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Connecting Through Creativity :: A Mini Course

by Jean Van't Hul
May 4, 2017

Connecting Through Creativity Mini Course for Parents

I’ve created something new for you! It’s an online course to help you foster your children’s creativity in the most overlooked, yet most important, way—through the power of connection.

Connection and creativity go hand in hand beautifully!

Each feeds the other and the family in ways you may not have considered.

  • Interactions with those close to us are the connections that foster creativity.
  • In turn, creative activities make many of our family interactions and transitions easier and more fun.

Both are crucial pieces of the parenting toolkit, especially when used in combination, as I teach in my course on Connecting Through Creativity.

You might not think you have time for more connection but I will actually show you many ways to connect through creativity that take no extra time or that simply reframe activities you already do. Plus, you will find that the ways that do require a little extra time are well worth it.

Connecting Through Creativity Course

Connecting Through Creativity Course

An Artful Parent Mini Course to Help Parents Foster Their Children’s Creativity

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Connecting Through Creativity Quote

You might think that all you need to foster your children’s creativity is to give them a few art materials or even set up an art space. But if you miss the crucial CONNECTION piece of the puzzle, your time and money may well be wasted.

In this course, I share why connection plays such an important role in fostering children’s creativity. And I share how to do it easily without spending much more time. I help you make easy tweaks in your family so you can lay the foundation for a lifetime of creativity, self-confidence, and success.

This self-guided mini course will not take a lot of your time to follow or implement, yet the potential impact it can have on your family is tremendous.

CLICK HERE now to learn more or buy Connecting Through Creativity.

Connecting Through Creativity Course

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