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30 Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
December 4, 2022

Valentine’s Day activities for kids including Valentine art projects, baking ideas and books for celebrating love & friendship.

Updated December 2022

It’s February! And you know what that means, right? It’s time to start thinking about homemade valentines and Valentine’s Day crafts!

If you haven’t already, that is.

We get started including hearts in our creative making and playing on the early side. Sometimes a full month in advance, because, well, HEARTS! But in the interest of keeping things a little more seasonally appropriate for the rest of you we decided to wait until February 1st for this post.

So here you go!

A whole month of Valentine crafts and activities for kids, including heart art, craft projects, handmade gifts, Valentine treats, books about Valentine’s Day, and more!

valentines day activities pin
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

symmetry painting hearts
Photo by Andrea Martelle

5 Valentine Art Project Activities

There’s always simply drawing, collaging, or painting on heart-shaped paper, but here are some more elaborate heart art activities.

1) Heart Symmetry Painting

2) Faux Stained-Glass Valentines with Black Glue

3) 12 Valentine Process Art Ideas

4) Papel Picado

5) Melted Crayon Heart Paintings

Heartstrings - Melted Crayon Hearts & Suncatchers
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

6 Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids

6) Suncatcher Heartstrings with Melted Crayon Hearts

7) DIY Heart Crowns

8) Coffee Filter Hearts for the Window

9) 10 Valentine Crafts to Make from Kids’ Process Art

10) Make a Valentine’s Day Garland

11) Valentine’s Suncatchers

valentine hearts
Photo by Rachel Withers

5 Homemade Valentines Kids Can Make

(See also the color-mixing Valentines under heart art activities and the process art Valentine’s under crafts above.)

12) DIY Valentines for Kids with Cardboard Hearts

13) Glitter Rock Valentines

14) Get Creative with Metallic Art on Black Hearts

15) Decoupage Heart Rocks

16) Easy Foil Heart Valentines

Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

4 Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

17) Try an Interactive Heart Drawing Activity

18) Paint a Map of Your Heart

19) Hearts and Lace Prints in Playdough

20) Process-Oriented Lacing Heart Valentines

Photo by Rachel Withers

5 Homemade Gifts for Valentine’s Day

21) Air Dry Clay and Lace Heart Ornaments and Magnets

22) How to Make Heart Shirts for Kids

23) Homemade Heart Pillows

24) How to Make DIY Gift Bags for Valentine’s Day

25) Clay Coil Hearts

cherry hand pie
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

4 Valentine’s Day Baking Activities

You can cook just about anything in a heart shape, right?

26) Heart-Shaped Cherry Hand Pies

27) Make Cranberry Oatmeal Heart Cookies

28) Make Heart-Shaped Candy Cane Lollipops

29) Make Peanut Butter Cups in Heart Molds

valentine book and craft _ anna harpe
Photo by Anna Harpe

Read Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

30) Read some of our favorite Valentine books and try some creative art projects to go with them.

31) Head to the library and check out some books about Valentine’s Day.

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Need some suggestions? Ask your children’s librarian or try some of these:

valentine activities printable

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More Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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30 Valentine\'s Day Activities for Kids

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