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12 Process Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day

by Rachel Withers
February 3, 2021

We’re featuring 12 process art ideas for Valentine’s Day with lots of heart inspired projects for kids this month or any month!

Painting lace with liquid watercolors

Updated January 2021

Valentine’s Day as a kid was one of my favorite holidays. I have distinct memories in first grade of making all sorts of handmade valentines for my classmates. As a  “grown-up” I still get that excited feeling as February gets closer.

We have an amazing collection of process art ideas for Valentine’s Day. No cookie cutter crafts, but instead–gorgeous art and crafts ideas that will reflect the creativity of each child that makes it.


12 Process Art Ideas for Valentine's Day

Process Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Layered Hearts by Little Spirit Society

1. Layered Hearts on Wood by Little Spirit Society

This Valentine’s Day craft project consists of three layers– a wooden heart base, bleeding tissue paper on white cardboard for the center, and painted newspaper on top.

Nature Valentine Keepsake by Little Pine Learners

2. Nature Heart Keepsake by Little Pine Learners

AIr dry clay + flower petals are all you need to make this stunning heart keepsake.  This project is great for preschoolers on up.

3D Stacked Cardboard Hearts_Scissor Tales Play

3. Stacked Cardboard Hearts by Scissor Tales Play

Cardboard, paint sticks and food pouch lids are all you need to create this amazing 3D Valentine!

watercolor valentine's hearts_mericherry

4. Bleeding Hearts by Meri Cherry

After seeing this idea a few years back I now paint my own bleeding hearts each year. Process art is fun for adults too!

Valentine Cloud Dough_Preschool Mama

5. Valentine Cloud Dough by Preschool Mama

Kids love cloud dough! And who could resist this adorable Valentine’s Day themed sensory table? (It’s easy to make with vegetable oil + flour, color to your liking with food coloring).

How to Paint Lace with Liquid Watercolors

6. Lace Painting by Redviolet Studio

Lace, liquid watercolor and pipettes make up this easy & elegant project. Watch as the colors bleed together for a simple lesson in color theory!

Watercolor wax resist paintings for Valentine's day by Lori Wenger

7. Watercolor Heart Paintings by Lori Wenger

These little watercolor heart paintings are so wonderful! Use a white crayon and paint over for a simple & beautiful wax resist valentine.

Watercolor painting on sugar cubes

8. Sugar Cubes + Watercolors by Redviolet Studio 

Grab some sugar cubes + watch them changes colors by squeezing liquid watercolors on them. Or paint with a paint brush. A great fine motor activity for toddlers and up!

Nature Heart Valentine_Littlepinelearners

9. Nature Heart Valentine by Little Pine Learner

These nature heart valentines are simple and beautiful! A basic weaving project with cardboard + flowers that’s so fun for kids.

Cardboard painted hearts_artbarblog

10. Cereal Box Hearts by Art Bar Blog

Dig into that recycling box and paint colorful heart paintings!

Use marbled paper to create a handmade book – process art ideas for Valentine's Day

11. Shaving Cream Marbling Hearts by The Artful Parent

Shaving cream marbling is process art in all its glory. But then what to do with all the beautiful artwork? We have you covered!

DIY Valentines for Kids with Cardboard Hearts_Feature Image

12. Cardboard Hearts with Little Mainer Art Studio

Paint some cardboard, add glitter and pom poms to make these process art valentines!

Cardboard Painted Valentines – the perfect process art ideas for Valentine's Day!

More Process Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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12 Process Art Ideas for Valentine's Day

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