DIY Scratch Art the Easy Way

Share via: Facebook 1.7K Pinterest 4.7K I’ve always known you could make your own scratch art but for some reason thought it would be too much work and kept buying premade scratch art paper. But we finally did it ourselves and it was so easy! And fun. I wish we had tried this years ago. Here’s how we did it… DIY Scratch Art the Easy Way MATERIALS Sturdy paper (we used ultimate art paper) Oil pastels (you can also use crayons) Black paint (we liked black BioColors the best but also tried acrylics and tempera) Foam brush Toothpicks and/or Q-tips INSTRUCTIONS 1. First we covered paper with oil pastel drawings until the entire sheet was full of color. 2. Then we painted over the oil pastel with a layer of black BioColor paint. 3. Finally, we scratched our pictures and designs through the surface of the wet paint with toothpicks and Q-tips. We made lots!! The kids were so into this! What makes this scratch art process easier than most… We used oil pastels rather than crayons and scratched our design through the wet paint which was both easier and quicker than if we had waited for the paint to dry. … Continue reading DIY Scratch Art the Easy Way