Feather Art in a Box – A Nature Drawing & Painting Activity for Kids

Feathers provide a great nature-based opportunity for kids to notice patterns, shapes & lines. Help kids make their own feather art in a lovely DIY shadow box in this easy nature drawing and painting activity by Samara Caughey of Purple Twig. I’m always on the look out for projects using little boxes. Children respond with glee to the idea of something special inside of boxes. It might be a bug, a special collection of one thing or another, a found treasure or a little world. This nature drawing project combines two of my loves—small boxes and feathers. Drawing feathers is a fantastic exercise in observation of patterns and is an easy nature drawing activity for kids. I have been collecting feathers for quite a few years, mostly on our family camping trips. I have found pelican feathers, vulture feathers, blue jay feathers and even wild turkey feathers, which are my favorite. You can also buy feathers at craft stores or find them online. Feather Drawing and Painting with Kids MATERIALS 1 cardboard box about 4″x 6″x 1″ watercolor paper oil pastels liquid watercolors paintbrush feathers glue INSTRUCTIONS 1. Observe the shapes, lines and patterns of your feathers I lay the … Continue reading Feather Art in a Box – A Nature Drawing & Painting Activity for Kids