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Taking Online Art Classes with My Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
March 27, 2015

Taking Online Art Classes with My Children

This post contains affiliate links. You all know that I’ve been taking a variety of online art classes with my kids through Craftsy. What I didn’t realize until I looked back through the last half year or so is just how many we have taken.

So, I thought I’d do a round up of my Craftsy classes and collect them all here in one spot.

So here you go. All the Craftsy art classes we’ve taken and enjoyed in one place.

Oh, and also one of their free online art classes and a few of their free e-guides, too…

Note :: This post was sponsored by Craftsy. All opinions expressed are my own.

Craftsy Online Art Classes and eGuides

Drawing the Human Body eGuide

This post contains affiliate links. Drawing the Human Body

“This Drawing the Human Body e-guide is excellent and there’s so much information in it, it’s hard to believe it’s free. I chose it for the subject matter, obviously, but also because Paul Heaston, one of the authors, is one of my favorite Craftsy instructors…”

Read my Post :: Drawing the Human Body for Kids

Get the free eGuide :: Drawing the Human Body :: A Primer

Keeping a Daily Sketchbook


“The class is called Sketchbooks :: Drawing the Everyday with Paul Heaston and is one of my favorite Craftsy teachers and classes so far. He shares so much great info about sketching, sketchbooks, and drawing materials!”

Read my Post :: Why I’m Keeping a Daily Sketchbook

Take the Class :: Sketchbooks :: Drawing the Everyday

Digital Photography Online Class

Digital Photography

“I could read about this stuff forever and not really understand how to do it. The way he demonstrates and talks about photography makes it so much more accessible than a book.”

Read my Post :: An Online Digital Photography Class

Take the Class :: Basics of Digital Photography

Creating Flowers in Mixed Media eGuide

Create Mixed Media Flowers

“If you’d like some ideas for creating flower art or just want some fun mixed media techniques that would work well with any subject, download this e-guide. It’s FREE!”

Read my Post :: How to Create Mixed Media Flowers

Get the Free eGuide :: Creating Flowers in Mixed Media :: 5 Botanical Illustration Tutorials

How to Draw Facial Features Online Art Class

Draw Facial Features

“Gary Faigin, the instructor for this facial features drawing class … SO knows his stuff! Just the very first two lessons were game changing for me.”

Read my Post :: How to Draw Facial Features

Take the Class :: Drawing Facial Features

Painting with Acrylics Online Art Class

Paint with Acrylics

“The instructor, Rheni Tauchid … is confident and funny in a laid back way and is obviously very knowledgeable about paints and painting. Just watching her apply the paint in different ways and with different tools has greatly expanded my own knowledge of acrylic painting.”

Read my Post :: Taking Time for Creativity with Online Painting Classes

Take the Class :: Acrylic Painter’s Toolbox

Learn How to Use a DSLR Camera Online Class

Family Photography

“With my camera on automatic, it took okay photos—definitely better than my old Canon Powershot—but the potential for capturing my children and life around me with really good photographs has just skyrocketed. This is why I bought a DSLR in the first place. I’m so glad I know how to use it now!”

Read my Post :: How I Finally Learned How to Use My DSLR

Take the Class :: Family Photography :: Candid Moments & Storytelling

How to Draw Faces eGuide

Draw Faces

“This was just the kind of easy-to-use guide and reminder that both of us needed. Basic information in a usable format means less frustration on her part, being happier with the finished product, and less eraser drama (yes, we have it too).”

Read my Post :: Drawing Faces for Kids

Get the Free eGuide :: Drawing the Human Face

Mixed Media Online Art Classes

Mixed Media Techniques

“The nice thing about Craftsy is that you can pause a video lesson at any time, head to the playground or go prepare lunch, and resume at your own convenience. We’ve had many mini sessions this way. Sometimes we leave the materials and projects set up all day and just come and go here and there throughout the day.”

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Take the Class :: Mixed Media Essentials :: Color, Design and Texture

Figure Drawing Online Art Class

Figure Drawing

“For me, it’s been a chance to refresh/relearn drawing techniques and an excuse to actually draw again—something I’ve always enjoyed but was never amazing at. For Maia, it’s been a chance to draw with me, to sit down and do something together, and to learn some concrete drawing skills from a professional—different shading techniques, blocking-in, measuring proportions, etc.”

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Take the Free Class :: Figure Drawing :: An Essential Guide

Heads up—Crafty’s classes are up to 50% off right now! As with any of the Craftsy online art classes, you can pay for the class now and take it whenever you are ready and at your own pace.

Online Art Classes on Craftsy

Question for you… Have you tried an online art class (with or without your children)? What did you think?

This post is sponsored by Craftsy. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Taking Online Art Classes with My Kids

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