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T-Shirt Transfers :: Iron a Fave Child’s Drawing onto a T-Shirt


Transfer A Kids Drawing to A T-Shirt - Makes a Great Mother's Day or Father's Day Gift! I have a post over on No Time for Flash Cards right now on how to transfer your children's drawings onto T-shirts. Kid's totally love this! Maia and Daphne made shirts for their daddy's birthday, then for themselves, and (I've heard rumblings) are making some for me for Mother's Day…

This is such an easy and rewarding project!

My kids literally beamed with pride when showing their shirts to Harry. You could use favorite drawings from around the house or your children could draw something new just for this project.

Head over now to see how we made our T-shirt transfers and thanks to Allison for hosting me on No Time for Flash Cards

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    May 13, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    That is a great idea. We did transfers of drawings on canvas bags a few times, as gifts for teachers or grandparents, but I never tried t-shirts. I will !
    Just a thank you note: I took your book from the library yesterday, started reading… today, I put out some watercolor paints and Hama beads on the table before I went to take my kids (5 and 7) from school. My daughter is always drawing and painting on her own, but my son is usually not that attracted to art… but today, they both started on the beads, then she started painting (I was, too), and then he did 3 paintings, and enjoyed it a lot. And our whole evening had been a lot calmer and smoother than usual. Thank you ! Next, I should try that before school ;-)

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