Meet The Artful Parent Team

Jean van't Hul
Photo of Jean taken by Rebekah Brackett of Brackett Studios

Jean Van’t Hul

CREATOR & OWNER OF The Artful Parent & Kids Art Spot

I live with my family in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. I am passionate about children’s art and creativity and want to share that passion with you. Learn more about Jean and how The Artful Parent started.                                       

The Artful Parent team

The Artful Parent is not just Jean anymore! As the site has grown in so many ways over the years, so has our team. Meet our team and the artists who contribute regularly to The Artful Parent blog. 

Rachel Withers- editorial manager for The Artful Parent

Rachel Withers


Rachel lives in Portland, Maine and teaches toddler & preschool art classes in her home (inspiration thanks to Jean!).

She’s taught photography and art in school & after school settings and is passionate about kids exploring creatively through art. 

Rachel shares about her family’s experience creating art each week on The Artful Parent Instagram account.


Gianna Christia Bumanlag


Gianna lives all the way in the Philippines! There’s a great chance she’s the one responding to your queries or requests if you send an email to [email protected].

She likes working behind the scenes, and enjoys anything and everything art (digital or visual). Gianna holds a Masters in Business Administration and has been a part of The Artful Parent team since August of 2018.

Anna Harpe


Anna lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana where she spends her days playing with preschoolers.

She also operates @KidLitCrafts, pairing beautiful children’s books with creative family activities.

Anna loves inspiring families to find fun ways to build creativity into their lives! Anna keeps great content flowing to our readers on social media.

Jamie Hernandez 


Jamie resides in urban Singapore. She’s a self-taught macrame artist and aspires to share her craft with others who also want to slow down & tap into their well of creativity, through fiber.

She received her BA in Social Sciences and loves working with people. Jamie is our administrative assistant and aims to help with your request or queries about Kids Art Spot.

Contributing Writers

We have a group of artists who regularly write for The Artful Parent. Meet them below!

Danielle Falk


Danielle started her children’s art school nine years ago when she realized many students lacked adequate opportunities for creativity in the day-to-day curriculum.

Little Ginger Studio hosts after-school & visual arts programs that explore all manner of making with a focus on big, messy creativity & contemporary crafts.

Danielle loves nothing more than letting children loose on a pile of shiny new (or recycled!) art materials and watching their creativity ignite. Follow Little Ginger Studio on FacebookInstagram or Pinterest.

Catalina Gutierrez


Originally from Colombia, Catalina runs Redviolet Studio, combining 10 years of experience with mobile art classes for children in Miami.

Catalina teaches after school art for pre-k & elementary kids and sensory art & play classes for toddlers. She’s very interested in the Reggio Emilia approach to education (where the children lead their own learning process with the teacher as a facilitator).

She loves crafting with her boys & enjoys a good process art session. Follow Catalina on Instagram.