Best Kids Picture Books to Inspire Childrens Art

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3 Best Kids Picture Books to Inspire Childrens ArtPost by Stacey Loscalzo 

We live and read in a time of amazingly beautiful children’s literature.

While I know there were talented illustrators when I was young, I can’t help but believe that my children are incredibly lucky.

Each book we read seems to be more amazingly illustrated than the one before.

As we read, we take time to soak in all the color and line and design. Sometimes we pay attention to the detail and sometimes we just relax into the prettiness of it all.

Similarly, some books are simply enjoyed while others just shout out for us to create. For us to imitate the artist; to try a similar technique or medium.

A few of our current favorites are below…

The Best Kids Picture Books to Inspire Childrens Art

1chalkThis post contains affiliate links.Chalk  by Bill Thomson

In this story, three children discover a bag of chalk at the playground on a rainy day. They soon discover that anything they draw with this chalk comes to life. This discovery is fun when they are able to draw the sun and make the rain disappear but becomes less pleasant when the dinosaurs they draw chase them through the park.

It is hard to read this book and not run out to the driveway with a container of sidewalk chalk. The images my girls draw after reading Chalk are always are full of hopeful imagination and deep color.

ArtmaxArt & Max by David Weisner

Arthur, a serious painter, is enthusiastically approached by his playful friend Max while he is in the midst of decorating a canvas with gorgeous color. Max decides that he too wants to paint and so begins the fun.

This story has a deep message about creativity and individuality but it is also a great introduction to any painting project.

Perfectsquare-300x300Perfect Square by Michael Hall

Perfect Square is another book with a message. Change is ok. But it also has the added benefit of inspiring simple paper creations.

The book’s pages inspire us to realize that a square, when cut up, can become anything we want it to be from a garden to a boat to a fountain. It’s hard to imagine an easier list of materials than paper and scissors. With that and inspiration from Perfect Square, my girls have created wonderful images and scenes.

So hopefully you are off to find more books to inspire delightful art projects.

There is no better combination, in my mind, than literature and art brought together so please share your favorite literature and art combinations. I’d love to keep my list growing.

3 Best Picture Books to Inspire Childrens Art

In your opinion, what are the best kids picture books to inspire children’s art?

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  1. says

    I am a big fan of Stacey’s work and am so happy to “see” her here at The Artful Parent :-) Thanks for the great list of book recommendations. I can’t wait for our next trip to the library!

  2. says

    I’ll definitely pick up these books the next time we’re at our local library. Another art-inspiring book is the classic “Harold and the Purple Crayon”. That was one of my faves growing up.

  3. molly says

    I’ve been meaning to share here about the book I bought recently, “Beautiful Oops”….it is a darling book about turning art “mistakes” into happy moments. It’s been great for my little perfectionist! =) It’s a sweet little board book with lots of ways to interact with each page, great for kids of all ages….=) Can you tell I love it? <3

  4. Lindsey says

    I just did the writing with light pictures last night… so cool! Also, I just found your kool-aid dyed scarves post. How have they held up? I’d like to try it.

  5. says

    Lindsey – Our scarves have gotten A LOT of love and a lot of use. It’s been a few years since we made them and it’s time to make a new batch. They are worn and faded at this point from being used and washed so many times. I actually recently bought another set of plain playsilks in order to do it all over again!! My friend who made the scarves with me showed me hers recently and they are all in great condition and still vibrantly colored, but hers weren’t used as much (she has all boys and they haven’t been as into them as my girls and their friends) and she never washed hers.

  6. Ann says

    Will look for these. A simple but wonderful book my husband got at an art store that we love is “Press Here” by Herve Tullet. And my husband never buys books so to have caught his interest you know it has to be fun.

  7. Holly says

    I have to suggest some books by my favorite author & illustrator, Peter H. Reynolds. His books “The Dot” and “Ish” are definitely books that inspire children to create!