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Interviews with Children’s Art Experts and Artful Parents

Over the years, I’ve interviewed more than 50 children’s art experts , teachers, and artful parents here on The Artful Parent

I’ve asked questions about kids’ art, encouraging creativity, art education, favorite art materials and activities, recommended books, and more.

There’s so much knowledge here to learn from!

Plus fun insights into how these amazing folks think, their influences, and how they share art (or poetry, writing, etc) with the kids in their lives.

So come on in and choose someone to sit down and have a cup of coffee with.

And when you want more inspiration, come back and choose someone else.

Gardening with Kids :: NurtureStore blogger and author of a new ebook The Garden Classroom shares ideas and tips for making gardening fun for kids.

Lesson Plan on Raising a Creative Kid :: Jillian Riley, a former preschool teacher, shares her ideas for raising creative children.

Kevin Gard wants to Share Oh, Sully! with Kids :: Textile artist and father of three shares his vision for a book about a loveable whale who finds self acceptance.

 Creativity on a Budget with Frugal Family Fun Blog :: Valerie Deneen shares her passion for creative ways to have fun with kids on a budget.

Mary Ann Athens on Art in Education :: An art teacher on the challenges and importance of art in education.

Patty Palmer of Deep Space Sparkle on Teaching Art :: Patty has a popular art education blog and teaches art to 400 elementary school kids in

Mama : A former elementary art teacher offers her two daughters a plethora of arts and crafts materials and encouragement.

 Christie Burnett of Childhood 101 on the value of art : Aussie mother of one, long-time early childhood educator, and founder of Childhood 101 shares her thoughts on art, play spaces, and parenting.

Peg Dunn-Snow on children’s art therapy : Children’s art therapist in Florida and past president of the American Art Therapy Association.

Teacher Tom on child-led learning : Tom Hobson is a father and preschool teacher who let’s kids be kids, takes inspiration from Mister Rogers, and hands young children glue guns.

Regina of Chalk in My Pocket on encouraging creativity : Regina talks about her family’s favorite art activities and the ways she encourages her daughter’s creativity.

Mike Norris on museum education at the Met : Museum Educator who shares his experience, gleaned from 20 years at the Met, on visiting art museums with children.

 Jennifer Hallissy, author of The Write Start : An occupational therapist, mother of two, and author of The Write Start, shares her ideas for encouraging a love of writing in our children.

 Kari Richmond on raising musical children : A mother of two and the director of Asheville Area Music Together, Kari shares how to encourage our children’s musical development.

 Jessica Flowers of Free Arts of Arizona : Program manager at a nonprofit organization that brings the healing powers of the creative arts to abused, neglected, and homeless children.

 Rachelle from TinkerLab on museum education : Museum educator, blogger, and mother of two who shares tips and games for enjoying a museum visit with children!

 Lindsey from Filth Wizardry on big, messy arts and crafts : A relocated Brit who blogs about the art making and other fun things she does with her daughters. 

 Peace through art? The International Child Art Foundation says yes! : Director of an organization that nurtures children’s creativity around the world and promotes peace through art.

 Dallas Clayton, author of An Awesome Book : Children’s picture book author urges children (and adults!) to dream big.

Meet Cassi of The Crafty Crow : The mama, artist, and crafter behind the ever-popular kids’ craft blog, The Crafty Crow.

MaryAnn Kohl on Art with Anything : Author of 23 children’s art books, says what she would do if she could change our education system. 

Erin of Collage Collage: Artist, Educator, and Shopkeeper : Owner of Collage Collage, a combined art studio and shop, talks about starting her dream business and teaching art.

Diana of Clementine Art on Eco-Art Supplies : Longtime children’s art teacher who began making her own line of art supplies as a safe and ecological alternative to commercially available materials.

Susan on Handmade Books for a Healthy Planet : Author who believes that attractive, meaningful books can be made with recycled materials. 

 Meet Ariella from Childhood Magic : The soulful mama of two behind the beautiful blog, Childhood Magic.

Meet Jen Berlingo of Paint Cut Paste : An art psychotherapist who blogs about children’s art at Paint Cut Paste.

Tif McDonald — artist mama extraordinaire : Mom and artist who shares her story of making time and space for her art with two young girls at home

Meet Kari Chapin, Author of The Handmade Marketplace : Crafter, stylist, and author of The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and Online

Aimee of Red Shoe Arts on teaching art to toddlers : Aimee teaches toddler art classes through her business, Red Shoe Arts.

Sarah from In Need of Chocolate : Mom blogger on children’s literature, baking, and homeschooling her two young daughters.

Dandelion Hill: an interview with two Waldorf preschool teachers : Rae and Joy started Asheville’s Dandelion Hill preschool and talk about Waldorf early education and the Waldorf approach to art.

Sharon Lovejoy on her latest book, Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars : Children’s gardening guru and author of Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots on her latest book.

Richard Shilling on Land Art for Kids : Land artist based in Northern England who encourages children to get outside to see and create art in nature.

 An Interview with Maya*Made : Super crafty, yet wonderfully down-to-earth, mama of two children who lives in an 1850s farmhouse. 

Susan Marie Swanson on Poetry for Children : Poet and author of children’s picture books, including The House in the Night and To Be Like the Sun.

 Ginger Huebner on Roots + Wings School of Art : Artist, mother, and the founder and director of Roots + Wings School of Art. 

The Amazing MaryAnn Kohl : Author and art teacher extraordinaire, has been bringing art to children for 25 years through her wonderful books (and longer as a teacher).

 Meet the artful mama behind Quince and Quire : Sarah is a poet crafter whose blog, Quince and Quire, is a lovely oasis of beauty, nature, and the handcrafted.

 Julie Liddle: An Art Therapist’s Perspective : Founder and director of Art in Hand on incorporating art therapy techniques in her toddler art classes.

 Tiffany McDonald on Goldsworthy-Inspired Art : An artist and mother who volunteers in her daughter’s classroom, teaching about the great artists and translating their work into accessible projects for the children.

Sharon Lovejoy on Gardening with Children : Artist, gardener, and green granny who shares the joy and magic of gardening with children (and adults) around the world through her books

Ginger Carlson on Encouraging Creativity and Curiosity and  Part II of the Interview : Author of Child of Wonder on her book and on nurturing creativity and curiousity in our children.

 Lori Pickert on Art and Learning the Reggio Way : Art educator and Camp Creek Press blogger on art and the reggio approach to education.

Dana Lee Designs an Artful Life : On teaching art to preschoolers and sewing and creating with her children.

 Montessori Mama on Making and Teaching Art : Montessori teacher and mother, an artist/author, and the leader of a toddler art group.

Kristen Marra on Unschooling the Arts : Former preschool teacher with a background in the arts who now homeschools her three children.

 Interview with Artist Laura Frankstone of Laurelines : An artist on her art experiences as a child and raising two daughters to love art (one is now an artist and the other an avid museumgoer). 

Barbara Z. on Authentic Art for Preschoolers : Preschool teacher on authentic art for young children.

 Interview with MaryAnn F. Kohl on the Importance of Art : Author of First ArtScribble Art, and Preschool Art on creativity and the importance of art. 

 The Artful Parent Interviews SouleMama : Amanda Blake Soule on encouraging her children’s art and creativity as well as on her book, The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections.

 Susan Striker on the Developmental Stages of Children’s Drawing : Art education expert and author of Young at Art, on how to encourage children’s natural developmental stages in drawing. What did you learn today from the children’s art experts , teachers, and artful parents gathered here?