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The Best Arts and Crafts Supplies for Tweens

by Rachel Withers
July 24, 2023
best art supplies for tweens

Fun, colorful arts and crafts supplies that are perfect for the tween in your life. Quality supplies to take a love of art to the next level!

Art supplies make great gifts for kids, but as kids grow it can be harder to find new art supplies. You might have a child in your family or life who loves art but find they already have all the basics.

How can you support and foster a love of art? We think there are a few answers to this, but we’ll focus on supplies in this article. Art classes (pottery, woodwork, jewelry making), museum memberships, or our own kids art club might be other ideas to try!

watercolor tray and paint pods

But getting back to that list of our supplies… here’s a selection that we think make great gifts for kids.

Some are unique, off the beaten path while others are just a little higher quality than your average art supply. Others might explore a new direction for your child––think origami, photography or printmaking!

We hope these ideas inspire many more years of art making for your now big (ger) child.

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Arts and Crafts Supplies for Drawing

mr sketch markers

1. Mr. Sketch markers

These bring some serious nostaligia for parents. Your kids are sure to love these vibrant markers that smell good too! (note, also permanent, so plan accordingly.)

2. Sharpies

A great option for permanent ink for kids’ drawings. This might sound scary, but with some prelaid boundaries, these are quite fun and vibrant.

sharpie permanent markers
stabilo mini markers

3. Stabilo markers

Wonderful all-arounds markers, with an extra special feel to them. Long lasting and vibrant, they make great stocking stuffers or birthday gifts! The felt tipped mini set are an Artful Parent favorite. Tweens might also like the Stabilo 88 with a finer tip.

4. Chalk markers

Try these on glass and eraser board, but also on wood (this option won’t wipe off!)

chalk markers
chroma blends markers

5. Chroma blends watercolor brush markers

Combine the best worlds of painting and drawing, all in one!

6. Chalk pastels

These and charcoals are fun for learning blending techniques in drawing and working big. Your child might enjoy observational drawing or try a self portrait!

chalk pastels
pencils and sketchpad

7. Sketching supplies

There’s nothing like a good set of pencils and sketchpad for processing the world, building new skills, and having fun!

Arts and Crafts Supplies for Painting

8. Watercolor pods

Paint pods are tempera paints that function like watercolors with the addition of watercolors, but often provide more coverage. This is an economical starter set in primary colors.

For a fun spinoff of this is the Micador Dark Arts line with watercolors that glow with a black light flashlight.

micador paint pods
travel watercolor set

9. Travel watercolor set

Take it on the road, on a nature walk or use it at home. This high quality set comes highly recommended by our team.

10. Multicultural paints

Provide kids with supplies that support diversity and representation in their art. These paint pods are great and long lasting.

multicultural paint set

More Arts and Crafts Supplies

sculpey clay

11. Sculpey clay

If your child has already experimented with air dry clay and modeling clay, here’s a new one to try. Bake and keep your creations (maybe even turn them into magnets!

12. Origami

Enter the world of folding and create all sorts of creations with one sheet of paper!

origami paper

13. Camera

Phones have great cameras on them these days but there’s nothing quite like having a special camera. Digital cameras with printable features like Kidamento, Kodak or Polaroids are lots of fun too!

14. Sunprint kit

Sunprints connect back to the history of early photography. Try a kit with your child, summer is a great time to explore this technique.

sunprint kit
gelatin printing kit

15. Gell Printing Plate

A handy kit that makes a great introduction to the fun world of gelatin printing! Add ink and a brayer then find some leaves or other materials to press onto the printing plate.

16. Stamp sets

Stamp kits aren’t just for little kids! Layer and create your own stamped architecture! Other available sets are: garden, sea creatures, bugs and holiday stamp sets.

And here are 10 great ideas for DIY versions.

stampville stamp set
linocut printing kit

17. Linocut printing kit

And while we’re talking about stamps, did you know you can make your own with linocut printing? Carve into a rubber stamp, ink with a brayer and get to printing DIY art and stationary.

multicultural-arts and crafts-supplies
Photo by Rachel Withers

More Arts and Crafts Ideas for Tweens

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The Best Arts and Crafts Supplies for Tweens