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Rainbow Birds and Kids Learning Toys

by Jean Van't Hul
September 2, 2015

Rainbow Birds and Kids Learning Toys

When we moved into our new house a month ago, one of the first things I set out were our rainbow stacking birds.

I leaned canvases and framed art against the walls (they’ve yet to be hung) and brought out the stacking birds. Kind of like my “I live here now” stamp and good luck talisman rolled into one.

The kids have played with and stacked these birds over the years, but mostly I have enjoyed them as decor.

Either stacking them or lining them up for a pop of color along a shelf, window sill, or (now) mantel.

Maia once said, “Rainbow is my favorite color.” I’m partial to blue myself, but rainbow is a good second, which may explain one of the reasons I like the birds so much.

They are from Mama May i, a small mom-owned and run company that sells handmade kids learning toys, many of which are wooden and rainbow.

Note :: This is a sponsored post; all opinions expressed are my own.

Kids Learning Toys by Mama May I

Jessica, the owner, uses both Waldorf and Montessori educational philosophies as inspiration in designing her line of products. Her focus is ::

  • Natural
  • Handmade
  • Open-ended
  • Appealing to the senses

I’ve worked with Mama May i for years now and when I was looking through her online shop I realized that we’ve bought and used much of what she has available, both for ourselves and for gifts.

Handmade Kids Learning Toys - Buckets, Bowls, Apples, Acorns

Today, I thought I’d share a few of our favorites…

(I wrote about the apples and buckets here in Simple Props for Open-Ended Play)

Childrens Learning Toys - The Flower Set

(huge, huge hit! I wrote about this in The Surprising Gift That All The Children Loved)

The Crayon Wallet

(I wrote about them here in Inspiring Creativity with Crayon Wallets)

Wooden Learning Toys for Kids - Matching Game and Scavenger Hunt

Handmade Kids Learning Toys - Rainbow Stacking Birds

If you have littles, I recommend checking out the Mama May i shop. Grab some buckets and bowls, apples and acorns, for learning and pretend play. My kids used them SO much. Both as part of the play kitchen as well as in all kinds of other building and play scenarios.

By the way, Mama May i is offering Artful Parent readers 15% off their total order with the coupon code ARTFUL15, good through Thursday, September 10th.

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Kids Learning Toys - Using open-ended toys for learning and pretend-play

Disclaimer :: This post was sponsored by Mama May i; all opinions expressed are my own.

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