Stained Glass Heart Crowns for Valentine’s Day

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Stained Glass Heart Crowns -- a fun kids craft for Valentine's DayWe made stained glass heart crowns the other day as a Valentine craft, using the same technique as our flower crowns from last spring.

Instead of flower petals, though, we used colored tissue paper—both the little heart shapes you see here as well as geometric shapes—and added extra decorations to the crowns with metallic drawings and doodles.

They turned out great!

Daphne has been calling herself the Queen of Hearts since. And making royal decrees that usually end in giggles.

It’s been a month of snow days and illness here. Which means it’s also been a month of pretend play, fort building, and art activities (between snow play and doctor visits). I don’t think the girls have both been in school on the same day since before Christmas!

Here’s how we made the heart crowns:

(in case your kiddos would enjoy being the kings and queens of hearts, too!)


  • 1 sheet of poster board (makes 4-5 crowns) — we used black but you could use any color
  • White or metallic drawing tools, such as crayons, colored pencils, or paint sticks
  • X-Acto or other utility knife
  • Cardboard or a self-healing cutting mat
  • Transparent contact paper (sticky-back plastic)
  • Scissors
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Heart-shaped paper punch (optional)
  • Stapler or tape

Stained Glass Heart Crowns for Valentine's Day 04


1. Cut or tear your colored tissue paper into small pieces. If you have a heart paper punch, you can punch out tissue paper hearts as well (Daphne loved doing this!).

Stained Glass Heart Crowns for Valentine's Day 02

2. Draw your crowns on the poster board, starting with one along one of the short edges. I did this freehand and have these tips for you: Draw a large-ish 2-3 inch heart in the center of the crown with the bottom tip of the heart about an inch above the bottom of the poster board. Add smaller hearts or other shapes on either side of the central heart. Now trace around the hearts / shapes, leaving about a half inch border as shown above, then extending the crowns out to the edges of the poster board. Repeat, if desired, until you have 4-5 crowns on the poster board (or just do the one).

3. Use an X-Acto knife to cut out the hearts (protect your table with cardboard or a cutting mat first).

4. Cover the openings with contact paper. I pressed a single large piece of contact paper down the center of the poster board, covering all the cut-outs.

5. Cut out the crowns from the poster board. Use scissors and follow the outlines you drew earlier.

Stained Glass Heart Crowns for Valentine's Day 13

6. Press the colored tissue paper pieces to the sticky contact paper.

Stained Glass Heart Crowns for Valentine's Day 14

Make any design you like with the colored tissue paper! Besides our art tissue paper, we used a couple of patterned tissue papers from the gift wrap section of the store.

Stained Glass Heart Crowns for Valentine's Day 24

7. Add drawings and doodles to decorate your crowns! We used metallic paint sticks on our black crowns.

Stained Glass Heart Crowns for Valentine's Day 25

The metallic really shows up great on the black. White would work, too. And if you make your crown with white poster board, you can of course use any colors.

Stained Glass Heart Crowns for Valentine's Day - fun kids craft

8. When your child is finished decorating the crown, wrap it around his/her head to determine size, then staple the ends together.

Admire in the light with the sun shining through the stained glass hearts… and admire on your little king or queen of hearts…

Stained Glass Heart Crowns - a fun kids craft project for Valentine's day and pretend play

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  1. says

    Thanks for reminding me that we own tissue paper, too! Our set is cut into teensy squares and nicely sorted for us. If I can just find my contact paper, I think that we’ll have our handmade Valentines shortly squared away, thank goodness!

  2. [email protected] says

    Hi there. Do you leave the sticky side of the contact paper exposed?
    Thanks, missy