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Thankful stones and my work space

Yesterday I was feeling a little under the weather, both physically and emotionally. So I set up camp on the sofa and surrounded myself with color and happiness and things I enjoyed. I pulled up the red kiddo table and used it for my iPad (ostensibly for work, but in reality just for Pandora) and my thankful stones (because I needed a reminder of what I was thankful for).

I made coffee and baked a couple of cherry-almond scones (my absolute favorite—I make a big batch for the freezer and bake two or three at a time) and settled down with some books, a blank notebook, and some rare me time. 

Our artful autumn tree

Here's the bigger picture view of the living room, with the sofa nestled under our artful autumn tree. I picked up a new sofa cover over the weekend and it's completely transformed our previously dark, dark sofa into something that I finally like!

What I'm reading

And here's the close up view of what I spent time with yesterday: my kindle (which I still think was the best Christmas gift ever), Cultivating Your Creative Life by Alena Hennessy (one of a few creativity books I indulged in at my fave local bookstore recently), and a colorful IKEA bird tray with a new blank notebook and pen.

I also compiled a list of some of the lovely comments you have sent me about my autumn crafts book (It was one of those days where I was totally feeling the need for validation) and thought I'd share a few here…

Thank you, thank you, for the wonderful book!  It's so great!  I finally was able to sit down last night with a few minutes, thinking I'd just download and look at the first few pages.  But I made it all the way to Halloween (and a page full of notes and ideas) before I even looked up!  
The pictures are beautiful.  The layout is really easily accessible and clear to understand.  The projects are inspiring, and I love all the variations.  I want to do each one!

 Jude Stuecker, Fiber Artist

I love the book, Jean!! Congratulations! I downloaded it this weekend, and have been reading my way through and drooling over the photographs… the colors are luscious, and your photography is wonderful! Hoping to fit a few of your projects in this fall…. I especially hope to try the plaster of Paris leaves. Thank you.

                                                – Amy Moore, a friend and neighbor

Some of my favorite things about the fall, and impending holiday season, are the opportunities for special projects and memory making with the kids.  Unfortunately, this time of year is usually so busy that a lot of my grand plans often go out the window.  Enter Jean's fabulous eBook.  Each page is filled with gorgeous, easy projects I can do with the kids without a ton of planning.  I love this book and plan to haul it out every year as a sort of new family tradition for welcoming autumn.

– Stephanie Morgan, Modern Parents, Messy Kids

Jean's projects are very kid-friendly and parent-accessible. Even the most non-crafty parent (me) can do them easily. Yesterday I used Mod-Podge for the first time and now I'm hooked! Wa-hoo!

We've been doing a project every day after school because we want to make them all. My girls love what we've made so far. These are beautiful ideas, bringing together creativity, art, and nature.

                                                - Melissa Taylor, Imagination Soup

And here are a few quotes from blog posts about the book (you can click the links for the full posts):

However you feel about the season that is just now knocking on our doors, you will have a better appreciation for all it has to offer after perusing Jean’s eBook.  It’s truly lovely, and I can’t recommend it enough.

                                                – Carol Chandran, 4Mothers1Blog 

I love the book. From cover to cover, it's simply beautiful and original. The projects are for all ages too! You BET I want to make some of these myself! lol. I also LOVE that most of the supplies are items you can find in nature. Wouldn't you LOVE to "shop" for leaves and acorns in the woods and not your local hobby store?

                                                – Leslie Harvey, Momma Harvey

Check out this beautiful ebook and let it inspire you and the children you love and teach so that this fall can be intentionally artful as well!

                                                – Amanda Morgan, Not Just Cute

I had the pleasure of taking a sneak peek at the results of her hard work, and I can honestly say that if you enjoy celebrating the seasons with your family, you’ll be inspired by every last bit of this book.

– Rachelle Doorley, TinkerLab

Nothing like some kind words to turn my day around. :) 

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  1. LW says

    That sounds like a lovely day (even if it had a rough start). Your room looks so light and airy. May I ask, is that your TV covered with fabric in the background? If yes, why?

  2. Sandrala says

    Jean. Though we have never met and I have been remiss in showing my gratitude I think of you fondly as someone who has been dear to me as my baby has grown into an almost six year old girl. I cannot remember how I found your blog initially, but do think it had to do with googling Mary Ann Kohl’s First Art book. I think your blog was maybe a year old. It was around the time you had an art show at a local cafe for your toddler art group. From afar, I have watched your blog, your girls, you, and your aspirations and achievements grow. You have provided much inspiration for me over the years. I have printed out the e-book which feels like the closest thing to having you over for tea. I eagerly your forthcoming book and other e-books. Today’s post has inspired me to add an autumn tree to our bare wall, to get a new sofa cover, and to make cherry almond scones. Mostly I want you to know that you have brought much brightness into my life. With gratitude and aloha.

  3. Sandrala says

    Jean – would you mind sharing the source of the sofa cover? And also the recipe for the scones? I will enjoy them during tea time with the ebook and will freeze a couple in case you ever pop by.

  4. Judy says

    Beautiful! Always enjoy your posts :) Just wondering how you ‘stick’ your tree and leaves to the wall without removing the paint? lol

  5. says

    The sofa cover is from Bed Bath and Beyond. I can look up the brand if you like. The scone recipe is a mish mash of a few other recipes — I’ll get it written down and post it one of these days… Would love to pop by for tea! :)

  6. says

    Thanks, Judy! The leaves are stuck on the wall with some removable adhesive dots that I found at Joann’s Fabric Store. I don’t remember the brand name, but I should definitely look it up. Actually I need to get some more, so when I go, I’ll let you know the brand. They come off easily — sometimes a little too easily as we have autumn leaves drifting down in our living room occasionally! :) The tree is attached to the wall with black masking tape.

  7. says

    I really really really love the tree. Do you have a tutorial for it? I would love to make one for a blank wall in the living room for the girls and me to decorate. Thanks a lot

  8. says

    I would also love a tutorial, we are a homeschool family and this would look great in our homeschool room. We can start our day with making leaves that has stuff we are thankful for.

  9. [email protected] says

    I LOVE your blog. I check it almost every day. But because I am a grandma I am not as apt to do the next thing–read the comments and tell you all how much I appreciate Jean’s talent and willingness to share. It’s inspiring. Thanks, Jean. Sue

  10. martha says

    what a lovely Blog you have! I have been so inspired with your ideas and Christmas was different with your e-book.. so many ideas. I can´t wait to buy your book in April.
    please continue you inspire us soo much.
    with lots of love from Colombia,
    Martha Bernhard