Mandalas in Nature and Mandala Art

Share via: Facebook 465 Pinterest 1.1K Today, I’m going to share five fun and interesting mandala art activities that kids can do. A mandala is a circular structure with radial symmetry, meaning that the design radiates out symmetrically from the center. It is one of nature’s more wonderful and perfect configurations. You can find mandalas in flowers, tree rings, the sun, eyes, snowflakes, spiderwebs, sea shells, seeds, fruits, succulents, and more. Here are some photos of flower mandalas :: Pictured clockwise from upper left :: passionflower, zinnia, bee balm, thistle bud,  petunia, rattlesnake master, thistle bloom, cup plant, and sunflower bud (center). And some of other mandala shapes in nature :: Pictured clockwise from upper left :: eyeball, little bluestem grass, lime, conch shell, blackberries, lemon cucumber, and grapefruit. The mandala is also, interestingly enough, the first identifiable form that toddlers start drawing as they move from scribbles to more realistic drawing. Not the often complex mandalas found in nature, but a simple circular shape with lines radiating inward and/or outward. This first mandala artwork usually progresses to drawings and paintings of faces, suns, people, and animals. Isn’t this fascinating?! If you are interested in learning more about mandalas in nature, check out The Mandala Book: Patterns of … Continue reading Mandalas in Nature and Mandala Art