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My New Sticker Art Prompts in Collaboration with Pipsticks Stickers for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
July 3, 2019

I created some new under-the-sea stickers for kids (made in collaboration with Pipsticks) that are perfect for creative art prompts! Here’s more information about those stickers, Pipsticks sticker club for kids, and 6 more creative ways to use your sticker stash or sticker subscription.

Decorate your own turtle sticker for kids and build-a-fish stickers in use

This post contains affiliate links. I am so excited to share some stickers that I created in collaboration with my friend Mo from Pipsticks – they are stickers for kids that invite a little more interaction and creativity than most.

Stickers to use rather than store, or, ahem, hoard.

I made these as sticker art prompts.

Let me show you…

Build a fish and design a turtle shell sticker art prompts

Sticker #1: Build-Your-Own Fish Stickers for Kids

Use these colorful foil sticker pieces to build your own colorful fish or create an entire underwater scene.

Using kids stickers as art prompts to create an under the sea scene

You can draw an under the sea world for your fish to live in. Or a fish bowl. Whatever you like.

Using kids stickers as art prompts to create an under the sea scenev

Sticker #2: Decorate-the-Turtle-Shell Sticker for Kids

Draw and design a turtle shell for the turtle and color the entire large turtle matte paper sticker as well as the accompanying starfish. Then add to your underwater scene or use to decorate a notebook or something.

Using stickers for kids for art prompts in combination with drawing and painting

Aren’t they great?! 

I’m so excited about the possibilities and thankful to Pipsticks for the opportunity to create these together.

When Mo asked me to create some stickers for her July Pipsticks pack, I knew right away that I wanted to make sticker art prompts rather than straight up stickers. As always, I want to encourage kids to use their stickers in creative ways.

Sticker finger puppets and other creative ways to use stickers for kids
Daphne’s finger puppets using stickers and pen

6 Creative Ways to Use Stickers for Kids

  1. Craft sticker treasure tins
  2. Decorate your own sticker box to hold your sticker collection
  3. Make sticker mandala art
  4. Decorate envelopes, packages, invitations, cards, notebooks, and gifts
  5. For a sticker resist art project
  6. For drawing prompts and art prompts

Art Supplies and Stickers for Kids

The Pipsticks Sticker Club with Stickers for Kids

I signed my kids up for the Pipsticks sticker club when they first came on my radar a few years ago. And it has been so much fun. A large, colorful envelope filled with a huge variety of stickers arrives in the mail each month.

I got them one to share, and each time their Pipsticks envelope came with both of their names on it, they would immediately open in together, spread out all of the stickers, and start dividing, trading, and negotiating.

They loved it.

And when I thought that maybe it was time to call a halt to the flow of stickers into our house (what was I thinking?!) and cancelled the subscription for a few months, they begged me to get it back (I did).

My under the sea sticker art prompts are in the July sticker packet that was sent out this past week. But you can sign up for future Pipsticks sticker packets here.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll make some more sticker art prompts in the future!

Pipsticks Sticker Club - July Packet of Stickers for Kids 710
Stickers for kids in the Pipsticks July packet, including the under the sea sticker art prompts

Get a Sticker Subscription for Your Kids

Pipsticks is a subscription sticker club founded by Mo Vazquez, a mom of four. They send super fun packs of high quality, sparkly stickers to subscribers all over the world, and operate from a great little shop in San Luis Obispo, California.

As we all know, stickers are a lifesaver for long summer days, and these ones will keep kids inspired and delighted!

Join the kids Sticker Cluband use the code THEARTFULPARENT to get 15% off the first THREE months of any sticker subscription!

P.S. Did you know that Pipsticks has a sticker subscription for adults, too?! Yeah. That’s what I said.

A Super Awesome Art + Sticker Giveaway!

Pipsticks Sticker Club and Artful Parent Giveaway with Art Supplies and Books and Stickers for Kids
Enter the GIVEAWAY for a chance to win stickers for kids, art supplies, Jean’s books, and a membership in the Kids Art Spot

Want to win some great art supplies, a sticker subscription for kids, copies of my books, and a membership to the Kids Art Spot? Then you’ll want to enter the Pipsticks + Artful Parent giveaway over on the Pipsticks blog. Here’s what we’re giving away:

  • ​3-month membership to the Kids Art Spot
  • The Artful Parent book
  • The Artful Year book
  • 3-month Pipsticks gift subscription
  • palette of neon watercolors
  • set of rainbow dot paints
  • set of paint pens

The giveaway runs through July 5th, so go enter now!

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