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The Parents’ Corner: Getting Started with Children’s Art

Welcome to The Parents’ Corner!

Here you’ll find ideas and activities for sharing art with the children in your life, including how to set up a kids’ art space, my favorite art supplies for toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids, and how to talk to your kids about art. In addition, there are hundreds of fun and easy arts and crafts activities that will inspire your children’s creativity.

Ideas to Get You Started with Children’s Art and Crafts

Are you new to The Artful Parent or to making art with children? Check out some of these posts to get your family started on your own artful journey.

Art for Children Organized By Type of Activity

Looking for posts by type of art activity? Click below. Or click here for the visual directory.

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Art for Toddlers

Help the youngest members of your household start down the creative path.

Art Games & Activities

There are so many ways to use art for creative games!

Art Materials

Our favorite kids’ art materials and tools, plus recipes for homemade art materials, and ways to stock an art cupboard on a budget.

Children’s Art Groups

Interested in starting or joining a children’s art group?

Encouraging Creativity

Some activities seem to promote creativity and creative thinking more than others.

Benefits of Art & Creativity

Why is art and time for creativity important?

The Benefits of Art for Kids

Children’s Art Spaces

Create one or more child-friendly art spaces in your home to encourage everyday creativity.

Art Display and Storage

What to do with all the art your children make?