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String Painting Ideas :: Mirror Image Prints with Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
August 7, 2008

String Painting Ideas for Kids - Mirror Image String Prints We tried out some string painting ideas with the kids art group yesterday.

The materials were simple:


Washable tempera paint

And white paper

And the ideas were pretty simple, too…

The kids started out by dipping pieces of yarn in paint then dragging it across their paper.

This quickly progressed to hand prints and fingerpainting (as often happens these days).

Finally, I showed them how to make string blots or mirror-image string printing which they really seemed to like doing.

But first, let me show you a photo of the girls doing the first two of the string painting ideas…

Printmaking Ideas for Kids - Mirror Image String Prints

Once we washed their hands, we started the mirror image printing:

We handed them folded over pieces of paper for them to set or arrange their paint covered piece of string on one half, then they folded over the other half of the paper on top of the string and pressed down with their hands.

Printmaking Ideas for Kids - Mirror Image String Prints

Here’s one of Marlise’s string blots, above.

Printmaking Ideas for Kids - Mirror Image String Prints

And one of Maia’s string prints.

Like so many of the activities we do, this one came from one of MaryAnn Kohl’s kids art books, although I can’t remember which at the moment. Either Scribble Art, First Art, or Preschool Art since those are the ones we use most at the moment.

More String Painting Ideas for Kids

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