Styrofoam Printmaking with Kids

Printmaking Ideas for Kids

Printmaking Ideas for Kids - 40+ Printing Activities

Looking for some printmaking ideas for kids? I’ve got you covered! We have more than 40 great printmaking activities and ideas for children here on The Artful Parent.

Printmaking allows kids to try out lots of different techniques and to see cause and effect in action more dramatically than with simply painting or drawing. They can use different paints and inks, try a variety of image transfer techniques, and print with and on just about anything.

Printmaking is a rewarding art activity for kids and is a wonderful way to show cause and effect and, depending on the technique, to create multiple images. 

Some Favorite Printmaking Ideas for Kids

The printmaking techniques and art activities included here are monoprinting, muffin tin printing, styrofoam printing, printing with found objects, string and yarn printing, hand prints, and car wheel printing.

Printmaking Ideas for Kids - Monoprinting

Monoprinting for Kids

Monoprinting has been the perfect printmaking technique for my kids. It’s super easy, for one thing, and instead of making many prints of the same image (which they have no interest in doing) they can do something different each time. They can use different colors and imagery, experiment, see the results right away, and more on to experiment some more.

Styrofoam Printmaking with Kids

Styrofoam Printmaking

Printing with styrofoam is a remarkably easy and rewarding printmaking technique and you can do it with styrofoam trays from the grocery store (free) or with styrofoam sheets from the craft store (inexpensive).

Printmaking Ideas for Kids - Fun Techniques

2 Amazing Printmaking Techniques

Printmaking Ideas for Kids - Printing with string, yarn, and rubber bands

Printing with String and Rubber Bands

Our Obsession with Fingerprint Art and a Fingerprint Art Book

Fingers, Hands, and Feet

Print with your fingers and make hand prints and foot prints. All are fun for kids on their own or to use as drawing prompts or part of a multi-step art project.

Printmaking Ideas for Kids - Bubble Printing and Bubble Wrap Printing

Bubble Printing Favorites

Printing with ephemeral bubbles is incredible! And bubble wrap painting and printing is a wonderful sensory experience for kids. Both are fun!

Printmaking Ideas for Kids - Nature Printing

Nature Printing with Kids

Capture the beautiful intricacies of nature with printmaking. These are simply beautiful.

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Printmaking Ideas for Kids - 40+ Printing Activities
Printmaking Ideas for Kids


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