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Sticker PuppetsThere is a playdough cake on the little red table. Homemade puppets on the counter. A pretend store that threatens to take over the living room.

The girls have played, fought, and played some more. They’ve watched some Netflix. They spent way longer than I expected exploring these super cool geo boards. They had a friend over for the afternoon and played in the kiddie pool and blew bubbles in the backyard. They snacked on frozen yogurt tubes and used the yogurt to decorate their faces and bodies when I wasn’t looking.

The house is a mess and I am exhausted.

I love summer. Really. I do. But sometimes the days seem very long.

And on these days I am so thankful for Pinterest. So thankful to have access to many, many fun ideas to explore with my kids. All in a simple, visual format that appeals to me.

I’m calling this the summer of Pinterest.

Baking Soda Color Fizzies

We’ve made bubble wands. Melted beads into suncatchers. Dropped dyed vinegar onto baking soda to watch colorful fizzies (is it art? is it science?). All inspired by ideas found on Pinterest.

And we plan to keep on going.

I’m counting on Pinterest to get me through the summer sane.

How about you? Do you use Pinterest for ideas? What do you do to enjoy the summer and keep you and your family happy?

P.S. Want more science? Here’s my current collection of fave artful kids science experiments

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  1. says

    We’re an artsy homeschooling family with two girls (ages 8 & 5). This week we did Trash Tuesday — I gave them each an egg carton and some newspaper and paint, and it was up to them what they made. They spent a lot of time and had a blast.
    We have also made a fort, read books, painted with watercolor, been to the library, watched movies, etc. etc.

  2. says

    We use Pinterest for bloggy stuff and for arts and crafts playgroups. For the summer, we go to the beach for sand play, water play, to see friends.

  3. says

    Yes, indeedy, some days the days seem sooooo long – and we aren’t even halfway there – yikes! thanks for reminding me to look up kiddo activities more on pinterest and spend less time looking up other stuff… or maybe that would give me more time for pinning the other stuff?

  4. says

    I fully agree ! Some days really seam sooo long and Pinterest is a never ending source of inspiration.
    By the way : here in France, the summer vacation will start next week only and it takes two months…
    But mummy always has some new stuff to tinker ;-)

  5. says

    We went to the beach earlier this month but just stayed a week. It’s a 10 hour drive to where we went (I live in a coastal state but far inland in a very wide state) so it’s not something we can do regularly.
    Instead we go to the park, or spash in the stream at the botanical garden, or explore the arboretum.

  6. Dena says

    Yes, I use pinterest for arts and crafts and am connected to you on there so that makes it even easier! Naomi is not in school and has decided to end napping so that has made my days longer recently!!
    We live at the beach so instant summer fun. We have had lots of rain though so story time at the library, and open hour at our gymnastics center has been fun too (they have a big huge foam pit).
    We have had so many storms, our back yard is full of broken pine limbs- so we have also been making a “brick” house, lots of taping, tying string and beading pine straw!
    Gotta remember to take time for ourselves!

  7. Liisa says

    I have yet to get to interest regularly but hear of so many liking it and will definitely make it a priority based on your comments. I mostly use your blog for inspiration on these long summer days! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jenny says

    I know I would love pinterest but I have been intentionally avoiding it for that reason! I would find way too many great ideas and wouldn’t have the time to do them all plus I think I would have a hard time walking away from the screen :-). With three young kiddos (ages 6, 3 and 3 months) I try to keep our go to list of ideas shorter. That is why I follow your blog exclusively:-).

  9. kara campbell says

    I use pinterest all the time for ideas.
    I have to agree I think summer vacation when you are a stay-at-home parent (or teacher in my case) can be really tough. The days are long and I feel like all I’m doing is preparing meals, snacks and cleaning up.

  10. says

    Pinterest is the best thing to happen for parents on the internet I think! I keep so many ideas on my boards and have used many with my son, and plan to keep going. I love the way it helps us bloggers to share ideas with one another, because we can always use help when we are having a day with a kid that needs distraction and we haven’t had our coffee or a shower yet.
    I have also found pinterest invaluable for the toddler/preschooler art group that I facilitate.