Pointillism Art with Q-tips and Watercolors

Pointillism art with Q-tips is one of our standby, super-easy-yet-interesting activities that we turn to again and again. I set it up for after school or after nap (back in the day when my kids took naps) or in other in-between times. We’ve done it with a variety of paints and papers (white on black was especially striking) but not watercolors, so this time around I decided to set up the pointillism activity with liquid watercolors and watercolor paper. I’m so glad I did! I love how well it worked and how great the artworks look! Watercolors are perfect for this activity! Here are some photos, notes, how-to information, and ideas for variations… Pointillism Art with Q-tips and Watercolors MATERIALS Liquid watercolors* Watercolor paper Q-tips (or other cotton swabs) *If you don’t have liquid watercolors, try making your own with watered down food coloring. Alternately, you could probably do this with watercolor cakes in tins if you added a little extra water to each cake.  And obviously, you can do Q-tip pointillism with other paints, such as tempera, acrylic, Biocolors, etc… SET-UP Set up the activity on a tray or mat with a sheet of watercolor paper and your watercolor paints … Continue reading Pointillism Art with Q-tips and Watercolors