.

Like those on this list of fun indoor activities for kids:

Note: This list is republished from the original.

Simon Says Drawing Kids Art Game 6

One of Maia's favorite art activities remains Simon Says Drawing. It's one that she asks to do regularly with me and also does with friends sometimes, as in this photo. 

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

1. Grow Your Own Magic Crystal Tree at Instructables

2. DIY clear vinyl stickers at One Pearl Button

3. Paper pulp pictures at Art is Basic

4. Homemade kaleidoscope at Mini-eco

5. Clothespin torsion catapult at Almost Unschoolers

6. Bathtime submersible lights at Play at Home Mom

Fun Indoor Kids Activities

7. Water balloons in the bath also at Play at Home Mom

8. Cardboard monster feet at a happy wanderer

9. Homemade model magic at Southern as Biscuits

10. Make marshmallow and toothpick sculptures again (here) 

11. Collaging a self portrait at Mommy Labs

12. Yarn block prints at Whip Up (by Modern Parents Messy Kids)

Any other ideas for fun indoor activities for kids? Share your family's favorites in the comments!

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